Are Yanks and Brits Going Their Separate Ways?

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By Patrick Buchanan

When Sir Kim Darroch’s secret cable to London was leaked to the Daily Mail, wherein he called the Trump administration “dysfunctional … unpredictable … faction-riven … diplomatically clumsy and inept,” the odds on his survival as U.K. ambassador plummeted.

When President Donald Trump’s tweeted retort called Darroch “wacky,” a “stupid guy” and “pompous fool” who had been “foisted on the US,” the countdown to the end began.

The fatal blow came when, in a debate with his rival for prime minister, Boris Johnson, who will likely replace Theresa May before the end of July, left Darroch twisting in the wind.

All in all, a bad week for the British Foreign Office when one of its principle diplomats is virtually declared persona non grata in country that is Great Britain’s foremost ally. All the goodwill from Trump’s state visit in June was torched in 72 hours.


Still, Darroch's departure is far from the most egregious or grave episode of a leaked missive in U.S. diplomatic history.

In December 1897, Spanish ambassador Enrique Dupuy de Lome sent a letter to a friend in Cuba describing President William McKinley as "weak and catering to the rabble ... a low politician who desires ... to stand well with the jingos of his party."

The De Lome letter fell into the hands of Cuban rebels who ensured that it was leaked to the U.S. Secretary of State. New York Journal owner William Randolph Hearst published the letter, Feb. 9, 1898, under the flaming headline: "Worst Insult to the United States in Its History."

Americans were outraged, McKinley demanded an apology, the Spanish ambassador resigned. Coming six days before the battleship USS Maine blew up in Havana harbor, the De Lome letter helped to push America into a war with Spain that McKinley had not wanted.

On March 1, 1917, U.S. headlines erupted with news of a secret cable from German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann to his minister in Mexico City. The minister was instructed to offer Mexico a return of "lost territories in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona," should war break out with the United States and Mexico enter the war on the side of Germany.

British intelligence had intercepted the "Zimmermann telegram" and helpfully made it public. Americans were enraged. Six weeks later, we were at war with the Kaiser's Germany.

Sir Kim's cable, which caused his resignation, was not of that caliber. Yet the "special relationship" between the United States and Great Britain is no longer what it was during the 20th century.

Back in the 19th century, there was no special relationship, but almost a special hostility. The U.S. declared war on Great Britain in 1812, and the British arrived in 1814 to burn down the Capitol and the White House and all the major public buildings in the city.

Gen. Andrew Jackson settled accounts in New Orleans in 1815.

During the war of 1861-1865, the British tilted to the Confederacy and built the legendary raider CSS Alabama that wrought devastation on Union shipping before being sunk off Cherbourg in 1864.

We almost went to war with Britain in 1895, when Grover Cleveland and Secretary of State Richard Olney brashly intruded in a border dispute between British Guiana and Venezuela, and Lord Salisbury told us to butt out. "I rather hope that the fight will come soon," yelped Theodore Roosevelt.

Cooler heads prevailed and Britain's Arthur Balfour said the time would come when a statesman even greater than Monroe "will lay down the doctrine that between English-speaking peoples, war is impossible."

So it came to be in the 20th century.

In 1917 and 1941, America came to the rescue of a Britain which had declared war, first on the Kaiser's Germany, and then on Hitler's. During 45 years of the Cold War, America had no stronger or more reliable ally.

But the world has changed in the post-Cold War era, and even more for Britain than for the United States.

Among London's elites today, many see their future in the EU. U.S. trade with Britain is far less than U.S. trade with Canada, Mexico, China or Japan. Britain's economy is a diminished share of the world economy. The British Empire upon which the sun never set, holding a fifth of the world's territory and people, has been history for over half a century. The U.S. population is now five times that of Great Britain. And London is as much a Third World city as it is an English city.

Scores of thousands of Americans and Brits are no longer standing together on the Elbe river across from the Red Army, an army that no longer exists, as the Soviet Empire and the Soviet Union no longer exist.

Yet, in terms of language, culture, ethnicity, history, geography, America has no more natural ally across the sea. And the unfortunate circumstances of Sir Kim's departure do not cancel out that American interest.

13 thoughts on “Are Yanks and Brits Going Their Separate Ways?”

  1. Let’s hope so. We have been carrying this fifth class nation for a century. It has cost us trillions and an untold number of deaths saving this worthless so called ally that still refers to the U.S. as “the colonies.” Diplomatic blunder after blunder, arrogant, haughty, sneering, inept, nasty, superior minded, the Brits are a royal pain in the tail. Pun intended. It is a class society with no class. It will capitulate to Islam soon. But, all that being said, they do know how to make a good cup of tea.

    1. I agree, Britian is finished, look at there cities worse than ours infested with drugs, pornography, gays and freaks. There streets are filled with drug addicts and our governors and mayors from cities like LA or San Francisco is a utter disgrace and shame.
      If we don’t step up now the good people, were going to be heading into a america that will be no more the beacon of laws and freedom.

