Republicans Vs. Screaming Anchors


By L. Brent Bozell III

Politico posted a curious headline by senior media reporter Michael Calderone the other day: “News anchors fight back against GOP senators’ refusal to condemn Trump.” At this point, is it really news that “news anchors” are fighting the GOP?

Calderone in this case refers to CNN’s Jake Tapper and NBC’s Chuck Todd. Let’s address them separately.

“Tapper proclaimed on Sunday that no Republican Senate or House leaders would appear on his show ‘State of the Union’ to defend Trump,” Calderone wrote. Tapper told Calderone that “he doesn’t think it should be controversial to say ‘using your political office to push foreign nations to dig up dirt on your political opponents’ is empirically wrong, as he implored Republicans to say on his show.”

But Tapper wasn’t done lecturing. “This is a precedent that will destroy the concept of free and fair elections,” he told Calderone. “It’s not really picking any sort of bold moral stance to say that you can’t have that. I don’t know why so few people are willing to say it.” Calderone then noted no Republican senator has appeared on CNN or MSNBC since Sept. 25, when “Ukrainegate” began.

This is remarkably disingenuous. We’re in the middle of an impeachment inquiry, and CNN and MSNBC have been eager to remove Trump from office since the day he was elected, at least as eager as the Democrats. This is simply undebatable. Why should Republicans’ avoidance of these channels be a scandal?

A better question might be this: What took so long? Republicans accomplish nothing by appearing on MSNBC and CNN other than giving them some notion of nonpartisan credibility, something they manifestly don’t deserve.

Tapper and his fellow anchors are fiercely decrying foreign-government interference in our elections, or governments being badgered into interfering. But when you start talking about how the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign, they consider it a crackpot “conspiracy theory” from the Fox News crowd. You can’t talk about how the Hillary Clinton campaign paid a former British spy to dig up dirt on her opponent from Russian government sources. That hypocrisy about inconvenient facts is why this impeachment effort is so ridiculous.


Then there's Chuck Todd, who Calderone notes "became visibly exasperated" with Republican Sen. Ron Johnson when Johnson refused to accept his line of liberal questioning on "Meet the Press." When Johnson suggested questions that Todd should ask former Obama CIA Director John Brennan about Team Obama's conspiracy to ruin Trump, Todd yelled that "Fox News conspiracy, propaganda stuff" was being unloaded on his show. He goaded Johnson and said, "Can we please answer the question that I asked you, instead of trying to make Donald Trump feel better here that you're not criticizing him?"

That's not the half of it. Todd wouldn't let Johnson finish his sentences and instead constantly interrupted him and argued with him. Then he turned to Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy, threw him puffy questions and let him speak uninterrupted for long paragraphs. Todd did the same for Brennan.

This is not new for Todd. The week before, Todd rolled out the red carpet for Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff and set him up to explain his Trump-ruining plans for the coming week. Then he fought tooth and nail with House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, complaining he wasn't answering his questions and was spreading "bizarre" Joe Biden conspiracies. Scalise shot back that Todd was reading Democratic talking points.

It's now a consistent pattern on Sunday morning shows — puffballs for Democrats, the third degree for Republicans. Is it really scandalous that Republicans are sick and tired of it?

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15 thoughts on “Republicans Vs. Screaming Anchors”

  1. “Fight back”? Since when is it the job of a news anchor to demand a particular stand on the part of Senators? Is that headline a tacit admission that every network but one has become an adjunct of the Democratic Party?

  2. The very sad thing is that there are many people who watch these liberal propaganda outlets and actually believe that the are listening to news “reporting”.

  3. Less we forget, President Obama sent a team to Israel to campaign against Netanyahu or his travel and team sent to France to Campaign for Macron.

    How about Obama’s recent endorsement and campaign for Canada’s Shiny Pony Trudeau?

    As a former President, he still represents America’s interests at home and abroad. I’d say he’s interfered with foreign elections quite a bit!

    My query would be, how much of our tax dollars were involved in his actions abroad and at home in election tampering and influencing? Will we ever see a complete list of criminal and ethical violations? Will anyone ever be held accountable or we will continue to see more smoke blown up our collective arses?

  4. I’ve seen a lot of politics during my several decades and I’ve never seen such obvious bias & unprofessional ‘journalists’ [I worked in media & owned a chain of newspapers] in media. Second, I now believe the Leftists/Progressives/Socialists/Communists have infiltrated so much of society [schools, media, government, etc.] that they present the proverbial ‘clear & present danger’ to our republic.

