Child Rapist Shot by Rittenhouse Just Released Same Day After Suicide Attempt

Joseph Rosenbaum, who was shot dead by Rittenhouse in Kenosha, was just released from a mental hospital on the same day following a suicide attempt, according to the Washington Post. 

Joseph Rosenbaum — depressed, homeless and alone — didn’t belong to either side. He had spent most of his adult life in prison for sexual conduct with children when he was 18 and struggled with bipolar disorder. That day, Aug. 25, Rosenbaum was discharged from a Milwaukee hospital following his second suicide attempt in as many months and dumped on the streets of Kenosha.

This story just gets worse with each bit of new information that comes out.

Meanwhile, Kyle Rittenhouse, sits behind bars at 17 years old, accused of multiple homicide related felonies.

Rosenbaum's mental situation seems to suggest he may have had 'nothing to lose' on that fateful night after he had just attempted suicide.

Rosenbaum, a man with a violent and sickening criminal record, seems to have had little to nothing to lose, and apparently had been trying to kill himself just days earlier. Repeatedly assaulting a man with a rifle- while urging him to shoot you- is arguably a suicide attempt in its own right. He instigated this tragedy, not Rittenhouse.

The altercation left Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, dead. A third victim, Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, was shot in the biceps but survived.

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17 thoughts on “Child Rapist Shot by Rittenhouse Just Released Same Day After Suicide Attempt”

  1. Rotten house is an American hero and should be recognized as one for standing up for his right to walk the streets like any free American without being accosted. He as defending himself as any red blooded American would do including myself. My father fought to securing this right for me and by God I will exercise that right if I am threatened.

    1. Typical Police move. When one calls Police to report a crime , the one reporting the crime is arrested . Rittenhouse was clearly defending himself , yet he is the one in jail . You don’t shoot someone in the back and you don’t beat someone when they are handcuffed . It is done every day and night . Not only to Blacks but also Whites . Police are what we have for Law and Order so use them cautiously . FBI can’t be trusted , CIA can’t be trusted . All have gone Rogue , even Police . It’s up to you , the Individual to protect you and your Family . Don’t count on anyone else .


  2. It’s a shame all didn’t die!
    Perhaps hundreds of thousands of patriots will rise up and finish off all of the democrats!!!!!
    The young hero will be released after the election , by Presidential pardon and awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism ! Hopefully millions of patriots will receive medals for their acts of heroism as they eliminate all of Hollywood, all democrats and their politicians, the media owners and employees, the tech media and anyone else involved in these treasonous acts by democrats!
    Make America Great Again!!!!
    Destroy all leftists now!!!

  3. How much is bail for Rittenhouse?
    Can a fund be set up for that?
    Is he represented by counsel and have they motioned for reduced bail?

  4. They have no business or justification to be holding Rittenhouse in Jail under these circumstances – this was a justifiable shooting in self defense, PERIOD!! Had he been a rioting, looting, mugger belonging to the mob, he would have been back on the streets before the day was over!!! And, the Damocraps are rejoicing about his incarceration!!

  5. Rosembaum if shot in the head at close range looks like about 20 feet at most by an ar15 5.56 round his head would have been blown out the other side. Small high velocity round at that distsnce the hydrostatic shock would have mushroomed his head. Wait for autopsy report we will see rosenbaum was shot by a handgun round from a distance only way he is laying on the ground with a hole is his head only on one side.

    1. Gunny highway is absolutely right. I have been building and shooting AR15’s for 40 years. At close range half his head would be blown away.

    2. Rosenbaum probably would have committed “Death by Cop”, if he didn’t cross Rittenhouse. Two suicides and turned out on the streets, who the hell made that decision???

  6. I think Rittenhouse should receive a medal for saving the taxpayers a bundle on wasted money on this dredge of society. For about sixty cents he granted a disgusting, worthless scum his obvious wish. Perhaps he, Rittenhouse should be made a member of, “MAKE A WISH”.

  7. OK. So now it’s time for a bit of rational thought.
    He was not “defending his family”.
    He did not know the history of the people he shot.
    American streets are not a combat zone where anything goes.
    If you believe it is OK for a teenage boy to deliberately drive to an area of civil unrest (I’m sure you can find more prejoritive terms) with a semiautomatic rifle, then I would say you are an unreasonable person. Arguably, he was looking for trouble, found it, and now must deal with the results. IF they were breaking into his house then I’d be with most of the posters and Russian trolls here…except for all the hate of course…”killing all the democrats”. Dont posters have any shame? Dont withers reading this vile horse shit feel compelled to repudiate it?
    I guess this type of talk is what filled the radskellers in ’39.

    1. Once again, my post has time stamp of plus 7 hours…?
      Very curious. From me, that is a time zone off shore west Aftrica.
      Cape Verdi…the Canaries. Russian trolls concealing their IPs!