One Party Dies November 3rd

Conventional wisdom, in politics, would tell you this is just another election. Whoever wins doesn’t really matter that much because there are checks and balances.

However, what we’ve learned over the last 4 years is that those checks and balances failed to deliver justice.

The Obama administration, DOJ, FBI, & CIA appeared to all have a significant role in spying on the incoming president’s campaign and then continued well after he took office.

The media has ignored blistering evidence of corruption by that same administration, intelligence departments, and the current Democrat Party’s nominee for POTUS.

The media jumped on then-candidate Trump and President Trump for rumors of treason, with no hard evidence - just rumors.

That same media has refused to cover the recent Biden extortion, pay for play, and family enrichment scandals - with documented evidence.

Thus far, so has the FBI and DOJ.

Conventional wisdom would also say that, if they get away with it, there will be no incentive to stop. In fact, there will only be incentive to continue those actions...because it worked.

If the Joe Biden doesn't win the election in November, the Democrat party dies. Maybe not for good, but for quite some time. President Trump will rid the FBI and other agencies of corrupt leaders (he'll have 4 years to do it) and the corrupt officials will be held accountable. All trust will be lost in that party if their crimes are brought to light by prosecution.

If President Trump doesn't win in November, they'll have gotten away with it and we'll enter a new era of restricted freedom, lockdowns when they deem necessary, and perhaps even forced reparations.

Furthermore, the GOP isn't likely to put another candidate like Trump at the forefront of the Presidency, for quite some time. He shook out RINOs like Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney, Richard Burr, and set the expectation that your candidate or representative of your party should actually get done what he said he would.

Fundraising is much easier when you can always blame the other side for your problems, not take the blame yourself.

If President Trump doesn't get re-elected, the GOP will lose massive support for years to come. Many of his supporters will hold the GOP accountable for not delivering support while he was spied on, framed for treason, and eventually impeached for something Joe Biden actually did.

Those supporters are not likely to show up to vote for another 'vanilla' candidate like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. Not after what they've seen from the establishment on both sides over the last 4 years. The GOP will kiss a large chunk of their supporters goodbye. That will be a death blow. Maybe not forever, but for quite some time.

Either way, one party dies in November.

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48 thoughts on “One Party Dies November 3rd”

    1. Too late. The shelves are bare of guns and most ammo and what is available is Ridiculously expensive. If you haven’t prepared and armed yourself that’s on you.

  1. Absolutely True. America will be in dire straits for years if the democrats win the election. All our great gains will be lost. I am greatly worried about what will become of our country if they win. We must remove Section 230 from Twitter, Facebook, Google searches, and all the other tech giants privileges. The American people deserve better, no matter what your politics are. The United States fundamental constitutional truths are listed in the Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution.

    1. The corrupt Socialist Democrat Establishment Elite Dictators will pack the court and do away with your Constitutional rights.
      Truth will be labeled “Hate Speech” punished by brainwashing in reform schools.
      They will create millions of new jobs for government spies and regulators.
      They will come for your guns. Good luck standing up to Antifa Mobs or government Swat Teams.
      They will open the borders to millions of Welfare seekers and underpaid foreign workers.
      They will enjoy living in their walled mansions during the Greatest Depression ever.
      They will disarm America before they get us into WWIII.
      They will join the NWO and one world government.

      1. Yeah UH Huh, You go hide in your little hole somewhere and let the real men fight these TURDS. You have no faith in your Brothers in Arms but you can’t make me believe that they will not stand up to these TRAITOROUS TURDS that are trying to take over this country. We will fight these TURDS to death and we will not bow down to the FILTH that is trying to run us out. They tried to impeach our GREAT President but it didn’t happen then and we won’t let these stinking no good TURDS lie and steal this election. It’s plain to see that they are going to try and do it but win or loose,

        1. You definitely are spot on… count this veteran to fight to the death… I will never succumb to the left .. never… Antifa will be attacked …immediately… there are 21 weaponized veterans like me … just waiting to put the plans together.. lock n load!

