BREAKING: President Trump and First Lady Melania Test Positive for Coronavirus

President Trump tweeted that he and Melania have tested positive for the Coronavirus, late Thursday evening.

This wasn’t long after he confirmed that one of his top aides, Hope Hicks, had tested positive earlier in the day.

The first lady sent a tweet out saying that they were feeling well and would get through this together.

Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson says he has no doubts the President will make it through this and he will continue to carry out his duties as President.

"I will bet you that he does not develop symptoms, that he moves on and this does not become a big deal," Jackson said.

President Trump's upcoming public events, including a rally in Florida, have been cancelled.

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15 thoughts on “BREAKING: President Trump and First Lady Melania Test Positive for Coronavirus”

  1. Many prayers for the fast recovery of our President Donald John trump, First Lady Melania Trump, family, staff, and contact list. i pray that your physician will prescribe a fast acting therapeutic regimen that will negate the symptoms of the Covid 19 Chinese Kungflu virus. Get well soon. We love you.

  2. We are praying for you and the first lady….In Jesus name, Amen! You will be well and you will be our President!

  3. Hope you’re not feeling tooo under the weather and that you and our lovely 1st Lady get well soon! America loves you! Best wishes, The Hairabedian Family.

  4. STOP!!!!!! The so-called ‘tests’ are BOGUS!!!! Every REAL Doctor and REAL Scientist (REAL = NOT bought-and-paid-for) states that FACT!!! Even the creator of the PCR test stated that it’s function was NOT to test for viruses!!!! This WHOLE ‘testing’ thing is a FRAUD!!! Just like the ‘Big, Bad Virus’ itself!!!! STOP THIS INSANITY!!!!! NOW!!!!!

  5. Our hearts and prayers go out to Our President and his family!!!!

    It is just another flu made pandemic by the democrats and their actions alone account for the fear and most of the deaths in America!
    Democrats placed covid within our retirement homes and that is where most of our tragic deaths have occurred!
    What scum
    They did it to hurt the president so they could win control of this country and continue their crime wave!
    Killing our grand parents for their treasonous corruption and cover ups of their crimes!
    Shows just how inhuman democrats and their politicians are!
    The New York Times have called for our President to be removed from the ballot
    Treason is the agenda of democrats
    Corruption defines democrats
    Murder is the weapon of democrats
    Just watch the amped up treason the democrats are
    Watch them continue to lie
    Liars liars liars is what you get when their mouths are moving!!!!
    Death, boycotts and justice are democrats future!

  6. Get well soon, we can’t go on with out you & your family! May God Bless the United States of America & the Trump family!

  7. We missed President Trump campaign trail. We are praying for you and our beautiful first lady. All the who people working in your administrations.