What If The Roles Were Reversed?

The media has actively facilitated the destruction of race relations in the United States. You could look at the recent debate as an example when Chris Wallace asked President Trump to denounce White Supremacy as if he hadn’t already done it tens of times before prompted.

Yet, no pressure on Joe Biden to denounce Antifa or BLM, groups that are tied to recent and current violence across many Democrat run cities in the U.S.

You can look at the way the media runs articles titled things like “White cop shoots black man” and ignores race in other instances, or the way they cover Black Lives Matter protests that turn into riots as ‘peaceful protests’ while buildings are burning in the background.

And you can look at the lack of coverage of the NFAC (Not F#$%ing Around Crew)  armed marches in cities across the south while they chant things like “Black Power!” and “Black Nation!”.

The paramilitary group (NFAC) is said to be composed of former military snipers and soldiers.

The 'grandmaster' of NFAC said that they want the government to give them Texas, or in his words, they'll take Texas.

“we don’t want to talk no more, we don’t want to negotiate. We don’t want to sing songs; we don’t bring signs to a gunfight. We’re an eye for an eye organization.

The mainstream media is largely, if not wholly, silent on this.

But what if the roles were reversed?

What if this was an armed conservative white group that claimed to be comprised of ex-military snipers and soldiers that was marching through streets chanting "White Power!" and "White Nation!"?

What if they did that at the same location as a voter registration effort was ensuing? The NFAC did, in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Do you think that would be covered by the media? Do you think they wouldn't be demanding immediate arrests?

The media still talks about Charlottesville

Do you think for one second that a federal police force wouldn't raid that group in the middle of the night, at their homes, arresting and charging them as a hate group with hate crimes?

The leftist media has sold you the narrative that there is some massive racial injustice going on and that white people are evil and black people are victims.

Their evidence? Their own articles.

They create the narrative, then sell the narrative from their podiums, and then cite the evidence (coincidentally, their articles).

There is racism in the United States and there likely always will be, just like there will always be criminals and crime. However, if you look outside your door, things are not nearly as bad as they seem on TV (unless you live in downtown Portland or another overrun Democrat city).

Don't let the media sell you a false narrative that the U.S. is systemically racist.

Most people get along just fine, regardless of race. But, we do need to take violent and threatening extremist groups, on both sides and all races, seriously or things could easily get way out of hand. Yes, it could get more out of hand.

If you want to blame someone for racial division in our country you can blame the media. They've owned it, with pride.

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19 thoughts on “What If The Roles Were Reversed?”

    1. EXCEPT the media r JUST the puppets! The commies and those in power that bac the commies TELL the media what to say! It is sooo much bigger than just the media.

      PLEASE go to “YouTube movies” and watch “hillariys america”. It’s the factual history of the propaganda media bad to the 1800s.

    2. We need to ask Collins and Murkowski the exact question or any other Republican that doesn’t support seating Barrett . What if the roles were reversed ?

  1. For me it just makes me Hate them and all the ABC people just for Trying to Force what they think on everyone else, I never cared what they did or how they live just like they don’t care about me or anyone else but themselves, so please go live your life and stay out of mine !

  2. Ya can’t bring about a revolution and impose socialism unless there is serious strife and inequality among the population targeted, so if there is no conflict it must be invented.
    Just avoid any mention of the previous examples of victories of the proletariat and the cost in lives and misery that goes on until that abomination is overthrown.

    The nfac is dangerous, but mostly to themselves. I have read of two negligent discharge incidents occurring at their rallies, one injuring two participants. Apparently, nobody taught these “trained snipers and former soldiers” the proper utilization of the manual safety or to keep the booger hook off the bang switch.