    2. Exactly right.. when the social media companies began “reviewing content for accuracy” and deciding which content is seen and which is suppressed, they stopped being the “anonymous provider of a blank corkboard, not responsible for what people post on it”, and became “PUBLIC ACCOMODATIONS IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE”. That status is the reason hotel chains can be prohibited from discrimination by race, and it is the justification for a prohibition on discrimination against the content of speech. Section 230 no longer fits what the social media providers have become.

  2. If Trump wins the communists will continue their attempted takeover by brute force, there will be war. If Biden wins, it will be the patriots last chance, while they’re still armed, to save the Republic and the Constitution, there will be war! 2021 is going to be violent no matter what!

    1. No doubt about it, there’s trouble no matter who wins. Our only hope is if Trump wins his 2nd term and then finally shuts this carp down for good. They need the fear of God put into them so unless it’s time for the return of Jesus, Trump’s our only hope.

      1. That’s a negative… 21 million armed veterans..were are brothers..against all enemies… we stand together

      2. Randall, Not true only 3%….. I live in a county of 59k… 98% are patriots… even the dems in my county are fed up with what the liberals have done to our country. I’ve gone into WalMart many times with my kids or grandkids after target practice session or adjusting sites in. They’d have their weapons with them on their hip and the only remarks I’ve heard is “nice piece, what is it?” I myself have a couple, but don’t like to wear the holster, still it’s a common thing around here. We had busses of protesters arrive. They were informed of the rules, marched and yelled for about 6 hours, got on their busses and left, never to return. It’s the big cities where there won’t be any assistance. However, those in the big cities won’t assist EITHER side, so kinda a non–issue. Where the help will come from depends on where & HOW they live. We live in Nevada…. there will be help from most the whole state but Vegas (big city). Even Reno has strong, independent people who stand up for themselves and live a kind of rural life. Those people HAVE to be independent and therefore most are. Face it, I’m nowhere NEAR a rare commodity to be a pistol toting granny in this state. Have 3 daughters, and 5 granddaughters… all are very well versed in handling a weapon and only 1 of the group don’t own one of their own (she’s underage.) That doesn’t include the guys in our family. We’re a COMMON NV family. One of the best statements I’ve ever heard is this; “If you say you’ll succeed, or you say you’ll fail … either way, YOU’RE RIGHT!” Remember that.

  3. At this point it is up to God.
    He puts up and tears down Nations and their leaders.
    Beyond all odds,
    he put the Rude, Crude Trump in Office to expose the Establishment Elite and keep his promises.
    He can put Trump and this time a majority of MAGA supporters in power again.
    He may decide it is time for the Tribulation, World Wide Depression, and World War III under the Establishment Elite rulers of the New World Order Government.

    Only Jesus saves. I am a Post Tribulation Believer but am ready for the Rapture anytime.

    1. You said it perfectly and I too am ready for the return of Jesus. No matter which way this goes, I trust Him completely in everything. There’s no greater peace than knowing that no matter what happens, He’s with us and will protect His children even if that means bringing us home.

  4. Excellent logic and I have come to this conclusion myself with this exception. I believe that if Biden wins we will be so far down the road of collusion, corruption, socialism, communism that we will never recover.

    If Trump wins this will give us a few more years of American idealism. However, the Marxist Engles Manifesto is as we have seen for the past seventy years in our country, RELENTLESS. “America will fall like an over ripe plum into our [communists] hands.” They began infiltrating our schools and institutionalized them, then the takeover of our colleges’ and universities. Then on to the news media, (actually now propagandists) and the liberal lawyers and judges.

    This takeover of America is easily facilitated by two large groups of people; the apathetic who are either to busy, to lazy, or disinterested and the the people who want and vote for the free stuff.

    1. Saul David Alinsky (January 30, 1909 – June 12, 1972) was an American community organizer and writer. He is generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing. He is often noted for his book Rules for Radicals.

      “There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist/communist state. The first is the most important.” How many can you identify in America today?

      1) Healthcare “Control healthcare and you control the people”

      2) Poverty “Increase the Poverty level as high as possible.” Poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

      3) Debt “Increase the national debt to an unsustainable level.” That way you are able to increase taxes,
      and this will produce more poverty.

