This Is Outrageous!

The Trump campaign says they are filing a lawsuit in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as well, and it looks like for good reason.

The sketchy details of huge turnarounds in favor of Biden, overnight, in swing states raised some eyebrows. They all happened to be in swing states that stopped counting votes and seemingly shut out election observers.

After over 138,000 votes showed up in Michigan numbers overnight, every single one for Biden, FiveThirtyEight noted another 100% Biden vote dump happened in Philly.

This, after the Pennsylvania Attorney General posted this notice on Twitter, directing any voter looking for advice to the PA Democrat Party hotline.

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence isn't buying it.

Then there's David Litt, former Obama Speechwriter, asking for volunteers in Georgia to go around and help people "fix" their mail-in ballots with a link to the GA Democrat Party Ballot Cure Canvassing Training site... on Wednesday, November 4th. Yes, one day after the election.

Matt Finn posted the scene at a Detroit absentee ballot counting center.

And, here is Eric Trump posting a video of people rolling suitcases and coolers into the secure ballot counting area in Detroit at 4 a.m.

There have been many claims of Republican certified election observers not being allowed to observe vote counts.

If this is normal, we have a big problem.

If this is not normal, we have a big problem.

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36 thoughts on “This Is Outrageous!”

  1. Democrats continue to turn America into a third world nation. One can only imagine how America will look after 4 years of babbling Biden . Skip Socialism & go full speed to Communism! Look for less money in your pocket and higher taxes. Career politicians have skills that enrich them personally but little for the people. Donald Trump was what we needed as he knew how to get things done. He has actually made it in the private sector. Biden & corrupt family made it off their government!

  2. Every one of these scumbag’s who was responsible for this coup,should be lined-up against a wall and executed for treason and insurrection!! If this was World War 2,it would already have been done!

  3. Crooked as Hillary! It is preposterous that Dims think they have to cheat to win. What’s the point of holding an election if it can’t be done honestly. We might as well be a third world country.

    1. agreed and we will be a third world country if the Democrats get what they want. It seems we are building more and more government housing, trillions of dollars in debt yet almost everyone I know gets a government check for either themselves, their children or both.

  4. Whores , old buildings and politicians regain respectability if they live long enough!
    For any democrat to regain any respectability is now estimated they would need to live another 6 billion years to get enough responsibility that their dog will let them pet it!!
    Treason and vote tampering is a capital offense!
    All democrats are guilty of so many crimes we will need to fill the entire state of Texas with gallows side by side , operate them 24 hours a day just to exterminate the guilty Demscum for over 3 years!!!!
    May they all rot in hell for eternity!!!

    1. That is precisely the problem – “Treason and vote tampering is a capital offense” – and nothing is done about it by anybody. Investigators can PROVE this crap is going on – even have videos and sound recordings, yet I see NO arrests and NO ONE going to prison. The perpetrators have no fear of being caught – other than maybe some embarrassment at being exposed – and they are allowed to continue betraying America.

      One more thing. Democraps have become very efficient abd “witnessing” opponents die in strange ways.

      1. For dead opponents of the DemocRATS..ask the Clintons…they know where the bodies are buried.
        George Soros wants to be top dog in the USA, and he is using DemocRATS to do this. Soros will be
        President by default if the fake votes for Biden are added to the count.
        Pray to God that President Trump is returned to power, and that he begins a thorough investigation
        into the treasonous and illegal activities of the whole DemocRAT party, and follows it up with lawsuits
        that prosecute the lot of them. He will need to either enlarge Guantanamo Bay Prison, or Shoot the lot
        of them for treason. They surely cannot be allowed to walk the earth in freedom.

  5. It’s hilarious, even with the democrats cheating it all boils down to the electoral votes, and that’s why I support electoral system. What happens when we find a bunch of deceased voters mysteriously showing up in favor of biden.
    It would be grave consequences for biden with him knowing he won by a tomb stone.
    You know the democratic supporters have kept a list from 2016 of the mystery voters, and I bet it matches the votes in 2020.

  6. Cheating in an election by ether party should void that party from ever running or holding a political position again!
    Those people caught or supporting a treasonous coup or voter fraud should be hung, current parties whom are registered to the cheating should loose their rights to switch parties or vot for 20 years!
    Putting any democrat in a political office is 1000 times worse than hiring a fat girl to guard a bag of donuts

  7. Who is the fascist party? The racist, cheating and inherently violent and corrupt? The Democratic Party. When I finally went to bed early Weds morning, after watching the numerous misinformation Chanel’s on television, I turned to radio and saw that seven stars were called for Trump which would have given him 292 EC votes, and come Weds. Morning they were all in dispute with “found “ballots.
    This is third world banana republic bull. Illegitimate is not a strong enough word for it. The people responsible need to be prosecuted and imprisoned.
    Does anyone think for a minute that photo IDs would be an answer? Clean house on all precinct judges and eliminate the bad actors.

  8. The Trump family and team will uncover this BS! Living in PA 10 minutes away from Gov Wolf is a disgrace.. Poll lines were hours long. Local business he shut down were sending in food to the voters to encourage them to stay in line.. It a bunch of BS. Such a sad country. Donald Trump will get to the bottom of it as he does with everything else. He is an amazing president with an amazing family and staff. Fights for the people and will continue as the Left will be exposed.

  9. The democrats have been getting away with this kind of thing (especially in CA) for years – CA polls close at 8pm and they call the State for the Democrat at 8:05 ) They don’t even try to hide it anymore … Fortunately for Americans Trump will not Roll Over like Romney, McCain, or others …. I’m praying for Trump’s Lawyers to expose this Voter Fraud and STOP IT !

