No Justice. No Peace.

This has long been a slogan of the far-left Marxist Black Lives Matter movement. There is likely only one thing that I can agree with them on.

If there is no justice, there can be no peace.

The reason we are seeing riots across the country is because there has been no justice.

The example was set back when James Comey explained that Hillary Clinton was, in fact, guilty of doing what she was accused of but that nobody would bring charges against her.

That’s not to say they wouldn’t bring charges against someone else in the exact same situation.

He set the tone. Justice no longer was blind. Justice, from then on, meant that it’s okay to break the law as long as you’re on “the right side” of politics.

What the left considers justice, the law considers to be a crime in many instances.

Burning down buildings is not justice, but they say it is. Assaulting random people with MAGA hats is not justice, but they think it is. President Trump contracting COVID-19 is not justice, but the media and leftist politicians allege he probably deserved it.

See, it's their kind of justice.

We now know that Hillary Clinton approved the fabrication of the entire Russian collusion hoax. We know that they used the FBI to spy on a political opponent, campaign, and then President. They tried to frame him for treason.

We know they prosecuted Trump associates based on falsifications that they, themselves, knew were false. In fact, they created them.

But so far, there has been no justice. Actual justice, not political justice.

So, here we are as a nation. Divided by a media, Democrats, and so far, a Department of Justice that has allowed for political justice instead of actual justice.

Actual justice is the only thing that can heal this nation. Actual justice is applied across the board and applies to everyone, not excepting "important" people.

Until there is actual justice, there can be no peace.


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38 thoughts on “No Justice. No Peace.”

  1. Its interesting to note that the “fix” of this lawlessness on the part of the leftists, anarchists, and black racists relies on them, as supported by the 85% Demorats in government. Only a Demorat would call that a “fix”.

  2. We have cordially despied the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks, for 60 years.
    That began to evolve in 2009, today, we hate them with a depth, intensity nad bitterness, that has no bottom.
    Talk and voting are not the answer to dealing with them Civil war and death are the only way to resolve the liberal dem bloodsucker problem.

  3. As Super Man said, in the early days,” Truth Justice and the American way”. I still say the Truth will set you free but in many cases today it should get a lot of these Swamp creatures charges up to and including Treason. We the People can no longer allow the few to get their way no matter if their way benefits everyone or just the few. Right will always be right. Wrong will always be wrong. These things will be true till the end of all days.

    God bless Americans, God save America, AJ

    1. WE have to get down on our knees and pray to GOD for wisdom to deal with this situation, for peace, the end to violence, to put an end to all the lies and actions from he democratic candidates regarding socialism, and that the Republicans will win! We have encourage to everyone you know and meet to vote and support the Republicans. We need to explain to people what socialism is and how it will ruin our country at schools, churches, neighbors, etc. We have ALOT OF WORK TO DO! If not, we will NOT have freedom. We will live like the people in Chinese, Russians, etc. God Bless and help us!

  4. We have bring justice ourselves, we can’t rely on anyone. Like what they want to do to governors who take our right to dress up like soldiers and carry assault rifles. We have to join militias and the proud Boys and be allowed to paint our faces orange like our leader. Join him as he leads us in his golf cart and makes America Assholes Again

    1. George Floyd was a Criminal. I don’t condone the way he died but he lived the life of a criminal and if he hadn’t been committing a crime the day he died the chances are he wouldn’t be dead. Had Justice been served upon him before that day he would have been in Prison and he wouldn’t be dead. Now as far a Justice for this Country goes, the political TURDS that let this trash go on need to be brought to Justice. That would include any and all that are involved in the Coup that went on trying to bring our Great President down. Put them all in jail to await charges of treason and then serve Justice upon them.

      1. Actually, yes, he likely would. He took a massive OD of fentanyl apparently before he committed that crime; witnesses in the business reported bizarre behavior at the time. By the time police became involved, it’s unlikely a full ER team with all their gear, could’ve saved his life. Police came in at the tail end of his dying process, and managed him as they’d been trained to do, given his irrational and combative behaviors at the time. They could not have saved him, but they did not kill him, or hasten his death either. The coroner’s report is clear on that: no evidence of neck trauma whatever.

  5. The reason we are seeing riots across the country is because there has been no justice.

    If crooked Politicians and Rioters get away with the evil they are doing, there is no justice.
    If criminals are released without bail to do more crimes, there is no justice.

    1. Truth Justice and the American way is but a very dim light in that bunker in our back yards, if we allow the left to do asunder. God bless us all, AJ.

  6. There will be no justice in America until the Obama criminal administration are arrested, convicted and several executed for Treason. Their walking freely desecrated our Constitution.

    1. I wish AG Barr would get all of the proper ducks in a row and start handing out charges for all the dirty, crooked, lying, cheating and dangerous Swamp creatures. They need to be taken away from the public as they would do harm to every one in their paths. Bring back the hangman’s noose and the firing squad for these murderous traitors. It is about time We the People have a real say in our future not those that would do asunder.

