Former FBI Official Wants Bipartisan Commission to Vet Candidates Like Trump

A former top FBI official wants to create a ‘bipartisan’ commission to vet presidential candidates so that someone like Trump cannot win again.

“We got this wrong, and this can’t happen again,” said Frank Figliuzzi, who was briefly the assistant director of the FBI under President Obama.

The former FBI guy goes back to the old script and says Trump is entangled with Russia and Russian organized crime, but he provides no evidence and no evidence was found by his FBI, only fabricated.

Figliuzzi also suggested that the media didn't dig deeply enough to uncover the dirt on Trump during the 2016 election.

He once called for an investigation into Devin Nunes when Nunes was set to release a memo that exposed FBI corruption on Figliuzzi's watch.

Figliuzzi, now a national security contributor for NBC News, once called for a criminal investigation of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) when he was the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and was set to release a memo on the FBI’s surveillance abuse. Corrupt current and former members of the intelligence community, and their allies in the media deeply opposed the January 2018 publication of the Nunes memo, arguing disingenuously that it was misleading and would compromise “sources and methods.”

That same memo was confirmed by the IG report in 2019.

Now you know why he wanted Nunes investigated. They try to derail anyone who investigates them. Take a look at Flynn.

In August of 2019, Figliuzzi on MSNBC compared Trump supporters to members of a terrorist organization and floated a conspiracy theory that Trump was sending out secret coded signals to white supremacists.

Of course he works for NBC.

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55 thoughts on “Former FBI Official Wants Bipartisan Commission to Vet Candidates Like Trump”

    1. you mean for HONESTY AND INTEGRITY”


  1. And this coming from a FORMER FBI official, why it this person a “FORMER ” fbi official , ??? it seems he is out to get anyone with a R after their name. Sound like a complete CON MAN ” full of BS. And was unable to screw over the fbi to get what we wanted. So now he is in a OVERPAID and UNDERWORKED position at NBC as a national security advisor , LOL LOL LOL another CROCK OF BS position. Seems to me that the alphabet stations and the fbi and cia and doj , could use some stricter vetting of employees themselves . And he is all fugiluzzied-up

  2. oh yea sure – we want the FBI and an already suspect DC insiders, biased media and in the shadows government lifers, to determine who is “worthy” in their eyes to be president. Sorry, it says “We The People” are the true government. The desire of these people to seize even greater power than they already exercise is disturbing and disgusting. Evil lurks, where power is involved.

  3. So the guy wants a “bipartisan commission” to vet presidential candidates, how in the world will you compose a commission such as that this day and time? The FBI is as crocked as a snake and will probably never be a righteous law enforcement group again.

  4. It would be interesting to have sleepy Joe Biden vetted. Considering all the sleazy deals he has been involved with just during the Obama years would probably disqualify him from running and could indict him.

  5. Hunter Biden’s erratic behavior and his chemical substance abuse made him an ideal candidate to compromise. I will giveVP Biden credit for finally acknowledging his substance abuse problems.

  6. Mr. Figgulizzi needs to reread the Constitution of the USA. He also has forgotten the rights of the citizenry to choose the candidate that represents the values of their respective choices. He furthermore has forgotten how corrupt the FBI, and all of Washington has become. Back off, sir.

  7. Obama puppet can screw off. How about venting Hillary Clinton? Your a idiot and a traitor to the constitution. President Trump has done more for America than that piece of trash Obama ever did. You only want butt kissers who bow down to socialism.

  8. Who is this FBI pdrson? Why not mention his name You are reporting this like fack news. No name then the article is bogis.

    1. Steven, I don’t normally criticize people, just maybe their ideas, but are you seriously calling an article bogus because
      Figliuzzi wasn’t mentioned in the article? I only count it being there 4 times, not counting several more times in other people’s replies (people who actually read the article.)

  9. Figliuzzi is just another corrupt swamp waste of tax payer money. I am quite sure he took a oath of office to get hired, he should be prosecuted for making a false statement. Just another Obama ass kissing bootlicker.

  10. I agree we should vet any Presidential candidate who can provide a birth certificate if they weren’t born an American citizen! Figliuzzi was apart of the Obama Administration of crooked and corrupt FBI agents! His word means nothing! It’s the FBI who need vetting most!
    By the way, Biden and his son Hunter should be vetted for their corruption in foreign Countries! And Kamala was a corrupt DA!
    Let’s Make America Great Again!



  12. Figliuzzi is wrong since any native born American, even a dog-faced pony soldier should be eligible to run for President of the United States!

