How Do You Feel About a COVID Vaccine Mandate?

Joe Biden is open to the idea of a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine, he told viewers of a townhall style event on Thursday night.

Biden was asked whether he would consider a mandate for the vaccine.

“It depends on the state of the nature of the vaccine when it comes out and how’s it being distributed,” Biden said, adding that he will judge a mandate based on the efficacy of a vaccine.

Biden then began criticizing President Trump’s response to the outbreak, saying he didn’t take it seriously enough.

Although, many would remember that Joe Biden himself, criticized the travel ban and called the President a racist and xenophobic. During this time, Democrats were focused on a bogus impeachment effort.

But he got back to the issue of the virus and said we should be talking about a mandate for the vaccine.

Biden says we “should be talking about” mandating the vaccine, knowing that it’s difficult to enforce. But likewise, he says, it’s difficult to enforce a mask mandate, though scientists suggest they slow the spread.

“You can go to every governor and get them in a room,” he says. “The words of a president matter, no matter whether they’re good, bad or indifferent, they matter.”

Although he acknowledged it would be hard to enforce, it sounds like he's thought about how to do just that...or someone did.

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78 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About a COVID Vaccine Mandate?”

  1. Vaccines never protect 100% of people and doctors have stated the Covid-19 vax has been rushed (normally takes a decade) to get through study phases but, this one has been super fast tracked. It may benefit 30% of those who receive it HOWEVER, all vaccines carry dangerous consequences, from crippling patients to death. With my complex medical history, I don’t want this damned Gates pushed vaccine. Why are we doing this for a coronavirus that has a 99.9% survivability for all age groups but the elderly frail who STILL survive at 94.9%?????

    1. The vaccine hasn’t been fast tracked, it’s been in the works ever since they planned this virus, back in 2005. 196 countries and the WHO, United Nations, Bill Gates, etc. planned this virus simulation “for the global good”, afterall it only kills those close to death anyway. Watch just a few minutes and you’ll get it:

    2. I believe in protecting all children and people. If the Covid-19 vaccine is as effective as previously mandated vaccines, I am all for it.
      Polio vaccines have eliminated polio from most of the world and reduced the number of cases reported each year from an estimated 350,000 in 1988 to 33 in 2018. A single dose of Chickenpox vaccine prevents 95% of moderate disease and 100% of severe disease. Two doses of vaccine are more effective than one. One dose of the Measles vaccine is about 93% effective while two doses of the vaccine are 97% effective at preventing measles. Before the widespread use of the vaccine, measles was so common that infection was considered “as inevitable as death and taxes.” In the United States, reported cases of measles fell from 3 to 4 million with 400 to 500 deaths to tens of thousands per year following introduction of two measles vaccines in 1963.

      Vaccinating a large portion of the population also protects those who are not vaccinated. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends routine vaccination only if a country can keep more than 80% of people vaccinated and we can do that with a government that helps we the people. If we are going to get our economy and educational institutions going again, our Nation would be absolutely stupid for not mandating it.

  2. hard to enforce?no chit! just like wearing a mask and social the who says that we shouldn’t enforce lock downs.what?the truth is nobody knows.what works in one city may not work in another.i think because every year there are different strains of the flu i believe that this is just a bad,bad,flu.but joe had that to say when the travel ban was in effect but like all the dems have all said how they would do it after the fact!

    1. Steveo, ask my daughter who could barely breath if it was just a bad, bad flu and has had repercussions of it since May. Ask my 65-yr-old friend who was in the hospital for over two months and slowly died from it. Ask the families and friends of the over 2 million deaths, if it was just a bad, bad flu.

  3. NO MANDATE BUT STRONG ENCOURAGEMENT AND FACTS THAT IT WORKS AND IS SAFE!! DO NOT take our freedom away to choose–it is our life and is between us and God. For me–I am taking the vaccine with reasonable and factual assurance.

    1. How will you know if it is safe or not … the media … the gov’t … CDC … WHO ??? Cannot trust any of them.

      1. Have you ever gone to a doctor? If you don’t trust your government find a better country to live. I will admit that President Trump has made me think seriously about moving to another country. I certainly don’t trust him, but I do trust my doctor and what our scientists tell us.

