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Fox News Media: Nobody Could Have Done Better Than Chris Wallace

Welcome to 2020.

The Hill’s Joe Concha posted a joint memo issued by Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace:

We’d like to take a moment to thank and congratulate Chris Wallace for moderating last night’s extraordinary debate. We are extremely proud of his professionalism, skill and fortitude in a unique situation while doing everything possible to hold both candidates accountable. NO moderator could have managed a debate of that magnitude better than Chris.

Professionalism, skill, and fortitude?

It seems that some of the Fox News other hosts have a different opinion.

Laura Ingraham said:

"Trump is debating the moderator and Biden"

Greg Gutfield retweeted Stephen Miller's post that said:

"Wallace is grilling Trump on his supporters taking to the streets when antifa is burning businesses down right now."

All the while Chris Wallace asked President Trump if he would 'denounce White Supremacy' as if he's been holding out.

Here are 20 times President Trump has previously denounced White Supremacy.

Wallace must have forgotten to force Biden to denounce Antifa, the group actually burning cities to the ground and shooting people in the streets.

Wallace, on the other had, lays the blame elsewhere and says:

 "Generally speaking, I did as well as I could, so I don't have any second thoughts there. I'm just disappointed with the results. For me, but much more importantly, I'm disappointed for the country, because it could have been a much more useful evening than it turned out to be."


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89 thoughts on “Fox News Media: Nobody Could Have Done Better Than Chris Wallace”

  1. Wallace what a total Biden ass kisser Biden was wired which was not supposed to be he tried to disgrace our President while he wouldn’t asked the tough questions to Biden what in the hell is going at Fox . Wallace go join ABC or one of the other fake broadcast companies.

    1. I agree, the whole World knows Wallace is a ” Never Trumper ” however Wallace favored Biden and if one counts the interruptions . Again Wallace favored Biden .

  2. Chris Wallace is a JOKE!! He was totally attacking the President while letting Biden slide. He should go on over to MSMBC with all of the other liberal loons What’s going on with Fox these days. I use to love watching Fox but not any more.

  3. Chris Wallace is always trying to make the person that he doesn’t like look bad. He is so biased he has no business being the moderator. I say this and I am a registered democrat that has enough sense to see what the democrats will do to this country.

  4. Chris Wallace did not do a very good job. Fox should have chosen someone who was not a Biden supporter. So obvious his dislike for President Trump.

  5. Fox News is not being honest, nor was Wallace being fair. Our President was being attacked by both Biden and Wallace. He was debating against 2. Wallace protected Biden and covered for him when he did not answer questions.
    On the other hand, Wallace was drilling our President. Wallace also interrupted our President from answering or completing his statement. Our President did the only thing he could do, which was to interrupt to make his point, and he did so because he does not tolerate unfairness and is a fighter. Fire Wallace or lose more of your Fox News viewers.
    It is time that a debate is not always moderated by liberals.

  6. Is the man who thought he did a great job, Jay Wallace, related to him? That might explain why he thinks he did a good job.

    1. Wallace had his nose so far up Biden s ass that if he made a sharpe turn he would of broke it off. Stopped watching Fox News in the am, it’s obviously changed. These Fox libtarts can continue to support the village idiot Biden.

  7. He did so disgustingly bad that his bias became apparent to all. For a fact we all know that FOX management warned other commentators not to criticize Wallace. But even other progressive commented against his performance.
    However, as an old time registered Democrat and his father’s son, he could not resist the temptation of trying to do in President Trump, but in doing so he further DISCREDITED FAKE NEWS.MEDIA AGENTS.

