Skipping Over Hillary and Obama Fights

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By L. Brent Bozell III

New York Times reporter Peter Baker offered new insights into how badly former President Barack Obama reacted to Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election. It came in a new edition of his book “Obama: The Call to History.” But since Obama sounded whiny about how history unfolded, the news media don’t want to talk about it.

Like every other leftist, Obama was shocked by the election results, thinking there was “No way Americans would turn” to Donald Trump, as Baker wrote. Obama’s “legacy, he felt, was in safe hands.” He could not believe the American people had “turned on him” for a man he had written off as a “cartoon.”

Baker reported that Obama told his family, “This stings. … This hurts,” and blamed Clinton, who he felt “brought many of her troubles on herself” and ran a “scripted, soulless campaign.”

“To Obama and his team,” he wrote, “the real blame lay squarely with Clinton. … She was the one who could not translate his strong record and healthy economy into a winning message.”

When it comes to Trump, the media elites relish capturing and promoting every spoonful of Republican internal warfare, savoring every dollop of any Republican who trashes Trump behind his back. If the McCains and Flakes were to publicly denounce him on Capitol Hill, that would be covered. If they were nameless and faceless? That'd be news, too.

But when Democrats start ripping one another, they see it as Ma and Pa having a fight and hide it shamelessly. A sulking, sanctimonious Obama blasts Clinton — and nothing. The networks haven't reported this, despite the source being a New York Times reporter. But this is funnier: It's also not in The New York Times. You have to go to the London Daily Mail or the Washington Examiner to find it.

The same trend was visible when Clinton claimed the election was "stolen" from her. At one of those Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking events (where the tickets can go for two bucks due to lack of interest), on May 4 in Los Angeles, she proclaimed: "I've been telling candidates who have come to see me, 'You can run the best campaign. You can even become the nominee. And you can have the election stolen from you.'"

The crowd broke into applause. Democrats could never defend the notion she ran "the best campaign." But they like the theory that the Russians stole it from her.

She is shameless. It's been 30 months since she lost, and she's still making excuses. She went on to insist the Mueller report "not only decisively proves but goes chapter and verse about how the Russians — in the words of the report — conducted 'a sweeping and systemic' interference in our election." That's the report written by a pack of lawyers who donated to her campaign (including one who reportedly attended her "victory party"). But the pack found no collusion with Trump.

She also ignores that Russian interference on social media often took both sides, not just Trump's side — against "Islamophobia," and against Muslim refugees coming to America. They ran a Facebook page called "Blacktivist" that carried passionate denunciations of the criminal justice system and viral videos of police violence.

The media strongly denounced Donald Trump after an October 2016 debate for refusing to say whether he would accept the election results. But Hillary Clinton, like the press corps, can never accept what actually happened.

71 thoughts on “Skipping Over Hillary and Obama Fights”

  1. The Laimstream media tells mostly the good side of liberal issues and the bad side of conservative issues – That is how you get a slanted opinion on anything – Honesty not needed. Media is owned by Big Money, central bankers, globalists – there is a Big Pharma person on the board of every media company – the media gets a lot of its income from Big Pharma ad’s. Big Pharma funds many politicians, both Repub & Dem and Big Pharma funds most of the budget of the FDA – and FDA and Big Pharma hire each other’s employees, It’s one crook in, one crook out. THIS IS ALL A BIG CABAL AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    1. You are sooo right! This explains a lot. The Globalists are making lots of money off of China – just like McCain was and Biden is! These business people pledge allegiance to the almighty dollar, not the USA! This is why our country needs someone like Trump!

  2. Here’s the bottom line…Obama did this to himself by backing HRC! If he was so concerned about his legacy he would have backed Biden who was obviously the next man up! It’s just to simple.

  3. Big reason why I’m a registered democrat and not only will I never vote democrat again, I will not change parties either! That way when they look and see how many dems are in my district, they will surly count my vote for them, right? It’s my way of saying F-off dems, you’re definitely not the party I liked many years ago. Politicians becoming rich vrs rich people becoming politicians? I’ll take the later, is this day and age.

    1. That makes absolutely NO sense. Say what you want…but if you continue to be a registered Democrat YOU are sending them a clear message that YOU approve of everything they’re doing. Don’t vote…THEY DON’T CARE. You REGISTERED Democrat and THAT is what they want.

