The Steele Dossier Is Poison

By Erick Erickson

Having reviewed the Mueller report, I have concluded the Steele dossier is poisonous to both Republicans and Democrats.

On the Democrat side, Bob Mueller shows quite clearly that neither Donald Trump nor anyone around Donald Trump coordinated with the Russians, collaborated with the Russians or otherwise worked in concert with the Russians to steal the election. In fact, Democrats have been obsessed with Carter Page as a principle go between, but the Mueller report states “the investigation did not establish that Page coordinated with the Russian government in its efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election” (Vol. I, page 95).

Likewise, reporters at the news organization McClatchy have clung to the fiction that Michael Cohen traveled to Prague because of the Steele dossier. The dossier claimed as much, but the special prosecutor found otherwise: “In early May 2017, Cohen received requests from Congress to provide testimony and documents in connection with congressional investigations of Russian interference in the 2016 election. At that time, Cohen understood Congress’s interest in him to be focused on the allegations in the Steele reporting concerning a meeting Cohen allegedly had with Russian officials in Prague during the campaign. Cohen had never traveled to Prague and was not concerned about those allegations, which he believed were provably false” (Vol. II, page 139).

As another demonstration of the dossier's poison, Cohen tripped himself up with Congress in part because he thought Congress wanted information related to the dossier. Actually, Congress wanted information related to The Trump Organization's Moscow building project.

The McClatchy reporting, the BuzzFeed reporting, the CNN reporting, etc. has allowed Democrats to form a mythology centered around the Steele dossier about the President working with the Russians. None of this is true, and much of the Steele dossier, as the Mueller report points out, is unsubstantiated.

To Republicans, they continue to be fixated on the dossier as the entire reason for the investigation into Russian interference in the election. But the Mueller report shows this is not true. Now, Republicans raise the dossier as a smokescreen to claim fraudulent motivation for the investigation.

While the dossier plays into Trump's fears and motivations for acting against Comey, there were plenty of other issues that led the government to conclude Russia was trying to disrupt the election. The Steele dossier was a sideshow that seemed to drive the Trump team and the President in particular, more than the FBI.

According to Vol. II, page 34 of the Mueller report: "The President also brought up the Steele reporting that Comey had raised in the January 6, 2017 briefing and stated that he was thinking about ordering the FBI to investigate the allegations to prove they were false. Comey responded that the President should think carefully about issuing such an order because it could create a narrative that the FBI was investigating him personally, which was incorrect."

At this point, the Steele Dossier is a rallying cry for the GOP about a witch hunt, but it never really was the basis for claims that Russia interfered in the election. It was, however, the thing that pushed the President over the edge with Comey and thus became the thing that sparked the Mueller investigation.

Between the poisonous effects on the GOP and the Democrats, however, everyone is now prepared to ignore and avoid a central truth of the Mueller report. The Russians did try and ultimately were successful at disrupting the American political process to make it more divisive. The Russians wanted us at each other's throats, and they got it. They got a distracted nation. And they will try again.

Contrary to the Democrats' mythology, in part because of the Steele dossier, the Russians never expected Clinton to lose. They just wanted a close and divisive race. Both political parties helped Vladimir Putin get what he wanted.

As long as both sides are focused on the Steele dossier and claims about coordination that are disproven by Mueller, neither party in Washington has a vested interest in dealing with the actual issues raised by Mueller. That provides an opening for Russia and other foreign powers in 2020.

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14 thoughts on “The Steele Dossier Is Poison”

  1. Where in hell have you been hiding, in a blender? Have you not seen the clips of the FBI higharchy
    telling how they were going to block Trumps election by just about any means possible even after he won the attempts were stepped up to counter his election so you are full of it and this will bear the
    fruits of the AGs investigation which is now in Progression let us see your reaction to that.

    1. What are you complaining about? The treachery of the Obama Deep State SEDITION has been long known, but the details are slowly, too slowly, leaking out. The Democrats, terrified of exposure, will do anything and everything to stop the exposure.

      As a matter of fact, what I fear is their paranoid desperation. Top Democrat leaders have said Trump is a dictator, an EXISTENTIAL threat to democracy (despite we’re a REPUBLIC), a Nazi, more of a danger than Hitler. Is there ANY doubt that they’re setting up the climate for the ASSASSINATION of our President should he win in 2020, especially if the GOP retains the Senate and take the House?

