Nevada: GOP Subpoena Records Show More Evidence of Voter Fraud

Nevada Democrats made several radical changes during the 2019 session. One of those changes was a rushed decision to require the DMV to register as voters all who apply for driver licenses.

Why does this matter?

Because in Nevada you don’t have to be a citizen to get a driver license. In fact, you can be an illegal non-citizen and still get a driver license. Thus, you could automatically be registered to vote under the new mandate.

This is by design in Nevada–the first question is “Are you registered to vote?”, while the second question, “Are you a US Citizen?”. Seems like the order should be reversed.

The GOP issued a subpoena for the DMV records of all green card holders and non-citizens who had obtained a driver license and the DMV finally complied.

What they found confirmed their suspicions and accusations from others during the election process.

The following findings were sworn under penalty of perjury by the data analyst:

6,360 positive matches were made from within the DMV file to the Voter File

6,136 (96.5%) of those matched voter registration records have voter registration records that are “active”

3,987 (62.7%) of those matched voter registration records voted/cast ballots that appear to have been counted — meaning, they are not shown as being provisional or rejected mail ballots per data collected from the SoS and/or County Elections Divisions

4,546 (71.5%) of those matched voter registration records appear to have attempted to vote, including provisional votes and rejected mail ballots per data collected from the SoS and/or County Elections Divisions

While the media keeps saying "where is the evidence?", the evidence keeps piling up.

This isn't just about a Trump victory, it's about the people's right to choose their elected servants (a name that would likely offend most politicians today). The people's right to free and fair elections must be defended at all costs.

All costs.

Read the complete statement here.

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31 thoughts on “Nevada: GOP Subpoena Records Show More Evidence of Voter Fraud”

  1. For the next election, it must be completely fair and Just. Must vote in persons ,no more ballot papers mail in ,no illegals vote. no machine help in counting and ballots must by two persons. This must be done. Other wise the cheaters will try to commit election fraud again.

    1. I agree with last person, except the fraud charges have to be straightened out right now. It happened you have the proof. Donald Trump will gracefully take a No as a Yes, but not being denied the vote because of obvious cheating and fraud. If this happened at a Texas poker game the cheater would be shot on site, and be legal (1890).

    2. If ‘Bite me’ and ‘Harrass” get into the WH; with ‘Obutthead’ pulling the strings, it is doubtful we will ever have another vote for the office of president. Their agenda is to completely destroy America as we know it! And you can bet they will never allow another person or party in that office who jeopardizes that agenda.

    3. We MUST have photo ID to vote, Ban mail-in voting, place tight controls on absentee voting. We need federal laws for this as states controlled by Democrats have severely weakened the integrity of our elections. We also need severe penalties for fraudulent behavior and make examples of those caught.

      1. You’re correct about the photo ID, but what? Drivers Licenses are no longer reliable because of so many states issuing licenses to anyone, citizen or not.

    1. Should definitely improve on this, but if the 4K (plus or minus) votes are all withdrawn from the winner in Nevada the President still loses.

      1. Wasn’t it in Nevada that the witness testified about a Biden/Harris van pulling up to the polling place, people getting out, and opening envelopes and filling them out before bringing them inside to be counted?

      2. Wrong. I live in Nevada and it isn’t just the votes outlined in this article. When you factor in the dead people who voted, the fraudulent ballots and the Dominion “flipped ballots” and non-resident votes the President wins Nevada and my 99% Republican District 4 gets rid of the Obama-clone Democratic Rep we’ve been saddled with.

  2. What will it finally take for that FACT that MASSIVE FRAUD DID HAPPEN to be LEGALLY ACCEPTED. In the name of hatred, these judges and politicians are literally handing our country over to the Socialists. I am so grateful I am not a young person growing up in this country today.

    1. I fear for the welfare of our young people. They have been indoctrinated with socialist ideals via the public schools; and the TV/movie industry. Our generation; because we let all this happen on our watch, have sold them into slavery.
      White; black; yellow; red, makes no difference; the NWO will keep some alive as their slaves and will move on to their agenda of “sustainable population control”. That is; they think they will, for THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT is coming and they will only ‘rule’ for a very short time. The ‘HARLOT’ (may those who read receive understanding), and ‘THE BEAST SHE RIDES’ will be repaid DOUBLE what they have dealt out! TRUE Prophecy never fails!!!

  3. Thao, how about for THIS election? I’ve been following all of this pretty closely. If most fraud is straightened out, Trump should have about 75m votes and 334 electoral votes. Biden would have about 62m votes. I understand there are about 1,300 voter fraud lawsuits actively being filed in 31 states. Dems have been committing voter fraud for years. (I honestly believe Romney won in 2012, he simply didn’t have the stomach to fight it.) I think Dems wanted to be sure they created so much chaos in most states that it would be impossible to unravel it all. I don’t think they expected Trump to be THIS (justifiably) vigilant. Now that it has been found that Dominion machines (a Soros subsidiary, with both Pelosi and Feinstein each as more than 15% investment partners), used in 28 states, had an error ratio of 68%, and software forensic experts found software glitches to turn 62.5% of Trump votes to Biden, you’d think THAT would be enough to either turn the election OR invoke a national Election Day “do-over.” It won’t happen, but it should. We are about to live in a CCP influenced America. Yikes…

  4. I think just republicans should vote in the next election. We are the only ones who can build a wall and have Mexico pay for it and make the virus go away when the weather gets warmer.🤪🤪🤪

  5. Did Nevada learn to change their voting laws right before the election from Pennsylvania, or did Pennsylvania learn this from Nevada??? Or is it an overall democratic party magic show? Like all criminals, they just want the victims to keep quiet and move on…… Corruption cannot stand and these victims staying and will not be quiet!

