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Only in 2020: Black Chairman of Proud Boys Disputes White Supremacy Label

During the first Presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace looked to have provide cover for the Democrat Presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

One key instance is where Wallace asked President Trump if he would, right now, condemn White Supremacy, as if he hadn’t already done it at least 20 times on TV.

Wallace to Trump:

“You have repeatedly criticized the Vice President for not specifically calling out antifa and other left-wing extremist groups. But are you willing, tonight, to condemn white supremacists and militia groups?”

Wallace added that the President needed to ask them to stand down and not add to the violence.

Trump: “Sure, what do you want me to call them. Give me a name”

Biden interjected and said “Proud Boys”.

President Trump said:  “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”

But there’s a big problem with this.

If the Proud Boys are a white supremacy group, they’re doing it all wrong.

The International Chairman is a Black and Hispanic man named Enrique Tarrio and many members are Black men and Hispanic men.

“We’ve been called many names, but probably the most inaccurate name you can call us is white supremacists,” Tarrio said. “I’m a person of color, I’m a brown person, I’m chairman of the organization.”

The group appears to be racially diverse.

Well this is the weirdest white supremacy group I've ever seen.

Despite the media's insistence that Trump somehow encouraged the Proud Boys by telling them to stand down, the chairman Enrique Tarrio says the group will stand down after Trump's remarks.

The media lies are simply out of control.


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42 thoughts on “Only in 2020: Black Chairman of Proud Boys Disputes White Supremacy Label”

  1. Their racial diversity is good to know, someone should tell Biden. Someone also should tell Biden that there seems to be an amazing similarity between his anti-fa Marxist mob/arsonist/physical assualtears “idea” , and the real fascist of WWII. What does Joe call the SS I wonder?

    1. Crime fighters fight crime.
      Fire fighters fight fires.
      Those who call themselves freedom fighters fight against the freedoms we enjoy.

      Has anyone ever seen antifa or blm do anything constructive for society?

  2. everything is upside down, inside out, and what is right is left. Nothing that the President or Conservatives say or do can ever be right according to the Left. What ever happened to Common Sense, Normal Thinking, Logic, Respect, Rational, Morals, Religion, Helping your fellow man, The Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Laws of this Great Country? I served this country in the US Army 50 years ago to make sure we had the safest place in the World. My brothers and sisters fought in every part of this World for every people that ever existed. Socialism is the beginnings of Communism. Where only the very few have a say and most would stand in bread lines to keep from starving. That is not America. Americans stand tall and proud of our founders, defenders and our values. We work hard to succeed. We work hard even during hard times. We hurt and still go to work because that is what we do. We have families to support and be educated. We the People of this great country will not lay down and allow ourselves to be walked upon by the likes of those that would do asunder.

    1. ***What ever happened to Common Sense, Normal Thinking, Logic, Respect, Rational, Morals, Religion, Helping your fellow man, The Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Laws of this Great Country?

      The federalized pubik eddykashun sistum and academia.

      1. I wonder. What the F— did happen to Americans? It is more than enough to P–s most of us off. I have always gone to danger. I have always been a 1st defender and 1st responder.

        May God have mercy on those that would try to do us asunder. They know not what they are doing. They are as misguided as N Korea’s Kim. This world could be a great place to be on.

        If they would just stand up straight. Do the right thing in life and stop trying to make America a 3rd world shit hole. Just stand up straight, and pledge your allegiance to our for flag not for the cloth but what it means to so very many. Millions upon millions of Americans have sacrificed, up to their very lives, for the rest of us. Since before the actual birth of these United States of America, some of us saw a great bright light at the end of the tunnel. A safe place to just be. To work, to live, to send our kids to school and to have as peaceful as possible life just being good people.

        God bless Americans.

    2. So proud to read your comment, my fears are that there aren’t enough of us to get this country back on track . You and l came up under different times and respect for law and order have been removed from the younger generation . I hope to be able to live long enough to see the return of being proud to be an American!

  3. Sue Biden and Chris Wallace for slandering your Club of Patriots because that IS tje only language they understand..make a peaceful STAND by using the Judicial system they “Protect” good luck PATRIOTS 💕🙌

    1. Democrats have already hired 600 lawyers. What does that tell ya about the integrity of the party when they prepare their attack on the election system well before any results? And they have been engineering disruption and chaos for the last few months while refusing to comply with laws concerning audits of the voter rolls, with the strategy that multiple clamoring attacks with no time for resolution will benefit their agenda.

    2. Judicial system. Wow that is almost a laughing stock. They are in place not to intemperate those laws but to uphold them. They do not make the laws either. Unfortunately it is our Congress that make the US laws. The same goes for our state laws. Those justices are also tasked with administrating those laws not intemperate those laws. A sham in so many cases.