        1. There is no country on Earth that you can fully trust the Government.
          But there will be when Christ returns.

          Make America Godly Again!

  4. The “government” has NO “right” to force a needle into your arm. biden, and “mr mandatory vaccine”, “mark of the beast” and self-appointed “population control czar” bill gates can go straight to hell. If this “stunt” is tried you WILL see a revolution in this countr.y that will make the first look like a “walk in the park”.

    1. Easy to tell you never served our country in the military to defend our Constitution. However, you certainly want to demand what you think is your personal right. The Constitution was written to protect the rights of all the people, not just one or two. Where I grew up, if you were afraid of a needle you were a sissy and if you didn’t serve in the military you were a chicken. Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, run chicken, run. Run from your responsibilities of protecting we-the-people. That is what President Trump does.

  5. Let’s just see how deaths are reported as a result of the vaccine vs the true number. Just as deaths have been attributed with covid19, but were the result of something entirely different, I question the whole reasoning.
    Who in the past stated there were too many people living on the planet. And who is the primary sponsor for issuing vaccines worldwide. Why if it isn’t Bill Gates, chief billionaire and heir to the one world government.
    People fear what they do not know and do not fear what they ought to fear. They know only three things, Birth, lifespan and death. Nothing more. They will be utterly dismayed when that moment comes and death has arrived at the doorstep.
    And if you think the vaccine is a mark of the beast, you are sadly mistaken.

  6. Everyone will have to take the vaccine from the company that puts Hunter Biden on it’s board!

  7. I’m all for everyone who lives in congested cities and anyone who works in them or travels to them be required to take the vaccine by injection. plus be required to take booster shots of the vaccine once a week for 3 months there after.
    but no one who never goes to those places should be required or even asked to take the vaccine. if they want it let them take it once or twice should they so choose then return to their normal lives.
    Maybe a strict regiment of the vaccine can accomplish what the virus never will be able to do.

  8. I am voting for Trump. However, there are no experts in anything. I have no confidence in anyone that says he or she is an expert.

    Let’s just live our lives and go to a doctor when we need to go.

    1. Are you sure you trust your doctor? He is, or should be a trained physician using scientifically proven information and drugs to help you.

  9. I wonder how people will feel when they find out that the virus is man made so as to only kill those of us who are near death anyway, as it was planned back in 2005 by the WHO, the United Nations and 196 country’s world leaders to check our readiness, just watch the first few minutes and you will see the proof from the WHO website:

  10. There is no possible way that they can test for long-term effects in less than years. My body is my property, and no government entity, at any level, has the right to decide what I can do with it. I would not comply for these reasons.

  11. Besides the obvious issue of “Do not get this vaccination (or take this medication)” if you are allergic to it or any of its ingredients, when of course NO one knows what’s in it or whether they might be allergic?
    Nobody even knows how to properly distribute the various viruses yet, let alone decide the correct priority lists for who will receive them. Some vaccines will require a second ‘booster’ shot. And you can’t give the vaccination to someone who is currently infected, or recently recovered [which of those will even need a vaccination – do asymptomatic cases really develop/have enough immunity?]. How many medical personnel/first responders will be willing to get vaccinated right at the beginning? As president, Biden will literally “force” them to be vaccinated? How will that appear so early in a new presidency?

    1. “Nobody even knows how to properly distribute the various viruses yet”. Should read “…distribute the various vaccines yet.”

  12. I refuse to take the vacine since i stopped flu shots 20 years ago and my health improved no colds or flu since and i am a senior and will decide what goes into my body.

  13. Sounds like a dictate from one of the absolute monarchs of the long dead past. A demand “for our own good” as we are supposed to see it. The inference is ” If you dissent , I send you to Siberia!”. How much is really known about this “Pandemic”? Actually it is very little. But we can see that it is not nearly as deadly as the Pneumonic plague, the Bubonic plague, or the Spanish flu. Why the quarantining of people and destruction of our economy? It must be political and not based on any science or symposial reasoning and decision. No great group of scientists have together agreed on a course of action so it must be a political decision he takes to benefit the Democrats.

  14. It would require four strong men to hold me down. Then may God have mercy on their souls once I got back up.

  15. I will not be forced to take anything. I will take my chances with a virus that as an overall has a 98.85% survival rate. the constitution protects us from such usurpations of our rights. No elected offical has the power to make orders against the constitution not even in times of emergency. they work for us they do not rule us.