    1. Pennsylvania allowed mail in votes during the summer. It was approved by the Pa legislation, which is majority REPUBLICANS!!! But why let the truth get in the way of a good paranoid rant by the lunatics on this site. Can’t we blame Hillary for this??🤪🤪🤪

  6. I wake up in amazement every morning seeing more & more publicly available proof of what they did. We all watched it in real time & knew it then. All the huge spikes in the night when no counting was supposed to be going on in the battleground states are all the proof you need. Not possible for votes to come in like that & who counted them & entered them in the middle of the night? They were “shut down”. More people voted than there were people to vote. But, the unlawful midnight counting votes should have been disqualified right away. No oversight, done by Dems who hid & counted, all for the senile one. Not statistically possible in many ways but yet, no court listens? Fix it now, demand better now…….the future? If there is one, yes but imagine these monsters in charge. Whatever Trump can do, I pray he will do it. I hope the good Republicans support him.

  7. With the ineptitude of the election officials , the complicity of the media, the state governors, the courts and the Democrat party, why did we waste all of the time and money having an election at all instead of simply declaring Biden the winner from the beginning and saving all of the fuss. We knew the outcome because of all of the illegal and criminal activity being perpetrated by everybody and their brother against Trump, so why bother?

  8. The fraud is disgusting. Democrats are still cheating in Georgia and Michigan. Joe Biden is a enemy of the people. A buffoon who is nothing but a puppet for Obama. Why is Obama still walking around free. He spy on the President stole money from social security to give to Iran. Hillary and Obama left Americans to die. You fools think Joe Biden is a a good pick for President. You are stupid. You prove every time you open your brain dead mouths.

  9. Something needs to be done about voter fraud. It’s unfair to all party’s. Needs to have people vote with picture ID only so What Happened this year Will Not Happen Again. !!
    It has been proven that there was Fraudulent Activity during this election AND IT IS BEING IGNORED!!

  10. All illegals that registered to vote should be tracked down and a place for them be found in the nearest jail or prison for a period of five years or so.

  11. Note: Gee, If you people had read the book “In Defense of the Constitution: Ending America’s Occupation by Reg B Two Stones, you and these smart people who think this information is big news would have known that the California Legislature passed two laws that work hand in hand to provide, or allow, illegals the right to vote on “all” elections, and if they are caught they can’t be prosecuted because the state of California takes the blame for it. The old “mia culpa” trick that allows illegals the right to break Federal and State voting laws and not get prosecuted. The two laws? One was the law that gave all illegals the right to drive in California legally with either Mexican license or by getting a legal California license, and then registering to vote with the permission of the state, which is the other law. Read this book and learn how it all works. I saw these illegals vote in 2016 and in 2020. America’s laws are becoming a joke, just like Biden’s lawless election via graft and lies. Oh yes, you can learn more on this page:

  12. Again I say, What’s new?? President Trump said the DemocRATS would try absolutely anything to win, even lying,cheating, and fraud. WELL HE WAS RIGHT!!! The Courts and Judges are in the pay of the DemocRATS, so of course they say, “no evidence here” because they do not want to annoy their DemocRAT Masters. They would not be Judges for very long if they did. The FBI & CIA are also in the pay of DemocRATS, and the DemocRATS are in the pay of Soros, Obama, Clintons, and Biden & Harris are their puppets. AND…the lot of them are in SATANS hands. Satan = Chinese Communists, Russian Communists, Nth Korean Communists. The Hollow wood bunch are a brainwashed lot of dills. Just a mob of pretenders who spout what they are told to spout. As for the so called Media?? It is for sure they will not let the truth get in the way of a sensational story line, even if it is all lies and fabrication. GOD HELP AMERICA AND GOD HELP PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  13. Hey!! Everybody!!! Just get together and collectively DEMAND another election! Congress and the Senate are the servants of the people, and they are there to DO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!!! If they refuse, then you know that America, as we know it, IS DEAD AND BURIED!! Everyone had better start prepping for the Civil War to come. Because surely as God mad little apples, it will end up in an almighty fight for JUSTICE. JUSTICE WHICH HAS BEEN DENIED AMERICANS BY THE DEMON-RATS, SOROS, OBAMA, CLINTONS, PELOSI, ET AL.
    A new election, redone legally, and correctly, according to the rules of the Constitution of the United States of America, will see President Trump in the Whitehouse for a further four years. No Dominion voting machines, No
    dead citizens voting, No mail in ballots except for the Military, and Military oversight of the counting process.
    Only then will the election be fair and just.

    1. Maybe the virus came from China along when our bone spurred general had his ties made. Or maybe Hillary was in the lab with them along with all of the “deep state “ people that QAnon will expose soon, like last year. Right after the greatest health plan that we will never see. Can’t wait to see how much the bill is for Mexico to pay for our wall.🤪🤪🤪

      1. You suck as a troll! We Republicans have seen and heard it all, and you would never win any prizes. Sure you don’t want to throw in a Russian or two Or a nasty innuendo or two about Melania? How about Barron is not Trump’s son? If I got started on your Commie corrupt team I could go on for years.

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