Trump Is Playing Chess While the Media Chases Laser Pointers

President Trump is considering releasing the unedited video of his interview with Leslie Stahl ahead of the 60 minutes airing of it.

In a tweet, President Trump says he might get ahead of what he apparently expects to be a politicized interview video with Leslie Stahl.

A move like that is sure to frustrate the 60 minutes crew but would also a brilliant counter to the politicization of our 'news' media.

Time and time again, President Trump has called out the political bias and corruption in the media. The media blackout on the Biden corruption, while lobbing disproven 'Russian' allegations, once again, is demonstrating to the people just why the President has been railing against what he calls "Fake News Media".

Some on the left are claiming he is undermining the press with such a move. However, it's hard to imagine a more transparent look at the interview than a fully unedited video.

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29 thoughts on “Trump Is Playing Chess While the Media Chases Laser Pointers”

  1. GO for it, Mr. President! Show them up for what they are. Manipulators, that’s what…. manipulating the minds of the unsuspecting people who are still watching the ‘fake news media.’

  2. I just searched for it from a White House Facebook link and watched most all of it at work. Rush was complaining he should have been stronger on the Spying aspect, it was far more than that, trying to impeach him twice and remove him from the WH and DESTROY his family and businesses as well, for 3 years with the fake Hillary paid for Mueller Witch Hunt. I just missed the Rally here in GA due to travel delays and the Airport area traffic backed up until after the event was full, but saw him there in the 30,000 MAGA Patriots campaign rally for our new Governor Kemp in 2018! President Trump should have EXPLAINED the word Biased better, by the >90% Negative Coverage statistic why he has to use Twitter and go around the MSM, much like Reagan went OVER their heads… messaging straight to the People.

  3. I completely agree with President Trump to release the video of his interrigation by Leslie Stahl, that was the rudest, hatefulest interview I’ve ever seen…He was determined to try to trip him up somewhere, but she didn’t..what a travesty of how she treated the president with such hatefulness…I see why people hate the MSM.

  4. I’ll watch both. 1000% chance 60 Minutes will have their version edited with extreme bias. Will they,”Tone it down” if Trump shows his 1st?

  5. President Trump should release it immediately. Transparency for his Interview would be a welcome change from the distortions and outright lies of the MSM.

  6. 🗣WTF finally the Biased Fake News Media is getting what it deserves, a taste of what REAL NEWS is like (LMELAO) I love this shit “We The People” need more of this so that “Them The Idiots” may just open up their minds to the possibility that maybe the DeMONcRAPic Party Assholes are nothing else but that “ASSHOLES”!🤔💭🏴‍☠️

  7. America needs to edit all media right out of America!
    All media and Hollywood would be best suited were they deported to China!

  8. Insiduous and INDOLENT IDIOCY from a TOTALLY CONpromised COMMUNIST Crass DRIVE BYE Dependable Diaper DOLTS ‘ media ‘ Ravaged By The DRUG of Choice…COCAINE!!!
    THe BASTIONS of BULLSHIT Comrades in Kollage campi!

    TRUMP has The LORD of HOSTS and The American People with Him in Thisss FIGHT!


  9. All we ask of media is the truth, not opinion, not editorial comments, not what someone else thinks. But if they see us, the grass roots folks, the dirt dwellers, the ones who finance this entire U. S. experiment as a basket of deplorables, the ignorant and the lower strata, then we must make our voices heard! I want to hear what Trump, Biden, Harris, Schumer, REALLY think! Not some made-up sales speech or some lie others present about them.

  10. More power to him! Such effective countering of the leftist cabals in media is long overdue. I am a retired institutional public safety (Law Enforcement, Environmental/Occupational Safety) administrator with prior experience as a plain clothed State Trooper in liaison and domestic intel, Public Safety administrator at three institutions and higher learning (a graduate of one of those) and a major inner city hospital. I have seen up close what products Communications/Journalism, History, Political Science, Sociology, Theater and Art (among others) Departments brain wash and turn loose on this nation. Many of the radicals of the late sixties and early seventies are now college and university faculty, some now retired. They have or are living out their leftist dreams vicariously through their brain washed students. I have seen where uncontrolled faculty actually conduct courses in anarchism. More than one of those institutions has turned out what has become nationally known cable news network “rock stars” and leftist Democrat politicians. Leftist faculty with tenure make sure that any tenure track faculty they brand as right wing (Republican) never receive tenure in their respective departments.

  11. 60 minutes doesn’t want you to know how they edit EVERY interview they do to manipulate and achieve the outcome they want.

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