What if the FBI Refuses to Hand Over Declassified Documents?

The FBI is refusing to provide information that Congress and Senate have asked for, in relation to investigations that center around criminal activity of the Biden family overseas.

Last week, Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, who serves as the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, demanded the federal law enforcement agency provide answers on what actions it took, if any, upon reports from the Justice Department in 2015 that the owner of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma paid a $7 million bribe to Ukraine officials to shut down an investigation. Hunter Biden is on Burisma’s board despite no prior experience in the industry.

A Senate investigation conclusion publicly revealed that those reports from the DOJ existed.

According to the report, the FBI has been aware of the allegations for years, but will not provide any answers as to whether they investigated it or not.

They won't say anything about it. As if it doesn't exist.

“Consistent with longstanding Department of Justice and FBI policy and practice, however, the FBI can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any ongoing investigation or persons or entities under investigation,” the FBI wrote, adding that it gave the same response to Johnson and Grassley.

Remember, this was from 2015. I can't imagine it takes 5 years to investigate. And Joe Biden is running to be our next POTUS.

That policy of not commenting on investigations didn't apply to the Trump Russia investigation, apparently.

The FBI almost ran as a public relations firm during the Russian investigation. James Comey even confirmed some Trump campaign officials were under investigation and accused of Russian collusion to interfere with the 2016 election, a claim we now know is false and so did the FBI at the time.

Will we get the truth? The President has ordered all Russian investigation and Hillary Email investigation docs declassified. But what if the FBI just says they won't hand em over?

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197 thoughts on “What if the FBI Refuses to Hand Over Declassified Documents?”

          1. Now, that’s the best suggestion I’ve heard in a very long time. Tom Fitton would be EXTRA-GREAT in that position.

          2. Don’t Fire the clowns Suspended without any benefits permanently & immediately so they get nothing including no pension ever !

          3. Nobody would be better than Sidney Powell. Tom Fitton is too important where he is now. We need Judicial Watch.

          4. Fire them?????? THROW THEIR STINKING ASSES IN JAIL. They have been ordered by our Commander In Chief to turn them over. They are under his rule, not their own. The ( Federal Bureau ) of investigation. It’s a Federal matter.

        1. The FBI has been corrupted . They will not comply with request that will expose their illegal activities . They have to be forced to do so . They have probably destroyed any evidence that would implicate them by now any way . AG won’t do anything . So that tells one , he is part of the Gang or he has been neutered by more Powerful Forces than the President . Either way it proves that some are indeed above the Law and there is a 2 tier Justice System which some People already knew existed .

        2. Yes he does. Even though he is planning to do so soon, it needs to be NOW! Both are doing inconceivable harm on a daily basis – we simply can’t allow this to continue. Pres. Trump: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of country”

      1. Yes, but they would destroy the documents before they left, this is a difficult situation to remedy and just firing them does not solve the problem but it is a start, because then they would not be in a position of power to continue to obstruct. Slowly pulling out the weeds that keep popping up in the swamp, is Trumps plan.

        1. If there is evidence that either Wray or Haspel have destroyed the requested documents, then fire them and prosecute them for obstruction of justice. Upon conviction their pensions etc. should also be removed.

      2. President Trump should have cleaned house of high level Obama political appointees when he first took office. If he does it now the press will say it is a political attempt to win the election. He also should have given Justice a deadline by which they would report to the public.

    1. Wray has always been uncooperative. Should’ve been fired long ago. The people have a right to all of this information. Not sure why our government thinks they are unaccountable to us. Get rid of them.

    2. Not appears, he is a full fledged member of the Deep State. From the perspective of the American people and our country as a functioning Republic, the FBI is a terrorist organization led by criminals that must be arrested and tried in the courts.

  1. FBI refuses to comply? Fire their boss! Happened before. Comey is unemployed. Wray won’t fess up? Fire him, too! Make the disclosure of declassified documents a litmus test for the appointment of the next FBI director.

    Look, it’s not rocket science. The buck stops at the top!

    1. The same applies to the CIA Director. It could be since she was Section Chief in England and speculation tells us England was to some degree complicit in the hiding of information related to the Steel Dossier……maybe, just maybe she has to keep hidden those CIA records to protect herself.