      AG Barr must get his ducks lined up and then take them down HARD, as in prison time for VERY high level Democrat administration officials. This should include possibly Obama and Clinton, and certainly Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page and Ohr, Never in out history has an administration acted as egregiously like the Obama administration did.

      The weaponization of the DOJ, intelligence agencies, State, and other agencies by Obama was nothing short of 3rd world politics. Unless fully exposed AND prosecuted, it put the very concept of a Republic under the rule of Constitutional Law, in serious jeopardy.

  2. Clean up the mess throw them in jail that broke the law including Hillary. Hold the Democrats responsible for lying and trying to cover it up. Press charges bring all the corruption out in the open. Barry Obama too. Like Nancy says no president is above the law her also.

  3. Erick Erickson is a fake news idiot. He has not been living in this universe by bringing this hogwash to be published in this rag. Tell someone who cares about fake news. Not me.

    1. Jesse, just what do you believe is wrong in Erickson’s article? Specifics please if you dare.

  4. One has to wonder why you have completely ignored the use of the Steele Dossier to gain FISA warrants to spy, YES SPY, on American citizens $ the Trump campaign without their knowledge and not to expose the suspected Russian/Trump collusion but to literally ncreate the accusation of collusion! The Dems are hiding behind the excuse that they used an American firm to “communicate” w Steele as well as indirectly w Russian Oligarchs. Using the Fusion GPS and the double dipper Nelly Orr, was done solely to “launder” the money. Their behaviors were and remain criminal actions and hopefully AG Barr will expose that fact and prosecute all of the conspirators, including HRC!

  5. Erick, the Russians did not have to “try” to sow disunity. It followed automatically into the issue of Globalism vs. Traditional values. It would have occurred no matter what the Russians did or did not do.

    As point for proving this: The fight against Globalism is also occurring in Europe and that has nothing to do with Russia.

    Yes, the Dossier is poison…but it is much more poisonous against the Dems than the Repubs. I think you know that…but are pointing to almost meaningless minutiae as proof of your point.

    The battle between Traditional values vs. Atheist globalism is hot. It has very little to do with Russia.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    1. Mike, but what we had was a real attempt to frame a candidate to defeat hem and when that failed a real attempt at a coup d’etat – nothing less.

      Sure, the SOCIALIST Democratic Party and the RINOs are globalists. The struggle has been going on in earnest since about Pres. Wilson. The Soviet Union, Russia, and China were/are surrogates for that struggle.

      Erickson’s point was to point to the fact that the Mueller Report DOES NOT support the Progressive contentions that Trump colluded with the Russians to fix the 2016 election, an IMPEACHABLE offense. Nor does it support reasons to indict Trump for obstruction of justice, although Mueller went about saying that in a backhanded, devious and improper way. That was something that wasn’t in his purview. But his goal was to give the SOCIALIST Democrats a crumb to grasp on to for their impeachment efforts. By the way, I believe the House will impeach Pres. Trump, although the Senate will not convict. They’re desperate and dangerous.

      That’s critical to understand in this current battle, even as you point out that the WAR is far wider and more grave.

  6. Comets remarks about not wishing to investigate because of appearances is typical for-the-record rubbish to show his clean hands and pure intent.

  7. I think this is wrong. Based on the objects of the investigation and the ignoring completely the payments and actions of Hillary in colluding and paying for Russian dirt. It is obvious that Mueller was only interested in investigating Trump. The firing of Comey is immaterial to this investigation since it was based on the recommendations of the IG in his malfeasance and the note sent to Trump by Rosenstein saying the Justice Department could not continue operating with him in office. Add to that the selection of the investigative lawyers who were all Democrats and Hillary supporters, including the Trump hating Strozk, until he was outed in public, and you do indeed have a conspiracy. One of either finding dirt on Trump and his team with Russia or anything to create a pill for the Democrats to enact a political overthrow by impeachment. Obstruction where there is no crime and should have stopped the investigation almost immediately when they found no crimes and after Trump being the first in history to remove his executive privilege and Client-Lawyer confidentiality to allow EVERY member of his staff and private lawyers to testify.? Give me an intellectual break and reason out where the poison really lies, Erick.

  8. They keep saying they don’t want Killary exposed because she will take down Oshitter,well hell you tried to take down Trump why is Oshitter not responsible for his actions????? Why is he above the law ???? This old double standards is getting very old ,all responsible for the fake dossier need to be hung!!!!!

  9. You make the statement that the dossier was not the main reason for the investigation but you never offer any evidence for another reason. Your attempts to appear neutral fail miserably

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