CDC Once Again Changes COVID Guidelines – Calls for Resignations Begin

The CDC has once again taken a 180 degree turn on its guidelines for COVID-19.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the CDC was outed for “erroneously” posting new guidelines on airborne transmission right after reversing course on testing guidelines.

On Monday they did it again.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Monday that coronavirus can spread through “airborne transmission” to people who are more than 6 feet away under certain conditions.


Many people are getting frustrated with the back and forth recommendations from the CDC and NIH that seem, to some, to be coming up right as we start making progress and getting back to normal.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) says it's time for the leaders of those institutions to go, as Dr. Fauci steps out to quell excitement about President Trump's potential recovery from the virus.

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61 thoughts on “CDC Once Again Changes COVID Guidelines – Calls for Resignations Begin”

  1. Not should they be FIRED, but these agencies should be DISSOLVED!!!!!!!
    They’re NOTHING but taxpayer paid politicians pretending to be the “experts” and “scientists”!!!!!!! POTUS T knows as much, if not MORE, about this chinee virus than THEY do!!!!!

    1. Has anyone ever heard such nonsense. I have not heard of one person having his progress reversed. Anything to hurt Pres. Trump’s election possibilities or any other way to hurt this economy and Americans. All damn sick politics. I have never seen anything so ugly, hateful, and treasonist.

    2. You’ve got that right!!!! Even “high information” voters know more than these idiots. Yes, get rid of all of them, they are just a drag on our taxes!

  2. Faucistein, Scarf Lady, and the CDC Coward are the problem. Communist want their people to comply, we are Americans and we have revolted against this ignorance. TRUMP 2Q2Q

  3. Fired?? Resign?? NO!!! 30 YEARS to LIFE is the Sentence!!…….

    Peggy Hall Exposes Federal Law that Carries a Life Sentence for Hoaxes Related to Biological Hazards



    WHY are will STILL playing the GAME?!?!?!?!!

  4. These agencies are all far too political. Time to put them out of our misery! Let the marketplace and academia support research and deliver information – it can’t be any less reliable or self-serving than what these clowns promulgate.

    Our tax dollars at work? Pshaw!!

  5. They are a bunch of NEGATIVE people!!! Their glass is half empty, while positive people’s glasses are half full!!! They do need to go. It seems like they change their minds on just any old whim. We need some straight answers, but everything has been political, and who in this world, wants to believe politicians, especially scientists politicians who seem to work very, very closely with the DEMOCRATS!!! Something is not quite right here! And, I think the American people know it.

  6. This is what happens when faux science and politicians make humans into germs. Seriously, why are people allowing this to go on. Like any flu season we take our chances. Some get it while the majority escape it. Those who know they have a better chance to get it and suffer worse need to be responsible to themselves and avoid exposure. The healthy should go on living life to its fullest without being treated as an inhuman if you don’t follow the rules set by politicians.

    1. This is all about CONTROL, and how much the people will tolerate, before they finally tell the “politicians” to go to hell. This was a “bought and paid for” DEMOCOMMUNIST “pandemic” If you recall “dr” fauci STOLE millions of taxpayer dollars while in the biden/ FRAUD obama administration, and sent the $$$$$ to wuhan to make this “control-us virus” more susceptible and lethal to humans, AND “predicted” that President Trump would have to “deal with” and “pandemic” in his first term of office. (if this wasn’t a “TELL” my friends, what is?)
      ALSO, 13,000 chi-coms were sneaked across our southern border during the FAUX “impeachment” as reported by Dick Were they the chi-com “bio-weapon”? WHO paid for their travel? (soros/dnc/clinton crime cartel/ biden crime syndicate/ “mr MANDATORY.vaccine and “mark of the beast” bill gates, as well as many other anti-America “new world order”.. “globalist” billionaires? who was PAID to “look the other way” at the border as they were sneaked in? Where were they “distributed” to? In MY opinion, the chi-coms saw how well it worked to ruin OUR economy, so they “decided” to spread it all over the globe and make THEMSELVES the #1 economic power in the world.

  7. Everything is all political all the time. The so-called scientists are way too eager to have their egos stroked by the likes of Tapper, Cuomo, Maddow, Blitzer, etc. The scientists have been fully inoculated and are now members of the deep state. They are just as corrupt as Comey, Brennan, McCabe,Strzok, Page, and Wiseman. If they tried to recite the Hippocratic oath they would burst into flames. Washington is a cesspool that needs to be flushed.

