Trump Outperforms, Believes He Won and Will Fight Against Fraud

President Trump declared that he believes he won the election early on Wednesday morning and vowed to fight any attempts at fraud.

“We want the law to be used in a proper manner so we’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at four o’clock in the morning and add them to the list,” Trump said in a White House news conference.

The election was looking like a repeat of 2016, as Trump was leading in states the experts said he couldn’t play in, when vote counting seems to have stopped in a few key states that will decide the outcome of this election.

Despite the 'rules' set by the media and Democrats in recent days, Trump says he did win this election. Just when he was looking to 'run the table' it was announced that vote counting would stop for the night.

“We did win this election,” Trump said. “This is a fraud on the American people.”

Sydney Powell, famed General Michael Flynn's attorney, said Democrat's are planning to use "lawfare" to win the election. She told OANN that they plan to use the media to craft headlines to make their election antics seem normal.

This thing is headed to the courts, as President Trump predicted.

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48 thoughts on “Trump Outperforms, Believes He Won and Will Fight Against Fraud”

  1. I feel like the large amounts of money raised by the left reflects that they can be bought and the contributor knows it.
    Possibly Corporate or foreign government laundered donations. Otherwise the popular vote lead by Trump would
    reflect a lesser lead. Also, I feel it is extremely unfair that the non productive portion of our society plus illegal
    aliens should decide who becomes our President. A history of the left shows that career welfare and immigrants
    prefer the left. They are reaping the free benefits off the backs of the working class and their numbers are growing.
    It’s easy to give away other peoples money. And what ever happened to the law that convicted felons lose there right to vote? Wasn’t that the law at one time?

    1. I agree, that’s the first thing I though of when they were talking about all the $$ they had collected. I also believe
      most of it is their own money.

    2. Get use to it.
      America’s youth, spawned by the baby boomer generation, are tearing down this America and replacing it with a socialist fascist America.
      It’s what they want. I think they deserve what they crave!!!!

  2. It is so hard to believe that the Biden voters pay no attention to the crooked dealings of Biden during the Obama administration. Of course, a large part of the story is the liberal press not publishing the corruption info for the world to see. It is again the liberal press pushing for Biden. I wonder if we will ever be able to trust the liberal press and news. I am sure that we will not if Biden wins. If he does, God help us all because we will be going down the slippery slope from socialism to communism.

    1. Absolutely! I’ve been watching the overt movements by the BLM & Democrats in my area and was convinced they were up to something to rig this election. I’ve been telling anyone & everyone what I suspected…no one took me seriously.

    2. DemocRATS have been rigging elections, at all levels, for the past 30 years. Ever since the voting rules were manipulated by the Left in the very biased federal courts under the disguise of “voter suppression” the Left has made hay. In Wisconsin alone their Election Commission with a majority of democrat members openly defied an appeals court ruling to remove over 200,000 no longer qualified voters. By statutory law voter rolls are required to be cleaned up annually. The Wisconsin E.C. has defied the law and the court that ordered the voter rolls to be made accurate. This situation should have been done immediately upon the finding that unqualified voter names remained on the rolls. The law required it. The W.E.C. should be taken to court and thenreformed immediately by the Legislature.

  3. It is obvious that Democrats have big city machines churning out votes by people who have no idea they are voting for a senile clown who will be removed from office by his anti American Socialist VP after he is sworn in. We have a President that actually gets things done, has been nominated for the Nobel by 11 different countries, as shown great economic gains and has returned America almost to normal.

    1. This is a very serious issue. How the Left manage to do this “set-up” is beyond me. The anti American Socialist pending will be a danger, if she ever gets in. Very sad situation, and bad for the USA.

  4. Biden/ Harris wasn’t able to draw 20 people to any of their rallies while Trump’s rallies looked like the Super Bowl everywhere he went. Blacks and Hispanics along with long time democrats jumped from the Dems to Trump in record numbers, yet Biden leads? There’s no question about it, fraud is all the Dems have and they knew this from the start. That’s why they didn’t care to stump as hard. The “Fix” was in and they had full confidence in the fraud. They learned from their mistakes with Hillary. If Harris Biden wins, God has truly abandoned our nation and we deserve what we get. Only God can defeat the fraud.

