Top WHO Official: Stop Using Lockdowns for COVID-19; Causing Terrible Catastrophe

A top World Health Organization official is urging leaders across the world to “stop using lockdowns as primary control method” to control the virus.

Dr. David Nabarro, of the WHO’s special envoy on COVID-19, said that lockdowns are not the answer and are causing much bigger and longer lasting problems, such as doubling the world poverty rate and malnutrition.

“Just look at what’s happened to the tourism industry in the Caribbean, for example, or in the Pacific because people aren’t taking their holidays,” he explained. “Look what’s happened to smallholder farmers all over the world because their markets have got dented. Look what’s happening to poverty levels. It seems that we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year. We may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition.”


Nabarro pointed to the economic consequences that are left behind due to the lockdown strategy that many governments have employed across the world, and many Democrat run states have continued in the United States.

"This is a terrible, ghastly, global catastrophe, actually," Nabarro added. "And so we really do appeal to all world leaders: Stop using lockdown as your primary control method."

So, why are states continuing the lockdown method as a means to 'control the virus'? Where are they getting their guidance and what purpose is it serving?


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18 thoughts on “Top WHO Official: Stop Using Lockdowns for COVID-19; Causing Terrible Catastrophe”

    1. lock·down
      Learn to pronounce
      the confining of prisoners to their cells, typically after an escape or to regain control during a riot.
      a state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure.

    2. Got that right. They can’t destroy us, so they need us to destroy ourselves. Just sucks we’re all too willing to help them.

  1. This prolonged lock down, mask mandate is being used as a political football by the Democrats to destroy the world’s economy because they hate President Trump. The economy was booming under his watch. God Almighty will have the last say!! God bless America and the World!!

  2. about time the WHO said lock downs were wrong. the world has known for thousands of years that you quarantine the sickly not the healthy. more people will die because of these shutdowns/lockdowns than actually died from the Chinese virus. but the Democrats want people to die, they want chaos ,then they think the people will turn against President Trump, the dems will stop at nothing to get elected, power and money is all the dems care about ,not you or I.

    1. Trump is just the President who will be elected for only 8 years.
      The Democrats have said they must destroy America so they can rebuild it into a Socialist Utopia.
      Problem is that other peoples money will run out fast
      and we will loose our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.
      We will end up worst off than Venezuela did after they tried the same things.

    1. And the Tribulation will begin (if it is God”s will).

      Elect Trump and a MAGA majority in every level of Government.
      “Make America Godly Again” and God will give us another chance to get rid of the corruption.

  3. Corrupt Power Mad Politicians will use any excuse to gain power and are very reluctant to release it.
    The side effects (both economic and health) of shutdowns have been many times worst that the WuHan Virus.
    There never should have been any lockdowns except on those diagnosed as contagious.
    Even with no lockdowns at all we would be much better off and would have achieved “Herd Immunity ” months ago.

  4. The best way to deal with corona virus? Follow God’s law and repent to Jesus Christ of your sins, speak to others about Christ and his salvation, encourage your world leaders to embrace christ and Christian values. Then God will heal our land. This will also put a dent in wildfires too, even if most are caused by arson.

    Climate Change is real folks, it’s spoken of in the bible. He describes how he will deal with transgression and god haters that rail against him, they shall reap the whirlwind and burn with fire and we wont have to lift a finger. instead lift your hands, and pray that God take away the bread of wickedness, to take away the fuel that supports these evils who have taken control of our world and desperately try to cling to power. Pray not for death, though the Lord is righteous for he knows all ends and if he takes a life, he knew there was a reason for it, good or bad. Behold he took Enoch, Elijah, and Christ Ressurected.

    Climate change is God’s anger on the world being poured out. If you want to fix it, it has nothing to do with carbon gasses, Carbon is a heavy atom, O2 is oxygen Oxygen+Carbon is inherent by math a greater mass than O2 alone. thus heavier. O1 Octium when in CO1 Carbon Monoxied is still heavier than O2 alone because the carbon has alot more electrons than an O1 atom. There is no way by ground based human means that either of these can ever reach the stratosphere to combine with O3 and create greenhouse effects only high altitude aircraft and rockets used primarily by Climate Scientists and Military go that high. Even commercial airlines may only breifly approach this level and we can see what happens to thier carbon vapor from the ground, it freezes into jet trails and then will fall as acid rain. ground based Carbon gasses become smog which being heavier than air dwells at ground level till it disperses out of the environment that emits it or until the plant life breathes it. If you want to fix Climate Change Turn from sin ye wicked people!

    the best way to deal with corona virus? Turn from sin ye wicked people! why is it so hard to understand, when sin abounds in the world God’s finger carressingly circles the doomsday button. and when that happens new and more dangerous diseases, weather patterns, and animals seem to pop out of nowhere and suddenly be relevant and average. Can’t people see that this is not natural?

  5. The wearing of masks is probably a good idea. However, what this lock-down has done to our economy is terrifying. Other countries have not done this to such a strict extent and have suffered no undue consequences. Time to let us out!

    1. What do you mean by “time to let us out”? Just get your butt off the chair and walk the hell out! None of you are children who need to cower at the feet of the parental government. Put on your big girl and big boy pants and tell them to get f**ked!

      1. If people stand up with rage and in numbers these bass tards in the government will soon learn that they have water baloons for balls. If they do not BACK OFF then street justice by the messes is in order. BTW…who ever said these mother effers will be given the power to kick the masses to the curb????? Where the bloody hell is that written? These scum sucking control freaks need to die already

  6. Lock downs seem to be what China had in mind. If the other countries fall flat, China will be on top.

  7. Finally we should go back to the way we were . Americans are strong people and we will be the Virus. Thank you President Trump for protecting the American people , we love you.

  8. Dr. Fauci originally gave the American People’s hard earned money in a FREE “grant” to China to make the Coronavirus. Then it was unleashed on the American People. This virus came originated from the dog. It would have not naturally developed and crossed the genome species otherwise for 800/yrs. So Dr. Fauci made it happen sooner. This is all his fault. Dr. Fauci is paid $385,000.00/annually to hand out money grants. He never sees any patients or cares for anyone. He only gives out money grants that the American People pay by way of their hard earned money.
    We are kept at home with ‘lock-downs’, denied our rights, wearing masks, etc… to keep the American People from knowing the real reason – which is the changing of the global money system. The lock-downs, masks and social distancing were instructions that were all told to the American People by Dr. Fauci. In fact, Dr. Fauci instructed authorities that, “…they must do what ever they needed to do to make sure the American People followed the restrictions.”
    Also… the Geneva Convention International Treaty has been violated against the American People, by way of using all of the American People in a ‘Human Use’ experiment, wearing masks, social distancing, etc… Because the Geneva Convention International Treaty requires a committee review and validity before experiments can be used against us.
    And… the 6/ft social distance requirement was invented by a 14/yr old girl in a school report over 10 years ago. This is not a scientific statistic that has been proven either.
    The requirement of the masks is all a front! The virus is the size of 1/micron. Any mask, even the N-95, which is so highly recommended to be the perfect mask, only blocks the 3/micron size. So… you know what this means – the mask does NOTHING!
    It has been a Joke on the American People – Wake Up!!
    Perform some investigation on your own – Don’t believe everything the media tells you. Get to the TRUTH!!

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