      4) Gun Control “Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government.” That way you are able to create a police state – total local control.

      5) Welfare “Take control of every aspect of their lives” (Food, Livestock, Housing, and Income)

      6) Education “Take control of what people read and listen to, take control of what children learn in school.”

      7) Religion “Remove faith in God from the Government and school.”

      8) Class Warfare “Divide the people into the wealthy against the poor. Racially divide.” This will
      cause more discontent and it will be easier to Tax the wealthy with full support of the voting poor.

      The bases are all covered! We are ripe for the New World Order …………

      1. Yes, the bases have all been covered, and unless Jesus returns very soon that’s exactly why we need a second term with Trump. Although just a postponement of the inevitable, I pray it gives us a a bit more time to bring more people to Jesus, and attempt to put a permanent end to the many criminals now residing in our politics. In any case, it will be God’s will so I’m ready for anything. Pleasing God will always be my #1 priority.

        Just another FYI you may not be aware of. Every great and now non existent nation has been destroyed at approx. 250 years. We’re now at 244 and it sure looks like we’re headed into that very same direction. For supposedly being the most intelligent creature’s, human beings are very, very stupid.

  5. We, the American Taxpayers have got to stand firm against all the corruption and treason in our government. Somewhere, along the way, our government stopped working for us and we ended up working for it. This is not a government by and for the people, it’s a government by and for itself! People like Biden, Clinton and Obama have used us, cheated us and betrayed us and, they’re getting away with it. They have gotten filthy rich on the backs of their constituents and the American Taxpayers! We can’t let them sell us out to George Soros, China and Russia. Why? Because the lives and futures of our children and grandchildren are at stake!

  6. The democRAT communist party must be thoroughly investigated by outside the government entities for the massive 5 year long subversive attempt to overturn the legitimate government of the United States. This organization is not just a political party it has devolved into a absolute left wing communist organization with the sole purpose to destroy America. If this organization cannot to dealt with as the subversive anti-American mob it is then the people who love America will need to rise up and do that job themselves.

  7. Thanks to the tactics of the sore loser Communist Democrats, the country is so divided that the rift can never be healed. The establishment government has grown so corrupted that it must be dismantled. The outsider Trump came along just in time to give honest citizens one last chance to get the government they have a right to. The left has been betraying the people ever since the first “progressive: Woodrow Wilson sold the country out to the criminal banking cartel. Why else do you think we are in incredible debt while every establishment politician is a multi millionaire?

    Now is it is easy to see why the Democrats have been obsessed with getting rid of Trump. Why they have done nothing for the American people for Trumps entire first term. It is because he is doing the one thing which can save our nation. He is sacrificing his own personal wealth to save the nation. He is the greatest President since the Founders were heading the government which these enlightened men created our government.

    The United States is at stake in the election. We vote Trump a second term and soundly defeat the Communists or we lose the country and our God given freedoms forever. Trump must not only win, but the Democrats must lose so badly that the corruption which they live for will implode upon them.

    1. Robert –
      A few weeks ago, I would have totally agreed about America being so divided that She will never heal. However, I’m starting to think that this narrative is one the media is pushing…and pushing hard. I think the Dems and the Media are perpetuating this idea that we hate each other and they show the riots and violence by Antifa and BLM to give the narrative airtime. It’s what we see and hear on Prime Time so it must be true. I have hope that it isn’t.