  3. The media including Hollywood and the Tech companies are the sweat that drips from the devils balls
    The media is owned by elite democrats
    Hollywood is owned by China because that’s their market
    Tech companies want liberals to win so the government doesn’t break their monopoly up and censor their censoring!
    The only good liberal is a dead liberal spreading their stink in our landfills where they belong
    No democrats have not lied or burned or stolen in the last 12 years!
    They have thrown blacks under the bus as the rioting villains to cover up their corruption and Pedophilia!
    Take Obama the poster child for corruption even he was sacrificed by the democrats to promote racism proving you can’t educate a black man and make him less corrupt!
    That message was intentional by the elite democrats!
    Who is stirring up racism just look around it’s always the democrats! Always!
    Then their lies follow saying it’s Trump
    Demscum do the crime then look at you eye to eye and say you did it! Then give you that punk grin as to say you can’t do a damn thing to me I’m a democrat!
    The only way to stop a democrat is to shoot their elite leaders from the tech companies , Hollywood , their politicians and their media so called journalists and owners!
    Remember in high school all the punk thugs who bullied all others because they were short fat girls or mouthy boys trying to offset the small size of their penis!
    You put up with those idiots didn’t you until you got tired of it stood up for yourselves and beat the shit out of the punks!
    Well democrats are America’s punks and cowards!
    Notice in their riots they pick on elderly or those by themselves with a large crowd of the treasonous bastards at once the pure definition of cowardice! Start shooting their leaders and they will run all the way to hell as patriots shoot them in the back off the head as they run!
    If you notice they only act up in safe places ie all democrat run states for they know if they pull their shit in a republican run states they will be Assassinated
    Take away the democrats leaders seize their money and America will be America again!
    It will be patriots working and paying for everything and the idiots that use to follow the democrat elites back on welfare where they belong! I’m surprised the idiots following the elite democrats are smart enough to cash their welfare checks!
    They are certainly not smart enough to be a part of the human race!
    Just a wish I have ! If the patriots out their do decide to take back our country would you please pay special attention to the elimination of the vial so called women on the View!
    They have no relevance but I for one would be a happier human if those women were no longer on this planet!
    I have only seen media clips of their show and it certainly proved to me they were spawned by the devils cancerous Testicles!!!
    I hope and pray for this country and the demise of all evil from within!
    Democrats are nothing but pure evil and those who disagree are the problem here in America!
    May America once again be Great and May all democrats eat shit and die!

  4. The current “protesters” are not simply mindless single-issue protesters. They are organized people who are ignorant of American ideals, who have been instructed to destroy the current United States of America. They are promised seats at the table of power once the U.S. collapses into irreparable rubble. The brain-children of the destruction can afford to make huge impossible promises to the ignorant mob, because they know that the promises will never be fulfilled. Who suffers? All of the United States, and the ignorant mob who is being used as the battering ram for the destruction.

    The only salvation at this point is to vote straight RED on November 3. Anything else is certain death of the country.

    1. It’s only freedom of the press when one side doesn’t control it!
      It’s Marxism fascism and communism when one party the Demscum controls the bulk of the media!
      Their is no freedom of the press when news is shelves and only leftist narratives are the media’s bias message?
      Democrats are worse than Hitler for hitler told the world he was going to destroy the world with his tyranny
      Democrats lie with every word from their cancerous mouths they are inhuman scabs upon society and must be eliminated!

  5. These crybaby monkeys are to stupid to see and admit that they as a micro portion of the population receive the vast majority of government help. If they want to address the issue of reperations then go to your local government office with proof of slave ancestry and you will be given a bill for your share of reperations that you owe to the ancestors of all the white people that died to free your ancestors now isn’t that how it should work.

  6. QUOTE: “The paramilitary group (NFAC) is said to be composed of former military snipers and soldiers.”

    ~Who are lead by a idiot don’t even understand the BASIC OPERATION of a AR Platform Style Weapon and is followed by jokers who walk around with jammed weapons….