  16. Gosh….. Leftist’s really DO think they know what’s best for everyone….
    ….you think they ever get tired of always being wrong?

  17. Republicans and conservatives will say that they oppose mandatory vaccination, but they will roll over and do whatever they are told, just as they have with the Covid hysteria. Conservatives are in some ways the stupidest people on earth. They sent their kids to government schools, which are Marxist indoctrination centers, for periods of 13 to 17 years, then they are shocked to learn that their kids are Marxists. Just how stupid can you get?

    1. Since the so-called “new math” in the 1970s came on the scene, my daughter was completely confused. I challenged the school principle and told him this “new math” was designed to control our children’s mind. He said it was the school’s curriculum and that the math was mandatory. I taught my daughter at home the correct math and to ignore the so-called new math. It was a time period when the Democrats secretly imposed their “Communist Rule for Revolution” document to control the nation’s educational institutions across America. Control of our educational institutions was one of their first primary goal…. designed for our nation’s children indoctrination. From then on I began to warn friends and families to be aware of what their children’s brains were being fed, and to correct them at home.

      USAF (RET)

  18. The vaccine should not be mandatory, but every effort should be made to encourage everyone to get it.

  19. The answer is NOOO! . . . COVID-19 is not serious enough for a “mandatory” vaccine. Keep that COMMUNIST idea to YOURSELF. One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  20. Joseph R. Biden, Jr. is an idiot and always has been! No humans are alike and therefore, a cure for one may kill the other. When the flu-shots first came out; being in the military we were obligated to take the flu-shot. For a person whose never been sick, I came down with the flu the very next day with all the symptoms recently describe by former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. From then on I avoided the flu-shots to this very day, and I haven’t gotten sick. Stay away from flu-shots that doesn’t cure squat! Medical experts have yet to cure the common cold. Mandatory you know what!

    USAF (RET)

  21. I believe that it SHOULD be a personal choice to take anything in one’s body.
    As of November 4, I will begin with a trial of the Covid Virus vaccine.
    I am 72 years old and at my age this cannot hurt, but possibly protect me.
    I did a trial basis with this doctor 11 years ago and now my diabetes is under control.
    So, if I get the right stuff it could mean staying healthy and help others in the future.
    Sometimes people need to stop talking the talk and begin walking the walk in life.

  22. While I vehemently disagree with the ‘anti-vaxxers’, the very idea that the government should mandate mass inoculation with a ‘rushed to market’ vaccine is absurd. The Left continues to want to treat everyone as if they are not capable of making decisions on their own. Biden running as the best candidate from the Left just shows how desperate they are. Pretty sure IF he were elected, he’d have an ‘accident of the permanent kind’ and Harris would take over. Neither of them has a single clue about what patriotic Americans want.

  23. I would, if given a chance, tell Biden and all the rest of the power whores in DC to stick this idea of mandatory vaccines up their asses! No way in hell will they force me to take that damn vaccine

  24. I will not be taking a vaccine. Don’t trust what will be in it, and who will be profiting from it. Do not like or want the Government to mandate anything , tell me what I have to do to my own body, or my Children.
    I believe this Covid thing is all Political and Controling and a Great Hoax. OPEN up the Country and if people get it, they get it. Not all Covid patients Die from the Flu, they get over it just like all the other flue’s we have had in this country. Don’t believe all the Counts are accurate and would not be surprised if the Covid is still being released . It doesn’t seem that the Democrats are contacting it, but the Republicans and other countries are. Hospitals are not honest in declaring death counts. It is all about the money, and I will not be taking the vaccine!!!!!

    1. Donna, you are right! 95-99% of people who contract the virus recover and now we have therapies to cure it. It is like the influenza, but the media has hyped it to be worse than that and the CDC doesn’t know which script to read from. Yes, it is political. All other attempts to take out Trump have failed and this was a last ditch effort to do just that. Trump did take it seriously and initiated the travel ban. Biden called him a bigot and xenophobic and a RACIST. [Pot calling kettle black] Ooperation Warped Speed has cut thru unnecessary red tape to bring therapies to market faster than in the past. Hospitals are not recording deaths honestly: Death FROM COVID or death WITH COVID. Check out Alex Berenson’s bokklet on the Covid handling. He is a former NYTimes writer.

