The Dis-Grace of Harvard

By Ben Shapiro

This week, Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv announced that Harvard University has withdrawn his acceptance to the college. In the aftermath of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the then-high school junior became a prominent voice for school safety, meeting with politicians across the political spectrum. He was also a prominent defender of Second Amendment rights. After scoring 1550 on his SATs and graduating second in his class, Kashuv was admitted to Harvard, turning down scholarship money at other schools to do so.

Then came the tsunami.

Former classmates who oppose Kashuv’s politics revealed on social media that when he was 16, months before the Parkland shooting, he typed egregious racist slurs, including the N-word, in a private Google doc. This revelation led Kashuv to immediately apologize publicly for his use of the language, which he insisted was not a reflection of racist belief but a juvenile attempt to shock his peers. He pointed to his record of public-facing accomplishment and pledged to learn from his mistakes. He issued an apology to Harvard, taking full responsibility for his comments; he reached out to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to see what steps he could take to assure them that he had changed.

No matter. Harvard’s admissions committee decided to withdraw his acceptance.

There are several lessons here — all of them bad for the country.

First, grace is no longer an aspect of American life — at least for one side of the aisle. Kashuv has been in the public eye for a year and a half. In that time, he has acted with remarkable poise, as have many others in his class. The fact that he participated in an idiotic and disgusting private group chat months before the Parkland shooting has had apparently no effect on his public behavior. If the new standard is that past private statements, once surfaced, override all public behavior since — including apologies, evidence of decency and willingness to evidence repentance — we are entering a dangerous new era. Is Harvard prepared for dredging up every incoming first year's Twitter direct messages for scrutiny?

But that won't be the standard, obviously. The commentariat calling for Kashuv's expulsion was loudly decrying Harvard for having barred Michelle Jones, who killed her own 4-year-old , just two years ago. The problem for Kashuv is that he is conservative; the old racist slurs were merely a means of damaging him. There is little question that were pro-gun control David Hogg the Parkland survivor at issue rather than Kashuv, a little more grace might have been applied here.

Second, public life comes with inherent risks and thus should be avoided by rational actors. Kashuv would have been admitted to Harvard if he had never engaged in activism: He scored a 1550 on his SAT and graduated second in his class. No one on the radical left or alt-right would have tried to destroy his academic career; no one would have bothered. Kashuv dared to speak up politically and thus became a target. Rational actors will take note and stay away from the public square, leaving that square to the most shameless and the most enigmatic.

Third, Harvard has become an institution not for education but for capitulation to the mob. Forget Kashuv for a second. Focus instead on Harvard Law School professor Ronald Sullivan, a political liberal who was tossed as dean of a residential house for the grave sin of acting as a defense attorney on Harvey Weinstein's team. Cross Harvard's most radical students or the wokescolds on social media and the administration will capitulate in short order.

Kashuv will be fine. He'll move on, go to another school, mature and grow. But Harvard won't be a part of that process. The social media mob was motivated not by a desire to purify by our politics — after all, Ralph Northam is still governor of Virginia — but by a desire to damage the Parkland student they just didn't like.

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14 thoughts on “The Dis-Grace of Harvard”

  1. Harvard is a useless piece of garbage. It is currently a left wing indoctrination camp not a college. All professors are liberal. It is a mess. Soon people will wake up and see that Harvard is not worth going to.

    1. Harvard University lost all credibility when they sold their educational integrity for 20 million dollars and GAVE the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama an un-earned diplomat from their prestigious institution .

  2. University is a name that was derived from finding “unity through diversity”. Diverse opinions being debated and exchanged. Harvard has decided that they are no longer interested in being one.

  3. Unfortunately, universities today aren’t for learning, they’re for indoctrinating. If you’re not a liberal, you will be attacked, threatened, harassed, stalked, and slandered; they will do whatever it takes to destroy you and get rid of you. People need to wake up and realize that if these ‘institutions’ – and individuals, as well – are allowed to do things like this, you may be next. A comment made to a friend but overheard can get you in trouble; something you wrote while in grade school could be used against you. What is to prevent the left from minutely examining your life for ‘transgressions’ and using them to ruin you? Are we going to spend our lives watching everything we say, do, think, wear, eat, watch, read, and listen to? Are we going to allow liberals to take over our lives much the way Nazis did to Germans? People had better wake up – and soon.

    1. The NY Times hired an avowed racist, Sarah Jeong. No firings, no admonishments, just support because her hatred was spewed towards Whites and Old White Men.

    2. Joann you are so right ! If you’re able to homeschool your kids I think it’s the best way to go . The sickos are even in Our kindergarten and grade schools !

  4. Well Harvard your communist roots are showing best get the PR firm out to cover up again. With the minor exception of a few technical areas you have finally entered the worthless school category.

  5. It is not the “N” word that has the cup cakes of Harvard ‘s thongs in a bunch, it is because he supports the Constitution and the second Amendment!

  6. A lifelong friend went to Harvard on a scholarship about 40 years ago. In that time, prejudice and leftism was well ingrained there but there was still a pretense of inclusion and diversity of thought and background. He thrived at Harvard with all A’s and superior research and proof to all his papers. He stayed there several years and then transferred out to another university.

    He made it clear that his transfer out was due to their hypocrisy and and blatant bias.

  7. what makes this so much worse is if you look at some of the people that Harvard specifically admits due to politics; a fantastic example is from this young man’s own school….. David Hogg, yes that hitler looking “moron” that used the Parkland shooting as a vehicle for personal attention (I believe he even lied and was not at the actual shooting), and a kid that his classmates do not like or respect AND that is not intelligent and was denied admission at all but a few “lower academic” schools in california, inc. Harvard… then, mysteriously he becomes a well known liberal and he gets in Harvard

    something is very very wrong with the system

    admission to the elite schools needs to be blind… and something needs to be done to effect this… far too many unqualified kids get in the elite schools though “special” categories and far too many kids that are qualified could do more for humanity with the education are turned away

    now you can argue that this kid should not have been admitted for his views, and 1550 is not that high to be a given at the true elite schools, but what is horrifying is the unfair admission approaches based on politics and the favoritism to liberals and other factors outside merit… it is my belief that all of us suffer in the long run because of the special admits

  8. The Ivy League has become a Leftist cesspool with no perceivable value except what’s left of a prestigious reputation and its ability to open doors.

    The fact is, the Ivy League is no longer needed, except maybe for its grad schools–the ones that work on real things, and don’t have time for PC fantasies.

    Hillsdale College, Regent University, Liberty University, these and the schools like tham have high academic standards and pathways to political internships. They have excellent job placement records, because they turn out honest, well-prepared people.

    By contrast, all the Ivy League is good form, anymore, is giving you acces to the Liberal establishment. And who wants that?

  9. The only times that you’ll have heard public proclamation “n” words over the last 30 or so years are in the filth spewed in certain music genres and black “comedians”, some people arguing in public, and entertainers. It’s supposed to be funny then.

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