Nunes: It’s Not Over Til The Dirty Cops Are Rounded Up!

Many folks on the right are celebrating that this witch hunt of an investigation is finally over. Devin Nunes is not one of those people, and for good reason. He’s stepping past the Democrats demand for the full Mueller report and says he won’t rest until the scope memo is made public.

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Nunes wants full transparency into the investigation. Ironically, so do the democrats so it'll be hard for them to make a valid argument against Devin Nunes's request.

I don't think Republicans or any American should be celebrating anything to do with Mueller. Okay? It's fine. He's not going to indict anymore people. There are a whole bunch of indictments that are awful. What happened to these people is terrible

His point is that nobody knows if Mueller was even supposed to be looking at any of these other things that produced process crimes. Rosenstein appointed a Special Counsel without actually identifying a crime, so what was the investigation scope?

Mueller delivered the final Russian collusion investigation report on Friday to AG Barr. No collusion was found, something most of us have known since the start. Now, Nunes, says it's time to round up the 'dirty cops' who tried to take this country down.

Nunes was the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, last year, that found no evidence of collusion between Trump, Trump associates, and Russians. Democrats were telling a different story that we now know was false. Nunes says it's not over yet. Not at all.

Upon the submission of Mueller's report, Nunes declared Friday it was the beginning of "the unraveling of the biggest scandal in American history, the biggest political scandal in American history."

He says the public should be getting some interesting information on all of this soon.

"We are work{ing} on a criminal referral, so many of the dirty cops, people will find out who actually we believe those dirty cops are. We'll be sending that to Attorney General Barr among other names I think people will be surprised at," Nunes said.

This coup attempt has failed miserably and it seems the plotters are about to get a dose of justice. Let's hope justice is served and get back to Making America Great Again.


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18 thoughts on “Nunes: It’s Not Over Til The Dirty Cops Are Rounded Up!”

  1. To make freedom of Americas constitutional rights work the news media needs to be held accountable for knowingly making false reporting and out right lying. Then from the top down all corrupt political and law makers involved in this failed coup should be held accountable also.

  2. Looking to round up the dirty cops? Look no further than the Clintons, Obamas and the media. All were and are complicit! Gen it done Nunes!!!

  3. All of these people from top to bottom of the list should have to pay for what they have done to the President and our WONDERFUL USA!!!!

    1. We will finally have justice when I.G. Horowitz issues his report. Also, Huber in Utah will have his report coming out about the same time in late May or early June. Expect to see criminal referrals for Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Strozk, Ohr, just to name a few. It will happen and the Dems are scared stiff!

  4. I am anxiously awaiting for these evil corrupt people to go to prison where they belong.. some, like Hillary need her neck stretched…enough of her abusing children through her foundation .. humans should never be slaves or sold as sex slaves…think what nightmare those kids went through.. most kids taken for pedophilia die within 4 years, and that 4 years would be a horrible thing for them to go through.. i would want to die but they die as sacrifices to the satanic god..
    Hillary has been a high priestess witch even as Bill Clinton was governor in Arkansas.. It is time for her to suffer for all the crimes she has done and that includes murders she ordered to silence people that know to much about her crimes…many are so called…suicides, how can the be suicides when they are killed in ways that is in no way suicide..but that is what has been going on for many year..

  5. All the dirty cops Obama, Clinton etc. and those Republicans need to be held accountable! Media should be sued for slander.

  6. The reason there is no more INDICTMENTS is because if there were there would be civil war and they know it think about it every politician is a lying ass crook they are all dirty !! If one goes down they all go down !! They jeep talking about military tribunals see any one arrested yet see any charges yet !! And lets talk about the 3.2 trillion dollars stole from social security that is enbazzelment of our money not to mention all the interest money it has made sense 1933 see any one indicted from that !! Not to mention under payment to we the people who have paid into social security that money belongs to we the people who paid into it NOT THE GOVERNMENT !!!

  7. As sure as GOD is my creator not a one of those crooks will do any time for their misdeeds. Not one minute, hour, day or life time will they go to JAIL. I served my country the best that I could only to find ot that there are 2 standards of justice in the good old USA. God help us.

  8. If no one is held accountable for these past two years of bullshit, this could be the spark that sets off the powder keg…..

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