Trolling the 4th of July

By L. Brent Bozell III

Liberals are loudly denouncing President Trump for his plans to insert himself into Fourth of July festivities in the nation’s capital. He’ll deliver a speech — as if that is unique — and provide tanks for the parade — as if that’s controversial. And so they compare Trump to Kim Jong Un.

Then there are others who are using this anniversary to take it in the opposite direction. Those same leftists are using the celebration of our nation to attack her. Their actions are deliberately designed to offend … to grab everyone’s attention … to please the people who really can’t stand the thought of American exceptionalism. This nation needs to be diminished. Why not do so on her birthday? Here’s some evidence.

1. Nike announced it’s scrapping an athletic shoe featuring the Betsy Ross flag because, apparently, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick objected to it. The cable and broadcast networks jumped on this story — and supported it. You read Nike’s statement in disbelief. It claimed it pulled the flag shoe “based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation’s patriotic holiday.”

Poppycock. Nike succumbed to leftist pressure for the worst possible reason: greed. When Nike signed up Kaepernick, the reaction was overwhelmingly negative, and Nike’s stock plunged. But the radical left is united and resilient. It bought and bought and bought. Now sales are up. This only fuels that kind of marketing.

2. The New York Times Opinion section yanked at flag wavers by tweeting a video opinion piece with a caption reading, “The myth of America as the greatest nation on earth is at best outdated and at worst, wildly inaccurate. If you look at data, the U.S. is really just O.K.”


The video declared America is certainly No. 1 in some things: "civilian gun ownership, mass shootings, TV watching, prescription drug abuse and prison population." And we're "almost number one in environmental damage, edged out by China." The narrator also claimed, "you can confuse America for a developing country," like Pakistan or Nigeria, because "how great America is really depends on how rich you are."

The video also showed a picture of President Trump as the narrator insisted, "while a bit of patriotism is great, jingoism is dangerous, especially when it's built on old or fake news." At this writing, the video has drawn almost 1.8 million views and more than 7,000 likes. It's a perfect match for The Times' liberal subscriber base.

This seemed designed for people to shoot back, as one did: "Millions of people are desperately trying to get into the US. If New York Times reporters don't appreciate our country, they should move out and make room for immigrants who do."

3. The city council of Charlottesville, North Carolina, voted on July 1 that the city "will no longer celebrate Thomas Jefferson's birthday as an official city holiday and instead will observe a day recognizing the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans," the Associated Press reported. They could mark both, of course, but Jefferson has to be pulled down off a pedestal, just as the council voted to remove Confederate monuments. These five unanimous liberals want to make the statement that Jefferson is embarrassing, and they seemingly timed the vote for maximum national publicity.

George Washington, you're next.

This decision might not seem as business-oriented as Nike's or The New York Times', but these liberals may believe that looking "woke" is politically correct and economically correct for this college town.

All this just underlines that being divisive can be very effective politics — and business. But it also underlines that the left is totally disingenuous when it talks about tolerance and unity yet its actions betray the opposite. The antifa group is fascist, and the "patriotic" protesters burn American flags ... even on our nation's birthday.

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7 thoughts on “Trolling the 4th of July”

  1. “Liberals loudly denounce………” It doesn’t even deserve a news comment anymore. The Trump derangement obsession” is a permanent condition among Democrat-Socialists. If they had no “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, they’d have mass nervous breakdowns, and then they’d need to be separated from their children (if any) for the safety of their children. Really, who cares if they denounce? They’re doing a great job of denouncing as their Party disintegrates while they also turn on each other. They continue to complain that the nation is being divided, but they cannot digest the reality that they’re the cause.

    Division is the result for any country that lives in freedom, but has “sick in the head creatures” who see no future for America unless it adopts Communism…which the creatures attempt to confuse by their duplicity for their ill-contrived effort to call their movement “Socialism”. Until the early 1990’s, the Soviet Union had the official title of the “United Soviet Socialist Republics”. “Socialist Republics” are strictly a play on words, which no matter how it was called, needed a Secret Police, Soviet Concentration Camps, KGB hit-men, and law that could only be constantly “martial law”.
    And, Socialism-bent Democrats want to present the same in the U.S.A.! After all, Socialism and Communism are literally one and the same for results, but such an agenda was convinced long ago that Americans will believe any news networks…and so they exist now, in the U.S.A. Commies sell it by promising every one to have an equal result to the other, meaning each person would receive equal amounts of pain and suffering as the next citizen will receive. If that ‘s for you, there is no “waiting line” at any Russian embassy to be accepted into Russia. The covert line for getting out of Russia would equal the population of New York City, but in old Russia, one could move up the line “for a price.”