  25. To mandate a mask is one thing, to mandate a vaccine, having something injected into your body that you do not want, is like rape!!! NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED TO HAVE THIS, this is not a communist country,YET

  26. I will never get a COVID Vaccination. I do not get flu shots. I stay perfectly healthy.

    Take 1000mg Quercetin, 2200mg Ginger Root, 10,000 IUs Vitamin D3, 250 MG Vitamin K2, 50 mg Zinc, 3,000mg Oil of Oregano Extract. I have been taking this for several years. I have been working 7 days a week ever since the COVID Wuhan/Democrat Hoax virus started. I do not wear a stupid mask unless I go to Doctor office or get groceries. Not my choice to do so. My temperature runs between 94.9 and 97.1 the entire time. I get checked at the office daily.
    Too much about vaccines and not enough information to prevent ever gettting the COVID. Pharmaceutical companies cannot make money off herbal supplements. They would rather treat you than to prevent you from getting something.

    The main downfall of the medical community.

    They make too much money treating diseases with pills and not enough curing diseases with foods and herbals.

    1. Good job, good reasoning! I am highly sensitive to any kind of foreign substance going into my body! I can not take that chance, at 82. I am very healthy, been exposed many times to Covid and I keep myself in good shape! I am also reasonable and sensible!

  27. Gee and here I thought the Democrats were the party of “My Body,My Choice.” Now it turns out that all of the calling President Trump a dictator was simple projection. Ok Joe here is the deal—if the vaccine is 90% or better effective and confers lifetime immunity then go ahead and mandate it. If not, don’t.

  28. Will NEVER drink the Demscum’s Kool-aid
    Covid is a hoax just like all the others democrats have pulled
    For these past 12 years
    Democrats are the communist Chinese party
    Wake up America the war is here in ready are you?
    The notion the states that are bankrupt should take over the country is the equivalent of asking your neighbors cat to manage your bank account and go to work for you at the airplane factory
    Democrats nor cats can do your or America’s job
    Would you hire a democrat?
    For anything
    I wouldn’t let a democrat put air in my bicycle tire
    Should democrats win they cheated
    How do I know
    My neighbors cat IS smarter then Biden and Harris combined
    America with morons aka democrats at the helm would turn America into Puerto Rico in a week

  29. There are many who can’t take a vaccine. You can’t make it mandatory!
    Please consider those who have valid reasons not to take the vaccine!

  30. Of course Biden is talking about mandating a vaccine. But it’s not about the vaccine; it’s about CONTROL and FORCE.

    The Left is all about control and force. It’s what defines them. They (not the average Leftist on the street, but their leaders, those in charge, the organizers and funders) – they want POWER. They’ll do anything to get it. And they don’t care who they hurt in the process.

    So they want to FORCE everyone to take a vaccine – regardless of the side effects. Just another power grab.

    It should be noted that the states and the countries that have done the best in this pandemic are the ones which trusted their people to make their own choices, rather than mandate masks and lock-downs.

  31. In a nut shell the dummorats want to have total control with world events,the USA and the total population ,where as they have had an agenda in the making for decades to insert the NWO ,the plandemic was that trial run to experiment with the populations and measure how much fear and compliance as a response to a major virus they could generate,the agenda ,which also included schemes and fake accusations against the President and the dire need to remove him because he was in the way of carrying out their agenda, I believe the President was aware and prepared to foil the dummirats plan,perhaps early on maybe way before the idea of a WH run,without President Trump this Nation will be forever lost,more evident now than ever before,the dummirats are relentless in their pursuit in maintaining their power with the months long lockdowns,viral surge in cases/deaths ,restrictions and with some states refusal to go forward and open up they will continue to keep the virus alive,necessitating a vaccine,I am sure there are millions of people who never get the annual flu vaccine,or need it,those people who have weak immune systems or are highly susceptible to yearly illness.

  32. FAUCI, a strong proponent for the vaccine, is still talking about a 50% efficacy, Our chances are better by being able to go out amongst ourselves to develop herd immunity. Why? I think Fauci and Gates have a huge investment in pharma and this is why they are pushing the vaccine.

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