      God bless Americans.

  7. We are reaching the point of no return, the True, Patriotic, Constitutional Loving Citizens have had enough! The DNC knowingly supported a foreign born individual for POTUS in Obama! That is treason! We have been living an ongoing coup be Ayers, Dorn, Holder, Kerry, Obama, Clinton, the MSM and Hollywood! We did not ask for this, for you hood rats, we did not ax fo dis! CWII is becoming reality because the Communists paid by Soros the unelected leader of the treasonous DNC are attacking us at every turn!
    We have no choice but to bring down the thunder and you mother fuckers are about to experience massive loss of lives, then black lives and white lives will not matter, we are over prepared and we are many! Do not continue to fuck with us or you will die!

  8. In war time, politicians are fair game, and we have Military Snipers on our side! This is not a joke, we are about to go full throttle! You actually think we would allow you turds to destroy our homeland? Fuck you!!
    Wray, your actions are unacceptable!

    1. Our military, if tasked with marching on us the People of America, would turn around and stand with our militias and march back on those that would do us harm. Guaranteed. I served and that is what we would have done. That is part of our oath of office.

      I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the USA against ALL ENEMIES, foreign and DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same: that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, SO HELP ME GOD.

      Lots, like me, said these same words. We take them as seriously as death.

      God bless America.

  9. And we fix it when? Prosecutors refuse to charge arsonists, looters and violent attackers, yet charge civilians to the max for defending themselves in the face of these hooligans.

  10. The Communist Anarchists from the 60’s and 70’s Ayers, Dorn, Holder, Kerry, have not given up, that means they must die! They will never give up trying to destroy OUR HOMELAND!! Wannabe niggers will be as dead as the real ones if you don’t stop this bullshit!

  11. Americans need justice to heal!
    Democrats for the last 12 years and it’s likely a lot longer then that have raped and murdered America and Americans for their own greed and vial treason!
    Today’s typical democrat is without a doubt one of two things the rich and or political elite democrats like the media and Hollywood or the sad part the stupid and uneducated morons of society like the Millennials, snowflakes and x generations , the fact you went to a liberal college in no way implies you are educated!! The stupid democrats are the poor and bought and paid for Illegal immigrants are led by their nose rings by the lies democrats speak with every word the utter! Free stuff and welfare! Democrats have made californicate, Oregon , Washington, new puke New York and Michigan 3rd world countries by raping all the money for their elites by stealing from tax payers and the poor!
    Their states are shit holes from their corruption and their politicians and elites are to blame!
    They bought all of the media to cover up their treason and even staged a coup by killer Hillary to cover up her and Muslim Obama’s crimes by staging a coup for these last 4years!
    They have blocked all of Washington from governing look at the only thing democrats have done for 4 years!
    Burn cities murder innocents and impeach the only good person in America’s politics, President Trump!
    Democrats are two year olds with a media that hides their crimes and one man has beaten them ,Trump!
    Imagine what Trump could have done these past 4 years had he not been fighting and having to expose democrats treasons and corruption, hell they even have corrupted the fbi and cia we all know now just what cunts Hillary and Obama are and stand for!

    Should America not take back capital hill and bring them all to justice America will never heal!

    Should our court systems fail us America will never heal!

    Patriots and hero’s will eventually take matters into their own hands and bring justice to the democrats their elites and politicians their media and tech companies!

    To save America people like killer Hillary, Obama, Pelosi a daughter of the mafia, Schumer nadler shirt and Soro’s along with Hollywood actors the media and the journalists the crooked fbi and cia the judges that have backed them will all need to be brought to justice for their crimes and the gun will be once again the redemption for all of America! It took vial but necessary blood shed to make America and it will take the swift action of killing the leaders and their Henchmen to save America!!
    The sooner the better as far as I am concerned!
    I hope and pray all the democrats responsible for this treason against this Great Country and we all know who they are and we must never forget or forgive are brought to a swift and calculated death by patriots with detailed planning and organization on the same day !
    If patriots were to eliminate the heads of these democrat snakes it could be over in just 24 hours
    Should 10000 of the corrupt treasonous traitors meet their demise and I can think of no better use of the treasonous trash than to save America with their extinction!
    Proof that democrats are evil !
    Only evil would advocate the destruction of our police force all of whom are hero’s doing a thankless job that freedom requires to function!

    1. Here, Here. Ignorance can be educated but stupid is forever. We the People have to wake up and take back America to the place it should be. Less government, more responsibility for self and our own safety. CYOA.

  12. This is a declaration of CWII to all who call yourselves Democrats, BLM, Soros, Obama, Holder, Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strozk, Ayers, Dorn, Kerry, MSM, our Country will remain when we burn the corpses of the many fools who thought we don’t care! We will remain and piss on your dead bodies as we fill massive holes with your piss stained bodies! Come the fuck on with it!

