Another Violent Election in Mexico

Mexico held the largest election in the nation’s history on Sunday. However, it was tainted by significant violence, that claimed the lives of 97 politicians, with still another 935 being attacked.

These numbers according to Etellekt a security consultancy, and originally reported by Reuters.

According to the Daily Wire, the election was held for more than 21,000 government officials, including all 500 seats in the lower house of Congress.

Despite the massive scale of this election and its accompanying political violence, it is not the worst on record. In the recent past, Mexico has seen well over 100 politicians meet untimely ends during election season.

It seems that Mexican President, Lopez Obrador, has been unsuccessful in delivering on his campaign promise of, “hugs not gunshots.”

In terms of election results, Obrador’s party, Morena, has lost its super-majority in the lower house.

In Mexico, a two-thirds majority is needed to pass constitutional amendments.

This may mean that Obrador has a more difficult time passing his agenda through. This kind of analysis, however, seems superfluous - considering the country’s steady trend of political violence.

While on the outside it may appear that Mexico has some form of representative democracy, the reality on the ground is that severed human heads are being lobbed at voting stations.

Mexico is a failed state that is being run by gangs and cartels. It is clear that, these gangs have no limits on what they will do to accomplish their desired level of power and control.

They are more in control of Mexico than anyone else, Presidents and Congress included.



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25 thoughts on “Another Violent Election in Mexico”

  1. NO ! mexico will never have a CLEAN HONEST ELECTION, it never has and never will, to much CORRUPTION, or A MUCHA CORRUPCIÓN. And this corruption goes is going on both sides of the border. Para que todas/todos sean honestas, olvídalo.

  2. Very sad for Mexico, its citizens, and those who want to be a part of the solution.

    Just like in America, UNTIL THE PEOPLE get serious about holding ANY/ ALL criminals (aka certain politicians, govt officials, gang members, drug runners, human traffickers, etc) accountable for their actions, this will continue.

    Very serious crimes MUST be met with very serious punishments, including capital punishment . . . without the criminal sitting on death row for 20 years. Of course, this would have to be for criminals KNOWN to be guilty; not just based on circumstantial evidence.

  3. All those Mexican Politicians are Criminals ever since the 1800’s! There will never be a Fair election there, ever!It’s their rotten nature! The whole damn country is corrupt, including their Police and Military! In fact, all 21 of those Latin American countries are corrupt! Always has been and always will be!Even their Priests are either Nazi, Fascist or Communist, ever which way the wind is blowing! We should not be helping them financially or otherwise! It’s like pouring money down a crap hole!Three of those countries: Cuba,Nicaragua,and Venezuela are Communist! I expect the rest of Latin America will follow suit shortly! You can’t trust them like the Muslim Countries and the Communist Chinese!We should write them off as a lost cause!

  4. Take a good look, USA. With the Democrat/Communists in power here, what you saw in Mexico is our future.

    You asked for it. Now eat it.

  5. As long as there is “mordida” (literally payment of bribes) to every policemen and politician in the country there can never be a free Mexico. Mexico is RIFE with corruption at every level. There are no rules for the rich and from the local beat cop on up bribery is and has been RAMPANT.
    The PEOPLE need to RISE up against the gangs, the drug lords and the government. Mexico should place a bounty on the heads of every cartel. It should be numbers like 10 million US. That would be the beginning of the end of the problems.

  6. Mexico is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet. Was the U.S. election honest and fair? The U.S. has a list of countries they consider corrupt. The U.S. shouldn’t throw stones at glass houses. I wonder if the U.S. made the top ten on that list.?

  7. Will the Progressives succeed in replacing our electoral system with the Mexican election plan here or will the results of the vote audits stop them before they seize total power?

  8. It sounds like Mexico is better at elections than us. We are the laughing stock of the world. We have proven fraud and yet the Mentally disturbed candidate won the election. Our elections are actually better since we had more people voting than actual legal voters.

  9. The Mexican election is none of our business. The elections in the US is. This is one of the biggest problems with the US Government. They keep their noses in everyone else’s business. They need to clean up the crap the Democrats are trying to pull before trying to worry about other countries elections. Getting rid of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democratic part of Congress would be a nice beginning in curing the problems of the US>

  10. Why don’t I read anything about our desire to help our next door neighbor rather than those countries all around the world! We could really do some good there, as well as probably clean up our own country which has been going downhill over the last good number of ‘peaceful’ years. Perhaps the spread of the corruption from there up into our nation through California is a good part of our own problem? There is so much corruption these days and in my own 90 years I have never seen the likes of it. Keep open reporting coming, I won’t support the printed news anymore as it is not balanced at all.

    1. The US is already doling out money to them. How many more millions/billions do you want to give them? The money is going in government pockets and does nothing to help their citizens.

  11. With all the illegals coming into our country, this could happen here! Hello Biden, are you listening? Many illegals are cartel members, and they are just strolling in un deterred!

  12. As someone said, this system has been in place since the Spanish were in control. Everyone is aware that those with “obvious” Spanish blood have never relinquished power. Even when a “Indian” Mexican achieves some level of political power, he/she is generally under the financial control of one of the major families that still control the country. They maintain this control through vast holdings that most, if not all, levels of infrastructure cannot survive without the “Spanish” participation. The country still follows “to the victor goes the spoils” type of elections. If you are on the winning side, you get employment. considerations. etc. We do the same in the US, and it is accepted (as long as you don’t make waves). Bribes/payoffs/incentives are openly expected in other countries. Only the US still tries to cover the practice. We don’t call it a bribe, we don’t acknowledge the jobs/contracts/etc, so therefore they don’t exist! Like him or not, Trump exposed the “Deep State” to the average American and it can never be put back in the bottle, no matter how Biden and the DNC try! Think about it! Are you as free as you were before the China Virus? And which Party kept the ball going? And, still keeping it going! We have no right to question Mexico! We have our own “Spanish Families”! They are the Deep State, The DNC, FBI, CIA, the TECH kings, and the Chinese government! As someone said earlier, We are becoming our enemy!

  13. After seeing the shit-sho w we had last year I can categorically say that NO , Mexico did NOT have a fair election.

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