  2. Then just who does the FIB work for? Who has the power to make them comply? We know that IF the truth comes out, there are perhaps hundreds who would lose their jobs, several would get jail time. Yes it will be embarrassing, but think about what would have happened if the Republicans were guilty of this action. I as well as millions of Americans believe Barr has what is needed for indictments on several key people in agencies involved. Yes it is embarrassing for the country, but let’s face facts, something must be done to stop these types of actions from ever happening again. It is either do it now or shut up about it.

    1. I agree when I broke the law they come down and I had to pay the price just because you work in law-enforcement it’s not excuse you from breaking the law you should hold up the law higher than anyone it seems Let the Democrats have done enough damage to this country it’s time they paid the price we don’t care about embarrassing the country I think it’s worse to see deliberately get away with the injusticeIs it time to crucified these criminal Democrats and the criminals that are in our streets destroying our country No mercy for traders to our country

    1. John — you are right but I think the President has to order the DOJ to take the necessary action against a rogue agency like the fbi and they need to take that action yesterday– not 3 months from now so the fbi has time to destroy the evidence.

  3. Arrests and/or subpoenas are not good enough as it gives warning. Need to send in either military police, or swat team to sieze all documents without any warning. Otherwise those with the documents will just erase them.

    1. Yours is the first reply that is on the correct track. Send in combined Federal Marshals,and military as back up,and to temporarily sequester all on site employees until the documents are recovered.Do this as a properly documented “sneak attack” on these arrogant “would be nobility” figures in both parties.


  4. Th FBI works for us, or “is it against us and for the leftist radical” They all work for somebody and they can be fired! Start with Wray, is was in on the cover up to begin with. The rest of them including Obama and Clinton need to be in Prison, nothing less.

  5. Should the FBI leqadership choose not to obey lawful rders one would hope they would be removed from office, any criminal or civil actions available be taken against them, and they be replaced with law abiding officials.

  6. Anyone that will not comply with the president will de sent To Prison prison until they make their decision to cooperate however long it takes and if that criminal Democrats Interfere this comes down to the law politicians must not interfere or they will be jailed the American people are tired of these criminal politicians and these criminals in the FBI and the CIA and Christopher RAY has become or already was a criminal he has proved that it is time for our great President Donald Trump to drop the hammer on these criminals These are not just criminals these are traders to the United States no mercy for traders we have been too lenient on traders and criminals it is time it comes to an end and I pray The American people will stand up now and put a stop to criminal politicians and the criminals that are destroying our cities God bless the USA God bless the Trump administration and God bless our patriots that everyone say in a loud voiceChristopher RAY Obey the law or go to prison

  7. Wray needs to be removed !!! Sorry he work for the President !!!like politicians the FBI Director is playing politics !!! Especially now when it is only a month from the election , Biden gets in the American Public will never see the truth , it will be so lost will never be found !!! AG Barr will have to get involved !!! Then may not even come out

  8. If Documents will not be released after the President’s order or request by any investigation, there should be filed charges of obstruction and consequences. This is abuse of power. The offenders should also be removed from office for obstruction. We teach children to do right or pay the price. The same applies to our politicians and government officials. Rid this two way system. We need transparency, co-operation, compromise, and honesty to run a government. Any violation of the Constitution requires penalties as well. The dishonest media should be held to ethical standards as well….not just bias and propaganda. The AG is responsible for equal justice to all, so he should act accordingly and not be threatened by offenders for following our laws and holding violators responsible. That is the only way we will keep America and follow our Constitution.

    1. Unfortunately it appears the FBI,CIA. and NSA run this country with the blessing of the Democratic party. Just look back. 4 years when Trump was running for office and the Clinton Email scandal. Now the $how is on the other foot and these same Agencies Will NOT Release any information, Even under Orders from the President of this country giving orders to do so. So just who is in charge? This is very worrisome if things don’t improve within this Great country and a clear line of command fails to be accepted. Then I believe civil unrest will occur. So AG Barr get the ball rolling so we the people can see true equal justice for all. Really exists, Or if it is something that can only be bought.

  9. Sounds like some of our lettered agencies will be under the gun. They report to our 3 top government sections. If they disobey they should be held in contempt and jailed till they order the release of asked for docs.

    1. Then there should be some FBI etc heads that will be eating lock up food for a while. At least that’s what should happen with contempt orders.