    ~Had it’s members putting their Weapons muzzles INTO the ground…

    ~SHOT THREE OF THEIR OWN VIA FRIENDLY FIRE,,,by way of lack of EXTREMELY SLOPPY Weapon Control / Trigger Discipline…

    As a Marine Veteran myself,
    I can GUARANTEE 100% of those of us in Veteran Community is either laughing our collective arses off at them…
    Or shaking our heads and thinking” these guys are making us look like retards”

  7. The Main Stream Medias are to blame for more of the unrest Riots in America than any other Organization. I blame it on the Medias owned and paid for by the Democrat Billionaires such as Bloomberg and Soros and more just like them. They are Power-Hungry and cannot have this power with President Trump as our Leader, I love hi Fearlessness and his strength to stand up against all he’s had to stand against since he first took office. Without Trump, America would be on such a downward spiral that we’d never be the America we all grew up in. The Left Democrats hate America and are not ashamed to admit it. You can red their comments and reports daily…all very Anti-America and Anti-God, besides anti-life. I have absolutely No Respect for the MSNMedias; CNN, MSNBC, CBS,ABC, NBC and more. I refuse to watch them, and I grew up respecting them as always Reporting the Truth Unbiased News. Today it is the opposite, I do not trust ONE Article they report or say. I watch OAN, News Max or Fox News who Do Report the Truth and give the other-side plenty room to be on air or answer every charge. America will Fall if the Democrats win the Election and we will become Socialist Puppets under the Big Government Owned Billionaire Democrats. But they will have a Fight on their hands because any true American will Fight for our Constitutional Rights given to us by our Fore Fathers. We are a Moral Nation, and we follow moral Values taken from our God who gave us “One Nation Under God”, and we have been Blessed because of this. He will Not Bless America should Socialists take over our Nation. We are in Prayer Daily..all of us Christians are. And there is No More Powerful Weapon on Earth then Prayer.

    1. Must do it before they change the 2nd amendment to take away all guns which they have said they will do! 1st amendment right to freedom of speech means will be gone also! If you put a sign in your yard for a candidate & the liberal government doesn’t want it you will be thrown in jail for expressing your view point! Buy Senator Ted Cruz new book “One vote away” just out #1 on Amazon he was on Mark Levin Sunday wrote the book while away from the senate said it was serendipity that it should happen that a Supreme Court Justice would die! This book explains everything about what the demoncrats have done through the years. He was really fantastic! I’ve got a renewed sense of admiration for him and what he is accomplishing these few weeks! He took Comey to task and his new book will shed light on what the demoncrats plan for this country!

  8. They are going to “take Texas”?? Hilarious, since they know nothing about Texans or Texas history. There are more guns and hunters in Texas than any other state. As they said in Gonzales during the revolution, “Come and take it”.

  9. Dan Bongino gave the perfect example of the difference between the right reacts vs the left. The left is encouraging their supporters to trespass on others’ property and steal or destroy Trump signs. Basically to break the law. Dan had 2 of his signs stolen and put out on twitter; “Dear A**hole Who Stole My 2 Trump Signs, I’ve replaced them with 4 more and made a $500 donation to the campaign too, Steal these and I’ll add 8 more signs and I’ll double the donation. Thanks for playing! -Dan.” The right are generally law abiding, accepting a “live and let live” people. The left have become a “do what I say or suffer retaliation via violence” people. Unless your life is made better by living with so much hatred, why would anyone choose to live the life of the left’s ideology??

  10. I just want to commend you on a succinct and truthful article. Journalism is dead as I knew it; I am 65. Gone are the days when you knew that if you read it in the paper there was a 99.99% chance that it was the truth. When I was younger we used to laugh at all of the tabloid rags with all of their outrageous acclimations. Yet today, we find that same sort of lunacy in our “so-called” mainstream media. If people could just recall our recent human history they will easily see that all dangerous political parties (see communism) and tyrannies begin with the control of communications. TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc. They wouldn’t allow their citizens to hear any opposing viewpoints. And it led to millions of people coming to believe in something that they never would have if they had been given a free and truthful press. Our first amendment was once a cherished shrine to out democracy. Now it is a mockery. Thank you again for swimming against the stream and stating facts and truth, Once we see that, it is then up to us to determine how and what we stand with. Today, we have lost that right. I pray that we can regain it.

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