  13. Folks,
    I have to tell you…, as a retired Special Agent (GS-1811 series), you have to have a lot of attributes to make it to the top at any federal law enforcement agency in America,
    Being a good investigator is NOT one of them.
    Those who spend the least amount of time doing what they were actually hired to do (work cases) are the ones who make it to the top the quickest.
    Remember that when you read about the Frank Figliuzzi‘s out there.

  14. Sad the state of Partisan Journalism. Does one even need to go to school and get a Journalism Degree? What a waste of money! Just Hate the Right and start lying from day one. It’s intellectually insulting and embarrassing .

  15. Mr. Figliuzi seems to want something like the Police State of the old Soviet system of ‘DOMECRATIC’ elections by handpicking WHO we should be allowed to vote for. Friggin communist wannabe!

  16. Well, at least the former FBI agent, Frank Figliuzzi, is dumb enough to unmask himself as being a complete idiot that would deny ‘the people’ the ability to have a government of, by and for the people.

  17. The FBI needs to revamp their own ‘VETTING” procedures to make sure that the likes of Frank FIGLOSER don’t get selected to “protect” our country. DISGUSTING MAN!!!

  18. I’d call that the outstanding BS of the day – -that traitor pile of doggy poop needs to be led away quietly, and perforated multiple times by American patriots. using varied calibers, whatever is handy as long as it’s lethal. His idea is to give the power of selecting a candidate to his little band of traitors and thieves, and Obama-ites. He’s trying to take away the voice of the people, who, he may not recall, elected Donald Trump, not the pro-dictatorship that he and his dirt bags would like to institute? Apparently, “His Rectalness” forgets that as a government employee his job was to go by the Constitution, not by whatever emesis is sloshing around ion his brain. Sorry for being so long-winded – – – – -Short version? Recommend removal with extreme prejudice!

  19. Actually………we need a commission to “vet” candidates like Biden, hillary and most importantly Kamala Harris who is NOT qualified to run for the WH because she is born of foreign parents. She is NOT any “natural born US citizen” per the Constitution. “Natural born” means at least one parent is a US citizen at the time of birth. Neither her nor Marco Rubio were qualified in this regard, with Rubio becoming a “naturalized” citizen with his Cuban national parents when he was 5 years old.

  20. It is not the job of a self-appointed group to determine who our elected officials should be, rather it is the job of each citizen to do their own research and vote for the best candidate according to them.

  21. So, the FBIwant sto assure that all future candidates are political “swamp creatures” so the abuse continues.

  22. Of course, this would be unconstitutional. There are requirements laid out by the constitution. But there is nothing about the FBI in our founding documents. It would be easier to dissolve the FBI than allow it to vet presidential candidates for their qualifications – besides being over 35 and born in the US. Based on what the FBI did to Trump, he or any president would be within reason to call for a complete vetting of all FBI personnel as well as a house cleaning, in the interest of national security!

  23. First let vet all the Illegals and the Politicians that allowed a big problem in this country. Then lets vet the FBI that have not followed the law. Then maybe we can talk about the President.

  24. YOU BETTER BE KIDDING ME!! You’re all just running SCARED because he hasn’t STOPPED EXPOSING all your corruption, lies, TREASON and theft!! All your bank accounts are beginning to shrink so you scared! Well guess what… We love the job he’s done and we need MANY more like him! Vet those scary FREAKS Biden/Harris! #TRUMP2020

  25. This guy is merely a member of the Deep State or Establishment, trying to control everything. The vetting he proposes should have been on Obama. No one has established he he is or what he was. Very curious why the media did not pursue this, and gave Obama a clean slate throughout. I only hope that there is a leak in all the cover up. Trump was and is an open book.

  26. Of course he does. Trump wasn’t a politician, not a part of the “good-ole-boy” club. He’s disrupted their game. That just can’t happen again. We, the people have been frustrated and fed up with the lack of, well, basically ANYTHING from our govt. for decades. Some areas were worse than others, but mostly it was lots of promises and lots of nothing afterwards. Trump actually put the American citizens first and politicians CANNOT let that happen again. Especially the Democrats. There were plans in place and they got derailed. Dems lust after the power and control… Trump is actually trying to return that back to the people. He really believes in “of the people, by the people, for the people.” How DARE he!

  27. “Vetting” so Trump cant win agin and probably helped to disenfranchise 63 million voters. OK for Biden Harris and former worst president ever Obama to run. Who does Figliuzzi think he is ? Bet he didn’t dig deep enough on any democrat so lets cancel out hypocrisy and let Figliuzzi fade away. Is Figliuzzi part of the criminal spying op on US citizens … maybe he is part of the infamous FBI criminal activity