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What in the World Happened Overnight While Americans Were Sleeping?

People are asking what happened overnight, in the election, after the vote counting stopped and folks went to bed.

Numbers changed and people aren’t buying it.

Dave Rubin says this is a problem as we cannot count on the media to give a fair review of the activity.

Sean Davis points out a very unlikely scenario unfolding in Michigan after over 100k votes were found that all went to Biden..

NBC News now says that Nevada is done counting votes until Thursday morning?

And the Supreme Court left in place a ruling that allows PA to count ballots that arrive 3 days after election day even without a postmark.

Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton isn't buying the optics, either.

Buckle up, folks.

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21 thoughts on “What in the World Happened Overnight While Americans Were Sleeping?”


  2. The only way the Dems can win is by fraud. They know it, the citizens know it, yet they do it regardless of these facts. The whole world is watching and are aware of those facts. Is there even one honest democrat who will stand up for the American people and our beloved constitution?

  3. Like the Dems always say, if they cant win they will CHEAT! Fraud and corruption! Just like Obama the fraud!


  4. The “Blue Coup” is on! This is exactly right, woke up this morning seeing a Trump lead and as the morning progressed the states of Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania all flipped on a dime for Joe and the Ho. We are not buying these shenanigan’s. The state news media is involved as well as many state and local election officials. Election FRAUD again!

  5. In NC it appears that 104% of eligible voters may have voted.
    In Arizona polls provided sharpie pens as needed. Sharpie ballots may be being rejected.
    No matter who you might favor, you should be concerned

  6. Looking at the Yahoo information last night Trump was ahead. This morning Biden was ahead. Looking at the count completed something is wrong but I am not smart enough to figure it out. How can they say the state is Dem or Rep when the counting is not completed? If the counting of the votes was shutdown and everyone went home, to restart in the morning how did the numbers expand so fast?

  7. The news is so full of crap that 90% of the time they can not be believed. Then I find out that Trump is winning. They just don’t know and all they do is talk all day long to tell you nothing- must be brain dead people watching this and football games. That is where the Biden votes come from I am sure.
    Well if Biden gets in it is time to oil up the rifle as I am sure things will not be very good here in the USSA.

  8. This will not be the first election stolen by democrats. Most notable is the JFK 1960 era. JFK won by 1%. with help from Mayor Dailey ( D Chicago), Sam Giancana (M-Chicago) and Joseph Kennedy (father of JFK) . All three colluded to voter fraud and put JFK in the White House.
    In 2020 Democrats have moved voter fraud to an art form and their potential crowning achievement. We, are well on the way to democrat socialist “one party rule” as 100,000 + ballots found in Michigan … all for the ‘Trojan Horse” Biden .
    Now, you know why Biden / Harris did not need to campaign. Democrat campaigning as planned is post election and relegated to “finding” the necessary ballots to steal the election … history repeats.
    With Socialist Democrats in power (President and House) the corruption of the FBI, CIA, Biden, Obama and Hillary go away, never to be heard of again. “Lock Step” democrat elected officials and figurehead president Harris become a rubber stamp for party policy determined by “Deep State and Swamp Creatures”. Dark days ahead for the Republic.

  9. Plain and simple, it’s the end of the world. There’s no solution except the Second Coming. Democrats will get better and better every year at election fraud. We will have corrupt politicians in office from top to bottom, from east to west, and from north to south.

  10. This is pure fraud and that is why Biden/Harris didn’t campaign. The democrats already had the win. Soros, Pelosi and Obama had this planned if Trump looked like he was winning. Personally I hope Patriots stand up for America and push for justice to be done by firing Pelosi and reporting Soros and Obama. Obama was the worst President we ever had before he left the White House he pulled some fast ones and
    passed what he an Soros wanted never to be voted on. President Trump should have fired Obama’s left overs. The big rollers was never going to allow Republicans win. The Deep state, Hollywood and the news media are so corrupt the Swamp will never be cleared. It also looks like we have some betrayed on the Supreme Court. If not than why have none of the democrats been brought to justice?? I find it hard to believe that no one in DC can bring anyone to pay for their crimes. We all know dirty money and traitors fill Washington and now it looks like the Americans get screwed again because. They are all power and money hungry. Pelosi should be hung out to dry.