    1. The FBI answers to the DOJ and Barr is head of that office. He can order the FBI Director to turn over the papers and if they refuse then he can terminate the FBI Director and take charge himself. It is absurd that the Director of the FBI can arbitrarily decide to obey his Superiors.

  10. If Wray does not comply with presidential order to surrender all documents and files unredacted, POTUS has the authority to fire Wray at will and appoint a temporary director who’s willing to follow orders. Candy from a baby!

  11. Fire Wray and Haspel and keep firing people until you get the person who will follow the President’s orders.

  12. The American public apparently does not care enough to know. We The People are content to let the STATE run everything from the poisons ate and drank to whom can travel. Do not think this is the truth; look at NY and CA as prime examples of what the country will look like.

  13. It is becoming perfectly clear that neither the President not the Congress is in control of the country. The President issues an order the FBI, CIA and DOJ ignore the order or refused to comply. Who is in charge??? It appears that the entrenched bureaucracy and the political appointees are in charge. When the President issues an order and the Government Agencies totally ignore it or openly refuse to comply that should be grounds for dismissal on the spot. We are being ruled by an Invisible Government and it has to come to an end NOW.

  14. At this point it seems that everyone with the exception of the Trump family is a part of the Deep State. Trumps are not business as usual type of people and that is why the top which includes the media wants them out.

  15. Fire Christopher Wray and Gina Haspel, they are part of the Deep State. President Trump needs to clean up the trash and get some good people to run the FBI.

  16. What if ? Apparently nothing. Documents related to Fast & Furious requested by Bush still have not been delivered.
    Trump made a big mistake not firing the Obama holdovers working in government . Obama fired the Bush holdovers his first week in office , this appears to ne fairly common. In Trump’s case they are all still working hard o destroy him and America is need be.
    I doubt if Trump had any idea how many deep state people there really were, they seem to be in every government agency from high level elected positions to the lowest government employee.
    All of this could have been prevented except spineless Republican leadership had a large number of Rinos who did little to nothing to stop Obama. Neither did American citizens since they re-elected Obama.

  17. Now we have proof that A.G. Barr is nothing more than another closet communist agent feverishly hiding the crimes of the “left” with the full co-operation of ” Durham,the Conn. State fraud”. Barr is clearly showing his true communist colors by this obvious deceitful attack on our President Trump! Fire Barr,Durham,Wray,Haspel,etc.,and seize any,and all documents that show the structure of “communist”plan to seize U.S. govt. and enslave the populace,I:E: Venezuela! Prison should be in all their futures down in “tropical Guantanamo”!

  18. Trump should get rudy guliani and Jay sekalo together to each form their investigative groups. Rudy takes his group into the main FBI office and Sekelo the CIA office . Let the games begin. Trump should walk in with each group and explain lack of cooperation could lead to jail time for not following orders.

  19. Send heads of committees from both houses along with Federal Marshall’s to Wray’s and to the director of the CIA’S OFFICES. Demand the declassified documents. If refused, present letters of termination to the directors, escort them out of building, siez the documents, charge the directors of obstruction of Congress and insubordination of the President. Ti.e to take off the gloves. This is a street fight.

  20. If the FBI refuses to comply with orders to release this information they need to be held accountable and the DOJ should prosecute them. The FBI was never intended to be a secret service without accountability.

  21. They shouldn’t protect these evil liars. Someone has a strong chokehold. Regular people pay the price for these crimes on these liars but they need to be brought to justice including the ones who won’t release the documents, why should these liars go free. We pay taxes for these congressional people to work for us and not to lie and rip us off WE definitely need term limits so they don’t become too comfortable. Our president has term limits and so should everyone else. These people who have been there 30 0r 40 plus years is a total joke, they are not running the country just ripping us off!!!

  22. I expected this article to at least attempt to answer the question in the headline. This is an article focused only on getting people to see the ads on the page. We’ve all already heard everything in it.

  23. Then the military should be sent in to all of the FBI facilities. FBI officials should be put under “house arrest” and every one of them subjected to lie detection protocols whatever is required. When an agency that reports to the
    Attorney General and in the end the President goes rogue it must be dealt with as a treasonous entity. The U.S.Marshals Service should be enlisted since it has been the first official law enforcement agency created in 1789.
    There is no other way to deal with blatant treason.