  5. Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name: Thy kingdom come: Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. …

    Please dear Lord, let Thy will be a clear victory for President Trump and a complete defeat of all the evil aligned against him.

  6. It appears that fraud and a ton of money are trying to show that the FORMER VP won the election but hopefully when all is done and done correctly the true victor of this Presidental Election will rise and I believe that President Trump’s hard work did win him the election. God Bless our President and the USA

  7. If Dems are going to push the illegal mail in votes and illegal late vote counting, President Donald Trump is right to go to the SCOTUS for a decision on getting it stopped. He has won the election.

    1. DemocRATS begane winning elections when THEY created multiple methods to open elections to blatant fraud. They created “Motor Voter”, Same Day Registration, Early Voting, Extended Voting Days & Hours, Ballot Harvesting, Expanded Absentee Voting. All of these changes were accomplished not by Legislation but by court decisions. The Left even challenged the Voter ID w Pictures law in every state with law suites that lasted years before they were finally found to be Constitutional. Even after that, liberal courts blocked and held up the implementation sometimes for years.

      All of these changes need to be eliminated and we need to go back to “paper ballots” which can still be counted by machines and voters need to be “hand stamped” with indelible ink to prevent multiple voting.DemocRATS have been collecting and accumulating massive lists known as “cattle lists” of people that are dead or have moved for decades. These names are used by multiple activists to vote multiple times in different locations. Everything related to the input process must be investigated and sanitized.

      1. Actually, since banks have minimal fraud with on line banking, seems to me the same kind of security could be used in voting. Why not use what already works, right?

        A voting program using bank-style security could work like this:
        1. Register to vote using your social security number
        2. Your registration is verified by e-Verify to ensure you have the right to vote
        3. Set up security questions or a cell phone number to get a security code when you log in
        4. Public libraries already have computers for people who don’t have them
        5. Some city facilities could also be used for registration and voting

        A system like that would allow all votes to be counted within minutes after the polls close – no “finding” ballots, no hanging chads, no late ballots, no smudged postmarks, no dead people voting, no pets voting, no double voting, and no mailing ballots to people who don’t want them.

  8. The devil came to steal, kill and destroy. That’s the Dems trademark signature, bc they’re driven by their father, Satan.

  9. No one can convince me or any sane person that when Trump has a Rally with tens of thousands of supporters willing to drive to where it is, wait in cold weather and even rain, wearing MAGA hats and cheering for him for 90 minutes, that they won’t go to a local convenient poll center and cast a vote for him in a few minutes with ease, then lose to a Dementia victim who lost all previous attempts to run for the Presidency, lose by numbers to Bernie Sanders, then get propped up by the party, to run with Horizontal Harris, who’s numbers were so low in her own party that she dropped out of the race even before the numbers came in the next day! The treasonous Democrats, the corrupt Media, and even Trump’s own Party members who didn’t support him or even stop the fraudulent Impeachment by the Democrats, when there’s a video all over the internet of Biden doing exactly what they falsely accused and impeached Trump over. Finally, where the hell is William Barr? Another treasonous “swamp rat”! If this stands, I hope there are still former military in militias all over the country who will arm up and fight to take back America! If We the People aren’t willing to save our country from a treasonous coup de’ tat by one political socialist party, then America is over last one out turn out the lights!

    1. God help us!! We need Trump more than ever save us from this evil.corrupt leftist who want to kill us. God help us win!!

  10. One man has multiple thousands of people at his rallies 5 times a day in multiple cities. The other has 12 people per rally. One is a career criminal and the other represents the people. The demonic rats are masters of election fraud and
    ROUTINELY STEAL ELECTIONS. There should be a mandatory 25 year prison sentence for everyone involved. They have been involved in trying to remove our sitting president by fraud and coup since the moment he took office. FOX NEWS IS FAKE NEWS LITE AND ARE ALSO CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING THEIR BEST TO SELL THE IDEA THAT ALLOWING THE ELECTION TO BE PROLONGED UNTIL THE FRAUDULENT VOTES ARE MANUFACTURED.

  11. Logic says Americans are not all that different from state to state. When we vote 65% for Trump and in a neighboring state we vote 65% against Trump It screams voting fraud. 65% of the people in a state can not be that stupid as to vote Biden. Many Many indications of voting fraud. Are we really going to allow dementia and Marxism occupy the two highest offices?