      However that is where so much should be brought to for determining the fates of those that would try to do asunder. Come on Ag Barr lets get some charges going and indictments to follow. Lets drain the Swamp.

  4. I sincerely hope that the people who post these rational ideas as opposed to the main street media show up to vote. I am a Democrat but will vote help save our country from going down the path to socialism. The divide in this country has been fueled by the press as it helps sell their products and ideas.

    1. Gerald, thank you for seeing that bright light. No one can guarantee to support us, feed us, house us, clothe us, school us, give us medical attention, etc, etc, with out someone first making the money to pay for it all. So many think that the government does that. They are deluded. We are the government. Unfortunately some of our government forgot that. They are our employees not our lords and ladies. They forgot that they answer to us, We the People of the United States of America. We have been the silent majority for way too long. Time for us to go get that prize. Our true freedoms that are God given only further defined in our Bill of Rights and the laws of our Republic. How the Hell can some 5 or 600 people that are paid salaries by us thing they can hold everything over our heads? They can’t and need to be told so by electing them out. Clear the Swamp. November is coming and we can start the clean up.

    2. MAIN STREAM MEDIA!! LOLOLOLHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got to be kidding. There could be a video of a canoe sinking and the only person on board swimming to safety. Instead of stating the 2 facts they would have us believing it was a major Naval catastrophe where all kinds of things happened and they would blame Trump.. It is just hysterical to think the media is honest about anything.. Again LOLOLOLHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Truth has never impeded the democrat party and their supporting media from their attacks against the Constitution.

  6. If we don’t stop this nit-picking and analyzing we are going to keep sewing seeds of division. Did your Mama ever tell you “If you don’t keep picking it will never get well”?
    Everything is under a microscope. It’s assumed everything that ever was has an underlying evil about it.
    Now, Shawshank Redemption? ‘Underlying tones’ that NOBODY ever saw? Who’s the genius who saw them and nobody else did?

  7. The same people(?) that are trying to characterize Proud Boys as a white supremist group claim Antifa is either a myth (idiot Nadler and company) or a harmless protest group (most democrats). They also consider BLM as a defender of Black people instead of just another group of domestic terrorists like Antifa.

  8. Why is this the first I am hearing of the man? “Proud Boys” have been all over the news for months… NOW it comes out that their leader is BLACK & HISPANIC? Wow, the Left truly does control the media!

    And Mr. Biden, Mizz Harris, and others; Please stop calling Trump supporters NAZIs. Being Jewish i really find it offensive. BTW, NAZIs were “The National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party”

    1. Not too many either remember history or were never taught the real history of our world. I have worked with , served with and had close contact with just about every race, color, religion etc, etc, etc, during my schooling, service and career. Sure there were individuals that I did not get along with. Not because of anything more we just did not click. That happens. I have met people that had the numbers on their arms. Parents and grandparents of friends or coworkers.
      How could another human being think they have the right to exterminate a religious group of people. Not to mention the Polis, the Russian, and other Eastern European peoples that were in their way.

      How sad. How wrong. We must never forget. We must always learn from our and others mistakes. We must not forget what and why these things were done and never do that again. NEVER.

      God bless us all.

      1. I grew up in a Democrat household. My father was a carpenter. A union member because if you had no group there was no unity and strength. Over the decades my dad started a construction firm. Still union and he had several union cards. I worked for him for a while after the military. I worked several jobs with several unions till the early 70s when the recession started in my home state of Connecticut. I moved to Pennsylvania to get work. Wound up at Bell Telephone-Verizon. Had worked in several union positions till I retired 13 years ago. Lucky for me our unions helped us workers. We fought for and got good benefits instead of higher wages so we could retire and have a pension and healthcare.

        Getting back to the Democrat family. Back in the 50s and 60s the unions helped us workers and the Democrats seemed to be on our side. They had our backs. Something happened. The unions got greedy. Had gotten bad people to run some of them. The Democrats changed and didn’t seem to care any longer. We got lousy after lousy people to run for office for many, many, decades.

        Then came along a worker, not a politician who just happened to win a very pivotal election. He was bombarded day in and day out but in spite of it all he got stuff accomplished where the rest didn’t seem to care about us but only themselves. Career politicians. What are they? Parasites on humanity, that’s what.

        Our founding members came to Washington to serve for a few years then went back home to their farms or other concerns. Never dreaming of a permanent job as a politician. Someone that only spends but does not make profits can not know how to have a profit margin and not to have a deficit in the budget. Money does not grow on trees. There has to be something there in the first place to back it up. Used to be our gold reserves at Ft Knox. Now what backs up our currency? Damned if I know. Do you? We are 25 trillion in debt. Funny money is created to give handouts and pay for things. Who gets to pay the mortgage that we did not even agree to have? That’s right all the generations of Americans after us. That’s who..

