Yelp to Add “Accused of Racism” Warnings to Businesses

This is crazy and dangerous.

Yelp decided that the reviews on the pages of a business itself are not enough. It will now implement a warning for businesses that have been accused of racism on it’s review service. Not confirmed, just an “uptick” of reviews (that anyone can write).

It’s not a label you’re going to scroll by and miss, either.

Yelp will have the ability to potentially destroy a business, based on accusations. Once accused of racist behavior, Yelp will step in with a default to a "Public Attention Alert" that Yelp introduced in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. That's for starters.

With an unusual uptick of reviews, they will place a "Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert" warning on the business.

Now, when a business gains public attention for reports of racist conduct, such as using racist language or symbols, Yelp will place a new Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert on their Yelp page to inform users, along with a link to a news article where they can learn more about the incident.

That 'news article' looks like it is written by Yelp, from their example, and includes the reviews of its users.

How do they know the reviews aren't fake? Well, it's their policy that you write reviews based on first-hand experiences, so... surely nobody would abuse that.

Imagine a group of BLM supporters leaving false reviews on your business. Yelp then slaps your page with a "Business Accused of Racist Behavior" label - and you can watch traffic to your business slow down. Perhaps you'll get a first-hand seat to it being burned down.

This could perform almost as a "Bat Signal" for BLM or Antifa rioters. Once a business is accused, the label gets slapped on them, and guess where the riots show up. And the media would likely support the rioters like they've done this entire year. Now the racist narrative of your business comes alive and takes over. People may even cheer the destruction of your business.

After all, who's going to miss a racist business?

If you're a business owner, does this worry you?

I think it should. Anyone could be labeled. Yelp will get to decide, kind of like Facebook, what's true.


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29 thoughts on “Yelp to Add “Accused of Racism” Warnings to Businesses”

  1. YELP is racist for going along with this Chinese plot with all of the BLM crap. I will ignore the Marxism behind destroying businesses. YELP should be ashamed of being Anti-American.

  2. Yelp, what does it stand for, hate, bullying, racist, anti-semitic, close down Buissnes and ruin the country.

  3. What do you think they will do with reports on businesses like Starbucks? My bet is they will never be shown.

  4. How do we block YELP? I am appalled that Yelp is going to do this. Anytime someone wants to destroy a business, all they have to do is accuse the business of racism. Now BLM and Antifa don’t have to go destroy businesses. They can review any business with a racist tag and watch as it dies. OMG! How closely aligned to BLM is Yelp?

  5. Yelp, you need to back away! If nothing else you are setting businesses up for an attack. You are also opening the gate for you be be sued, and I hope when it happens they make it HURT!

  6. Once a few businesses sue the crap out of YELP for posting bad reviews they will remove this. A business refuses to give a person a discount or a free meal and they post a raciest review our of spite.

  7. Woohoo, list all of those places that YOU accuse of white racism. I will then have a place to go. #FBLM (the organization not most blacks).

  8. Yelp is making a mistake by labeling a business without a court deciding the verdict. How stupid people have become in the 21st century. Making their own laws and decisions based on a bias story from a consumer.

  9. Mmmmmm……yeah; GOOD LUCK, for the LOW IQ’s who post such nonsense, with those LIBEL, SLANDER & DEFAMATION LAWSUITS!! This has already happened to a friend of mine. That poster/commenter IS going to be sorry $$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!

  10. Will the racist label also apply to black owned businesses that only employ blacks? Yelp, which I never pay attention to, is opening itself up to some big law suits of they go ahead with their stupid plan

  11. While they’re at it, they should include the fact that they “shake down” the companies and take down the “positives” of those that do not comply!………..I’ve known several companies who were targeted!
    Yelp is just another “social media” controlling our voices.
    This too, will probably be cut!

  12. There is a difference between and accusation and a conviction. Even a non lawyer knows that. Often in today’s lopsided world we are wont call others names like “Racist” because we don’t have the guts or fortitude, or intelligence to listen and argue legitimate debate.
    What YELP is doing is wrong, cowardly and outright disgraceful.

  13. Hey………I wanna turn in a Vietnamese Restaurant “Dong Banh Mi” for racist behavior—-they do not serve fried chicken and watermelom on a daily basis…. and if you are Mexican and go in there, you can’t even get a dang Taco. If your Italian, —can’t get pasts ! …and YELP is racist to conducting an environment against the grain of ethnic communities by not mispelling words like in Ghetto talk ….’Yo Bro, dem Vet man-eze dont got no chitterlenz” ….or like “Mama Mia—we go in thissa place and da got no no fettacinni–no Stromboli” Yelp talks (writes) sooo sooo WHITE Racist —like everybody is White—-such hypocracy. They do not even have a translation option.

  14. Yelp needs to be arrested! The internet & cable need to be declared “public broadcast wire-ways” with FCC licensing required. That way they could be revoked and these people thrown off the “air”!

  15. If you disagree with this new Yelp policy (and everyone should) you to first go to and let them know. If the policy is implemented, then we need to all review popular establishments like Starbucks, especially those who have announced support for BLM, and leave numerous reviews about their “racist” behavior. If Yelp fails to label the businesses we target as “racist” we then hammer social media with Yelp’s hypocrisy. If we speak collectively and loudly, Yelp will hear us.

  16. Went for a long drive yesterday,up and down side roads,neighborhoods rich and poor.Trump signs 20 to 1.
    Fun fact: California rate of Covid is 1/ 100th of one percent.Population 40 million. Less than 600 people hospitalized.
    Don’t fear the Reaper.

  17. This is horrible on so many levels. I’m an avid user of Yelp. The opens the door doe ANYONE who wants to harm or shut down a business the perfect way to do it. Country is widespread with hate, and racism, from BOTH sides. It won’t take a nanosecond for a person who doesn’t like a business for ANY reason to want to see it destroyed. Al Sharpton will be so happy! He is the worst race baiter there is! You have given species like hills the ultimate power that AFFECTS PEOPLE’S LIVLIHOOD. That statement could also be construed as racist, see how easy it is? It’s a dangerous precedent Yelp is starting. It would be so easy to decide NOT to continue being a user, but in doing that racism wins once again. Just like the “ME TOO MOVEMENT” this could potentially destroy an entire business, just on the whim of someone wanting to get even for a perceived slight!!!

  18. Take these people to court; this is not constitutional, it will destroy good people and they probably will not even know about it. This is disgusting, communists, These tech companies need to be taken down.

  19. Sounds like the same thing that the Brown shirts of Hitler did when they painted the doors of Jewish businesses. If they start doing something like this YELP should be shut down as a Terrorist group!

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