CNN’S Preposterous Call for Unity

There was a Museum of Broadcasting in New York City, but there’s never been a Museum of Broadcasting Shamelessness. Imagine a place where they could run a medley of clips of Dan Rather insisting that, despite the small problem of his reporting on phony National Guard documents, “the underlying story is true.”

An obvious entry in the Shamelessness Museum emerged about one minute after Joe Biden made his “victory speech” on the night of Nov. 7. CNN tweeted out a new commercial in which it creepily echoed Biden’s sentiments that we must all come together and break out the Cokes and sing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” or something.

A female narrator mourned in the commercial, saying, “Our trust has been broken — in our leaders, in our institutions, even with some of our friends. And we are hurting. Now, more than ever, we need each other — to listen, to learn from one another, to rebuild those bonds.”

Does anyone think CNN hasn’t been ripping apart our leaders and our institutions for four years? The announcer added: “(T)rust shows that we believe in the good in each other. It’s what makes us human. And when we trust one another, that is when we can truly achieve great things.”

If you thought this would lead to an abrupt switch in CNN's daily product from hourly rage to "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," you would be sadly, badly mistaken. Instead, shameless CNN is running this unity-goo-goo advertisement in between its usual Trump Hater thunderbolts.

Anderson Cooper is pictured in the ad, but two days after Biden declared victory, Cooper was furious that Trump hadn't conceded. He complained to old Obama strategist David Axelrod: "In the mid-90s -- I think it was like '96 -- I was in Kinshasa, in the waning days of Mobutu. And Mobutu was, you know, a pretty awful dictator. And when he finally fled the country and the rebels were moving to take the capital, his son drove around in a pickup truck with a machine gun and settling scores with people he felt had not been supportive enough with Mobutu."

So, President Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are somehow comparable to a tyrant and his son on a mobile, murderous rampage. Cooper added: "Thankfully, it hasn't come to that here, but I can't believe we're in a situation where, you know, a transfer of power is not -- I can't believe we are in this situation here. It just seems so petty."

Anderson Cooper has cornered the market on pettiness. This came after he strangely apologized for calling the president "an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun." This showed his capacity for insincerity.

But this kind of inflammatory fare just keeps churning on CNN. Morning anchor John Berman carped on Nov. 9 that the Republicans were still enabling Trump: "They're treating him like a petulant child. ... They hope he wears himself out." The next day, Berman complained that the GOP wasn't accepting Biden's call for unity: "The response from the outgoing president? No. The response from the administration? Hell no. The response from Republican leaders in Congress? F no."

CNN should expect hostility toward the call for unity, because hyperbolic abuse has come out of the network for years. There will be no unity, because there is not one ounce of regret from CNN. You cannot spend four years with people such as Don Lemon denouncing Trump fans as "people who will lie, steal and cheat, lie to their own mother, lie to themselves" and expect unity. CNN's own continued abuse in between the "unity" commercials should underline why their Xeroxed Biden message is preposterous.

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog 

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21 thoughts on “CNN’S Preposterous Call for Unity”

  1. So true. How can they expect unity? Look at the map of USA and the house election. Look at the vote counts. There is a difference of 5,000,000 votes between Trump and Biden. Biden had 5,000,000 more votes in California.
    Oh, that would mean that Trump is equally if not more popular in the other 49 states. The media drove the hatred and still does. What the media must do instantly is change their tone, but they cannot. That makes them less than believable and every negative word they speak about Trump is going to drive the USA into a civil war. The media does not even know the depth of their cuts.

  2. We have gotten a lot with 5 years and division, denial and hatred. Mid-east peace deals, reinforced border fence, employment gains in minorities, less taxation,more money, less restrictions, etc..

    1. Divided States we are, and we will remain until the leftist media stops trashing our leaders. They have insulted us, cursed us, spit on us, physically and emotionally harassed and attacked us, and they dare to call for unity???
      They are hateful and divisive and must recognize it and apologize from their heart in order to seek peace and forgivenesses. We are all human beings…

      1. Until the Democrats realize all that Donald Trump actually
        Did accomplish for this country, and there was a lot. Until they stop whining about him beating Hillary. Until they are brought to justice for the 3 1/2 years of hell they put him through as our President with all their made up bullshit ! There will be no unity. When the media starts reporting the news, not making up the news, that would be a good start !
        There is no respect right now for anyone connected to the Democratic Party, FBI, DOJ, they have all proven themselves to be nothing but liars. They will do and say anything anything to win, disgusting! But don’t get to comply, Karma is a Bitch ! And it’s coming for all you POS

      2. Calling for unity ? Leftists communists are shameless bolsheviks. Never ever trust any of them.
        I hope some of the few remaining decent people, remember who the bolsheviks were and what have bolsheviks done to people who were on the opposite side.