    1. Amen to that hopefully that’s why Trump is bringing back all of our military from the towel head elimination wars

  24. We have laws in the United STATES that apply to ALL. If they do not release these documents. Then they who refuse should be held responsible for interfering with the a legal investigation. This should also apply to those who washed legal information from their phones! No One Should be Above Our Laws And Constitution . Hold them ACCOUNTABLE!!!

  25. The fbi has proven itself unfit to serve!!
    They are all deep state treasonous coup trash and must be indicted found guilty and sentenced to death for their treason!
    Non exceptions
    They are certainly guilty of treason
    Or guilty of not turning in their comrades for their treason
    Ether way they are guilty of treason
    They must be held accountable for their vial actions above all others for they are untrusted to serve in Americans best interests not the crime wave in the democrats party their politicians and unfortunately within the fbi

  26. Strongly believe Director Wray is a Deep State resident and should be removed for failure to protect and inform the American people. There is an arrogance about him that is telling and he seems primarily interested in maintaining a good name for the FBI. Next!

  27. THIS IS WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT, HAS BECOME. WE ALL HAVE SEEN ON TV, WHEN JOE BIDEN WAS IN UKRAINE, AND HE MADE A STATEMENT ABOUT AN INDIVIDUAL OR INVESTIGATION AND SAID IF THE AGENCIES DIDN’T “FIRE” THE PERSON IN CHARGE, THEY WOULD NOT GET THE MONIES THAT WAS AUTHORIZED TO THEM BY CONGRESS. AND HE GAVE THEM A TIME LINE, AND THEY DID FIRE THIS INDIVIDUAL AND BIDEN, PAID THE MONEY, now, now, now, THIS SO CALLED POS IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE FREE WORLD, THE USA, and, WE, of course not ME, ARE FACED WITH “VOTING” HIM TO BE THE USA LEADER. NOW, do we the people, not see what the liberal/socialist/communist parties are trying to do, IS elect another OBAMA, to continue obama’s quest, that was left undone, and of course they thought the hillary another POS, would continue to carry the torch, not they see that our government has all the evidence to try the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION some of them, to be tried for TREASON, WHEN they were caught trying to ‘OVERTHROW”, the american peoples elected President TRUMP, in the very beginning of his time as President. REMEMBER, I remember OBAMA saying i am not going NOWHERE, I’LL BE JUST DOWN THE STREET. He knew then what was going to happen soon, and he thought he would regain his place AGAIN. we THE AMERICAN CITIZENS, had better wakeup , cause OBAMA, the anti’christ is still working this day to overthrow our AMERIAN SYSTEM, IT’S JUST ASHAME THAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THEY HAVE AS EVIDENCE , THAT THIS POS STILL WALKS AROUND AS “THO HE’S DONE NOTHING”. IT’S TIME FOR EACH OF US TO CONSIDER THE OPTIONS AT THE VOTING BOOTH. OUR FUTURE IS AT YOUR DOOR STEP.


  29. Time for the American people to take back our Country before the system of government changes !!! We must fight back against this attempted takeover revolution…..

  30. They should be fired and prosecuted for withholding evidence period! No games, no pleas and no allowances. Drain the Swamp!

  31. Seems to me the DOJ could order the police to go in and confiscate the material. If FBI agents intervene, arrest them for interference.

  32. The Secrext Service needs to go in and raid the FBI office!! Their were told by the Cheif and Command of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TO PRODUCE THESE DOCUMENTS AND THEY MUST OBEYND !! I THINK hILLARY AND OBAMA ARE STILL RUNNING A SHADOW GOVERNMENT PICK THEM UP!!

  33. I believe the pres. has the arthourity to fire any one in the F.B.I. who will not cooperate on such important isues.If I was the pres. that is what I would do.

  34. Then every one of the FBI,CIA, THE DOJ, and any government orgainization in volved should be brought to trial for trying to over through the Trump administration.

  35. lets stopping messing around with these non-elected career people and hold their feet to the fire. They either produce or go find another line of work. My opinion is fire them both Wray and Haspel. EVERYONE IS REPLACEABLE!!!!!!

