Why Celebrity Politics Matters

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By Ben Shapiro

This week, celebrities emerged from their Hollywood cocoon to sound off on abortion law … in Georgia. If this sounds bizarre, that’s because it is: The people of Georgia don’t spend an awful lot of time trying to control the policies of New York or California. Yet the greatest and most moral among us — people who read lines for a living and look attractive for magazine covers — now lecture people thousands of miles away on the necessity of late-term abortion.

Netflix led the charge, announcing that it might cease filming in the state of Georgia should the state impose its “heartbeat bill,” protecting the lives of the unborn from the sixth week of pregnancy. Netflix is simultaneously filming in Egypt and Jordan, where abortion is heavily restricted.

Disney soon joined the club, stating that it could pull production as well. Reese Witherspoon spoke up on behalf of females everywhere, saying: “Women of Alabama, I will fight for you. Women of Georgia, I will fight for you. Women of Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri and Mississippi, I will fight for you.” Never mind that majorities of women in nearly all of these states are pro-life. Witherspoon knows that true women support her agenda. Sophie Turner of “Game of Thrones,” too, announced that she wouldn’t film in Georgia — after filming her role as Sansa Stark in Northern Ireland, where abortion is illegal.

This sort of disdain of our culture’s supposed elite for those who disagree politically is helping drive another wedge into our national divide. It’s actually promoting a spiral of division that has severe consequences for our national polis.

Here’s how it works.

Culture is supposed to be the binding glue for any nation. The United States is ethnically, politically and religiously diverse. Only a few key threads still bind citizens from New York with citizens from Georgia: symbols like the American flag, institutions like the American military and, yes, water cooler conversations over sports, movies, music and television.

The American left has politicized each of these threads, in effect fraying them. The American flag itself has become a symbol of division, as our cultural betters — and the gimlet-eyed marketing firms that power corporations like Nike — decide to glorify protests against the flag. The American military has been politicized, too, with Hollywood portraying soldiers as either victims or villains (aside from a few rarities like "American Sniper" — which, not coincidentally, did enormous in the box office). Our movies and television and music have become politicized, too, with artists deemed "unwoke" if they refuse to speak up on the issues of the day.

Conservatives have responded by first paying outsized attention to cultural figures who don't disdain them — see Trump, Donald — and, second, by showing up in droves to vote. If conservatives can't control the culture, they certainly can control their legislators.

Our cultural arbiters, in turn, have reacted to the political victory of their opposition with renewed attempts to merge culture and politics — they've gotten more extreme, louder, more pronounced in their determination to shift the culture to their point of view. Which will, of course, drive more political divisions.

A pluralistic democracy requires three factors to function: a shared cultural space; a shared belief in key ideas, largely embedded in the Constitution; and a shared willingness to leave one another alone. As each component erodes, so, too, does the possibility of a united country.

14 thoughts on “Why Celebrity Politics Matters”

  1. The Democrats are destroying America one issue at at a time..we must stop them from taking over total control..they lie spin and obstruct Trump on everything he does.

  2. The way the country is going, either socialists win or conservatives win. The issues are so divided there is no middle ground. Either abortion is murder and forbidden by those who have traditional morals, or it is a woman’s right to abortion which worships the god of convenience. The way the culture is going, conservatives tend to back off, don’t cause any trouble, and let the indoctrinated younger generations take over. May God have mercy on our nation

  3. The Truth is not determined by opinion or coercion. We have a small group of people in America and around the world that believe they can rewrite the history of natural by investing money in education and picketers. They may be temporarily successful rewriting some laws but the Truth still remains. Life is too precious to intentionally terminate, Marriage is one man and one women for life and lying can not be a functional communication tool. The position that whenever someone says ‘if you don’t give me what I want I’ll take my ball and go home’ we should let them leave and restart the game without them.

