Is the Supreme Court Building a Case Against Itself?

As we watch governors around the country shut down small businesses while delivering large corporate bailouts (with our money), close churches while keeping strip clubs open, and keep republican observers out of the state capitols during electoral voting, the U.S. Supreme Court remains largely silent.

We are watching Big Tech companies censor conservative voices and companies, violate federal election law, and blatantly conduct election interference.

We have watched election workers pull out suitcases of ballots and start counting them after observers were told to go home. We watched vote counting stop on election night only to start back up again with statistically impossible ballot dumps during the time they had supposedly stopped counting.


The state of Texas filed a lawsuit against multiple swing states that attempted to hold those states accountable to the law. After all, if we can't hold legal elections in this country we are not a free country. We are nothing more than Venezuela with a slogan that says we are a beacon of freedom for the world.

As we all know, the U.S. Supreme Court denied to even hear the case, confusing many Constitutional lawyers.

However, they did decide that they will hear the NCAA case, referred to as the Alston case, on whether collegiate athletes should get compensated as professionals.

Now maybe this is an important case, but could this case be more important than a country-wide election that has over 70% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats believing it was a stolen election?

They did, however, find time to shoot down a voter ID requirement in Kansas.

The Supreme Court is making a case against its own necessity.

As Mark Levin puts it, this election has exposed a "complete collapse of the judiciary".

If the Supreme Court cannot find the time to rule on whether dead people and illegal non-citizens should be able to vote for our elected representatives, and whether election laws need to be followed, then perhaps it's time to redefine their role, salary, and even existence.


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44 thoughts on “Is the Supreme Court Building a Case Against Itself?”

  1. If I were these PUBLIC SERVANTS, I would have OVERWHELMING FEAR of the Population! And judging by their behavior, they do NOT! (YUUUUUUUGE mistake!) Only Psychopaths and Sociopaths would behave in this manner. Make NO MISTAKE about it……We, The People ARE COMING FOR YOU!! (THINK: Saddam Hussein, but 1000x’s WORSE!!) MILLIONS of Red-blooded AMERICANS (aka Patriots) will NOT live as SLAVES to the Globalists!! This country/FREEDOM……IS worth DYING for! “When One Has NOTHING Left To Lose…….!”

    1. I could not agree more. this needs to be our attitude for all federal employees.
      If don’t or can’t do your job, we don’t need you.

  2. Without a “Supreme” Court willing to even hear the case they leave few options short of the most extreme measures to rectify a situation which is totally unsatisfactory to tens of millions of American patriots and citizens. I see no way for this nation to move forward and unify for the common good of ALL AMERICANS without a complete airing of all the allegations and information that has been brought to light regarding the malfeasance of the November 3rd election. The media and big tech have certainly demonstrated their complete disregard for the TRUTH and their desire to simply shove their will down the throats of anyone even vaguely associated with TRUMP is stunning. Moreover, the Swamp creatures & politicians that seem to still have control of many facets of the bureaucracy continue to squelch the truth as they line their pockets with shady “donations” from foreign adversarial powers. There is NO way to justify the lack of prosecution for those responsible for “Obamagate” and full transparency of the Hunter Biden ties to China and the Ukraine. The ONLY POSSIBLE conclusion I can draw is that there are forces greater even than the President of the United States who are pulling the levers behind the scenes. America is at a boiling point right now and it is IMPERATIVE we find a way forward or we can say goodbye to our country forever!

    1. The Supreme Court of the United States exemplifies what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn so eloquently said of Western society in his brilliant Harvard Commencement Address in 1978. “The Western world has lost its civic courage, both as a whole and separately, in each country, in each government, in each political party, and, of course, in the United Nations. A decline in courage may be the most striking feature that an outside observer notices in the West today. Such a decline in courage is particularly noticeable among the ruling and intellectual elites, causing an impression of a loss of courage by the entire society. There are many courageous individuals, but they have no determining influence on public life.
      Political and intellectual functionaries exhibit this depressing passivity and perplexity in their actions and in their statements, and even more so in their self-serving rationales as to how realistic, reasonable, and intellectually and even morally justified it is to base state policies on weakness and cowardice. And the decline in courage, at times attaining what could be termed a lack of manhood, is ironically emphasized by occasional outbursts and inflexibility on the part of those same functionaries when dealing with weak governments and with countries that lack support, or with doomed currents which clearly cannot offer resistance. But they get tongue-tied and paralyzed when they deal with powerful governments and threatening forces, with aggressors and international terrorists.”