  8. Dr. Fauci has always stated that there will be an increase in the Covid-19 virus when the
    States begin to re-open. Part of the problem is the miss-understanding of the public who think
    that a re-opening of the State or County means that everything is back to normal!!
    Couldn’t be farther from the truth; it only means that we are responsible to continue to ‘social distance’,
    wear a mask, and wash our hands.
    Simple. Continue to follow the original requirements of our CDC. They aren’t putting out bad information;
    it is our rank and file citizenry; including our president who aren’t following the rules.
    D, Trump holds huge rallies, even in areas with high infection rates. Does not require his supporters to
    social distance or even wear a mask.
    Resulting in rampant infections within the White House and growing numbers of people in close contact with D. Trump becoming infected with Covid-19. First thing Typhoid Trump did when he returned from Walter Reed Hospital, still shedding the virus, was to hold a photo op that showed him removing his mask!
    No. Don’t shoot the messenger, the CDC and epidemiologist like Dr. Fauci are doing their best to research this
    dangerous Covid -19 Pandemic. They have no control over what we do and we are each the losers in this epic health crisis if we don’t follow their instructions for Social Distancing, wearing a mask and washing hands.
    This is not the time to through the ‘baby out with the bath water’ so to speak.

    1. Gloria how liberals like yourself never mention the thousands of people like the terrorists BLM and Antifa that burn and destroy cities excuse me meant to say peaceful protests I guess there immune to the virus

    2. It is not a question of shooting the messenger, but of eliminating false and dishonest messages.
      Lockdowns, social distancing, and masks have no scientific support in stopping or preventing a virus.

      The results of the last 8 months demonstrates that.
      The experience of Sweden and South Dakota demonstrates that.
      Science demonstrates that — once scientists are allowed to report.

      Fauci and company have relied from the beginning (after first telling us the Chinese virus was not a threat) on fabricated models based on nothing but hot air. Their models were wrong from the beginning, were revised, and are still wrong.

      Meanwhile, they try to undermine doctors who actually treat patients and are successful with therapeutics such as HCQ (the treatment of choice in Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy).

      All the technocrats in Washington need to go. Nobody has elected them to run the country, but they still think they’re entitled to control our lives. Time to throw out the swamp creatures and their swamp in their entirety.

    3. fauci doing his best to research this virus? 1996 he was told “no” to chimera research by congress, ignored them, went to Wuhan with 1.5 million US taxpayers money & “helped” the chines develop their institute: even leftist Newsweek had questions, still unanswered:
      One week after China announced the virus, a group in India mapped the CCP virus & found 3 HIV strands- their conclusion? Could not have sopntaneously developed in nature.

      To what degree did Fauci participated in the constuctionnof the virus?

      I would engage you in a battle of wits… but i see you are unarmed

    4. 99.9% survivable across ages 1-70 then, 94.9% survivable. People have lost their family businesses while mega merchants like Walmart were allowed to remain open. People have lost their jobs, school children are being neglected and left without proper education. Normal human interaction has been banned as we watch nursing home patients held like prisoners dying unnecessarily and alone. The boogeyman is government and our lives are being run by unelected doctors who are guessing at best and a tech billionaire who wants to micro-chip the world’s population when Dr. Fauci pushes a fast-tracked vaccine. People have been murdered for not wearing a mask…paranoia is prevalent.

    1. Even if the Dems were capable,normal would be the furthest from reality. They are obstructionists contrary to the constitution , the will of the people and their duly elected President which by the way would qualify for charges of high crimes. You seem to support the anti American Obstructionist Globalist agendas which alleges you are complicit in the destruction of our electoral processes and willing to usurp our Liberties and god given rights for a false sense of normalcy in your eyes. You are part of the problem, offering no solutions…..just more abnormalcy.

  9. As we all know there is nothing but a SHIT show going on because of this COVID-19 and the Left’s control of the media. What I can say is, stay away from as much as you can. I have been retired for 13 years. I also had an allergic reaction in my lungs that almost killed me. That was back in 2000. So since I retired and am sensitive I stay away from crowds and gatherings. I have not gotten any symptoms from this CHINESE released virus. If we all stay smart and keep away from as much as possible we can continue to live and be healthy. So if you have problems stay away from most situations. For those that do not have heart or lung problems, be careful and do what you think is safe. There is an old saying that goes back some 2.000 years.