    1. Hell no…,I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore. I am a prayer warrior and I am asking our God to have HIS WILL BE DONE. God Bless us all and GOD BLESS AMERICA. Amen 🙏 ❤️🙏❤️😍❤️🙏

  12. Everyone with an IQ over 50(sorry libs) knows that the demoncrats will lie, cheat and steal in any way possible to regain their power. There will be fraud in many of the precincts that will be found months from now.

  13. Treason by democrats is all democrats Are
    Should they not win they go to jail
    They will eat our babies to avoid prison or the gallows
    Democrats have lied murdered burned and stolen from America so long and got away with it why would they stop
    Trump if anyone on the planet can stop the democrats treason is the only Patriot to date to stand up to them
    Biden admitted and boasted democrats have assembled the largest election cheating machine in history to steal America from Americans
    Should Trump not get help from America’s patriots and hero’s to save America from the treasonous Pedophiles that are all democrats our children will be euthanized and turned into food enhancing flavoring for our food supply by democrats
    Calling all patriots hero’s and republicans to stand up and destroy all democrats especially their leaders and media with any means available!!!!



  16. This is no big surprise. We all know for the last four years the Democratic machine has done everything they can conjure up to go after OUR President. It’s documented that the main stream media is married into that deceitful system. So this will probably end up in the Supreme Court.

  17. Lord god let all voter fraud be found and the politician involved be prosecuted to full extent of the law. We need to drain the swamp.

  18. Let’s END this ELECTION FRAUD now nd PROSECUTE these performing the ILLEGAL CRIMES be sent to FEDERAL PRISON from the TOP DOWN. The Democrats CAN’T win an election LEGALLY and they KNOW it. This illegal CHEATING has GOT to END NOW!. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  19. Clearly, the states that Trump is leading in have not been called. Why not. Arizona for Biden very early indicates bias. It was called right away, as Nr. BIden was leading.

    When 90 to95 % of the states, that Trump is lleading fairly early today, have yet to be called. WHY NOT? Waiting too so is a miscarriage of Justice

  20. I would just like to know how we Americans can find true justice in this election? It is quite obvious that there was cheating going on in the Democrat States! The problem is, how do we prove it? At this point, all I can do is look to God, and keep the faith that justice will prevail, and there will be no question that President Donald J. Trump is the absolute TRUE victor!

  21. The democrats had a fix in place Nancy Pelosi opened her big mouth and said Trump will never be President. Biden never performed stayed tied down in his basement .He never gave a plan when he spoke. He has a vice President who is a total idiot and he gets the nomination and jumps ahead in the poles. BIG TIME FRAUD and it’s Big. Pulled off by the lying Democrats. Who I watched lie since the election . I’m never ever wrong and i speak the truth .The Democrats are corrupt as hell and the swamp is gigantic. Now how do we get our country back. I say do what ever it takes to rid this cancer out of politics.

  22. They had declared winners in GA, and AZ, then discovered there were more ballots. Hitler’s media declared Biden the winner on several states at 40% calculations (?) GA. machines stopped several times wth a glitch, intentional or not, while there were other issues in other areas. The Socialist Democrats have received a lot of money from Hollywood, billionaires and the Communist Party.Joe Biden was funded by the Communist Party, and his v.p. list had Communist Party leader, Karen Bass, but chose Marxist Kamala Harriis. Kamala is from Pelosi’s area, Oakland/San Francisco. Her father is a Socialist professor at Stanford, and her parents belong to an organization, led by Kahlid al Monsour, who had mentored Obama, getting him into Harvard Law, a Communist China funded school. The Marxist BLM or revived (Black Liberation Movement) funds have come from industries and 170 million of tax dollars, which are managed by the Tide’s Center in Oakland, Pelosi’s and Kamala’s area. They should be required to give the funds back to cities they destroyed. Pelosi is very wealthy, with shares in her son, Paul’s business, which was underinvestigation as Joe Biden for his dealings with China.. George Soro has funded Adam Schiff, and Chuck Schumer. Since the squad is in on this movement, Omar was to introduce a bill, that would defund the police, Customs and Immigration. Patrisse Cullor (BLM) said they would then activate the Black Panther Party, and the Nation of Islam. (Sharia Law?) Islamist Socialist Obama is the connecting person in all of these, backed by more big money from Muslims, I imagine.

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