  8. It is amazing to me that throughout history we have had so many Good and Honest men and women try to enhance our ways of life and our history. They have gone above and beyond any normal expectations and for the most part they have succeeded in their efforts. Most of them we’ve never heard of and don’t remember their names mainly because they were not looking for recognition or money, they were trying to enrich our lives by their actions. Most of them were a part of “WE THE PEOPLE”.
    And so it is handed down from previous generations to those “Behind the Scene Workers” to “Right the Wrongs”, “Correct OUR SHIPS COMPASS”, “Stand steadfast in the face of adversities”, and help bring America back to the country it once was and can be again.
    We are being conditioned by our Main Stream Media to “Accept” and “Tolerate” what is happening throughout our country and the world. Even though we know deep down in our hearts and souls that we should be fighting against this pushing of Acceptance and Tolerance.
    How many of their lies and deceptions are we supposed to swallow before “WE THE PEOPLE” stand up for our basic Rights and demand that the B.S. stops and only the TRUTH be the new foundation of building something for our future generations.
    Sooner or later one of the “Conspiracies” being put forth will come true and where will you be at that point. It could be a global, national or local conspiracy that happens but again where will you be and what will you do?
    I, for one will be trying my best to expose the corruption and “Side deals” that are plaguing our government, our country and our world. By that I mean I will be checking everything I can that is put out by this mainstream media trash. The spin on everything we see and hear is so skewed for the Elite’s benefit that I can’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths. So dig as deep as you can to find the real truth and to send it out to your downline. Some will listen and some won’t bother but if just one person listens and forwards your truthful comments to their downline, that’s one more than we had before you started.
    At some point we will have enough people enraged about the corruption and underhanded dealings of the Elite and government that we may end up with a peaceful revolt to end this media crap and get some truthful reporting of FACTS!!!
    We can start by sending Ms. Clinton to prison for her crimes. That would be a great start to show the media that support her “WE THE PEOPLE” mean business!

  9. Like the French say “Vive la Difference” and “Vive la Resistance” and don’t count on anything being set in stone from now on. Likely the greatest ally will be the military so the era of compromise may return once the radical blackshirt militants and dilletantes are quelled. The allowance of Ivory tower Leaders has been largely ineffective here in the past but who knows. It will be interesting to see if you are an observer and not a participant!

  10. Both Parties die this election. The traditional Quisling go along to get along Repubs are dead regardless of who wins.
    Most Trump supporters are Not Repubs. I had voted R since Reagan but with No enthusiasm.
    Trump is the First American President since Reagan.
    If the democRats win, corruption wins, treason and sedition wins, the USA heads towards an eventual Venezuelan Disaster, and quicker than most would expect.
    The Future of a continuing USA in any form is probably in doubt, but the best bet is Trump, imo.

  11. It was predicted by a Scottish Prof, Univ of Edinborrgh, the life span of a democracy is 200 yrs. Born 1776- Died 2016. We are fighting with Satan with our 2020 el. God Bless America always.

  12. Five years ago we were inundated with nearly unbelievable promises from two candidates running for President, neither of whom had a proven track record of being honest and forthright with the people being asked to support them.
    Four years ago we selected an egotistical, business man to shake up our do nothing government machine in Washington. Well – He certainly did that, and I might add, in spectacular fashion. As a non-politician, he managed to achieve 3 years of a robust economy, the lowest unemployment in memory, expand numerous social programs and keep an amazing number of his campaign promises. In spite of all this, he instilled an intense personal hatred of himself, in the very people who most benefited from his policies and accomplishments. His record, if attributed to any of our former presidents, would be cited as an example of what good government leadership can accomplish.
    Three years into his term of office he survived impeachment by his political enemies, leaving them agape at their own impotence and standing waist deep in much of the mire that they themselves had dredged up or invented.
    All of the above was accomplished while offering to his supporters some of the most astounding verbal blunders in recent memory. He has ignored the advice and counsel of his own appointed experts, chastising them and leaving them strewn in his wake as he charged blindly forward.
    Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, we have been asked to voluntarily give up our constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties for an undetermined period of time in order to stop or slow the advance of this deadly virus sweeping across the entire planet. A worthy cause to be sure. But, we must insure that our constitution is not nullified by the expediency required to find a cure for this plague. It is the time to insure that our representative democracy has a future and that it will continue to be a government by the people and for the people, as our founding fathers intended.
    Our Country is now beset by rioting and lawlessness in the guise of protesting some real, but mostly perceived, racial injustices. They carry “Black Lives Matter” signs, but if they want me to endorse this belief, perhaps they should stop killing each other at a rate 2 or more every day in this city alone. Criminal behavior needs to be punished. This is the reason we make laws and hire police to enforce them. That’s what civilized people do.
    As we enter this election season we must steel ourselves against the buffoonery and rhetoric that will be excreted by the candidates on both sides. Our choices in this election are 4 more years of, basically successful, bull in a china shop leadership or a liberal agenda that is so far left that it borders on socialism. When it is time to vote, we should be looking for leaders with an educated and open approach to our country’s problems who will find solutions, rather than just blaming their predecessors.
    Sadly, I don’t see anyone on the ballot that meets these standards.
    Roney Steele

