Here’s How Trump Can Still Get Declassified Documents Out to the People: TLR

The FBI has already been slow-walking the access to documents that have been declassified and ordered through FOIA requests as well as hiding evidence that is deemed to be exculpatory. The current CIA Director Gina Haspel is also said to be blocking Russiagate documents that are to be declassified, in hopes that President Trump loses in November.

It looks as if the Intel Agencies are going to continue to obstruct the release of the recently ordered declassified documents.

So, how is President Trump going to be able to release the information to the public?

It may not be pretty and it will likely face repudiation and legal action by members of both the Republican and Democrat party, but it can still be done.

The Last Refuge put together a step by step approach to getting the documents out to the people, even with the Intelligence Agencies refusing to cooperate.

It starts with Trump's Chief of Staff Mark Meadows inviting ODNI Ratcliffe and other executive branch level intelligence officials to the briefing.

All the intelligence documents would be assembled into one Presidential Daily Briefing. The briefing of lead intel officials would be followed by a briefing to the Gang of Eight (U.S. Legislative Branch Intelligence Oversight) while still in a closed, classified session.

Therefore, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien is instructed to coordinate with the ODNI (Ratcliffe) for the attendance of the Gang of Eight: Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff, HPSCI Ranking Member Devin Nunes, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, SSCI Chairman Richard Burr and SSCI Vice-Chair Mark Warner. [Topic “TBD”]

At the end of that meeting President Trump informs the Gang of Eight that it is his opinion that this information getting to the American public is in the best National Interest of the United States.


The President, no-one else, only the President, then collects the printed portfolios as they were distributed to the participants, exits the briefing, and walks directly into the James Brady press briefing room within the White House; handing each of the awaiting twelve members of the national media a copy of the briefing material to be published on behalf of the American people.

At exactly the same time as President Trump enters the briefing room, one copy of the assembled portfolio is hand delivered, by President Trump only, to White House communications director Alyssa Farah with instructions to scan and release the content to the public through the White House website.

The media will have a choice whether they will actually cover the information or not, but it won't really matter. The people will have access to the documents by simply going to the White House website.

I can't think of a better way to get this done with all of the obstruction that will inevitably come from the Intelligence community, politicians, and biased media.

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50 thoughts on “Here’s How Trump Can Still Get Declassified Documents Out to the People: TLR”

  1. SImpler: POTUS just gives the briefing report to a friend who gives them to media reporters, just like Comey did with his classified memos on chats with POTUS.

    Then let Comey sue Donald Trump for doing precisely what the FBI snake did! Instant KARMA, too!

    1. The purpose of the President PERSONALLY releasing the documents is that BEING the President includes the authority to declassify and release the information. Anyone else can be argued to lack that authority.

  2. President Trump, “EXPOSE THEM”, use any means too do this, the parties on both sides of the isle are in on this, they are also guilty! This must be done too save America !

  3. Dear Mr. President, After you get re-elected, immediately fire FBI Director Wray and CIA director Haspel. It is obvious they are protecting people who are guilty by covering up information and failing to release the information.

    Then in a second move, be sure to publish and explain what they were covering up and be sure to ruin their lives as they deserve nothing less than what The Obama (including himself) and his merry spies and lawbreakers who tried to overthrow the President of the United States.

    1. I am with Boaz some of these people should be arrested with a long sentence. This might deter others from breaking the law.

  4. Does anyone remember the name of an ex Clinton retired official who stole documents by stuffing them down his pants? If that is the only way to get documents out of Gina Haspels clutches, someone should duplicate that theft, although it did nauseate me thinking about his doing that. Did we ever find out what papers he took? If anyone does try a pant leg theft with the papers in question, they should be put on billboards across the Country.

  5. Why does he not just replace the department heads that are not following his orders and put in an interim head that will? These yahoos work for the President, the only choice they have is to follow orders or resign.

    1. When Clinton became President he immediately replaced ALL department heads and anyone with power. Bush kept most of the Clinton people. When obama took office he replaced ALL department heads and ranking military. He brought on many unqualified people who would do only what he required. Trump made the error of not immediately replacing all of obama’s henchmen. The DEEP STATE and the SWAMP are taking control of our country and Trump does not have the power to protect us.


  6. No one is above the law. If it exposes some of the dirty dealers…so be it! The only ones to block this would be people with something to hide. Do it!

  7. Hand the copies to the assembled media creatures with the statement”

    Failure to Report this,

    Refusal to Report this,


    Will result in the White House reviewing your press credential for actual Validity and access to any White House News functions.

    THAT would put them in the PERFORMED AS REQUIRED as a REPUTABLE NEWS AGENCY, or LOSE the credentials that allow access.

  8. If he’s not reelected,we know Dims.cheat,we the people will never know 100% how depraved are officials can be!!I’ll be voting tomorrow🇺🇸I urge all to shake a leg & vote early!!!p.s.I’ve been having nightmares with Pelosi and Clinton and others standing 6ft. apart in a circle over a black Calderon..what could it mean😈

    1. Right. Vote early so the opposition will know how many illegal votes they need to defeat us. First day of early voting and people are waiting 4 hours to vote. How stupid do they think we are? We are more stupid than they think. I do not mind week-end voting or extra days, but I oppose extended early voting and “mail-in” that is not requested absentee>

  9. DO IT! But NOT at the cost of loosing the election, Mr. President. We know the truth.

    We NEED YOU for 4 more years!

    I’m praying for you!

  10. Just do it President Trump! The FBI/CIA and maybe others will continue to drag their feet. The CIA director is a swamp dweller and should immediately be removed. Cannot believe you appointed this woman! EXPOSE THEM-e the people need to know THE TRUTH about Clinton, Obama, Brannan, Clabber and many more Deep State people!

