Bernie Leads His Party to Open Borders


By Patrick Buchanan

Some 100 members of an American Mormon community in northern Mexico, nine of whom — women, children, toddlers — were massacred a week ago on a lonely stretch of highway, just crossed over into Arizona.

Other family members who have lived there for decades will follow.

The atrocity was the work of one of the cartels battling for control of the drug traffic into the United States.

In Mexico’s Sinaloa state in October, an arrest of Ovidio Guzman Lopez, son of “El Chapo,” who sits in a New York prison, brought a military-style cartel attack on the state capital, Culiacan, followed by a surrender to the cartel gunmen by national guard and army troops, and a release of the captive.

“Is Mexico a failed state?” asks The Washington Times. Its editorial describes “Another Blood-Soaked Year in Mexico” where 17,000 people were murdered by July and the 2019 death toll is expected to reach 32,000.

USA Today reports: “Through August of the current fiscal year, the Border Patrol apprehended 457,871 migrants arriving as ‘family units’ … a 406% increase compared to the 90,554 family unit apprehensions during the same period the previous year. Migrant families from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador made up almost 92% of the total.”

With cartel battles escalating into a war that Mexico City has no stomach for fighting, and a record number of migrants from Central America crossing Mexico to flood into the USA, what is the Democratic Party’s policy for halting the rising tide?

Democrats are moving toward an “open door” policy on the U.S. border, an open borders embrace of any and all who wish to come.

America, apparently, does not belong to those who live here and love the country. America belongs to anyone who chooses to come. America belongs to the world.

Consider Bernie Sanders’ immigration proposal, outlined the week of the massacre of Mormon women and children.

On Day One, President Sanders would declare a moratorium on deportations and offer a “swift pathway to citizenship” for all illegal migrants who have been here for five years.


Bernie would break up ICE. Border-jumping would cease to be a crime and become a civil offense like jaywalking. The "Muslim ban" would be abolished.

President Sanders would back sanctuary cities that refuse to work with U.S. law enforcement. Asylum seekers would not have to wait in Mexico as their claims were processed but would be welcomed into the USA.

Family separations would end. Trump's wall, which Bernie calls "racist," would be history. The administration's treatment of illegal immigration "as a criminal and national security matter is inhuman, impractical and must end."

Migrants who enter illegally would qualify for federal health care and the same social welfare benefits as U.S. citizens. Immigrant officials say Sanders' proposals would create an irresistible magnet for millions of migrants from all over the world to stampede into the USA.

The Nation magazine calls Sanders' plan "one of the boldest immigration plans any major politician has put forward in years, and comes amid a campaign season that has seen a major shift to the left among Democratic candidates on immigration.

"With calls for a total moratorium on deportations, abolishing ICE and providing a path to citizenship for undocumented migration, the plan serves as a road map for what a fair and just immigration can be."

From another standpoint, Sanders' proposal is a surrender to the reality that a leftist regime lacks the conviction or will to stop an endless stream of people from migrating here.

Americans troubled over what is happening on the Syrian-Turkish border, or Ukrainian-Crimean border, might take a closer look at what will happen at our own border, and to our own country, if Democrats win the presidency and throw open the doors to unrestricted immigration.

The federal budget, already running trillion-dollar deficits, and state budgets, too, will see huge increases in the cost of social programs, without the commensurate income tax revenues to pay for them.

Even at present levels, illegal immigration is bringing in millions of people without the work, education or language skills to compete and assimilate rapidly in a first world, Western economy.

These migrants pay virtually no income taxes, yet, would qualify for the same benefits as U.S. citizens. The inevitable result: another run-up in an annual deficit already running $1 trillion in the red.

Politically, so massive a migration of peoples who, once they become citizens, vote 70%-90% Democratic means an end of the GOP as a truly national party.

If we open the borders, how do we stop the drugs from coming in? How do we stop the cartels from following MS-13, which is already here?

Socially, this country is as splintered as it has been since the 1960s.

Will a barrage of migrants add to its diversity, or deepen the ethnic, racial and cultural divides that are turning us into two, three, many Americas?

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5 thoughts on “Bernie Leads His Party to Open Borders”

  1. Sander’s is a socialist, and has been band by his own country and now he wants to make the United States of America a socialist country. No socialist country has lasted neither have the communist, thou there are still some older people in those countries try to enforce it upon people. Sanders wants us to be at teh mercy of the government and do as they say or you will disappear, part of the deep understate government too. Sentate and Congress members should not be on the payroll for a life time career, and then get all the free perks, and pay to play, and then get back door money when they leave office with perks, protection all at teh expense of the American tax ayers. He is a traitor and has committed treason against America and people just as soros has buying votes for democrats, padding the ballot boxes etc, and lying to the American people. Demo-rats say one thing and promises different things, and when elected does the opposite, they are out to destroy America, and reason democrats keep suing, and investing President Trump is they can not buy him as they have so many others in office. they are criminals. If you want America to be a socialist’s country vote for them, if you want your FREEDOM JUSTICE LAW AND ORDER then vote REPUBLICIAN We want to be safe, we want our borders safe, we don’t need illegeals to be taking our jobs, or our tax money paying for their medical, education, groceries, etc. You live in America you work, don’t work you should not get medicare either or free insurance

  2. The time for voting is closing in of what kind of a country you want you, your children, and Grandchildren to live in.
    Vote DEMOCOMMUNIST and kiss this country goodbye, and welcome a COMMUNIST-CONTROLLED “POLICE-STATE” CRAP-HOLE filled with disease, crime, MORE regulations, and drugs.
    All one has to do is take a long hard look at “demon-crat” controlled cities for a “preview” of things to come if you vote demon-crat.

    Vote PRESIDENT TRUMP for another four years and KEEP AMERICA GREAT for at LEAST four more years. While at it vote out ALL DEMOCOMMUNISTS that are trying to carry on FRAUD OBUNGHOLE’S “legacy” to “fundamentally transform” this Constitutional Republic into a COMMUNIST-CONTROLLED Dictatorship.

  3. No Border = No Country !!! What country does Bernie plan to lead??? The Peoples Democratic Republic of America…as the ‘head honcho’ of the new ‘politburo’??????

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