  5. Bruce David has it right. Having served 3 combat tours, participated in one Revolution in Iran, and as a professor of Economics and Government, with a degree from Harvard along the way, understanding power and how it is sought and horded comes much easier. An even dozen times I should have been dead makes it all the more dear. But only a fool could miss the bias in our present arm of the Left, our former free press and media. They realized the Russian and Chinese models for serfs and workers would not work in a free society with an educated Middle Class and the American heritage of individual freedom, tested in winning the largest wars fought in modern times and underwritten by a genius Constitution and Bill of Rights that spawned really free markets and has created so much unprecedented wealth and prosperity, not only in America but for the whole world (whose sea lanes and airways it paid to keep free since WWII). So the Left did it from the inside, one key institution after the next: the easy press, the sprawling Gov bureaucracy, our Universities who can afford to believe in Utopia (as the Communists sold them before). Then with the road map of Saul Alinsky, studied by both Hillary and Obama, finally a major political party succumbed. Today’s “Democrats” are not our fathers’ that I grew up with. These were their targets and they attacked them brilliantly and successfully, while most of us went about our business. They finally had it in the bag with the corrupt Hillary. Once you can use the most powerful agencies in our system, the FBI &CIA to do your political will, you own the system. No one can get you out, save with a Revolution, and you have effectively disarmed America with the ITAR regs passed under Obama (only about three months ammo in the country, no major manufacturers here can survive or be financed anymore). Then something strange happened.

    Trump remains an unlikely miracle. A horse’s ass personality with a rhinoceros hide, his time as a NY Developer, going broke and dealing with everyone from construction workers to crooked politicians gave him more real world experience than any other political leader around. He is a pragmatist at heart, with a showman’s flair. Met him twice and did not like him. I was losing much smaller amounts doing the same work as a Professional Engineer Developer upstate in the S&L crisis of 1990, he was losing $100 M+ in NYC – but thank the Lord we have him now. – John

    1. John, you are dead on! Your comments echo what Nikita Khrushev said about America 60 years ago…that they would destroy us from the inside. As our nation painfully came to terms with our civil rights issues in the 60’s, I had great hope that, at the end of the struggle, we would truly be “one nation, under God”. Little did I understand at the time, that there would always be radical, left wing revolutionairies, intent on bringing down our republic. This was made clear during the Viet Nam war years, when, clearly, the protesters were trained and indoctrinated to always push for the larger goal. So, that is what they have done over the last 50 years. Many have gone into academia and politics, undermining education and our system with way to much success. Open borders and racial identity politics are just additonal arrows in their quiver to divide our citizenry. Luckily, we elected a President in 2016 who understands this, and his courage in the face of daily left wing lies and abuse is truly stunning. I hope and pray he is re-elected, but that just stems the tide for a mere 4 years. I agonize over the fate of our country in the future being led by the young people of today who have been indoctrinated (without their knowledge) by a left wing, anti-American “education” system that they live on a racist, greedy country! God help us!

  6. The haters will be screaming for several years , because Trump is going to be reelected by landslide proportions and that will curl their hair for 5 more years.

  7. Trump has every right to look into the Bidens actions. Just because you are running for a political office, doesn’t mean you can’t be investigated! Big Biden admitted, even bragged about blackmailing the Ukraine into firing a prosecutor and little Biden admitted he would not have been hired by Burisma if not for his last name, because he certainly wasn’t hired for his knowledge!

  8. What’s strange about these two men is that they have the largest scandal in history sitting before them and they don’t even report on the story. From day to day, they are on to the new scandal and none of them are ever “closed” or thoroughly investigated. They simply read the talking points and hammer Republicans. This is what Journalism has become.

  9. My friends, I hope every single person reading this is preparing to March on Washington D.C. if they somehow concoct some quasi-impeachment ruling. There are several Million of US preparing to clean house and make citizens arrests of ALL the Government officials who have documented instances of breaking Federal Laws. THIS is exactly why we have the 2nd Amendment. If they can do THIS to OUR DULY ELECTED POTUS, what is to stop them from doing the same thing or worse to each and every one of us.

  10. Liberal Progressive Democrat Marxist Main Stream Media have a definite Liberal Progressive Democrat Marxist bias BUT their audience has been brainwashed by the Liberal Progressive Democrat Marxist government school “education” Liberal Progressive Democrat Marxist propaganda.
    Parents, it is probably too late now, BUT you had better get your kiddos out of the Liberal Progressive Democrat Marxist government schools or the USA is sunk!

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