  2. I’m afraid that family disagreements are a fact of life. You can curse your siblings and relatives but in the end, blood is indeed thicker than water. Just because some a-hole relation is bent out of shape, you can’t flush the family down the drain. Throw a party, have a drink and forget the whole mess. In time, the event will be forgotten BUT the family will remain.

    1. What blood, in 1970, 63% of the American white population ancestors were German, Swedes, Norwegian, Dutch, French etc. 15% Irish/ British , 8 % Italian, and the rest was made up of blacks, Hispanics and Asian! Of course a lot has changed since then, but the change is in favor of Hispanics, (48%) blacks (14%) Asians(7%) and the rest is made up of whites and including all the other races. If it were up to blood relations, it would leave the British blood relation way towards the end.

  3. Britain is a Socialist country so they would disagree with our President. It always was this way. Even during WWII there was disagreement between Britain and Roosevelt, until Pearl Harbor. America didn’t want to get into the war until then. This was Roosevelt’s Alamo he needed to enter the war.
    So no one really should really care what this sir Kim guy says or thinks, it really doesn’t matter.
    Any sane person is a nationalist, if your not for you own country than there is something wrong with your loyalty. Yes you want to help and support other countries but not at the cost of your own. The progressive socialist communist fascist racist democrat party of course supports a one world Socialist Communist Fascist Controlled Government. They are very good followers of Hitler and Stalin. They use the very tactics to conquer, control and dominate a country and eventually the World. The comparisons would be frightening if you didn’t know what is going to happen in the end.

    1. This is why we must either fight them now kill them off or they will continue with there poison and brain wash our young one’s with vile hatred..Look at whats going on here in the US. Obama flooded this country with illegal Somalians and other 3rd world Islamist demons into our country. For all you folks who say well they don’t bother me so I won’t bother them, that is exactly what they want. To divide and conquer. If they ever take us over your going to witness mass killing in the US like we never seen beforemand it all set up to go. It all be done in the name of Alla a false god.

  4. This article is a bit dated. The UK has a new Prime Minister, now, and he’s a whole new ballgame: a British nationalist, leading BREXIT figure and a good friend of Mr. Trump.

    The wacky ambassador is (soon to be was) a functionary of Teresa May’s neocon (read: Not
    Conservative) administration. Not a good fit. And completely unacceptable at any rate: the diplomats of one nation to not insult the heads of state of their host nation. Particularly when thy are the chief diplomat in the host nation, representing and negotiating on behalf of their country at the highest levels. Any deputy assistant consul knows better.

    At any rate, the “special relationship,” far from being over, just got a brand new and very positive re-boot.

  5. My old England. Most of us from ancient British Empire still stick to our admiration of the cunning head of the Commonwealth the baptismal name of the old diminished empire. America was once a colony of Britain but fought their way to great Freedom,Liberty and Prosperity. Yet there are still British diplomats who wear the toga of a great empire and feel free to circulate invective insult to a nation of fifty states one of which is twice the size the Island empire. Much as I respect the intellectual ability of the mother country of Shakespeare I am inclined to think that both countries have too much In common than to spend a minute over a fat diplomat’s insult. His recall is adequate retribution to his foolishness.

  6. What the Muslims have done to London only shows that the British Government is weak. Having a weak ally is worse than having no ally at all. When going into battle you want a strong and loyal team. You can’t wonder if the guy on your left is going fold break for tea.

  7. I wouldnt sell the British people short. My father was in Britian during ww2 and always said dont slight the English “Tommy” ( as their soulders were affectionaly known) They weere fierce fighters and refused to give up ! The Royal Air Force saved the rest of the world by beating the strongest airforce (German) before we even got in the war so to speak. These people had cities bombed tro rubble but moved the factories underground and eventually produced more armament than before the factories were bombed. In the common people we have no better friends in the world. We are loved there like no place else, only some of the so called blue bloods are jealous of us and hate the idea we are a classless society, no aristocracy, but the people who count there are true friends, as are the Austrailians so bear with the changes President Trump is widely loved and respected by the Brits and things will end up even better with the new government is in place !

  8. Well said Bill! As a former citizen of England and now a citizen of the US you have it correct. But I have to say that even in my British family there are the globalists (Remainers) and the nationalists (Leavers) with regard to Brexit. Unfortunately the media in the UK has the same Left-leaning tendency as they do here, including the venerable tax-payer funded BBC. So the population is fed the same line of BS they feed here, it is only the thinkers that realize that Trump can’t be the wacky lunatic that he is painted because so many good things are being driven by him, despite the resistance from the Washington swamp. The new PM, Boris Johnson is a Trump fan and has a similar style, watch for a Brexit departure on his terms, no back stop and a reasonable payment or nothing! With Brexit and Boris the relationship between the UK and the US will only strengthen. Sadly the policies of the UK government are generally socialist and liberal regardless of who is in power, I just pray that this great country does not continue down the same path where a Gay activist can prosecute a Brazilian business for not shaving his balls, Give me a break!

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