  13. This war has been a long time coming, it’s time to send descendants of slavery home! We tried to make them part of the family but niggers will be niggers! At last after all the money and freebies we have bestowed on them, they bite the hand that feeds them! All you communist wannabes like Ayers, Dorn, Holder, Kerry, Soros, etc… hell is calling you, we will send you there!

    1. Obama proved educating a black man does not remove his tendency to commit crimes!
      The opposite appears to take place
      An educated black like Osama Obama used his education for even more violent, treasonous crimes and corruption!
      It is sad !
      I have a friend who happens to be black one day on the golf coarse we were drinking and talking politics!
      Out of blue he said something to me that floored me!
      He said he was glad there was slavery in America back in the 1860’s!
      I was shocked and ask him to explain!
      He said and I quote; if it wasn’t for slavery my black ass would still be in Africa living in a mud hut trying to own a goat!
      I ask him how he had become successful in his life after that revelation of being thankful for slavery, with all the black issues blacks say they have here in America due to racism ?
      His response was again another eye opening response!
      Again a quote; I worked for it!
      I was born poor and white here in America and I responded back ; I worked for it as well!

      There is no such thing as racism
      There are just humans willing to work to get ahead
      And there are humans Not willing to work to get ahead!
      Americans now call humans Not willing to work to get ahead DEMOCRATS!

      I call Democrats the trash that belongs in landfills

  14. Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen, Nobody Knows My Sorrow, true dat bitches! The funniest thing about this tantalizing situation is that Uncle Joe, we’ve heard about all our lives, turns out to be Joe Biden! He is like the MLK to the movement to rid America of colored!

  15. Uncle Joe, is Joe Biden! He is like the uncle we never knew! That guy has appeared at more meetings than you can count! My God, that guy is the most racist dude on earth!

  16. Now that I know uncle Joe, fuck Trump! I’m votin for uncle Joe! He is our childhood hero, that dude is the most racist man alive, he hates niggers!

  17. Indians used to be one of the most racist states in America! Ohio, Missouri, uncle Joe knows! He was that yankee uncle that hated niggers!

  18. The slow walking of Justice, and really depending on who wins the election, may bring no justice! Any American lawman who acts so cowardly shouldn’t be able to live with himself! Obama corrupted the FBI with the assistance of Holder, and Lynch! Corruption of the storied FBI by a glorified hood rat is the weakest most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen or heard! How did Soros and Obama get to them? Money, blackmail, their children? Is Wray, Comey, Baker, also Communists like Obama and Ayers? Sorry excuses of human beings! Kenya born, Indonesia Raised, according to Harvard! You know who listens when “A Harvard Study Shows” Now Barr is doing his best to slow walk this injustice! Is there no integrity in any law enforcement agencies left in America?

  19. President Trump flat out told the world, I’m not a politician, I’m a business man! Up from the spare change, Doritos, and cat hair, came American Citizens who saw an opportunity to put someone in office that reminds us of what an America loving POTUS should be! After the criminal organization DNC knowingly supported a foreign born individual for POTUS! Bill Ayers Communist father put Obama through Harvard as a foreign student! That is documented!
    True Americans are disgusted by the Chicago Anarchy 101 night class teacher who used to blow up buildings protesting the war in Vietnam! The Weather Underground! How about Eric Holder, he was a gun runner for the 70’s domestic terror group the SLA, they kidnapped Patty Hearst, and robbed banks using guns from Holder!
    We want to clean up this mess, and get America out of the sewage! That’s all we want, but the people we have to go to, are corrupted by these domestic terrorists! Someone help us please, before we do it ourselves!


  21. Claims of racism, sexism, gay rights violations , environmental disaster predictions, social justice, Russia Hoax, Caravans, these are communist agitation operations conducted by the main stream media and the Dems.
    What we have is a COMMUNIST PROBLEM. Not an America problem.
    If all communists suddenly disappeared from America, we would be a nation at peace. The communist’s want to create the image of a terrible racist America. But it simply isn’t true. America is probably the least racist country on the planet The communist strategy basically says this: “See all these problems created by capitalism and America, change to a socialist system and all these problems will be gone”.
    THEY create the image of all those problems so they can convert our country to socio-communism. That is the simple truth.
    Obama’s OFA is 30,000 strong. It is poised to jump on any news incident that comes up and work it for propaganda value. They can organize a riot in a couple of days. Pallets of bricks are delivered by trucks in advance. The main stream media is notified to have cameras ready. Operatives directing the crowd have wireless earpieces to work the scene –you can hear them shouting orders behind the noise of the crowd.

  22. The sad truth is what the left is demanding is not “justice” at all; it’s a combination of a free pass to commit crimes and revenge for those who die by their own poor choices during encounters with law enforcement over their crimes. Justice would be a fair trial, but so many feel they have a “right” to challenge police in threatening ways, and wind up dead for their own folly. Make your challenge in court, with a lawyer, not in the streets with police.