  11. This would never have occurred if you had fired them earlier. So do it now. As well as all the other ones that you can. Clean out the garbage to make your plans happen. Most other presidents did this on day one to prevent what is happening to you. Get’er done. Can’t be any worse than now.

  12. After all that has been done to POTUS I think that turn about is fair play; also for Steel, Flynn, Cavanaugh, Scalise, and other targets of the left wing. Their use of Marxist tactics and show trials are the same thing used in Russia by Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky and the attempts at assassination of dissidents created the Marxist rift in our society that now exists vividly. I never thought that we would see this in the US. When it happened in Russia the world was plagued by post war starvation and plague . We now have only the plague that was caused directly by the Communist Chinese ( deliberately as a means of subverting our government I do believe ). The sappy reasons for our dependence on their production are namely EPA, OSHA, NAFTA, Decentralization and elimination of our major industries by our government and business leaders. The tab comes due soon when we can not maintain our infrastructure and the well being of our people. I see in the bottom land many over the rail engines parked instead of hauling freight, many aircraft not being used also. I live in a major rail hub in the Midwest. Do not tell me that shortages will not occur. We are in a sad state and only President Trump is doing anything about it. The rest of the bureaucrats in government see nothing and boss and regulate and cannot reason in my estimation. We need mobilization like we had at the outset of WWII to bring us out of our slumber.

    1. I hope the President can be reelected and my wish is for him to reappoint General Flynn as DIA in the new term. Now the Democrats might experience justice.

  13. I think it needs to be done. The American people are held in the dark and lied to, to much. We need to see the information, and be able to decide for ourselves who the actual law breakers are, and who you can actually trust
    in public office to actually be for the American people. Evidently the ones holding up the show are the ones that are guilty and should themselves be prosecuted.

  14. America does have the right to know the people withholding these documents are clearly complicit to this vial democrats coup!
    They are withholding evidence that implicated themselves or are terrorists themselves
    It is obvious to even a blind deaf mute that the fbi cia and all democrat politicians are guilty and hopefully it will show all the treasonous scum on both sides of this corruption within our government
    America all of you contact the White House and demand these documents released now we need to know before the election without a doubt whomever is guilty!

  15. Can’t let the obstructionist managers stop the release of documents. After the President is reelected, he should call each director into the Oval Office and demand that they release the requested information or RESIGN immediately!

  16. This is just another example of how LOTS of people still need to be fired immediately. Loss of security clearance immediately, loss of retirement, pending investigation for insubordination, and sedition. The President is their Commander-in-Chief. Orders given and refused-You’re fired, and have security walk them to the door, but make sure they are immediately blocked for intelligence access… for life. If charged guilty, remove citizenship and deport them from our soil… forever! PERIOD!

  17. Hilary IS a criminal, why shouldn’t we know about the crimes she and other Democrats have committed, Why should She get a pass, Certainly Republicans never do. The media publishes so much crap about politicians, Why not Hilary? My family and I are very much into law and order, We love our beautiful Country, The USA. and we like the traditions of America. All crimes against a sitting President should be exposed, and there are many against this President. So do what you do. Expose Hilary.

  18. The American public deserves to see these documents unredacted so we can see the truth and the lies wherever the cards may fall. I really don’t care who ends up looking bad. I just want to see the TRUTH! And it needs to be BEFORE the election, otherwise EVERY AMERICAN is voting in the dark. I’m also very disappointed in Durham being unable or unwilling to make a report. If he really has strong evidence, then release what you have and keep on investigating. If Biden wins we may never see this report. Or we may find out in December we made a huge mistake in electing Biden. This has been four long years of bullshit and lies and coverups. It’s time to end it!

  19. The American public needs to know! Crimes have been committed, and simple justice must prevail.. There has been way to much delay!!!

  20. I am with Jersey Prophet, Steven, Boaz, and Mike. Git er done! Ring the Liberty bell for Freedom.

  21. Have the documents delivered to the President in 24 hrs or be fired !!! This is nonsense .., not wanting the American people to know the truth of the criminal conspiracy to take down a duly elected president.
    The President is going to have to release the documents to the American people himself !!!
    God Bless President Trump

  22. The Democrats are desperate to stop the truth from getting out. They aren’t fearful of what Democrats think but they know the evidence makes them all guilty of Treason! This is an attempt to overthrow the election thereby taking America by deceit. They must be stopped at all cost!

  23. I can’t think of a better way to do it either, the Briefing notes for Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff will no doubt have to be wrestled from their hands.

    MAGA 2020

  24. As RedHawk1 pointed out, Trump should have replaced ALL department heads and anyone with power immediately after becoming president — just as many other presidents have done before him. I believe that is one of the two biggest mistakes Trump has made as president. The other big mistake President Trump made is when his first 2 choices for the Supreme Court was that he picked two RINOS to be the SC justices (that of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh). We already had a RINO of John Roberts … why in the world did we need 2 more RINO judges?? With Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, we are not likely to overturn ObamaCare AND we are not likely to overturn Roe v. Wade.

    President Trump hasn’t made many mistakes, but the above mentioned mistakes were HORRENDOUS mistakes. They were things that should have been a “no-brainer”. But for some unknown reason Trump did not do what he should have done.

    All that being said, I still am a big Trump supporter and prays he will win re-election. Let’s hope he learned from his mistakes and after the election he will get rid of ALL department heads of whom are either democrats or RINOS and that he will choose only TRUE conservative justices in the future, when the opportunity is presented.

  25. Open those documents show America how devious they can be, then dig back about 16 years into how Obama became president not being a natural born citizen.

  26. Wray and Haspel need to be terminated after the election for disobeying a direct order by they superior, the President of the United States.

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