Why Does The GOP Allow This?

Every four years we have a round of activist liberals deciding the talking points for our Presidential elections. They get to decide what the campaign issues are and, surprise, they’re always topics the left wants to engage.

The GOP agrees to give liberal operatives the campaign roadmap.

There isn’t a single independent moderator of Presidential debates this year.

Chris Wallace is a Trump hating activist who was put in charge of debating the first Presidential debate of 2020. He performed horribly with leading questions, ignoring lies, interruptions of President Trump on a ridiculous level, and dismissing important topics like corruption.

Steve Scully (a former Biden intern) was set to moderate the second Presidential debate of 2020 but that got cancelled after a last minute attempt to move the forum to a digital one.

A week ago, Steve Scully tweeted to Anthony Scaramucci (vocal critic of the President) "Should I respond to Trump?" in a response to President Trump saying Scully was a "never-Trumper".

Social media called Scully out on displaying his bias just a week before the scheduled debate.

Steve Scully said his Twitter account was hacked in an attempt to prove he is unbiased.

He then admitted that was a lie, and has since been suspended from C-SPAN indefinitely.

President Trump then goes on to take part in a townhall moderated by Savannah Guthrie.

Who is Savannah Guthrie?

Another Trump hater who is married to Al Gore's former Chief of Staff. Guthrie put her anti-Trump bias on display in an almost unbelievable tirade of false accusations.

Let's take a look at the rest of the scheduled moderators.

Susan Page was the 2020 Vice Presidential debate moderator. She is also writing Nancy Pelosi's autobiography.

Kristen Welker, who is scheduled to moderate the third Presidential debate, deactivated her Twitter account after the Steve Scully controversy. She's an NBC correspondent who's married to a marketing executive at Merck, a pharmaceutical company that can't be too happy with President Trump's recent plans to significantly lower drug prices. She also exposed her bias on an attack style interview of Lara Trump.

There isn't a chance the Democrat party would agree to a debate moderated by someone who was outwardly anti-Biden. Yet, the GOP continually agrees to every single debate being moderated by an anti-Trump reporter.

Why does the GOP continue to agree to complete set ups? Do they want Trump to lose?


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20 thoughts on “Why Does The GOP Allow This?”

  1. Maybe, it’s those Anti-Trump people or nothing, and the GOP thinks they can STILL win a debate since they have truth on their side and people will be able to see through it.

    1. Republican Party is a bad joke . They said ” Give us the House and we can do something ” . Then they said ” Give us the Senate then we can do something ” . When they had , The House & The Senate they were Democrat Lites . If not for Trump there would be NO Republican Party .

  2. The GOP keeps doing This because we allow it, it is so wrong, they spread nothing but hate.I hope that every one shows up at the poll and shows them what WE the people really feel.Vote Trump all the way

  3. Great points and all true, but you have to realize that the debates are the only way to speak to the mindless left. Think about it, the libs only watch FAKE NEWS and never get the other side of anything. Other than a presidential address they only see edited clips of the President to make him look bad. Our President figures he might just hit a point that makes them think for themselves and realize they are being led down a destructive path by the Dems and FAKE NEWS.
    After President Tump wins this election (and he will win) things will be a lot different. Those that deserve to be called out will be.

  4. Dump the Debate Committee, they are worthless and biased! ( I sure hope they aren’t paid)!!

    No moderator is needed and debates need less subjects so people can absorb what was said, as more will be said about each topic!!

  5. It is VERY apparent that MANY republicans, as well as ALL democommunists, LOVE their “status-quo”, cushy lifestyles and fleecing the American Taxpayers out of as much money as they can, to FUND said “cushy lifestyle”.
    President Trump is a THREAT to their use of their “Cash cow” (WE the PEOPLE) and “politicians” from BOTH sides of the isle will say and DO anything to get complete POWER and CONTROL (as well as those precious taxpayer dollars) back and REMOVE them from the American people, after President Trump has been trying his best to restore the power BACK to the People, (even though he has been OBSTRUCTED from doing so by every crooked politician, the propaganda-pushing “media”, “bought and paid for judges”, the DNC, the clinton crime cartel, the biden crime syndicate, FRAUD obama’s “ofa” and of COURSE soros and all his COMMUNIST “followers” and various “groups” of anti-America COMMUNISTS, determined to take over this country and turn it into a communist-controlled cesspool, and the citizens into controlled “subjects”.

  6. Very disappointed in Trump and his advisers for allowing Trump haters like Wallace and the rest of those creeps to moderate? the debates. The idiot Biden, Clinton and Obuma worshipers (the real deplorables) are loving it. Wake up Donald.