  36. Then what needs to happen NOW -right now not 3 months from now giving the fbi time to conviently lose all the documents – the doj needs to invade the fbi agency, confiscate the documents and charge wray and others with obstruction of justice. The dirtbag fbi agency has proven they cannot be trusted and I’m sure with everything that has been leaked there is NOTHING “classified” that should be kept from the American citizens. Everyone knows(or should know) by now that the odumbo administration was more corrupt than any crime family in our history except for maybe the clinton crime family who is a major player in all this. Right know biden is nothing but a candidate running for an office who has admitted on live television to committing a quid-pro-quo. Actually he boasted about doing it and his kid is a known criminal and drug user. There is ZERO reasons to with hold the evidence except that wray(again) is stonewalling trying to protect the the fbi agency and the criminals of the demoSCUM party and is obstructing justice.

  37. It’s simple! They, then, are COMPLICIT! And GUILTY in the CONSPIRACY! Lock ’em ALL up! People are SO SICK of the LAWLESSNESS and CORRUPTION!

  38. If Wray doesn’t demand those documents be released, he should be released! He serves at the pleasure of the President and the AG. If the AG doesn’t demand it, he should be released as well. Enough of the ridiculous games, let’s get to work and indict those who have committed the crimes. RELEASE THOSE UNREDACTED DOCUMENTS NOW! We the People have a right to know what’s in them.

  39. If the FBI refuses to hand over the documents – time for prosecution to the full extent of the law & make it stick – Not just a slap on the wrist or changing the sentencing to a lesser amount after the fact. Make an example & lockemup!

  40. Who is running this country? It dam sure isn’t the FBI. The democrats were in total charge for way to many years in the past. They were able to set up things in a way that has enabled a deep state run by elite democrats. president Trump is breaking up this democrat controlled deep state. Problem, he going to need four more years to finally clean up the mess our country is in, and give America back to the people of the United States. Voters let’s get behind President Trump. If we fail to reelect Trump all is lost.

  41. What are we simple, law abiding citizens to think? Does this prove that there is definitely a two tiered justice system in this country!? One for the wealthy and powerful and the other for the rest of us poor slobs! If it is ok for the son of an elected official (one who has been entrusted with this power by “we the people” to circumvent the laws of the land for personal gain, what message does that send? These “people” are to be held to a higher standard if they wish us to obey the law. You lead by demonstrating your own respect and love of the law. Biden and Obama did everything to flaunt that law and by default, disrespected the people they supposedly represent.

    As for the premier law enforcement agency of the country, to cover up for this wanton abuse of power is an indictment of the entire system that appears at this point to be rotten to the core! The FBI soiled itself under Hoover back in the 1970’s and it took the leadership of a great man, Judge William Webster, to restore the trust and respect of the American people to this institution. It appears that the institution has again soiled itself by forgetting what its mandate and responsibility truly is. What may be needed is another Judge Webster to come in and again restore the institution to its rightful place as a premier Law Enforcement agency, one that garners respect and not distrust. I was lucky enough to have worked for the Bureau under Judge Webster and have nothing but pride in the organization and the people I served with! Hopefully there are still people there that can feel this pride as well.

    While the rest of our once venerable institutions succumb to the rot from within (I.e., media, Washington Swamp, and an ever more corrupted crony-capitalist system), perhaps it is time for a purge (rhetorically speaking that is) and a refocusing on the core values that made this the greatest modern Republic in the world. If our institutions are rotten as are a large part of our leaders, then it is truly an indictment of we the people who not only allowed this decay to happen but also encouraged it by voting for the give-aways that ensured the rot continues.d

    It is time to wake up and smell the coffee…..before it is too late!

  42. Let’s not sugarcoat it. The FBI, IC and parts of the DOJ are involved in a coverup. They are trying to hide criminal behavior of the worst kind—turning these institutions into political weapons.

  43. Just shows to go ya how much control the busses, congress, have over the departments they fund. The inmates are running the asylum. This whole D C Swamp is out of control.

  44. Everyone involved in the FBI that had anything to do with these documents and investigations and who
    refuse a direct order from the Commander in Chief of our country should be relieved of their job and arrested for treason against our country. Ronald Reagan had no problem with firing all the air controllers and replacing them with
    new ones when they refused his order to go back to work. If these employees disobeyed a direct order from their
    boss Donald Trump and are under contract they just broke their contract and must be held responsible for their actions.

  45. that’s when you fire a lot of people in the FBI at the top and work down two or three levels Wray is part of the swamp had to know about the spying on Trump.

  46. If Biden wins the coming election (or steals it through the bizarre ballot rules of 2020) we will need a Convention of States as a last defense against a socialist re-making of America complete with the totalitarian secret police force established by Obama’s and Biden’s corrupt administration.