      So here we have the SCOTUS, cowardly to the core and thus refusing to investigate serious questions and evidence of widespread voter fraud – for the country’s president! The next leader might be a first rate liar and crook who profited from political chicanery that put them there, but never mind, SCOTUS does not care! It will tell us it defends the almighty Constitution. Oh yes, it will do so – selectively – and thus if it’s not too contentious to do so.

      The U.S. might just as well be my country, South Africa, today a country crumbling mess with corruption, lying excuses for leaders, a now Third World mess like Venezuela or Zimbabwe. Can SCOTUS really countenance this?

      1. I so appreciate your historic trail to this point in time! Thank you for the detail, I promise to chase down the references! I would also like you to consider how in the late 1950s, the Communist Party of the United States, put forth its Manifesto. That was later read into the Congressional record in the 60s. It details the systematic deconstruction of our society, beginning with the family. It wanted to kill our future so it promoted abortion, It wanted to detach us from the Covenant our Founders made with God when the nation was formed, so they tore down our Churches – now – literally. They wanted to change our “Think” so the occupied our Theaters, and worse, our Educational Systems. We allowed it visa vie Overton Window compliances, being “Tolerant”,. Allowing our language to be taken over. And now, our history (Michelle Obama said “we need to rewrite our history!” And we are allowing it to happen. How did we? We did it by becoming what they imagined for us. Now. We need to reimagine who we ARE! We have to study the Founders and the people of that time because, THEY GOT IT! We need to RE-GET it! It begins with inner searching and settling a score with God.

        The next step is to use the tools the Founders put in the laws of our Land. Our ability to BE the government, not the SERVANTS of A Government, It is truly WE THE PEOPLE!

        We have been incredibly blessed these last 4 years with the advent of Donald J Trump. His life’s experiences prepared him for this job right now, His errors of ways, served to allow him to become and OVERCOMER – one able to teach from personal OVERCOMING experiences. AND, he is not the PERFECT teacher but so far, he;s the best we have!

        I do believe much of the chaos and mayhem we are experiencing has been allowed (within the law) to progress. Because the inner good of the majority has been awakened, the sins of the few have become so clearly understood by their accentuated actions! We now SEE them for what they are – the evil face is exposed as it strains itself in anger! All that is behind their mask is shown! The CLOWN is truly the EVIL one! We DON’T want this in our lives and especially stealing and EATING our children! We MUST defy Michelle Obama and tell our history in bold letters that ALL who enter our Country to stay must either accept and take to heart – or – LEAVE!

        The process begins with a “colon flush”. We have seen the $$ pots of Soros and Communism. The SEX Traps, The incredible physical threats – IN OUR COUNTRY OF OUR LEADERS! There are Supreme Court Justices in fear of their lives and for the Black Mail that OWNS THEIR VOTES! This is true throughout the Political Population and all those non-elected in our Services Businesses. The same entrapments used throughout the entire fabric of the USA.

        To regain our country, we need a sincere inner search to find and eliminate what mounts to nearly 70 years of infestation, How many reading this have lost relationships with family for not even SAYING anything, but just by everyone knowing how one believes? How many of us wore our uniforms in pride in the 60s and 70s only to the jeered and not cheered? To be hated by the ones you were prepared to give your life for hurts. Period. And then to SEE the results of the slow completion of the Communist Manifesto in the eyes of one’s family and their families, is so very hurtful. Try even responding and “there’s the door”!

        I am not giving up. BUT I need directions. HOW can someone help? What’s the remedies in the Constitution and how do we get to serve out those requirements? I am reporting, Sir, what are my orders?

        Our LEADERS – are they pure of heart? Which ARE? Some we can tell, and what I hope they come up with next is HOW DO WE FIX THIS MESS!?:

      2. Winston Churchill once wrote, “If you will not fight for freedom when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
        The Dem/BLM/Antifa/China mob are the enemy. The enemy is not a breathing, living thing. It has no heartbeat. It does not feel pity, or remorse….it has no soul. We are at war, and there is no nice way to fight a war. Let us put away our humanity and remove this wretched Marxist thing, this inhuman, faceless tyranny from our nation with such fervor that treasonous insurrection will never again threaten our way of life. We have nothing to lose but our lives, which would be meaningless in defeat.

