Is War With China Becoming Inevitable?

“The Indians are seeing 60,000 Chinese soldiers on their northern border,” Secretary of State Michael Pompeo ominously warned on Friday.

He spelled out what he meant to commentator Larry O’Connor:

“The Chinese have now begun to amass huge forces against India in the north. … They absolutely need the United States to be their ally and partner in this fight.”
Pompeo had just returned from a Tokyo gathering of foreign ministers from the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, or “Quad,” the group of four democracies — U.S., Japan, Australia, India — whose purpose is to discuss major Indo-Pacific geostrategic issues.

Exactly what kind of “ally and partner” the U.S. is to be “in the fight” between India and China over disputed terrain in the Himalayan Mountains was left unexplained. We have no vital interest in where the Line of Control between the most populous nations on earth should lie that would justify U.S. military involvement with a world power like China.

And the idea that Japan, whose territorial quarrel with China is over the tiny Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, thousands of miles away, would take sides in a Himalayan India-China conflict also seems ludicrous.

Yet, tensions are rising between the U.S. and China, as the list of ideological, political and economic clashes continues to lengthen.

And there is a transparent new reality: China seems in no mood to back down.

When, after a year of demonstrations for greater democracy, the Hong Kong government failed to quell the uprising, Beijing stepped in and took control. The U.S.-led democracies that had been cheering on the Hong Kong marchers and protesters did nothing, and they have done nothing since to reverse Xi Jinping's political coup but prattle on about "values."

Lately, the democracies have been protesting, and rightly so, the inhumane treatment of the Uighur peoples in Xinjiang in China's west.

Han Chinese have been moved into the region to swamp the local population of Turkic and Muslim Uighurs and Kazakhs and bring about the demographic change Beijing desires. "Reeducation camps" have been established to cleanse Uighurs of their ethnic and religious identities and convert them into loyal and reliable Chinese Communists.

In a speech in late September, Xi declared that Beijing's policy of eradicating the ethnic and religious identity of the minorities of Xinjiang through state-driven education has proven "totally correct."

He vowed to imprint a Chinese identity "deep in the soul" of the peoples living there. "Our national minority work has been a success," said Xi, "It must be held to for the long term."

Xi makes no apology for -- indeed, he is proud of -- using state power to impose the state ideology upon the peoples he rules, and he openly repudiates our democratic values as inapplicable in his country.

Our rejection of China's claims to virtually all of the reefs and atolls in the South China Sea is also being ignored. Beijing's warnings grow louder and more pointed as the U.S. continues to send warships, the latest being the USS John McCain, close to islets claimed by China.

What is our strategy here? Are we prepared for a naval and air clash in these waters? What would be the U.S. strategic goal?

The Chinese are now responding angrily and defiantly to what they see as the provocations of sending high-level U.S. officials, and selling new weapons, to Taiwan, which China regards as its lost province.

Again, what is our purpose in playing the Taiwan card now?

If it is to provoke a fight, then are we prepared for a war in the Taiwan Strait or South China Sea? Do we think the Chinese will capitulate?

Is this being done to "stand up to China" before Nov. 3?

Which is the party here that is engaged in bluster and bluff and which is the party that seems deadly serious as it views its vital interests and territorial rights as challenged?

There has been talk of the Quad evolving into an Asian NATO that embraces the major democracies in the Indo-Pacific Theater.

But the essence of NATO is Article V, where the U.S. commits itself to treat an attack on any one of some 30 nations as an attack on us.

Is there anything like this in the cards?

Australia, Japan and the U.S. are not going to war with China over its border with India, or its ethnic concentration camps in Xinjiang, or its seizing Hong Kong and atolls in the South China Sea.

When this election is over, this country has to think through what we are and are not willing to fight China for.

Xi Jinping dismisses our concerns over Hong Kong and the Uighurs, and he appears willing to fight for Taiwan and for what Beijing holds in the South China Sea, rather than see it permanently lost.

Are we?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of "Nixon's White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever."

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16 thoughts on “Is War With China Becoming Inevitable?”

  1. If the corrupt Socialist Democrat Establishment Elite gain complete control over America,
    We will have the Greatest World Wide Depression ever followed by WWIII.

  2. “Reeducation camps”
    Like the ones the corrupt Socialist Democrat Establishment Elites have planned for us?

  3. I would rather go to war for Taiwan than South Vietnam.

    If no one stops them, the Chinese will take over the entire World.