  47. It’s time for ALL upper FBI to get fired and confiscate all wealth and pensions and loose their Law enforcement credentials ,forbidden to write books about their crooked dealings tehn they might get a job as a Walmart Greeter

  48. Ask Christopher Wray for documents…IF he doesn’t deliver then fire him and ask the next person in the line of command….if he/she doesn’t deliver…then fire them….keep going down the line of command till someone values their job….SO SIMPLE

    1. GREAT IDEA, except.

      Shackles and Chains, perp walked to the waiting prison transport van, then on to the next.

      Shipped to OFFSHORE military installations and incommunicado awaiting their Military Tribunal for VIOLATING THEIR OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION and WE, THE PEOPLE.

      Politics and the agenda supporters on the court benches are bypassed!


    And no, I am not sorry for screaming in your eyeballs!

  50. If an executive branch organization refuses a congressional subpoena, the President and Congress should withhold funding and lock down its facilities and vehicles.

  51. Fire the entire FBI top management and then get the docs. If they still refuse, fire the next third

    the Republicans have been the FBI’s bi**h for too long, way too long

  52. It looks as though the FBI is corrupt and should be disbanded and replaced with people that are honest and will perform their duties without political bias. At the first sign they show bias they should be incarcerated for life with no hope for parole. Perhaps this threat will keep them honest. Wray is obviously biased and should occupy a cell next to Comey if he refuses to provide the requested documents. Lets make them the first to be imprisoned, followed by Obama, Biden, Clinton, Brennan, etc., etc..

  53. Who is in charge??? The President or FBI. Our Constitution directs the President to be the entity in charge of our government and who sets policy for our nation. The President has ordered all Russian gate documents to be presented to the people nu-redacted for all to see the events of concern. As commander and chief of our military and government the FBI shall hand over these said documents.

    I believe the President is still in charge and should fire any federal agent who doesn’t follow his lawful command. C. Wray is the head of the FBI and an obvious obstruction to our President’s policies and orders; should be relieved of duties and investigated for abuses while in the FBI.

  54. j.e. hoover was a homo cross dressing pedophile ( common knowledge ) . JEH blackmailed all or most of congress and the senate including presidents using the same methods (SEX) with minors used by Epstein ! SO in MY opinion the FBI should be disbanded and the HOOVER building should be destroyed and most if not all FBI agents should be retired or sent to prison depending on how crooked they are and have been for their total existence they are a bad bunch of people who will destroy anyone who opposes them. So everybody knows that if all the info is released it will PROVE that the FBI was in on the scam to destroy our President from also the CIA should also be destroyed and homeland security should be done away with it was to be used to destroy Americans if H Clinton had won the election and the ONE world GOV would be in power SEE the Georgia GUIDESTONES . com for proof of their intentions.

    1. Thanks for the reminders. All good points made. How about starting up a new Federal Investigations Division? Pull the good people from the fbi and just gut the old place leaving those do nothings behind. Get funding for the new improved group, while leaving the bureau to die on the vine. Anyone bringing documents, proof, or details are considered for leadership positions. Step above and beyond those who made bad choices. They are cooked. TRANSPARENCY is the new motto.

  55. Get rid of Haskel and Wray, put in non-Political biased heads of both agencies and be sure all documents are released. General Flynn should be hired for one of those agencies.

  56. I believe the FBI Director, and CIA as well should be fired. If they do not turn over the paperss they should send in Federal Marshals and either get the papers or put them in jail

  57. Very simple solution:
    Start at the top of the FBI ‘food chain’ and every official that refuses to turn over the intel, fire them on the spot and prefer charges against them

  58. Fire every single F.B.I. agent, starting with Christopher Ray. America needs a start over.
    America deserves better than what we have at the present time!!

  59. Fire Christopher Wray. He is a part of the Deep State. I had already heard this, read this and also suspected thid as soon as became the replacement for James Comey. Fire his ass today! Get someone in there who will stop obstructing Justice!
    It is way past due for the Clintons, The Obama Adminstration, the Biden’s and all of the Deep State to be arrested, tried for Treason and live out their lives in a Federal Prison. Execution would be my preference but I do not know if it applies to these Federal Crimes.
    You have to treat Democrats and the Deep State Cronies like you would a Cockroach! The only way to get rid of them is to end their very existence in this World.