    2. I am grateful that so many conservatives are speaking out and not staying silent as we have for so long. My biggest concern is that a handful of very liberal governors and majors are taking to themselves powers of autocrats and they have a following that supports them. Meanwhile our cities are being decimated. Just because they have decided to assume the roll of a parent does not mean the rest of us have to listen. Small and medium sized businesses everywhere need to organize and tell their cities they are not closing but instead opening fully every day. Our businesses need to flourish, our children need to be in school and be taught some old fashioned morals without being shamed if they are not politically correct according to today’s norms. Also, they need to be taught the Bill of Right and the constitution and what it means. How to live accordingly. The anger that i feel regarding all these brainwashed people buying into the propaganda being peddled everywhere is outdone only by the fact that the system of lies that people are receiving will fully destroy the foundational pillars of our republic and every individual’s freedoms that our parents passed down to us, our country will be unrecognizable. We need to put a stop to it. Growing up, our motto was better dead than red. That may be what we come to. I am a Christian. I am 78 years old. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my country. The left needs to be resisted at every turn and we need to support to the best of our ability those who are leading the way. We cannot let the leftist ruin our country. We need to speak to everyone we encounter and explain to them how our nation’s history is being rewritten at will and just what they are doing as the lay a very strong base for the Chinese to broaden their influence in every facet of our country’s operations, personal, military,education, corporations. And education from early childhood thru college and beyond. We have to disrupt it at every turn. I pray the young people will begin to understand what is going on behind the scenes and reject their indoctrination

  3. Amen and Amen and Amen!!! I was NEVER So Shocked!!!!!!! What are they up there for? To sit on folded hands?
    I thought they were supposed to be wise enough to consider and rule on the very most important cases in our Country. Guess this was not deemed important!

    1. I saw one article (can’t find it now) that said that clerks at SCOTUS overheard parts of the private deliberations on whether to accept the TX lawsuit, and that there was a heated exchange between Justices Stevens, Thomas, and Alito, in which Stephens opposed the court accepting the case because doing so would cause an outbreak of violence from the left like we saw this past Summer.

      Apparently the message that the SCOTUS is saying is that if the right wants to get it’s share of “grease” from the SCOTUS, it must “squeak” as loud as the left, i.e. make equally credible threats of violence, i.e. burn a few cities down to establish bona fides.

      In the Art of War by Sun Tzu, it says that the best general wins the war without a battle by forcing the opponent to withdraw. Is that where we are in this country? We face the choice of meeting the left on its own battle field or to fold our cards and grovel in defeat?

      The SCOTUS appears to be throwing their responsibility to the wolves. It is their job to defend the Constitution, and to not let a bunch of bloody leftists take down the country without a fight.

      1. I agree with everything Chairman RPAZ said….WE WILL defend ourselves against (antifa and blm) the burn loot murder of the left, if need be. SCOTUS needs to do the job they are paid to do.

    2. The supreme court judges those who could or not want to do keep faith on their vows as justices of the country and of the people as were taken sworn on oath then, they must be remove from their post for they wanted to be remain as figureheads only, ntthis then they should and ought to be thrown under the bus with their families for they knowingly caused misery and chaos to other families … ARE THEY PUPPETS??? … puppets have no feelings they are not humans

  4. One good Constitutional lawyer could replace the entire SC. We don’t need to pay 9 cowards and provide them with life long jobs, when they refuse to work the tough stuff and provide answers/guidance for the citizens of America. The virus has given officials, local/State/Federal, too much power, and they aren’t going to voluntary give it up when the virus is gone. America needs a strong SC more than ever!!

  5. John Roberts needs to get real he has done enough damage to this country—please resign —I believe they have something on him like the rest of the senate—————democrats are destroying America

    1. The supreme court must adjudicate or abdicate regarding the 2020 presidential fraudulent vote case. This will be the most important case and decision that Any current supreme court justice will have made in their entire life. This is a national tragedy in the making.

  6. Yes, yes, and double yes! The Supreme has failed the American people, the Constitution, and itself, big time! They refused to hear a case on Election Unconstitutionality/Fraud with more than enough evidence to prove our election was stolen by the Democrats and their minions, but our Supreme Court Justices can not take the time to hear the case or listen to the valid arguments, great decision oh Supreme Court with a Conservative, and gutless, majority. Now we are facing 4 years of Democratic control and no fix to our election irregularities (do you really think the Democrats will investigate, or fix, any election fraud that benefits them? Wow!)? Way to go Supreme Court, please prepare to be “packed”, you well deserve it (plus). You, Barr, and Mitch McConnell have betrayed not just President Trump, but the American people in general. Republicans need to prepare to become extinct in the halls of Congress and other political positions around our nation. Democrats will rule the USA for the future and rid themselves of those pesky Republicans and their morals – the Democrats new slogan will be “we can cheat and steal with no one to stop us”. Great job, cut off your own nose to spite your face. Really, really smart move!