  3. I’m guessing Biden and especially CNN finds “hypocrisy” out of their realm of comprehension. Them trying to preach unity has got to be the biggest joke of the century.

  4. How can anyone be surprised at this turn of events? After all, the leftists (the scum leadership – as well as their tens of millions useful idiots) long ago lost the capability of rational thought – everything became about emotion. From the “Orange man bad” narrative to the “we’s all gonna die of Covid!” histrionics, the mainstream media, pandering as they have to that emotional immaturity, are utterly complicit in the treason that we have all witnessed.

    So, just like a petulant 6 year old whose parents finally give in to his or her tantrums just knows that “everything will be okay”, these morons, comfortable in the echo chamber of “Komrade Joe and Kameltoe have won!” chattering, have decided that everything will be okay and so the past can be forgotten.

    Pathetic? Absolutely. Laughable? Only in the ironic sense.

    But it will be fun to watch their collective meltdown when the final truth of The Donald’s winning comes to the fore.

    1. If that happens the Democrats will turn their main type supporters of BLM and Antifa loose on the public once again. It’s beyond comprehension everyone cannot see what the Democratic party has evolved too.

  5. hi Lemon ,YOU ARE A LEMON, in all meanings of the word , you better go back to school because you learned nothing on how to do your job you are a disgrace to Your profession.. And so are so many of your colleges .

  6. SOOOO folks, buckle your seat belts because the next years are going to be bumpy! The crazed dems. will claim the GOP will do EXACTLY what they DID the last four years to stall all legislations. CRAZY!!!!!

  7. CNN, aka “Clinton News Network” in 2016, is a radical left-wing joke! Their knowledge of constitutional law and how the election process in this country works is seriously lacking. Someone needs to inform them that as of right now, neither Biden nor Trump has been ‘elected,’ because we are in the midst of a contested election! Maybe it’s just stupid Democratic mentality, since their last disputed presidential candidate, Al Gore, ran around calling himself “president-elect” for over 30 days until the court ruled that George Bush, was, in fact, the “president-elect.” Bush retained that title until he was inaugurated in January 2001. So much for the stupidity of the Democrats and CNN! In the meantime, on what planet does CNN think we’re living??? After the daily criticism they put OUR president, Donald Trump, through for the past four years, do they really think we’ll unify under a Biden presidency? If he somehow makes it into the White House, CNN is likely to see the full wrath of what the “silent majority” will do to make his presidency the sham that it is!

  8. Unnamed female narrator says “…Learn from each other.”
    We have learned much from 2016 -2016 era and have earned our “Masters of Resistance” degree from the Saul Alinsky Playbook. Democrats brazonly lie ,cheat, steal and rigg elections ( in my experience to the 1960 JFK election). If any democrat thinks harmony is near let them consider continued street violence against MAGA people and the recent “democrat retribution list” threatening all Trump supporters. Add vindictiveness to the long list of list of democrat characteristics. Never trust any democrat for their leadership is rotten to the core. That core centers with Obama, Soros Top Dem leadership and the ever increasing and shadow government (FBI ,JD, CIA). Should Trump win the swamp and all of its creatures needs eviscerating and there are 70 million people ready to back that up.

  9. This writer hopes when SHTF CNN will ne the first target that conservative non violent right wing hard working Americans burn it down just like BLM and Antifa did to all the innocent hard working mind their own business Americans that lost their business to looters. It is past time we elemented the root cause of all the hate.

  10. One needn’t even review the remarks of the Auntie Fascists running CNN to gauge their sincerity. If they were sincere, they would have put out their call BEFORE finding out who would win the presidential race. By waiting they proved their hypocrisy.

    Let’s also see how well they treat the Senate if it remains Republican after the Georgia run-off election.

  11. I can NOT forgive CNN, MSNBC, and, now, apparently, Fox News (Cavuto?!) for their biased and rude treatment of Republicans. Day in and day out for 4 F**king years, we heard the same lies, innuendoes, attacks, rage from MSM (which now may very well include Fox News – NOT Tucker)! He’s been awesome.
    MSM spewed the ridiculous lies as if they were the truth, they denied that the rioting and looting were destructive murderous rampages of violence and …..Biden?
    Well, thank goodness, he came out early on and called for Peace!

    Oh, wait no he didn’t! His handlers wouldn’t let him. They probably told him it much ado about nothing. So he’s demonstrated he’s both a weak and a horrible leader. Can you imagine once China gets its hooks deeper into him? God help us all!

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