The Mueller Report’s Damning Portrait of Trump

By Steve Chapman

With the release of the redacted Mueller report, Americans can be grateful that their president did not so blatantly violate any law that the special counsel felt compelled to indict him. Really. It’s better than learning that he was caught red-handed in a multitude of Class A felonies.

The public should not, however, be consoled by everything else that was revealed. The report compiles a profusion of evidence that the president is a disgrace to his office, giving exclusive consideration to his own welfare and none to the interests of the public. Felonious? Maybe not. Villainous? Without a doubt.


For Republicans to celebrate the findings is a desolate testament to Trump's ability to corrode standards so badly that even he can meet them. His partisan defenders insist on claiming that the president has been vindicated, even though the investigation has led to the criminal conviction of six Trump associates, including his campaign manager and his national security adviser.

The claim of vindication comes even though the special counsel confirmed that, in instance after instance, Trump behaved in ways that were dishonest, intemperate, contemptuous of the rule of law, ethically foul and quite possibly criminal.

The question regarding obstruction of justice, in Robert Mueller's judgment, is not whether Trump is innocent or guilty. Very little in his behavior could be described as innocent. The question is whether Trump is demonstrably guilty enough to prosecute. It was, in the end, a close call.

Mueller's answer might have been "yes," except that, as the report says, "we recognized that a federal criminal accusation against a sitting president would place burdens on the president's capacity to govern." The Justice Department has long taken the position that a sitting president may not be indicted.

But the special counsel intended no exoneration of Trump. "If we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state ... However, we are unable to reach that judgment."

Over and over, the report cites actions that would have been spectacularly scandalous had they been committed by Barack Obama or George W. Bush. Trump tried to kill the investigation by leaning on FBI Director James Comey, telling his White House counsel to have Mueller fired, demanding that the attorney general intervene despite his recusal, and making threats and suggesting pardons to discourage witnesses from incriminating him. But Trump benefits because sordid conduct is what the citizenry expects of him, and what his supporters defend.

No one should be pleased to learn that in the face of the Kremlin's efforts to elect Trump, he and his campaign aides were willing beneficiaries rather than active conspirators. Attorney General William Barr, parroting the president before releasing the report, claimed repeatedly that the special counsel found "no evidence" of "collusion."

Oh? The investigation "identified numerous links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign" and found that "the Russian government perceived it would benefit from a Trump presidency and worked to secure that outcome, and that the campaign expected it would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through Russian efforts."

Donald J. Trump Jr., we already knew, eagerly agreed to a meeting in which he expected Russians to provide dirt on Hillary Clinton - a meeting that, Mueller notes, the president himself later lied about. What about this was not "collusion"?

The material released Thursday came under the title, "Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Election." It documents all the ways in which the Russian government acted to deliver the presidency to Trump, by flooding social media with bogus information and engaging in

cyberattacks on Democratic targets. The effort amounted to a rape of American democracy, carried out by a thuggish autocrat.

That's not the worst thing. The worst thing is the president's conspicuous reluctance to confront Vladimir Putin head-on over his meddling. Trump has been slow and grudging in trying to prevent a 2020 repetition. The administration imposed sanctions on Russian figures last year, but only in response to a congressional demand.

Instead, Trump has mostly treated the Kremlin boss as someone to be embraced, despite the warnings of U.S. intelligence agencies. After his July 2018 Helsinki news conference with Putin, Sen. John McCain declared, "No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant."

Trump's actions, as documented by the special counsel, may not have been those of a criminal. They certainly were not those of a patriot.

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37 thoughts on “The Mueller Report’s Damning Portrait of Trump”

      1. Nothing we didn’t already expect here. Mueller made it clear from the start that he disliked President Trump. He was unable to find him guilty so he is trying to ruin him this way.The American people are not stupid ( as most Dems believe). We have been following this for 2 years. Every time they accuse the president of something it comes back to bite someone in their own party and president comes out clean.They have tried about every dirty trick in the book to destroy him and that has not gone unnoticed.President Trump really wants to bring this country back. Dems don’t care about this country or its people.Their biggest achievement in the last several years is to push abortion , immorality ,and their socialist and LGBT agenda.These agendas have brought anger, hate and violence to our country.They blame the right for the violence but we have also noticed that they never take responsibility for their actions and always blame someone else.