    1. Trump seriously asked his staff to look into injecting disinfectant into human beings. Watch the video. He was not kidding. Trump is so stupid he wanted to Post Office to triple its rates for packages not considering that the Post Office has serious competition. He really did it because he hates Jeff Bezos and wanted to make life difficult for him, not realizing that Bezos would simply stop using the post office. Trump has gone bankrupt 6 times. That is stupid. He has a very long list of failed businesses, very long. He does not listen to his science advisors and his lack of leadership during the pandemic has caused thousands of deaths that could have been prevented if he had not lied to us about the pandemic and if he had encouraged people to wear masks.

      “I’m talking about a man who declares himself brilliant but directed me to threaten his high school, his colleges and the College Board to never release his grades or SAT scores,” Mr. Cohen said, part of broad testimony he gave before the House Oversight Committee.

      And Frank DiPrima a close friend of his professor at Wharton said  “Professor Kelley told me 100 times over three decades that ‘Donald Trump was the dumbest goddam student I ever had,’”

  9. I wonder who funds you. Is it the Russians? To say any group is more in favor of Trump because of the last debate simply is not so. I voted for him in the last election because I thought he would grow into the job. He has not. I am more ashamed of that vote then anything else I have done in my life. Trump will cause the destruction of our party and your support of him contributes to it.

  10. BLM/Antifa loot, burn and destroy America. Proud Boys protect America. All three are composed of white, black and brown members.

    1. Grace. Looks like 2 out of the 3 need to be rounded up and whisked away. You are correct about the Boys. I never heard of them till today. Good for them. Why have we not heard about them? Oh that’s right the main stream media controls the narrative all the time.

  11. Another example of the liberal media and their fake news not doing their homework and using their own opinions to again present fake news. Mike Wallace is a prime example of not getting the facts before opening his mouth and showing how stupid he is. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!

  12. Biden would label the Baptist Church, the RNC & everybody on here as some kind of name like that. Trump is right not to fall into that trap too much. I wish he’d just said I don’t know anything about Proud Boys, so I can’t condemn them. Militia groups as a whole can’t be condemned either. Many just want to defend against the leftist stuff, like the Proud Boys. Remember when Clinton was chomping at the bits to have McVeigh be in a Militia, so he could start a war against guns & the Militias. Militias may save our bacon if these Commies get in there. Every person on here will want to join in. Where else would you go? Give in? Let them take everything we have? Please do not condemn Militias wholesale. That black militia like group in Atlanta seemed alright to Biden but they were not protecting, they were threatening violence against us. Notice no white militia group went down there & shot them up. That’s not what most militia groups are about. Bad ones? Well, yeah. Identify that they are actually bad first.

    1. Militias. Good people looking out for their lives, property and their neighbor’s stuff too. Our first Army was comprised of quite a lot of America’s responsible people looking out for themselves and others. Militias are not just a bunch of nuts with firearms. We are made up of doctors, engineers, farmers, electricians, mechanics etc, etc, etc. Just good folks wanting to have a foot up on the bad stuff just down the road. We the People are American militias. I was trained by the best Army in the World. The US Army. I get it.

      I’ve been on this site with my comments all afternoon. Thank you to the others that made comments and spurred me on to say what is right and needed for America.

      God Bless America.

  13. I was just reading some of the news on line. One was about the debate. What a sham. Sure Trump interjected his thoughts and questions towards Biden because he did not answer a lot of pertinent questions. Trump was repeatedly shut down for disrupting the flow of it all. During that debate apparently there was talk of the White Supremest movements of which Proud Boys was mentioned. He said he did not know about them. Neither did I.

    The other thing I read is how Biden is up in the polls because Trump is responsible for the COVID-19. Well all my friends CHINA, is the one responsible for letting Pandora out of her box, not TRUMP….

    Amazing how many believe what almost all the news outlets report that are paid for and run by the likes of Soros, Clinton, Gates, etc, etc, etc. Believe none of what you hear and 1/2 of what you see.

    Be careful out there in cities across America. Don’t become a statistic of violence.