      1. Makes sense to me! I sometimes vote in the dirtycrates primary to vote for the LEAST likely candidate just to add confusion to the confused. I know, we are supposed to love our enemies, but…. We should help the less fortunate. We should…. But, it is a little hard for me to love those gun stealing, faggget loving, criminal harboring liberals.

    2. Great idea. I switched from Republican to Libertarian when Bush was President and still get mail from the Republican Party asking for donations.

      1. I used to be a Demonrat – but then I saw the light! I FINALLY REALIZED WHAT THEY ARE ABOUT! When they put Hitlery up for president, that was it for me! She is a crook and should be in an orange jumpsuit, along with crooked Obama! The Demonrats, along with their propaganda arm of the Mainstream Media, has made us look like a banana republic! Just like Pravda in Russia is the propaganda arm of their government, out horrible MSM is the same in our country! By the way, I am convinced that Nadler, Schitt, Swalwell, Pelosi, Schumer, Water, Green, etc., are all INSANE! They need psychiatric help immediately!

  4. He’s such an idiot that he is “shocked” and doesn’t understand why the American People chose a “Cartoon” instead of more of the same dem 8-year Criminal Regime ? Unbelievable that anyone could be that stupid. So Shillery didn’t get to do her circus act to break her glass ceiling. Too damned bad. LONG LIVE THE ”CARTOON” !!


    On July 8, 1947 witnesses claim an unidentified object with five
    aliens aboard crashed on a sheep and cattle ranch just north of
    Roswell , New Mexico .

    This is a well known event that many say has long been covered
    up by the US Air Force and the federal government.

    However, you may well NOT know that in the month of March
    1948, exactly nine months after that historic day, Albert Arnold
    Gore Jr., Hillary Rodham, John F.Kerry, William Jefferson
    Clinton, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Charles E.
    Schumer, and Barbara Boxer were born.

    This bit of information should clear up a lot of questions.

    1. Nancy Pelosi is some years older and Hillary was born October, 1947…but I agree with your premise, lol

    2. That sounded too good to believe so I checked the birthdates of all mentioned and yes, Al Gore was born 9 months later (3/31/1948) but all the rest were scattered between 1940 (Boxer and Pelosi) and 1950 (Schumer).

    3. As much as I’d like to believe this…not true. Hillary C was born in October 47, B Clinton August 46, John Kerry December 43… Al Gore was born in March 48…He probably really is an alien!

    4. Hillary Clinton was born October 26, 1947,
      Albert Arnold Gore Jr. born March 31, 1948,
      John F. Kerry born December 11, 1943,
      William Jefferson Clinton born August 19, 1946,
      Howard Dean born November 17, 1948
      Nancy Pelosi born March 26, 1940,
      Dianne Feinstein born June 22, 1933
      Charles Ellis Schumer born November 23, 1950
      Barbara Boxer born November 11, 1940

  6. You guys, & gals, have hit the nails on their heads, you can help a lot of people see the light. Just like Diamond, & Silk, always say, do the research yourself, see for yourself, what has been going on in DC for over 60 years. These people go to DC poor & leave RICH! Put on your thinking caps folks, this is because they sell the American People to the highest bidder. What ever these Rich Jackasses want, they buy, to hell with the American People, they are there to get Rich. Until one day, we woke from our Long Nap, took a good hard look at everything, and began to see the light. Then Donald J. Trump came on the seen, he had seen what was going on, from behind the curtains, after all he had played the game with the best of them. He knew all there dirty little tricks, & this is why, he scares the living shit out of them. Every dirty, underhanded, corrupt, unlawful, lying, sneaky, treasonous, thing they accuse him of, is what they have done, & are still doing. May God continue to protect, & Bless, our President, & May he continue to Bless America, & All Americans.

  7. Quit belly aching, Liberals! Quit slowly down America’s greatness, too, since all you bring to the table is detrimental to the millions you say you want to help. AND…how do you have time to help Americans since your actions suggest all this is 100% about your unbridled quest for power America clearly knows now you cannot handle!