    1. Make every state do a recount. Prove they live in that state. Prove signature and ID.
      File a national lawsuit. Throw put any ballots received after 7p on the 3td.



  10. It would be nice if (although naive to think) the Democratic Party played by the rules. But it doesn’t. The only rule is ‘win at any cost’. While I do not actually trust any one political party, I have learned that Republicans tend to take one’s money whereas Democrats tend to subvert one’s soul (i.e. morals, virtues, underlying beliefs). I voted initially as a Democrat back in the 1970s when I came of age. I no longer support their amoral agenda, and I use ‘amoral’ out of civility as ‘immoral’ would probably be more appropriate. But in America we tend to follow the ‘benefit of the doubt’ philosophy in such decisions. And that may be our undoing insofar as the Democrats have no doubts and will pursue their agenda no matter what the cost.

    But kindness is not blindness, and we need to verify facts and procedures to the best of our abilities. Where such verification processes are hindered, we must dig deeper to learn why.

  11. The same here in Harris County Texas. My sister and her son signed up to validate mail-in vote signatures because there were going to be so many ballots cast my mail. After waiting they were told they were not needed for whatever reason.
    The county voter people are all Democrat and my sister and her son are Republican. Sort of makes you wonder why they were not needed?

  12. The Dems can’t win without cheating! They have no integrity and apparently no conscience! George Soros must be paying them big bucks to bring this to fruition!

  13. The first thing Harris as president will do is open the wall. Here comes half of Central America and they will be expedited for citizenship and free Medicare, food, and housing. There will be no future fair elections. The GOP will be de-platformed and driven out of existence, and the US will look like California.

    1. Kamala Harris is NOT eligible to be president! She is not an natural born citizen. Her parents were NOT citizens when she was born!!!!

      Take that to the bank. Obama has his overlooked because of the complexity of the certificate. Harris is straight forward and provable…..

  14. Democrats and the media are “ The Second Coming of the Bolsheviks”. They use the exact same tactics starting with Obsmas “social justice” and “Fundamentally changing America. This overthrow of funded by Soros carried out by 250 of his left wing organizations. Agitation is from the paid for BLM and Antifa. Anyone who has an understanding of the socialist revolution of 1917 understands the freighting parallels and events that lead to the creation of the USSR .
    Doubt these comments? Get a history of the origins of the USSR and read.
    Biden serves only as the Trojan Horse… Harris will be president executing orders issued by Soros and backed lock step by the party. Look for the democrat party to pack SCOTUS , eliminate the EC, cancel the Second Amendment (and thus the First) then be well on the way to permanent one party rule Soviet style. Democrats are the enemy within. Be prepared for a life style change.

  15. This is no less than an attempt of a bloodless Coup d’etat by the DNC. If they don’t get their way in an honest election, then they will try to get their way illegally. we have been told that Russia or China are threats to meddle and shape our elections. The KGB has nothing on the DNC! And if they don’t succeed with a bloodless coup, get prepared for more violence like you have seen and possible civil war. Sound crazy? Don’t underestimate the “Power Elite” to incite such action. Carol’s comments on the bleak future ahead if the Dems pull this off is right on. The idiots that drank the Kool-aid and vote for them are either blind to the truth or agree with them in their attempt to downgrade the USA and destroy the American way of life. If we allow this them to succeed, our grandchildren will never feel the magnificence if a free populace to make their own choices of how they shall live.

  16. Isn’t this vote rigging?? Isn’t this illegal?? If so, then Biden and all Democrats are guilty of
    vote rigging, and, breaking the law. If the Republicans did this the DemocRATS would prosecute
    them, but for DemocRATS it is OK??? I think NOT!!! The behaviour of Biden and the whole
    DemocRAT push is so like a third world dictatorship….You vote for me or you don’t vote at all.
    God help Donald J. Trump to take office again….please!!!!

  17. Mr President !! PLEASE Keep Fighting… we know you won this election and the DemoCRAPS are not going to take it away from you….neither is George Soros or the crooked politicians in all these Liberal states. hang in there TRUMP Supporters in these states… make some noise, show them WE ARE WATCHING !!!

  18. It is pretty evident that the DemoRATS are attempting to steal this election. Time for some tar and feathering to these traitors who are willing to destroy this country in order for them to stay in power. All those participating in this coup should be arrested and thrown in jail for the rest of their miserable lives.

  19. Yeah, Like Al Capone said “Vote early and often!”. Keep it going Donald and good luck. It’s the bottom of the ninth but Yogi said “It ain’t over till it’s over!”.

  20. The fraud is shocking to say the least but not unexpected. Mail in ballots I said from day one should not have been allowed. If people can mask up and head out to Wal-Mart on shopping trips with their stimulus checks or frequent restaurants they should be able to go to the polls and vote in person. This election was a circus of issues. The only mail in ballots that should have been allowed would be for disabled people and military. Ballots mailed to one person at two different addresses, ballot envelopes marked with an R or D. ballots lost in the mail system. I am so disappointed in this. There are so many other factors as well. This election should immediately be declared unconstitutional and void and a new day set where people must provide positive identification, must vote in person and absentee ballots counted with both Democrat and Republican Poll Watchers there and the poll watchers should be allowed to watch who is marked on the ballot and who is recorced by the counter.

    1. as an add on President Trump took a competency test. Joe Biden refused and his answer held a tone of prejudice when speaking to a black person. All those running for a federal office should have to take a competency test. It is not hard to see that Joe Biden is not capable.

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