  61. Fire the FBI from the top down. If they were in any way involved in the investigation, and refuse to cooperate, they go. New leadership is needed in all levels of government…

  62. Christopher Wray and Gina Haskell both need to be fired immediately! They are both totally guilty of holding up all the investigations into Obamagate!

  63. Christopher Wray and Gina Haskell both need to be fired immediately! They are both totally guilty of holding up all the investigations into the biggest scandal to hit Washington DC – Obamagate!

  64. Christopher Wray and Gina Haskell both need to be fired immediately! They are both totally guilty of holding up all the investigations into the biggest scandal to hit Washington DC – Obamagate!

  65. The FBI works for the President. Fire every FBI lawyer, administrator, agent, manager who refuses the order…NOW!!!
    It is inexcusable for the FBI to say no tot he demand for records.

  66. Defund the FBI. Let them all pack their belongings, turn in their badges and guns, and just go home. Then, we recruit a new breed of FBI agents and start fresh.

  67. If they refuse then EVERY one in the department should be fired and Congress must vote to totally defund the organization, which is unconstitutional to begin with. What good are they if all they are is a corrupt ant-American operation? Trump can shut down the CIA today and he should.

  68. Can a disciplinary action be not taken against Christopher Wray for not complying to provide the information directed by the POTUS?
    Why can’t AG Barr be asked to issue some arrest warrants as they did for Roger Stone????

  69. The FBI was corrupt at the top under J Edgar Hoover, and it apparently continues to today. Anyone who refuses an order from Trump should be fired immediately for insubordination.

  70. It is simple: Wray hands over all declassified docs requested by his boss, President Trump or President Trump fires him and replaces him with someone who can follow orders. Chris Wray, you are a disgrace to the FBI and, more importantly, the American people.You have shamed those men and women who have given their lives in service of the FBI. And if you yourself are criminally involved have the courage to surrender.

  71. Which is more harmful to a functional democracy: TRUTH from without or LIES from within?

    DEMOCRACY represents government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is
    vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

    I think that most of us believe that democracy is a useful tool.
    For democracy to be functional, i.e., efficient and effective, it
    is indispensable that we utilize TRUTH and OBJECTIVITY.

    We must dispense with the thought that ‘ignorance is bliss’.
    We must accept that elements of ignorance represent weak
    links to a democracy and attempts should be made to cure

    Based upon the above, Wray and Haspel must be fired if they
    don’t release those documents. We, the People, require TRUTH.

    Thank you,

    michael zitterman

    1. Please note the date written……………….


      Assuming it is a correct assessment that the 2016 election was hacked by the Russians, our government must take severe and significant actions.

      The extraordinary and massive dangers of exposing truth to our citizens is in direct opposition to our politics.
      Truth to a politician is like Kryptonite is to Superman.
      Just the thought of truth should make our citizens shudder with anxiety and fear.

      Exposing us to truth will, sadly and unfortunately, handicap our political process.
      How could the politicians tell us what they believe we want to hear, regardless of the concept of truth?

      The economic damage to the media might be insurmountable, e.g., fewer adds to inundate and saturate us with misleading information.

      The horrors of the damage that would be done to political punditry, including the entertainment value, is staggering.

      Oh! The inhumanity!

      Find yourself safe shelter, remain in place, and keep your iPhones charged, until you are notified that this cloud of truth has dissipated.
      God (whatever one conceives him, her, or it to be) and Congress, save us from the damaging fallout from ubiquitous and pervasive truth.

      Should the assumption be validated, the nuking of Moscow should be on the table.

      michael zitterman

  72. If the FBI refuses to turn over the un-redacted documents, Trump should invite Wray to his office and either bring his letter of resignation or the un-redacted documents, Wray’s choice.

  73. That is just a sign of guilt. If there is nothing tgo hide, then why not give it up? There should be someone over the FBI where they don’t have the power to tell you that you can’gt have them, we ain’t tuurning them over. Well, if I was the President, I would tell them, you work for the people of this country and the Federal Government. If you refuse to turn them over, pack your shit and get on down the road, because yodon’t have a job here and never will again in Federal Government.

  74. The FBI needs to be disbanded. A plan to develop another investigative group can be developed out of the Secret Service, Boarder Patrol or some other body. Start by firing the upper echelon and some specific state offices [e.g.. New York & Illinois immediately. Then put the rest under new and trusted leadership, The whole should be reorganized with fewer than 40% of staff retained within a year.