  8. I disagree with Chris Wallace. It was evident from the start that he was leaning towards Biden. It is a total disappointment in him and his arrogance that he thinks he was fair. Why didn’t he press Biden for not answering the question regarding “ packing the courts.” Why didn’t you say something regarding called the President a clown, and even saying shut up!! It one think to support a candidate who you want however don’t act like you did a professional job. Chris be honest and move on to CNN. What a total disappointment you are

  9. What a pathetic and irresponsible performance given by the whimpy and biased Wallace. Worst obvious lopsided protect the lib Biden showing ever. He should be ashamed of himself. A disgrace and oh such obvious attacks on the President. Wallace is a pompous elite and thinks he knows it all. Fox News sucks in my book. Went to Newsmax. Fox now run by libs with only Tucker, Laura, Gutfeld and Hannity worth watching.

  10. I thought that Chris Wallace was bias. He gave Biden more time and let him make statements against Trump rather than answer the questions. Biden did that on purpose to rial Trump up. Chris Wallace was not in control and you should not be proud of him. I always thought that Fox News was not bias but now I think more for Democrats.

  11. Evidently, the higher ups at fox did not watch the debate! Their praise to wallace is quite comical especially since his coworkers acknowledge his incompetence and favoritism for biden.

  12. Good GAWD……I HATE MSM!!!!! (aka FAKENEWS) FAUX is no different than the rest of them. If it weren’t for the, literal, handful of people there, NO ONE would be watching (just like the other MSM FAKENEWS)!!
    TUCKER CARLSON would have been a GOOD CHOICE!! But then again, Tucker would have asked REAL QUESTIONS, now wouldn’t he?!?! (CAN’T have THAT!!)

    Candy Wallace is a JOKE!

  13. I believe Chris Wallace was rude to Trump was and showed favoritism for Biden. I think Donald Trump should not do another debate the next MC worked for Biden.

    Biden is the one who told him to shut up, he’s a clown and the worst president ever in out country.

    It’s also very apparent the Joe Biden and ran in many elections and is a politician and Donald Trump is not the doesn’t say what you want to hear but what he wants to get done and guess what he does it. He keeps his word which I don’t Biden will do.

  14. Mr. Wallace, if your daddy were still alive, he would have been whipping your sorry ass before you ever reached the woodshed. What a disgrace. He worked so hard all his life to make a respected name for himself in journalism ……… and you have thrown it all away.

    1. I will never watch anything Wallace does again. He is a disgrace to all hard working Americans who were looking for a fair debate…he should have been seated at Bidens podium so we it was clear how he would run the debate. For a CEO of a company to make such a BS statement has me switching to a better news source….she should be fired for such a ridiculous statement. Sad day for America

      1. Fox News is only necessary until the election all media should be boycotted after the election
        They are all liars and slime
        First we get the democrats out then we form the patriot party and get the corrupt republicans out

  15. As suspected Fox News is protecting their own no matter what. In the case the no matter what is the inexcusable one sidedness of Wallace’s questioning. The comments from many that Trump was debating Wallace and Biden ring true. What a shame! .Now the next debate moderator will be a person who staffed for Biden earlier. What is going on???

  16. Why can’t President Trump have someone to moderate that likes him for a change? How about Laura Ingrham or Tucker Carlson for a change? Seems very obvious moderators are choosen if the DON’T like our President!!!!

  17. LMAO what a fucking joke if he did such a great job how come there was alot of backlash from the ones who count the American voter!

  18. Good moderator my butt!! He couldn.t have been more slanted if he worked for CNN. You need to send that POS packing before he kills off all your conservative viewers and let Juan Williams hold his hand as he leaves, then send an employment recommendation to CNN and MSNBC, that’s where they both belong. He’s even stumping for Biden 2 days after the debate talking about his contracting the covid virus.

  19. I do not think that Wallace did an outstanding job as Moderator. He, in fact, as we all know does not like Trump and it was clearly evident on Tuesday night. Perhaps, hopefully, the RNC will be more careful about who they approve to moderate. I would give Wallace a D in his performance.

  20. “Wallace must have forgotten to force Biden to denounce Antifa, the group actually burning cities to the ground and shooting people in the streets.”

    Did you notice that Joe does China’s Biden pretended there was no such thing as Antifa?

    Did you notice Trump’s comment: “I guess I am debating you”. Wallace was obviously bias.