  7. John Roberts sold us out when he declared that Obamacare was a tax. Now he’s convinced the other members of SCOTUS that they needn’t bother to hear anything as trivial as a stolen Presidential election. With him as Chief Justice, just what is their purpose?

  8. I could not agree more. The Supreme Court is now only the supreme count by name. They no longer are the defenders of the Consitutition a doument they have all sworn to uphold. I am sure there is a penility for not upholding their oath which I hope everyone of them is held accountable. Something they all need a tast of it seems.

    As I believe that most Americans know thats something a foot as they say. The question is. Whos got the balls to do anything about it??

  9. ALL in legal ( not a law )profession are all members of a ‘Bar’ association (British Accredited registry)

    They cannot call themselves lawyers but only attorneys at law they are practicing man made legal

    admiralty law : law of the commerce , law of the high seas which ends as the land begins at high water mark.

    They are then called to the Bar and have to renounce their own citizenship. they are no judges but magistrates,

    and all what they adjudicate how much one has to pay or go to goal it is all commerce to them (BOND)

    As we are all only answering to the common law ( law of the land ) Look into the discussion by

    Judge Dale (on internet)

  10. Perhaps the “conservative” members of the U.S. Supreme Court found a technical reason not to take the case brought by the State of Texas; but, the leftists on the Court would not have relied on this technicality if their roles were reversed! How stupid are the so-called “conservatives” in our country!

  11. America is in purgatory right now. We’re either going to HELL or not. We are heded into HELL DIRECTION The Corruption goes all the way to the Supreme ?Court, as we recently learned. Nothing seems to be left untouched. THE LAST HOPE of cleanliness was the Supreme Court, that was wrong. Democrats have polluted the US. Trump is our only hope. Our David vs. Golliath. Revolution is coming. Civil War is coming. :Loyal Americans and Patriots will not let this stand.

    1. I am afraid of a violent ending to this entire affair but we go and fight for Iraq, Afghanistan, Viet Nam, and all of these other foreign countries.

  12. They are afraid that the Democrats will win in Georgia and “pack the court”, these people are not impartial jurists, they are politicians in black robes.

  13. If President Trump does not intervene then he is in on it as well. I voted for him twice and I still have hope but that being said I don’t want to hear that He can’t stop this takeover of our country.

  14. The Supreme Court of the United States is no longer an august body that ‘inspires respect and admiration’, it – Trump ‘conservative appointees’ and all – is a thorough mediocrity and in fact a cowardly body that all too evidently is politicized and looking over its shoulder. It provides further evidence of a crumbling, visionless society. Without vision we perish, so now liars and cheats prosper.

  15. Absolutely right. The Supreme Court is worse than useless; it is becoming another useful too for the left to advance its criminal agenda against the USA. Dismantle it and replace it with military rule before it is too late

  16. Perhaps those justices refusing to hear cases involving the recent election fraud should examine their ethical anchors. It’s obvious they’ve come adrift.

  17. Mark is so succinct and at times prescient. This is one of them. The Supreme Court’s misbehaving is evidence it has been infiltrated to be something different than the defender of the Constitution of the United States of America. Rather than defending, the Courts are Amending. This is a serious travesty and I would appreciate from Mark, any suggestions on the remedy. I read (anxiously) all the reports and they are disturbing so that I call political leaders up MY chain of command and never even get a reply. I vote, and it’s taken away. I SERVED but when I did I was hailed as a “criminal” coming home. So. I voted for this Administration with hope and great expectations. The flame is still lit in MY heart – I just need to know the way! How and WHAT can we do?

  18. The Supreme Cour Should Hear All Cases Pertaining to Deceit and Fraud Of the 2020 Election , How Can I or All Real Americans Continue to Believe That Elections Are Fair and Honest Going Forward ?

  19. It’s happening all as planned….why r u surprised? Don’t you know we live in the land of Mighty Babylon of the ancient scriptures, and that all of this was foretold long ago? Oh little children how long will you remain ignorant for Lo, I have told you before?

  20. i agree 1000 % we are doomed if we do nothing,Time to pay them what they are worth,NOTHING their job is to up hold the law not what they believe in,# vet,feed up with this illegal BULLSHIT!