  75. I agree they all must be replaced, but who will you replace them with? They all are corrupt. Longer they come the more corrupt they are. Every body wants a piece of the pie. When one is elected the very next day they are working on getting reelected not their job. Nothing will get done without the blessing of the dumercrates. Only way to counter this is to elect all republicans. Even at that 50% of them are just as bad. Another flood might help.

  76. If the F.B.I. refuses to release the information the President ask for, then; send the bastards to the firing squad. PERIOD! Wray is a piece of shit anyway. He need sto go now!

  77. Send in the US Marshals to retrieve the information and arrest any people holding them. A charge of stealing should be enough.

  78. Trump is shooting himself in the foot by not firing Wray and getting someone in that rat’s nest who will release these documents… NOW!!!!!
    Bad enough that Durham isn’t producing anything and won’t have anything until after the election….this is unsat!!!
    P.S. Hillary and Obama will skate…..guaranteed.
    Just like in the military….the generals & admirals always skate as well. It’s the old RHIP.

  79. When Eisenhower was denied entrance to Area 51, he ordered up the military to assault it. Needless to say, he got in. There’s ways around governmental obstacles.

  80. If they do not hand over the doc’s and nothing gets done about it then we know that President Trump is part of the swamp.This is the moment in history that will define this country.

  81. I said 2 years ago that Wray needs to be Fired and Comey, Hitlery Clinton,Strzok,Obama, Lisa Page, Both Ohrs, McCabe, Loretta Lynch, Steele, Glen Simpson, Klinesmith, and anyone else should be Charged under the Alien and Sedition Act of 1928 and TREASON which is Punishable DEATH BY HANGING

  82. Now there is a reason why anything is classified and there are always persons in Congress in both parties which have access to classified material. Now releasing those documents to the public could compromise both methods or sources, something that would harm the Country as a whole.

    1. This is the worst attack against our country in 250 years. The public has a right to know and a right to be given an explanation of why the perpetrators of this criminal seditious and treasonous activity have not been prosecuted. Those who have failed to prosecute should be put on trial and imprisoned for conspiracy against the United States and failing to faithfully execute the duties of their office.

  83. Name Trey Gowdy as Special Prosecutor with full authority to investigate and prosecute all offenders. Give him authority to investigate Benghazi, Ukraine, Clintons emails, Clintons unsecure server and the subsequent transfer to China and Russsia of the hyper-sonic missile technology, UraniumOne, Biden bribes and payoffs and anything else that he feels should be investigated and prosecuted. In other words, give him a blank check to conduct whatever investigation he feels necessary, then when that is done and the offenders are in prison, name him Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

  84. it is a shame the FBI is protecting the criminal Democrats that should be exposed in this HOAX. The public needs to know what is really going on.

    1. And that’s only the start! The CIA is just as bad. They’ve been paid off plenty but the democratic party and these 110 billionaires don’t wanna keep their money and not let it go to the government like it should that’s why I didn’t wanna socialistic government!

  85. I’m sure President Trump has a copy of them if not the originals! He’s a lot smarter than people take him.

  86. Unannounced raid on FBI and CIA Headquarters.
    Arrest and prosecute the Directors.
    Have Deputy Directors hand-over all documents.
    Immediately release all documents to all news organizations for publication to the public.
    Immediately arrest and prosecute all identified law-breakers within the documents.
    This would include Obama, Biden, Clinton, Comey, etc.

  87. I suspect after Trump is re-elected that FBI Director Wray will be replaced. He is obviously part of the deep state as indicated by his reluctance to release information that would expose the corrupt behavior of high ranked FBI, DOJ, and Obama operatives.

  88. Trump free country Biden socialist/communist , which government do you want to live in? I choose free like this great country has always been. I wouldn’t want to live in Iran, China, or Russia so I’m voting for President Trump

  89. Why doesn’t trump take this to the Supreme Court and have them order the FBI to release these classified papers?

  90. President Trump is making a mistake—he needs to call Chris Wray in and get to bottom of this or fire him ASAP———all this Biden stuff will not be shown until after election——too many deep state people in Trump Admin.—————He also needs to call in CIA director and do the same————-I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT TRUMP IS DOING——————–SEMPER FI

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