  11. I’ve said before how can a dementia patient who has been in the cellar most the time and couldn’t draw over 20 people to his rallies be ahead in this election? WithTrump drawing tens of thousands to every rally and with all he’s done for this country and he’s barely in? This is straight out bullshit! People call you congress people and complain that the fix is in and the useless Republican party better do something about this!

    1. We need to support our party with money to pay the lawyers to do their best in the swing states that magically turned to Biden overnight. There is much to be found here if it is closely monitored on the recount and verification of legitimacy.


  12. Trump is cleaning out the “swamp”. To clean something you have to find the dirt first, Trump has a gift for doing that. In his previous election, in his Presidency, and during the 2020 election the dirt is all coming to the surface. 138,339 votes appear overnight, found by Democrats, and they are all for Biden (the Democratic candidate), wow! Magic or fraud. Trump is ahead in Michigan by over 100,000 votes when we go to bed (counting has ceased for the night) and when we wake up, Joe Biden has the lead by a 20,000+ votes – magic, no – fraud, yes! Who runs Michigan, isn’t it the Democratic governor, Whitmer, who hates Trump and claims he was behind her kidnapping attempt (wonder if you can plan and implement your own kidnapping attempt so you can blame it on someone else, – might be worth looking into good old FBI?). Now a magical 138,339 votes appear out of thin air, found by Biden’s own party for Biden alone in Whitmer’s own state, which puts him ahead of Trump – something definitely smells here. Where is the media? Less than a point lead and after only 5 hours, Biden gets both Michigan and Wisconsin while PA, GA, and NC have had Trump leading by better than 2 points for 10-12 hours and still no one calls them for Trump? Seems like the media are trying to increase Biden’s electoral votes, to make it look like he is winning, while leaving Trump way behind in that area – again, something really “stinks” here! The dirt is coming to the surface big time! Dems, the voter type Dems, your party is big into voter fraud, is that where your are? FDR, JFK, and other past Dem leaders would prosecute people for voter fraud. Your current leaders encourage it (i.e., Pelosi, Biden, Warren, Harris, etc.). “Cheat to Win” has become the standard of your party (look at California), is that really what you want? Walk away, your party has left you now leave it, walk away. I did and you can too, it just takes a single step in the right direction.

  13. We simply can not trust the Democrats and especially the Biden’s and Harris. This is a battle between good and evil. God will win in the end and the end is near. But in the mean time we want to live in a country that is free. They, the Democrats; are trying to set up a one world government. We the people must not stand for it. President Trump has them in his sites and they want him out of the way…….at all costs.

  14. Can the Supreme Court step in on all this madness of corruption in our election? Can the Supreme Court not vote on setting a date to re-do the Presidential election, with in person voting, only? No mail ins count?

  15. Where are the Republican State Reps and Senators? Are they standing behind our President or sitting silently? Start calling them to get them off their duffs and support the President and the people that voted them in!!!

  16. i came in this country 45 years ago thank GOD ALMIGHTY and i saw many changes in my time good to bad then to worse and from president nixon to governor coumo to mayor ed coch and rudy gugliani and the 9 11 which i cant forget never,THEN CAME CANDIATE DONALD J TRUMP and the flood gate of H A T E OPEN FOR #6 YEARS the ungodly demons turn on mr trump for whatever S H I T THE M E D I A THE NEWS PAPERS AND THE HOLLYWOOD SCUMS NYT CNN MSNBCAND ALL THE SWAMP OF ALL THE EVIL IS THE DEMONCRATRATS THEY HAVE NO CLASS NO DIGNITY AND NO CLASS, THE LARGEST RIGGED FRAUD AND DOWN RIGHT EVIL ,,,BUT YOU KEEP THIS IN MIND LET THEM ENJOYED THEMSELVES BECAUSED ITS COMING BACK TO B L O W UP IN THEIR FACESSSSSSSS,THE SEED YOUSOW YOU WILL REAP FROM ITTTTT,THEY GET AWAY WITH MURDER,THERES A TRIUNE G O D AMEN

  17. now they can now that a very decent person just join those old pharts with MSrsBARRETT is sitting among them god bless her and family

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