    “Ignorance can be educated but Stupid is forever.” Dead is also forever, so don’t be stupid. Stay safe.

  10. I know the CDC is trying to do the right thing. But, face it, they are clueless. President Trump listens to them, evaluates what they say and sets presidence on COVID guidelines. Everybody complains and says he doesn’t listen to the scientists, yet the scientists don’t have a handle on this virus yet.

    We CAN NOT BLAME the president for doing the things he does based on the ridiculous actions of the CDC. They don’t agree with each other, and they don’t agree with themselves.

    So, I’m taking President Trumps advise and I am refusing to allow COVID to dictate my life and my actions. I will wear a mask in public, but not at home and not in my car. I already social distance, since I live alone, and I like it that way.

    1. Jenny, I’m with you. I do wish our President would stop talking and giving his only partly educated opinion on this COVID mess. Let the CDC and research people give the facts and they can live with their dialogue. The Fed does not run the states governments. They may or may not listen to the fed as far as recommendations go. If everyone was smart they would do similar as to what I previously wrote. I have the sensitive lungs. Be careful. Be smart. Don’t be stupid.

      Be safe everyone. GOD BLESS us all.

  11. I for one agree with Congressman Andy Biggs, that the trio has needed to be removed from their positions for sometime. Redfield, Birx and Lying Fauci have flip flopped like fish plucked from a river and thrown onto a bank. These people must go and yesterday wasn’t soon enough…

    1. It is so frustrating with what news and info we get these days. Who do you trust to get it right. I was in the military and one of the first things I learned was believe none of what you hear and 1/2 of what you see.

  12. IF these “experts” are following the “real science” why do they keep flip-flopping?!?!

    REAL science has only ONE answer!!

  13. Dr.Fauci has a gravy train going… comes from the left. Large chunks are received from Bill Gates, who has, of course, a major interest in developing a vaccine, so long as it is credited to him, and known as the Gates vaccine.

  14. Fauchi is treasonous trash
    He has never been right not even once in his entire life and so called career?
    Only an idiot would follow him concerning any matter!
    Has anyone but me noticed just how ugly inside and Outside that democrats are!
    I’m talking so ugly they have to slip up on a dipper to get a drink of water!
    Remember the joke many years ago ? If I had a dog as ugly as a democrat I would shave it’s but and teach it to walk backwards!! Lol
    Has anyone but me noticed democrats only and I mean only lie about everything?!?!?!
    Has anyone but me noticed just how stupid and uneducated democrats act and are???
    Wow just being near a democrat makes me feel they are somehow making me dumber!
    Just hearing their moronic narratives!
    I was setting in a restaurant the other day and four Democrats were there trying to read the menu!
    I had to leave I was afraid I could catch stupid from them!

  15. I say make up your minds! Do you feel that it is time, to use our knowledge, of what we know about the virus? Do you think, that it is time, to have faith not fear? Do you think, that we should take precautions, & get on with our lives? Do you think, that some want to keep us locked down, & afraid, while the evil among us, destroy our cities, & towns? I say that enough, is enough, & that we should live our lives as free Americans. We will do as the experts, & doctors, tell us, but live free, as we should. God Bless President Trump, Vice President Pence, their Families, & all the good people, that are working with them, for us, to make America Great Again. God Bless All Americans


  17. CDC NIH ELIMINATE them both–This is a scamdemic to destroy America and Trump!!!!! Our jobs are gone and not coming back! Unemployment is 65% or greater[—the way they measure it is so fuching fake—people are counted back to work when unemployment ends—NOT counted as unemployed but they still have NO job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FAKE %%%%%%%IF all the politicians keeled over dead today WE the people should make today our fondest National Holiday called Festivous!!!!!!

  18. It’s true!
    These clowns have been playing us like fools, and they call themselves experts.
    Send on the road and get someone that hasn’t been in that position before and knows medicine.
    China, WHO and the CDC are all against the American people.
    Let’s not defend and unknown clowns anymore.
    This is AMERICA The Land of The Free. Stop binding us from living our lives.
    Experts my Ass!!!!

  19. It’s almost impossible to determine which is the bigger snake – Fauci or Redfield. I’ll give Dr. Birx a pass this time because she is on record as saying “there is nothing that comes from the CDC that she has any confidence in”. Fauci and Redfield would be happy to die of suffocation if it came from having their nose up Hillary Clinton’s *ss. I realize that Dr. Birx worked under the auspices of the Clinton Global, but she did good work on the AIDS virus.