  21. Yes, the Supreme Court is making a case for being seen as lacking credibility to hundreds of millions of citizens who have common sense and can interpret plain language without bias.

  22. Agree, maybe they see the dispute to resolve no compliance with the socialist Democratic Party as there is no resolution either way, just by full blown hot civil war. Everybody see, that the cold civil war is imposed on the country at least for the past 5 years now. Too bad. After Biden (or more-less Harris) will take over, their first orders will be for guns confiscations. What do you think, that about 100 mil. people with about 300 mil. weapons and at least half of them supporting President Trump, will do? They will fight, or running to turn in their only defence under Constitution against tyrannical Government? I believe that this will lead to the hot civil war (if the SCOTUS miss that, just reminder I repeat, that Democrats are fighting cold civil war for 5 years now, supported by mass media with little exceptions). I believe, it is almost guaranteed. British tried to confiscate the guns some time ago if you remember the history…God bless America.

  23. the court has displayed their true colors and their total disreguard for the rule of law gov communist chinese style t these lazy cowards have just proved they are on the side of socialisim i and millions of americans have lost all respect for them anything as big as a rigged nationwide election for president and these priviliged sweethearts cant even look at tons of evidence presented to them these untouchable premadonas need to be tared and feathered this is one of the big reasons the second ammendment was put in the constitution to remove oppressors and petty tyrants from power

  24. I agree whole heartedly! Maybe we need term limits for then. It seams like the democrats are paying them off to side with them.

  25. Time Magazine named also named Hitler “Man of the Year before the War. He was on the cover twice. They did this despite the fact that he was taking the rights away of the Jews, building a large army beyond the limit of the WW1 treaty and wrote a book, Mein Kampf, that told of how he would take over the would and the racism. This is scary!

  26. The Supreme Court also ruled against allowing a black man his freedom in the slavery days. The case tried to argue that since the slave had entered the north he should be free. The Supreme Court denied him his freedom and said that this did not give him his freedom and sent him back to the south as a slave. The highly educated judges don’t even have a sense of basic justice. They are using the law to commit injustices by making the complexity of law to appear to be over the heads of the common man. We all know that slavery is wrong. We don’t need a college degree to know this! There barbaric acts are being hided under this petty game of “law”.

  27. The Supreme Court and the Congress of the United States are bought. The Constitution of the United States means nothing to them. Most are cowards and only concerned about their hides.

  28. Mark Levin is completely correct in his assessment of the United States Supreme Court. Alito & Thomas seem to be the only thought Justices who wanted to hear this case. Election integrity should be of the utmost importance in all citizens’s minds regardless of party affliction. Looking forward to the 6th January.

  29. wally says:
    I am enjoying the great posts that have been stated in this article and agree with most of them.
    I believe that the SCOTUS has lost its desire to rule on difficult cases where there is so much national division. However, that is the job of judges. They are trained to make those types of decisions even if they fear the consequences.
    Here is a possible out for a timid court. The lawyers for Trump need to lead the court into a decision that will solve the problem and should prevent riots and mayhem by either side. The Left would justify in their own minds for a riot of its 70 million minions if the SC takes the side of Trump. The Right would justify in their own minds for a riot of its 70 million minions if the SC takes the side of the Biden. Thus, it seems that the only course of action is similar to one that a judge of 2000 years ago had in deciding a difficult case. This judge could be described as the ultimate decider (SC) of that time period. His dilemma was to rule which women was the real baby’s mother when both claimed the baby was theirs. The judge didn’t have enough evidence to know since there wasn’t any DNA, witnesses or distinguishing features. The judge gave the women a possible solution of cutting the baby in half. Of course, that didn’t happen since the real mother agreed to let the baby live. The SC doesn’t have that problem if they use their intellect. What they can do is to declare that enough evidence has been presented to know that the elections in some states have not followed the proper rules of elections. However, maybe there will not be enough evidence to show actual number of votes since the cover up of illegal ballots would take forever to untangle. Therefore, the SC must declare that the elections in at least those disputed states must be held again but within the rules that were established by the proper state law making body which is the state legislators. This reelection might extend beyond Jan 20th. However, that is simply a date that could be revised on an emergency basis by a declaration of the SC.

  30. Wally says:
    Why does this site (Inside Scoop Politics) list the most recent post the last of replies? This doesn’t make sense since Most readers and replies typically been with the most recent FIRST. If anyone is still accessing this article, I recommend thy view my comments listed at approximately 45 down this list.

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