Why Can’t We Unify in the Face of Evil?

By Ben Shapiro

This should be easy.

We’re all on the same side. When a white supremacist terrorist shoots up a Walmart filled with innocents in El Paso, we should all be on the same side. We should be mourning together; we should be fighting together.

Instead, we’re fighting one another.

We’re fighting one another for one simple reason: Too many on the political left have become accustomed to castigating the character of those who disagree with the left on policy. Favor tougher border controls? This puts you on the side of the white supremacist terrorist. Believe in Second Amendment rights? You’re a vicious, violent cretin covering for those who commit acts of evil. Cite Western civilization as a source of our common values, believe that police forces across the United States are not systemically racist, favor smaller government intervention in the social sphere — in short, disagree with the program of the American left? Most of all, consider voting for Trump? You’re an accessory to murder.


Now, there are many on the political left who are too smart for this sort of specious reasoning and character assassination. But not everyone. Charles Blow of The New York Times, for example, writes in a column this week that "terrorists" and "policymakers" are the two "sides of white nationalism." Blow clarifies: "White nationalist terrorists — young and rash — and white nationalist policymakers — older and more methodical — live on parallel planes, both aiming in the same direction, both with the same goal: To maintain and ensure white dominance and white supremacy." Who, pray tell, are these evil white nationalist policymakers? Those who favor "border walls, anti-immigrant laws, voter suppression and packing the courts." Never mind that many advocates of border security also advocate for broader legal immigration. Never mind that nobody actually favors voter suppression. To Blow, an R next to your name signifies merely a less militant Nazism than your neighborhood Hitler Youth.

David Leonhardt of The New York Times similarly argued this week that "American conservatism has a violence problem." While admitting that conservative America "is mostly filled with honorable people who deplore violence and bear no responsibility for right-wing hate killings" and that "liberal America also has violent and deranged people," Leonhardt lays the blame for an increase in political violence at the feet of "mainstream conservative politicians," who are somehow connected to "right-wing extremists."

There's something in the water at The New York Times, obviously. Jamelle Bouie, another voice on The Times opinion page, suggested a "connection between white nationalism" and my personal "ideological project." Never mind that I've been perhaps the loudest voice on the right decrying white nationalism for years; that I firmly fight for particular Western civilized values and small-government conservatism that foreclose and despise racism; that I've incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in security costs for my trouble; that I require 24/7 security to protect me from white nationalist blowback; and that just weeks ago, the FBI arrested a white nationalist threatening to murder me. Obviously, all conservatives are the same — and all are complicit in the mission of white supremacy.

There can be no unity when one side of the political aisle firmly believes that the other side is motivated by unmitigated evil. No decent conversation about fixes can be had when you assume the person sitting across from you sympathizes with monsters who go to shoot up Hispanic Americans at a Walmart. If we can't at least assume that we're all on the same page in condemning white supremacist terror attacks and white supremacist ideology, we may as well pack this republic in. We're done.

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8 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Unify in the Face of Evil?”

  1. Light and darkness cannot co-exist–when light comes darkness has to flee to the corners and try to overcome the light — but it never can as long as we keep the light shining in our hearts (Jesus)

  2. all white, brown, black, yellow, red nationalist fascism is far left wing vectored. they, are all just vectored different in the –, +-, -+ quadrants.

    so i am not buying the false narrative that white supremacist, are right wing fascists. sexism and perversions add a third axis, making the x y z quadrants more diversely complicated.

    centrists, hover around the x y, or x y z junctions. truth can only exist in the ++ quadrant or +++ vectors. the liars, exist in the -+. –, and +- vectors.

  3. Over thirty years we have voted for the platform that would close the border and each and every time they were swayed to the side of evil! Tired of paying for the evil with my schooling and my children’s schooling, my city has lagged behind as our schools, streets council, teachers, and everything else we have had to share with the intruders that have lowered property, homes and our cities as well as the standard of our educational standards. All were put to a scale to include having the invaders proceed to keep pace with our system to the point that they have over rode all our work and mimic and malign our society for not becoming the system they escaped! Our “Leaders are lining their pockets with the ill gotten gains they are collecting to allow the drugs and people trafficking the point of entrance. this is the easiest way to choose the prime money makers. The EVIL exist until we expose all the evil aliens!

    1. America turned its back on God 50+ years ago. When a nation . through the people they put in office , their entertainment , their schooling , their laws etc. tell their Creator ” You’re dead ; we longer need You , nor believe in You ” , when that happens , you have the issues of 2019. Man , despite what he thinks , cannot solve ‘the problems of the heart’.

  4. The answer to why ” … can’t we unite in the face of evil ?” is – that the face of evil is who you are asking to unite.

  5. Yes, I fully agree. Violent right-wing groups like Antifa should be stopped. And when Conservative loonies like Maxine Waters call for neo-nazis to gang-rush Liberals in restaurants, I think they should be arrested for inciting to riot. And isn;t it sdhameful, how just wearing an Obama hat in public has become dangerous? And those terrible conservative celebrities, who portrayed the assassination of President Obama and demanded that someone go and “punch him in the nose,” well, that’s too far. And those MS-13 gangsters the Republicans bused into our neighborhoods after they crossed the border illegally need to be investigated.

    Yes,there is far too much violence on the right.

    The only sensible answer is more gun-free zones, where the criminals the Right-wingers coddle wouldn’t dare do any harm to anyone…

  6. As I read the comments of these journalists I do agree with them and at the same time strongly disagree with them. I am a believer in the supremacy of the USA, a veteran and I am white. . .I guess that might appear to some I am a white Supremasist ! Yes in addition to these facts I believe in God, respect our flag and what it stands for and do believe illegal immigrants are criminals but should be treated with respect and should be returned to their country of origin within a day or so. I believe all CITIZENS should be strongly encouraged to vote ! I would like to see voter rolls to be compared to Social Security rolls that would make it easy to identify citizens since we all get a SS # at birth or naturalization, citizens by law are the only approved voters! I am an old man I was alive and remember, vaguely,WW2, Korean war and did my Naval service during the Vietnam War years. . . Now does all of this mean I am a white supremacist ? In a word maybe yes but what part of it is bad what ever it is called ? I hate Antifa, at the refusal for many Muslim and other naturalized citizens who only want or appreciate their personal gain and what they might be able to get, at college professors and others who want to take us into a failed Socialists system. . . .Then I am guilty and at the same time very proud of what and where i am !!!

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