    Ii could copy and paste the ENUMERATED POWERS in the US Constitution so everybody can look for themselves for the EXACT ENUMERATED POWER that Authorizes garbage agencies like the CDC and NIMH….



  21. These “agencies” of the Federal Government are proving almost every day of the year how badly they are run, how wasteful of taxpayer monies they are, how corrupt those working in them are, and I would also speculate that it is not only corruption and inept administrating of these agencies that is at work, but I think the “frosting” on the DO NOT TRUST cake is that some of these agencies are embedded with traitors to the nation, those who want globalism and worse. I have resisted the whole “conspiracy” theory thing for years, but I have had lots of time since retiring to pay attention, not just accept MSM “news” and read many reputable sources’ findings on the corruption and the mounting “coups” of those who wish to bring down the nation. THERE ARE MANY or as the bible calls evil enemies of a large quantity: They are LEGION!

  22. What do you expect from DR Falsi? He was part of the Obama -Gates and World Health Organization team that got tax payor money to create the virus.

  23. Fauci needs to stick to broad guidelines as a supposed “expert” on the coronavirus. To start second guessing doctors with intimate knowledge of a particular case without having access to the same information appears to be irresponsible and reckless. To state that the virus can re-infect someone who has been symptom free will spread concern throughout the health care system regarding patient care, and could potentially cause millions of dollars as the health care system extends hospital stays and patients become even more concerned regarding their loved ones. Truth matters. If the truth is that the virus can make a comeback as Fauci seems to indicate, that needs to be investigated and verified. If he’s talking about this one instance, he is way off base.

  24. Got a question for ya:

    Go find the peer reviewed science for:
    1. Masks
    2. 6 foot distancing
    3. Quarantining healthy people;
    4. Hand sanitizer;
    5. Closing schools.

    When you find it – you will understand none of this about ‘science.’

  25. How long ’til enough ppl catch on they’re being PLAYED by leftist control freaks who could NOT POSSIBLY care less abt their health & well-being???

  26. The population in 1918 was 103 million. Spanish flu killed 675,000. That’s. 006554 percent. .01 is 1 percent. Covid-19 has taken 213,000 or so thus far. With a population of 331 million people, that’s .0006436 percent. Just food for thought. Then there’s the methods used in counting Covid-19 deaths.
    What do you all think? I think that they are clueless!

  27. Seems more and more clear that the hype about the coronavirus [which has proven deadly to many] is a ploy by professionals both medical and political to keep the country shut down since they have no other way to kill the thriving economy. The mixed messages coming from CDC and NIH do nothing but make people distrust the organizations we should be able to rely on. Disgusting that something as nasty as the virus, already acknowledged as coming from China, and per one Chinese virologist, deliberately manufactured by them, is being used by the those on the left to bludgeon the President at every turn. Doesn’t anyone remember how quickly he shut the country down to people coming in from China – which he did in Jan while the left accused him of being xenophobic??? What a nasty place politics has become with all the lies [thinking Shifty Schiff]. So glad my parents, grandparents and great grandparents are not suffering through all this. They would be every bit as appalled as our Founding Fathers would be.

  28. Rumor has it earlier on that Fauci had his hands in the pockets of democrats and in a dual effort with Bill Gates to orchestrate the biggest assault on the American people exposing a virus to rid a portion of the population and inserting their NWO agenda. All blame to the President of course as another way to remove him from office when
    all other schemes failed,they all should be investigated and have their taxes reviewed

  29. Dr. fauci Is a liberal nut job ,friends with China and Democrat side all these worthless line doctors need to be let go we know we have been Hoxed

  30. how peculiar that Fauci has never gotten “the virus!”
    What is his FINANCIAL relationship with Bill Gates? vaccine manufacturers? chip manufacturers? Physicians can go to jail if accepting a $6 sandwich from a drug rep- why is he above the law?

  31. NIH is nothing but a laboratory for genetic experiments on humans suffering from known diseases and medical complications. There is nothing compassionate about them giving treatment to people dying of cancer when they perform procedures that don’t actually heal. Patients are nothing more than guinea pigs who give them data for money under the guise of “medical research”

  32. WHO, CDC, ect have far greater damage to the country
    than the virus. Time to investigate who is behind this hysteria and the year long disinformation collusion with
    the Marxist media !!!!!!!