Supreme Court Justices: Google May Have Stolen Software on Way to Monopoly

A Case before the court, Google vs. Oracle, could break up the tech giant’s monopoly even without action from Congress or the federal government.

Google is accused of stealing over 11,000 lines of code from Sun Microsystems to develop the Android operating system that shot Google to the top of America’s tech race.

Google is accused of exploiting Java SE software that was programmed by Sun Microsystems in order to make their obscene profits. Sun agreed to grant a three-year license to Google for a total of $100 million, but Google did not want to pay the price to use their software. They allegedly decided to just steal it instead, arguing that it was not copyrightable. This is largely the basis of the lawsuit.


Google has argued that the code was not subject to the Copyright Act but key Congressional leaders and Supreme Court Justices don't appear to be buying that line, as Big League Politics reports.

“Others have managed to innovate their way around it,” Justice Gorsuch said, adding that Apple and Microsoft have “been able to come up with phones that work just fine without engaging in this kind of copying [of Java].”

“You’re not allowed to copy a song just because it’s the only way to express that song. Why is that principle not at play here?” Justice Kavanaugh asked.

“Cracking the safe may be the only way to get the money that you want, but that doesn’t mean you can do it. I mean, if it’s the only way, the way for you to get it is to get a license,” Chief Justice Roberts said.

Google has also been accused of election interference by manipulating search results in favor of democrat candidates. It may be forced to break up its monopoly after all. Such action would seem long overdue.

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16 thoughts on “Supreme Court Justices: Google May Have Stolen Software on Way to Monopoly”

  1. Anything anybody writes that is ORIGINAL is automatically copyrighted. google doesn’t have a leg to stand on with this one!

    1. I know one of their officials. He is an atheist who probably believes that you do whatever you can get away with. His parents are nice retired missionaries.

  2. So we have good comments from Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. And the comment from Roberts seems to indicate that they are out of luck. Roberts showing his corruption again.

  3. Google should be burned to the ground along with face book twitter abc cbs nbc msnbc cnn pbs and a thousand other Muslim loving China pushing treasonous trash calling themselves Americans

  4. Let’s see if anything at all will be done to Big Tech not only for their theft, but disenfranchisement of the free press and the American people through their Chinese style censorship and control. Manipulating and controlling the messaging is what totalitarian states do, not America.

    1. Not just Chinese style, but Chinese driven; all of them conform to China’s rules, in order to operate there, & just carry those over here as well. So much easier than 2 sets of rules, since they want totalitarian control too…

  5. Ma Bell was broken up because of monopoly; so the people have the right to break up utilities when they become so over expanding in the lives of the people to close off any other enterprises to work in the same field of efforts. Googles reach into every days lives of the people shows little if any other company can compete with google.

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