    1. I heard that early on during the coronavirus shutdown the democrats wanted to give billions in humanitarian foreign aid to China to appease them that we were not mad at them for infecting the world.
      Dems were trying to buy their friendship!!!!

  4. Such a coincidence, our media and Government controlled re-education education system is doing the same in the U.S. Could it possible be that the Communist Party and the DNC share the same Agenda?

  5. These racial protests scream Art of War so I would say China believes we are going to war with it and they are trying to get out ahead of the curve on a war.

  6. China will gradually crumble from within due to the autocratic rule of Communism; their social economic structure is rusting away from the failure to address the poor standard of living of its populace, while the soul of the Chinese people looks towards religious hope, hope for a better life for the people. China has been set upon from within in the past and will once again be troubled by internal turmoil, confusion/ uncertainty. IMHO


  8. communist china thinks that they are currently the most populace nation on planet earth but, the communistic country cannot think that with that Air Drops they will be receiving will decimate the populace entirely borne by their communistic arrogance mentality, history have shown they may send sacrificed waves of manpower combatants as they had done before(war}but now machines needs humans,the world would not sit idle all of their entire inner cities will be wipe out ,,, no country by the name china exists

  9. War is inevitable because of covid. The Chinese created it and intentionally spread it. The reality is we are already at war.

  10. F China….A couple of questions for the CCP:
    Do the CCP think they can beat US? I F’in doubt it .
    Can The CCP Justify their aggression? What it is is they cant compete and they know it so they have to resort to conquering to stay alive. They are used to the US capitulating to them. NO MORE they know that the CCP will not survive without the US market and being able to manipulate currencies.
    So yes I think after the election if there is widespread violence in the streets they will attack Taiwan and there will be WAR…. But just like the Bolsheviks here in America it is equally a war they wanted and equally a war they cannot win. The Bolsheviks if they get violent any bit after the election they will be crushed and if the CCP is Stupid enough to F with us they with die regretting it.
    DJT will not F around and China will cease to exist as we know it today we will suffer but China will be no more BIGLY and QUICKLY

  11. It is likely; however, the protagonist will be china and not, I believe, the USA! China is finding itself further isolated from the World because of its rouge governmental policies to other cultures, peoples, and Nations acting as a smart aleck! Sad, it will be bad……❗😫❗

  12. When is it To Late to engage in Freedom for nation states whose very most basic Truths are
    Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness and is The Republic of The United States
    Again Ready Willing an Able to KILL our Sons An Daughter’s For this Natural Rights so as these weaker Nations
    War and its very cost is measured in BLOOD . And this Fact is why our Republic is again searching for why we must defend THIS American Principal , we do not hear this from the people of Taiwan ,we sure do not hear it from the Donkeys or Rino’s , we sure do not read it in our Newsrooms anymore , an even Potus Trump ,my Potus says it very seldom ,and this is The Rub, EVIL takes this from the weak the simple Truth of
    Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness, because it CAN.
    The GOOD FIGHT my fellow Americans is and always begins in our REPUBLIC and as selfish as it is to pull back from the events That are going to happen on the world stage the weak here in our Republic are many too an the strong right now who are raping pillaging burning and destroying the unborn child ARE attempting to bring Absolute Despotism an Tyranny to a state near you This EVIL here and it is shouting it is intent in Bondage of We The People it must be made to understand the very Fact MORALS Matter ,Principals Matter and FREEDOM
    LIBERTY the Ability to Pursue HAPPINESS are Our AMERICAN Rights an the hyphenated americans has chosen to take our Republic thru UNCIVIL WAR.
    The War for our very principles is here both Poolitical bands are now showing they intend to enslave only One type of AMERICANS the very laws an action of both Poolitical bandits is the same an only the Potus Trumps who with a doubt has The Firm reliance on The Protection of Divine Providence stand in EVILS WAY , for when they take him out we are the targets of the evil intention they show us Nightly , Daily, the hyphenated americans have deemed themselves the enemy of Life LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

  13. We are at one great disadvantage with China. They have no morality. They are ruthless, with no qualms about killing innocents. They will do whatever they need to do to win. This, while we dither with ‘rules of engagement’. Victor Davis Hanson discusses this on YouTube in “Patton: American Ajax”. Highly recommended.

    1. You nailed it.
      While the higher ups are busy wringing their hands over the Geneva Convention, our enemies throughout history just sat and laughed.

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