    1. Roney life is a basket of apples. To eat one you must choose what ever is there ; You will not choose the rotten one, of course, but if you look close, the rest are not exactly perfect so you choose the one that LOOKS the best ,


    3. Four years ago there WAS a candidate who ” had a proven track record of being honest and forthright.” His name was Gary Johnson and he ran for President under the auspices of the Libertarian Party, the final refuge of the American patriot.

  13. No matter who gets elected, it’s important to note that God knows what He’s doing.

    If anyone trusts God and does what He tells him to do, God will protect him, prosper him, and set him on his high places no matter who gets elected or how bad (or good) the country gets.

    (Note: We often cannot see how doing what God tells us to do will protect us. But that’s why we must trust God. He gives us directions for our own good. He cannot protect us when we refuse to follow His directions.)

  14. When it comes to elections here in New Mexico, President Trump does not stand a chance of winning this solid Blue state’s meager five Electoral votes. Like four years ago, my vote will go to the Libertarian Party’s Jo Jorgensen. Last election, my vote went to Gary Johnson—and helped achieve major-party status for the Libertarian Party of New Mexico.

    This year, while I agree that Biden is the worse candidate, I’m afraid that a vote for Trump—at least, here in New Mexico—is truly the wasted vote. This year I can at least help the Libertarian Party maintain its major-party status since Jorgensen only needs 5% of the state-wide vote for that to happen.

  15. If Biden wins the USA is done for. In a few short years we will look like Haiti or another third world country. Harris will replace biden in the first year and the most liberal congressperson of all will run the country into the ground. The will bring in idiots like both Obamas, Kerry, Brennan, Schiff, Shumer, Waters, Spartacus, Bozo from Texas and the most unqualfied people in history. They will also pack the court in very short order, make DC a state as well as Panama and lock in a dem majority forever

  16. I actually agree with this thinking. DemocRATS have broken every rule in the book and then some. Treason against the USofA is rife and all this time they have gotten away with it, so why would they not continue? Because the Agencies who are “supposed” to deal with these matters, CIA & FBI, are as corrupt as they are. Clintons, Obamas,
    Bidens, Pelosi et al, all should spend the rest of their sorry lives in Guantanamo!!

  17. If the Harris/Biden ticket wins, the United States will be come the United Socialist States of America and we will never be able to go back. We will have a one party system like Venesuala, Cuba, and mutiple other socialist countries and kiss our properity, law and order, and our rights as a citizen good bye. The leftists socialists have dumbed down our schools for a generation. Every time I see a “homeless” panhandler on the corner, I think about the “Help Wanted” or “Hiring” signs all over and wonder why the heck don’t they get a job. I’m sure some of these companies would give them a helping hand if they really needed it. And I am SO SICK of the lies the Dems spew.

  18. This is true. Our country hangs in the balance, our heritage will either live or die. For the people and by the people are either renewed along with the hope our nation gave to so many or the American dream will become a nightmare.
    We as voters either see clearly our role as The People or we are led into a scenario that is bleak and demoralizing for the foreseeable future.

  19. On 23 January 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump stated during a campaign rally in Iowa:

    “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

    Now is he saying to his voters, “I want you randomly to shoot into a street full of my voters (and others), and to be shot at by them,” as he asks his base to gather tightly-packed rather than socially-distanced, not masked? That he is risking exposing them and others to the corona virus, to sometimes terrible sickness, even death? That the exceptional care he received is not available to them, so their outcomes are unlikely to be as good?

    Or is he underestimating his base and overestimating his sway over them? Those with faith in American character and independence would hope so.

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