  14. COMUNISMO is the cancer of EVERY COUNTRY after they start they never live, ask CUBAN PEOPLE ASK VENEZUELA, in every country when COMUNISMOS start they revolucion they start to kill police and create crime and DIVADE THE COUNTRY(IN URUGUAY IN THE 60′ THEY KILL 72 POLICE, INOCENTE PEOPLE AND REMEMBER IN URUGUAY WHAS ONLY 3 MILLION PEOPLE IN ALL THE COUNTRY, today is 3 1/2 million) I live in the 50′, 60′ til 1973 in Uruguay, I visited Venezuela and last Year from Colombia I want to visited again Venezuela and was imposible the misery in Venezuela is IMPOSIBLE TO SAY, MORE OF @ MILLION VENEZUELAN ESCAPE TO COLOMBIA ANOTHER MILLION TO BRAZIL, AND 4 MORE MILLIONS ESCAPE TO OVER CENTRAL, NORTH AND SUD AMERICA. I this what we want to our BEUTIFUL AMERICA? I prefer to death before to let SOCIALISM TAKE OVER AND DESTROY AMERICA

  15. The thing the socialist do best (with the help of main stream media) is lie. If you are fighting to maintain our American Freedoms the socialist does not want that. They want full and complete control of all Americans. They are terrified when they see Racial harmony. GOD Bless the PROUD BOYS and GOD Bless America.

  16. We have seen a lot of violence, looting occupying, attacking, even murder in the field of -I insist to say: THIS “BLM”, because the Original REAL BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT OF 2014 IN OF FERGUSON did none of that, and is, I am sure, as abhorred by it as any other Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red, or other person. One point has to be made: THIS “BLM” is largely White, young, out-of-studies, unemployed, parent-and-family-hating, anti-religious.
    None of this could be said of the Black and Brown Community in the United States, nor of the Original REAL BLM.

    And when we compare this determined and violent group around the Democrat Youth of “Antifa” with the one on the other side son often vilified as “WHITE SUPREMACISTs”, the ‘Proud Boys’, it must stun anyone looking at their International Leader … HE IS BLACK! Hispanic and Black, Enrique Tarrio does not see much of that evil “White Supremacism” – maybe, because the whole thing is just ab – excuse me: Toilet Parole scribbled on a wall.

    We heard the term first, during this election campaign, in Charlottesville when a rally of ‘Defenders of Monuments’ peacefully demonstrated and were attacked by an organized mob armed with clubs and baseball bats. The ensuing battle was, by Democrat Mayor and Police blamed on the Monuments’ people as “White Supremacists”. – Which they had no intent to be; and anyway: Their demonstration had been organized by Jason Kessler, an Obama agent!

    So, whatever we are told in press and media – nothing has changed since 9/11 and Iraq’s “Weapons of Mass-Destruction”: We always hear lies – and twist-arounds – and false charges, etc. And it has gone worse, since Day 1 of Hillary Clinton losing her attempt of creating a continued Obama Social Engineering (i.e. LGBT-)government. And that is exactly what comes out of THIS “BLM” again, with Cancel Culture! Off With Family! Abort’em All!

    These pseudo “Antifascists” should recall who Planned (UN)Parenthood founder’s friends were: Hitler and KKK!
    And keeping open ALL HISTORY and making sure that ALL LIVES MATTER is nothing Racist, but the reverse!

    That is why I laughed when I read about the BLM and the Proud Boys of Utah met in a joint conference to discuss conflict areas and ways of going together – I LAUGHED BECAUSE IT WAS SO GOOD!
    And it shows that the people who riot and loot and worse ARE NOT THE REAL BLM but either politically misled or political agitators.
    And neither have the Proud Boys (nor the Bikers for Trump, nor the Monument Protectors of Charlottesville) ever been out in hate and violence – they were attacked, but called “guilty attackers” by interested parties. The entire vocabulary of “white supremacists” is a political lie to make the opposition to one side look evil and disgusting.

    I would ask the people in this meeting whom I call the REAL BLM to look at the others from their deeds – not what WashPost or NYT smear about them. And I would ask them to look back a long way:
    – Starting in 1991 when LA police bludgeoned Rodney King nearly to death, and the Head of the Justice Commission of Congress, MR. JOE BIDEN drafted a law to excuse them; and in 1994 got a Police Law passed that allowed all police brutality,
    – and with the 3 Strikes Law he sent more Black people into prisons than ever before.
    Is that what a Black People’s President should be?

    Then, look at Ferguson in 2014, when Obama was President and JOE BIDEN his VP: More Black Lives were lost through police from 2014 to 2016 than under President Trump, brutality grew – but President and VP stood behind their police.
    So, to THIS “BLM”: Consider that:
    Think of it! You have shown that you have the sense to think before you do senseless things.
    So, think and act accordingly!

  17. They should be forced to issue a correction statement at the next debate and clear the air. Otherwise, a law suit may be in order. That was DEFINITELY a lie and defamatory. It puts their lives in danger.

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