  8. If the last three yrs have taught me anything, it’s the Dems will say & do anything to get a vote. Videos prove how they flip flop on almost a daily body’s and still they make no excuses. They have thrown the “rule” book out the window as for them ANYTHING GOES! Sadly, the media is complicit in this abomination of democracy. Big money is clearly behind the left and one needs to ask why? Why has the MSM abandoned reporting the real news as well as doing real investigative journalism? The news these days is not real! It is whatever suits the left’s agenda. For sure there is some of that on the right but it pales by comparison. Bottom line is that the populace loses. Those with questioning or suspicious minds will be wary but the millions who don’t listen to political issues are being duped on a daily basis. My one piece of advice is for people to use simple logic. Democrats as a party are operating devoid of any logic. Their party agenda is all that matters regardless of truth or falsehoods and We The People are lied to or worse yet, ignored!

  9. LOVED MOST OF THE FORMER CONTENTS….especially NEUBIE,,,,,”Politicians becoming rich vs.people becoming politicians,,,I’ll take the latter.”


  10. Obola was worse POTUS I have HAD to endure. Hates US and is a muslim fraud.
    Hitlery is scum. Always has been, always will be.
    D-RAT party is anti-USA and total scum’
    POTUS Trump is a very GOOD POTUS who loves and respects USA.
    Totally opposite of Obola, Hitlery and d-RAT party.

  11. Exactly why the Demorats want our President impeached!! They all are going broke spending their own $$$!! No more back room deals!! They are as rich as their gonna get!!! And I love it!!! Trump 2020!!! I’ve been on board with this president since the day he announced his candidacy!!! One more thing, Pelosi needs to be randomly drug and alcohol tested ASAP!!! Biden needs to be investigated about his and his sons deal with China!! I would also like to know how Maxine Waters got all of her money??? And Diane Feinstein well we need to go there too!!! Her and Iran??? What’s their deal??? God bless America and our President Trump!!!

  12. She was the one who could not translate his strong record and healthy economy into a winning message.”
    Here’s the coons economy.
    We have the final nail in the coffin of President Obama’s economic reign. Not only is the average annual growth rate of just 1.48% during Obama’s business cycle the weakest of any expansion since at least 1949, he has just become the only President to have not had even one year of 3% GDP growth.
    An average annual GDP growth of 1.48% during Obama’s two terms…
    He was also the only president in history to get our triple A credit rating lowered.
    All, ever single policy of the Kenyan coon, failed!

  13. Hillary and the DNC:
    1.Had the backing of every major Newspaper in the Country…
    2.Had the Endorsement of every Democratic official in Congress…
    3.Spent almost $1.5BILLION on her campaign, compared to President Trump’s $800MILLION…
    4.Barely beat out an 80 year old no-name Senator in the primaries…
    5.Endorsed by ALMOST every HollyWood elite….
    6.Had a ground game of at least 35,000, compared to President Trumps severely lacking GG…
    7.President Trump beat out 16 well endorsed candidates for his Party’s nomination…
    8.DNC weaponized every Intelligence agency against President Trumps campaign…
    9.Endorsed by every member of the G-8, and G-20 member Nations…
    10.Had a career in Politics that spanned 30-plus years…
    11.Had the endorsement of every major MSM TV, and cable…
    12.Had almost 90% of the Black vote…
    13.Had almost 82% of the Hispanic vote….
    14.Had almost 79.5% of the Jewish vote…
    15.Was endorsed by a very popular out-going President…
    16.Was endorsed by almost every Major Union Organization..
    17.Was endorsed by a very Popular ex-President(WJC)…
    18.President Trump made blunder after blunder, after blunder…
    19.Was endorsed by almost half the women(48.6%)…
    20.Etc. etc. etc….

    AND, yet she still lost the Electoral College vote even though she was “guaranteed a 200 vote plus head start” on President Trump, with the East and West Coasts cruising into her win Coloumns…This old bitch had one thing, and only one thing lacking that every single one of our President’s except Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama didn’t have, INTEGRITY…she lied from the start of her Political career and she continued to lie throughout her campaign, never taking any issue, except Women’s Health and sticking with her endorsement of ABORTION…Democrats need to face it…they backed a loosing pony from the start, and she was hobbled from the Gate…JMHO



  15. Obama was a freak candidate brought to us by the globalist cabal, No one knows were he came from and no one knows what he had done. His “records are “sealed” by his own edict, and all his people want to know about is Trump’s tax return. We are at war with an entrenched enemy, and it will only get worse and I don’t feel like a few more decades of this crap. Prepare for a division of the states and areas, and hope that it’s peaceful. I don’t want to “coexist” with any of these mutts anymore.

  16. Acting like Ma and Pa, should read, Ma and Pa Kettle. Overall intelligence is 100% the same.

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