  4. How can anyone honestly vote for the Democrats. They have completely turned against their country and fellow Americans. This truly is treason. They support terrorists, killing babies, and are destroying the America our forefathers gave us. The Democrats keep the Russian
    Hoax going as a distraction for what they are really doing. George Soros is leading Congress now. I suggest you start looking his way to find how all this garbage started. Nancy Pelosi needs to go along with all her other lying cronies. There isn’t any hope for them. I say commit them all or send them somewhere on a one way ticket.

  5. All this Political Noise made by Names is HOGWASH! Nobody is going anywhere. They follow the dollars and what the State has to offer. Georgia got it because we were baffoons like North Carolina back in 2002 and capped our Tax Credits even well after reforms were to take place. That is what I call “abortion”. Abort an industry before it has time to grow. We aborted it with the cap but thank God some remnants are left because it took a half minute to jam this bill thru the Nasty Senate in last two minutes before Sine Die. Bobby Jindal and John Alario did this. They chopped the big boys from coming to Louisiana when they should have rolled out The Welcome Mat in form of a Red Carpet. He is gone now and thank God. We nipped old Bobby in the bud at his Pontchartrain Center Rally and prevented him from running for President. HE is only one I know that did Georgia a favor. Nothing Else.

  6. Patrick Cross said my thoughts in his post: I don’t listen to celebrities. I also haven’t been to the movies, which my husband and I went to every weekend, in years. Unless, of course, it’s a Clint Eastwood movie or some other celebrity with some sense. John Voight comes to mind along with a VERY few others. Georgia shouldn’t listen to anything out of hollyweird. If we banded together, we could break them. Stop supporting them at the box office and hit them in the pocketbook. I promise, you won’t miss the garbage they are putting out. Stay out of Georgia’s politics. We don’t want you here.

    1. AMEN! I agree 100% with you. My husband and I have not been to the movies for year either because of their liberal BS. Hit them in their pocket book BOYCOTT those who are the liberal trouble makes like Alysa Milano and maybe they age will shut up if her paycheck dries up

  7. Historically speaking, the democratic party
    is well known. The civil war is just a example
    of their ways.
    Everything involving the democratic party has
    been crashing since the beginning.
    It’s only a matter of time before we watch the
    whole party fail, and with the 2016 election hanging
    over their heads, their fate is sealed.
    Not only the 2016 misdeeds, but the people that are involved are tremendously scary……
    Thank god hillary clinton didn’t win in 2016.

  8. You ARE joking -right? Did everyone forget who celebrities actually are? They were once called ‘Jesters’. Remember? Funny pointed hat with bells at the corners. Curled up shoes with bells at the tips. Considered lower than the serfs. They didn’t even talk to them. They threw eggs and rotten tomatoes at them. No one has ever cared when they try so hard to think.

  9. I lived in NY for over 64 years and Hasd to Leave because the State has gone Nuts.Get All new Leaders for NY.The ones there now shouyld All go to hell and up in Flames.You know how the libs said stand up and get in their face,well stand up and punch and beat the Shit out of these Officials if they are ever caught without their body guards.You better keep them forever even after you are Out of Office.We the People will Not forget who is the DEVILS and his Work.

  10. Boycott movie theaters, for a few months, and watch how fast they fall. they are by trade, FAKERS. everything to them is make believe. my wife and I, have not gone to these fake shows for the last 18 years, our life is based on facts, not the fantasy of movies.

  11. I have not been to movies in many years as many already testified. Movies are mostly just propaganda and brain washing for the young and uneducated and gullible. Read the history of movie time making and how it was used during WW2 to influence the public and policy. Actors get an inflated ego and believe that they become experts at some role they portray and should therefore be a part of the policy making in America. They live such promiscuous lives, they want rules and public opinion changed so their lives appear normal instead of sinful as it is. Even Films supposedly for children are now crafted to brain wash and make acceptable what most Americans consider wrong. A day of reckoning is coming and I hope it is very soon while there is still hope of saving America. God bless America and please do it quickly!

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