    1. You are absolutely correct. The whole article is death warmed over bull shit! For starters, the alleged Russian activities took place during the Obama administration. Why didn’t Obama confront Putin with the accusation? Steve Chapman is a strict leftist, even if he calls himself something else like “anti-Trump”. Of course, Mr. Chapman ignores the facts about the FBI, the Department of Justice, and Mueller and Wisemann’s background and motives. And we paid $35 million for this travesty!

  1. I agree this guy was clearly out to get Trump he is absolutely intent on damaging the President in any way he could. This guys interpretation of the report is clearly slanted.

    1. Those indicted who supposedly are close associates of Trump were indicted for misdemeanors or crimes not associated with the collusion investigation for which the special prosecutor’s office was created nor were they indicted for campaign hanky-panky. Some indicted for impeding the investigation by lying apparently were lying about a crime evidence for which could not be found. Trump’s supposed obstruction of justice consisted mostly of he said/she said comments for which Trump was never interviewed, let alone put under oath. This report is hogwash.

  2. The same words of villainous, dishonest, intemperate and contemptuous can be applied to the MSM including CNN, PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, WaPO and NYT; Democratic Party; Democratic Congressmen and women and Democrats who voted for the Benghazi Butcher who refuse to concede they lost the 2016 Presidential Election and rioting in the street and being destructive is okay! Well it isn’t, it’s absolutely appalling and given the US a black eye internationally!!

  3. I disagree
    The Democrats are trying to cover up the 8 years prior which involved Hillary & Obama.
    Heaven knows who elses name could be added to the list.
    You can’t put illegal immigrants before Americans & get my vote. Supporting Planned Parenthood- not securing our borders – mistreating our military & first responders – making Americans pay for education but not illegals is wrong. Taking from those who worked 30-40 years & leaving them paying taxes on their retirement is wrong… I could go on & on
    This needs to stop!
    Trump has my vote. at least he’s tryong to make a difference.
    Very disappointed in our elected officials
    Term Limits is what Americans deserve.

  4. I again agree with Larry except that I would have to add TOTAL in front of BULLSHIT to make a two word response!!!

  5. An absolutely slanted report— can’t believe anything that is written—totally rediculous and unethical reporting.
    TRUMP has my vote!

  6. President Trump knew he was innocent. When your innocent of what someone is accusing you of I believe anyone would be peeved. Want to Fire Someone. Well I believe that would be a yes, knowing it is the opposition party that lost the election and is hounding you in everything you say and do, not to mention all the press against President Trump. Thank God for FOX NEWS. I don’t think him wanting to fire someone when you know your innocent. I believe most people strike back in some way. It was his response to all the attacks. I understand. I also believe other people do to. That is why he is still supported.

  7. One lie begats another lie and on and on. The sad part of this are the IDIOTS who believe this bullshit.

  8. WHO WRITES THIS GARBAGE! There was supposed to be an investigation into Russian influence on our election, not on Trump. Finding no Trump collusion and the president being the only president to waive both executive privilege and client-lawyer confidentiality the all Hillary supporting and contributing Democratic investigators had to do anything to keep the narrative going. No mention from them or from writers like this that it was the Obama team that knew about Russian influence and refused to notify anyone during the campaign believing Hillary was a shoo-in. Not one word from writers like this that Mueller and his minions NEVER investigated the known collusion of Hillary, the DNC, and 10 million dollars being paid through a law firm to pay Fusion GPS to hire a foreign agent to get fake information from Russian operatives, all Trump haters. This is all you need to know about articles like this and the real motivation of Mueller and his hit team.

  9. Steve Chapman’s report is full of innuendoes and totally absent of any actually believable information/facts!

  10. This is absurd. The Russians only made a small effort to sow confusion and a sense of illegitimacy to the U.S. elections. To the extent they backed Trump, it was almost certainly because they expected Hillary to win. It was the Hillary campaign, its supporters in the Deep State, and the Dems in Congress who ran with this silliness, creating an unjustifiable hysteria worse than anything in the McCarthy Era, wasting tens of millions of Federal dollars, and hampering the effectiveness of this presidency for nearly three years.

    All this bellyaching about $140K in Facebook ads. But what about the $140M the Russians paid to the Clinton Foundation in an obvious ploy to influence U.S. foreign policy under Hillary? What about the $500K the Russians paid directly to Bill Clinton just for giving a 25-minute speech? What about the millions the Saudis poured into Hillary’s campaign?