  7. Until the right takes off their gloves and goes to war with the left as the left has DONE! The war America is in will always be one sided!
    The left has proven they have no rules and have killed children and police officers to prove it
    Just look at killer Hillary or Muslim Obama’s actions.
    Just listening to a democrat on any topic is like asking your neighbors cat to represent you in a debate as you run for President!
    Democrats don’t fight fair or with legal Conscience
    Republicans as a whole represent fairness and decency!
    President Trump possesses more decency in excrement then the entire population of democrats on this planet!
    Until republicans are willing to show up to a knife fight with ballistic missiles the democrats will continue their treason!
    If you notice democrats are cowards as well they only pick on old people or a small group of people with an army of treasonous lefts!
    Kill their leaders and their money men and they will run like squirrels from a Chihuahua
    Until Americans stand up to the left America will continue to be turned into shot holes like californica!
    Get mad
    Get even
    Exterminate the sweat that drips from the devils balls
    Exterminate Democrats!!!!!!

  8. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY ARE SILENT? Plenty good money to be made exploiting the cheap labor from foreign countries by moving our industries there and reaping the profits from low or no taxes and free trade to eliminate the Tariffs . Thus we weaken our country and who profits? All the leaders who set this up are to blame and the GOP doesn’t want a President who calls down this wholesale rape of our country so why do you think they are silent? “I weep for our generation” said the philosophical Charlie Brown and those words now come true.

  9. The GOP’s party staff has always overlooked such things! They bend toward the elite of the party & are persuaded to
    seek other areas. The GOP has long ignored their base & reviewing the connections between individuals is a good piece of the puzzle! They are not doing their job & are tutored by many in the party who are responsible for
    misreading their own followers!
    I believe President Trump came to the same conclusion & has decided to run his own campaign!

  10. The Republican Party is now composed of mostly big government interventionist members who are mostly in collusion with the socialists of the former democrat party. The time for a third party (my Libertarian Party) to be recognized by the people and media is long overdue. The duopoly has controlled government and held the constituency with deception for decades. Since the leftist takeover from the time of president Wilson, the Constitution of our Republic has been subverted and eroded with misinformation and outright lies. President Trump ha upset the duopoly’s cart by leading as a business man not a politician. He has done more good for the country, against insufferable backlash by the left and right than any president for 200 years. Still he DID sign the abominable bill to increase the national debt by several more (unsustainable) TRILLIONS. Where is the money going to come from? Printing more has devalued the dollar down to less than $ 00.02 before the take over by the non federal FED (in 1914). Our country is headed for insolvency and lack of stature among the leaders of the world, although we are still holding our heads above the water where other countries are drowning from socialist/Marxist policies. Covid was a bane for the country but the seizure of the masses to FEAR was (and is still) a great HOAX. Where were the shutdowns during other health catastrophes? The economic shutdown by the fear mongering leftists was aided and abetted by the colluding right. It is possible to recover but a strong CONSTITUTIONAL leader need to be in charge to stop this B.S. running of the government of our REPUBLIC.

  11. Everyone seems to “hate” Trump because they say he tweets too much, is narcissistic, and arrogant. Well al lot of us who voted for him wouldn’t want him for an uncle be we voted for him because he did stand up and didn’t take any crap from the Dems. What they don’t realize is the more he does fight them the more we like him. And he has done a great job as President. I live in South Carolina where Lindsay Graham is one of our Senators and his current opponent airs comments made from Graham and Trump before the last election where they didn’t like each other like that will make a difference. I WILL not vote for a Democrat, period. But his party does need to get closer behind him and adopt some of his tactics. As an example don’t let the Dems just keep talking op top of you. That is one of their tactics. Dirty Nancy did it with Wolfe Blitzer the other day when they had their lover’s quarrel. Keep it up prez, don’t go down without a fight.

  12. My biggest dread is that POTUS Trump, and those few deserving “coattail” Republicans, will win the ACTUAL vote — but that won’t matter. As Stalin quipped (paraphrased): “It’s not how the people vote, it’s who counts the votes.”

    The old “joke” about the legions of dead people voting Democrat (always) in Chicago elections is no longer a mere shame and a sad head-shaking scandal; it’s the last card the ‘Leftist Democrats’ (please don’t report me to the Department of Redundancy Dept.) have to play, and their obvious game plan. And play that trump card they will, but this time on a manic national scale.

    That’s not the part of the scenario that I dread; it’s that the flaccid GOP will do as usual, simply wring their limp wrists and whine. We The People need warriors in the GOP, not whimpering wimps.

  13. My only conclusion would be the never Trumpers in the GOP are swamp creatures and don’t want to give up all that the swamp offers. So, yes, they do want President Trump to loose.

  14. You are apparently correct about not wanting our POTUS to do another trem, which outrages me and most of my circle of friends and family.

  15. This is a damn good question! I think they are time wasters and just an opportunity for them to interrupt constantly and berate him

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