  2. Here’s the thing: if you are Republican and a supporter of Donald Trump you are likely extrememly rich, very rich, quite rich, rich, well off, or doing quite well. You have likely gone to an Ivy League school or at least to a highly rated college either of which are supported by your parents as grateful alumni or the history of your families money in the form of donations to these colleges. You are very gainfully employed with salaries in the 300k range and above. In times of war and peril you likely were able to dodge the drafts entirely of if you served it was likely as an officer either from a military academy or your colleges ROTC program. You sense of morality and justice is likely dependent on what is good for you financially and socially. In short, you are likely a Capitalist who would defend President Trump and sees him as a great President and a really great guy. You would not be caught dead at a Trump Rally for fear one of you upper class cronies might hear of it a brand you no longer worthy of their company; you would still support Trump emphatically but from afar which makes you a phony and in the eyes of the left; extremely deplorable. On the other hand the Democrats are the true backbone of our nation with a history of doing the real work that supports our industry and keeps the rich nice and comfortable reaping the benefits of workers labors while they denied a living wage and decent low cost health care.

    While Trump is disgusting enough in every way a human can be disgusting, it is the selfish Republicans that cast the slings and arrow at our working class insulting them for their support of a livable minimum wage and sufficient healthcare that would minimize the results of catastrophic illnesses.

    As Republican continue to praise Trump and his illegal presidency because it is good for their wealth building they have the audacity to criticize the middle and lower classes for wanting what our Constitution and our BIll of Rights has guaranteed to us.

    Morality seems to be in the eye of the beholder as seen by Republicans who view themselves as the chosen ones; so much so that they support a man as evil as Donald Trump who has done so much to harm our country in little more than 2 years and has damaged our relationships with our most important long term allies to the point of being beyond repair.

    If we somehow survive Trumps presidency it will be the Democrats the world can thank for it.

    1. Mercy, fellow how long have you had your head in the sand. This deplorable, with a high school education, who worked for what I have, can see what you said is just the opposite of what’s true. I suppose I should pray for you but don’t know that it will do any good with your head stuck in the sand.

    2. I haven’t the time to respond to the plethora of lies and misconceptions of this screed. I can only remind myself that people like this person (Richard) are out there and we can never ever take the pressure off politicians to keep from accommodating these people.

  3. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party promotes Hate, Racism and violence against anyone who threatens their agenda. No real American would vote for this Party.
    They have deliberately kept us minorities down and dependent on the Government. Only our President Trump has done anything to give us opportunity to succeed if we want. This is what the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party fears the most. This is why they promote and encourage Hate, Racism and Violence to MAKE AMERICA FAIL AGAIN AND WE BECOME FULLY DEPENDENT ONLY ON THE GOVERNMENT, NOT GOD AND OURSELVES. This and the DEPT. of Indoctrination Education gives them extreme power and has been very successful. Many Americans have fallen for their lies, Hate, and promote Racism. They are good at blaming others for who and what they are. The PreCivil War Democrat Party has returned, maybe they never left.

  4. This is a celebration of American strength and sovereignty. This is very patriotic. Unamerican is an apology tour on foreign soil during a President’s time in office. Unamerican is lying about issues like gun violence on foreign soil after his time in office. Attempts to negotiate with a terrorist nation such as Iran once out of office using proxies dispite having made a terrible deal when in office borders on treason. It’s American to have and show pride in our country.

  5. Dr Roberts; for what I red in your comments you are a fanatical Democrat and have a profound hate towards the President. You failed to mention in your diatribe that must of the donors to your beloved party are multimillionaires and some billionaires too. Whether tyou want to believe or not there are people like myself who aren’t rich or wealthy who supports our POTUS. We see in him a man who didn’t have any need to be president and suffer attacks from dederanged politicians, MSM, Hollywood, Academia and many RINOS. You’re one of those who will never accept that Hillary lost and will write pieces full of lies and hate not only the POTUS but for all of us who voted for him. We’re no powerful or have a lot of money but we want to continue to live in freedom and without socialism in this wonderful country. We respect and honor our flag which is a symbol of our liberty. We believe in our Constitution and what it represents to millions of AMERICANS who respects and love this country. You believe we’re deplorable in your eyes but we will continue supporting our president and will vote for him again to your dismay. Continue hating if that make you feel better and happy; we sure don’t feel that way towards you and wish you the best in the future. God bless you and your family.

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