    Nobody tried to frame Barack Obama or George W. Bush. Perhaps no one ever even thought to stoop to such a level until Hillary Clinton came along, half of the sleaziest couple in American political history.

    No president can be faulted for wanting an unwarranted, partial and politically motivated investigation deleteriously impacting his presidency to end ASAP and weighing his options under the powers granted him by Article II of the Constitution. Moreover, this president took none of the “sordid” actions ascribed. How can he “obstruct justice” by wanting to end an unjust process but then choosing just to let it play out?

    The wonder isn’t that so many Democrats were stupid enough to believe the Russia Collusion nonsense. It is that so many were shameless, dishonest and unpatriotic enough to PRETEND to believe it!

  11. Steve Chapman is a political hack and a useful fool for the swamp.

    Unsubscribe me now. None of his comments are news.

  12. Fake News! We all know the truth and we still support Trump. He is working for the people an action the Dems do t know anything about. Al the know how to do is lie, cheat, obstruct, and attack, whomever gets in their way. Their main goal to fill their pockets with taxpayers money and grasp at all the power they can get. We did not ever hire democrats to do this.

  13. Only one question how many presidential candidates have been so investigated and traps set for by our own government can’t seem to find much regarding this question

  14. Where is your criticism of the people in the Obama Administration (including Hillary). The same report you use to criticize Trump CLEARLY accuses Obama and his criminal cronies of working with foreign entities to undermine Trump’s candidacy. And per Barr, Obama personnel spied on Trump. It is clear to this Democrat that Obama and Hillary are far more “unethical” and more guilty of “collusion” than Trump.
    BTW – where are the apologies from the Liberals for ridiculing Romney in 2012 when he claimed that Russia was the real threat?

  15. If media hacks, like the one that wrote this trash, didn’t have Trump to bash, they would have to find a legitimate topic to cover. From the time Trump announced his possible run for the presidency he has received free publicity and dominated the subject on every media outlet and his name monopolized social media pages. He was and still is the main topic of discussion on countless talk shows and Sunday morning political analysis shows on the major networks, like Meet The Left with Chuck Dodd. All of this free publicity helped put him in office and cost Donald Trump absoutly nothing but the democrats payed dearly. That’s called irony!

  16. If President Trump did even a 4th of what obama got away with, the democrats would tar and feather him.
    does anyone remember when Obama gave away a fortune to a muslim country without asking anyone if it was ok? Then he paid every muslim family that landed in usa 1700 a motth to live on. Obama tried everyway there is to destroy America. Trump is trying to rebuild America. Obama tried to fill us with Muslims. WHY? Because he is one.Obama started out poor and ended up a millionaire 10 times over where did he steal the money from? Obama was a rat, is a rat and will die a rat. And I will never believe he is an American citizen if so why did he come to America to go o college as a foreign student? I believe he lied eery time he opened his mouth.

    1. Bullcrap. Those indicted were like Scooter and Martha…lying about crap that had nothing to do with why they were investigatd…and then Scooters turned out to be a pack of lies…after his fortune lost and his life ruined. Partisan crap has been a dem sraple for decades…they even tried crap on Gerald Ford and he was the most honest president ever…even a bit better than Carter. So as long as investigations are able to run far afield of what they were asked to do and ignore collusion by the other party this is what we get. Innuendo and lies on the best president since JFK…

  17. I can’t unsubscribe any faster. You are a flaming idiot and want to continue the BS talk track of the far left, who will be willing to destroy our freedoms in order to get power.
    The reckoning day will come, either here on earth, but for sure in the hereafter.

  18. when are you people going to get off the Pigloosi bandwagon, It’ time to start supporting the best President this country had had since R. Regan, Build the wall.

  19. Frankly, the fact you are taking the Mueller Report, complied by investigators that not only detest President Trump, but were also active Hillary supporters, some even working in a legal capacity for her, as gospel, is quite disturbing. The real takeaway from the Mueller Report was, despite efforts to suborn perjury, and create unbearable pressure on witnesses to get them to compose untruthful testimony, despite the partisan nature of the investigators, no evidence of collusion or obstruction exists.

  20. Glad to see every comment recognizes that this article is a total misrepresentation of the report’s findings. If I want partisan crap, I’ll watch network news. Goodbye, Inside Scoop.

  21. We keep hearing about how Mueller could not find Pres. Trump guilty of obstruction, but he left the beginning of the trail to impeachment. Seems to me the real problem is that they appointed someone who lacked the b—ls to do the job. ie. a coward!

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