  21. So sick of Chris Wallace and his comments! He is so biased against Trump and then he is on TV this morning bashing Trump and everything he does! Just sick to death of him and a lot of the people on Fox. Can’t believe that Fox has sank so low. All Chris is concerned about is his own health and not President Trump.
    Fox should be ashamed of themselves. If you think Chris Wallace is the best you can do you should get out of the business.

  22. Chris wallace is a slug. He thinks He’s the min thing. HE’S BEEN SLIDING LEFT FOR SOME TIME. Foz News has lost it’s vieweship since Rupert turned over the compamy to his LIBERAL Sons. It has gone downhill eversince. i’ve been with Fox sinceit’ss inception. That’ over. everyone I know is doing the same. If Fox can’t find it’s eay back they will become CNN. Outside of Carlson, Hannety, Ingtahm, and a few others you’s station station stinks.

  23. Well, then, let’s see if Nobody is available to referee Round 2. Trump’s debate opponent landed some telling, albeit untruthful, jabs during the first one, while biden mostly yelled “That’s not truuue!!!” You are correct. It would have been better if Nobody had been at the “moderator” desk. If we can’t get Rogan (#JoeMustShow) then Nobody is the second-best choice.

  24. Holy crap, if that’s the best Fox has, I’d certainly hate to see the worst. Wallace was an embarrassment to moderators. Actually he’s an embarrassment to journalism. Too bad there are very few REAL journalists alive today, or the definition of REAL journalism is no longer known since these such as Wallace are continuing their biased agenda, reporting on what they want and/or changing the truth to FIT their agenda. CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace have 💩 for brains or if they had a brain they’d take it out and play with it because what they stated is PURE CRAP!!

  25. I felt like Laura….Chris showed his bias…..What on earth would he start the debate with a hot button issue….????? He could see how toxic the time was…Don’t like Wallace so maybe I am biased…..He lost total control when Trump could see he was up against two…people that he would be debating…Not Good….

  26. Chris Wallace is as good as they come when it comes to BS and the heads of Fox News Media are prime examples of the Ostrich Syndrome, bury your head and ignore the evidence.

  27. Thanks to Wallace, debate was awful….Trump had to debate Biden and Wallace….quite obvious to everyone watching that Wallace was pulling for Biden…..shame on Wallace….Bret would have been better, even Tucker! Both sides of the aisle were greatly disappointed!

  28. Chris Wallace you should be terminated and find a job that the American people can trust. Not you, fine another job!!

  29. A blind deaf mute would have done better than communist left supporter Comrad Wallace
    He is a traitor to America and should be indicted for treason and election tampering

  30. C Wallace lied when he said he was going to stay out of the limelight and just let the two men debate each other.

  31. What a crock!!! Typical liberal statement. Pure rubbish. Anyone with one brain cell knows Wallace hates President Trump and tries to trip him up every turn. This shows you how biased and corrupt FOX is!!!

  32. Chris Wallace did not hold both Presidential Candidates equally accountable! Fox News is becoming more Democrat than ever before! Chris Wallace is a despicable human being! Biden lied through his teeth, and when Trump tried responding to Biden’s lies, Chris Wallace would cut Trump off, yet never stopped Biden even though Biden went beyond his 2 minutes! Wallace did an injustice to the American people! He did a horrible job! I will no longer watch or support a Fox News!

    1. I totally agree with you, Lawrence. Well said! Chris Wallace is a despicable human being and an even worse so-called “journalist.” To see how LEFTIST-biased-and-warped the entire mainstream media (MSM) truly is, see Anup Shah’s excellent research journal article, “Media Conglomerates, Mergers, Concentration of Ownership,” from January 2009 (see http://www.globalissues.org). I was hoping that News Corporation, owner of Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, would be at least one last moderate media company among this near-monopoly of 7-8 giant LEFTIST-dominated media companies, but sadly, it looks like Fox News has now joined the evil, horrible forces of the LEFT in trying to destroy our free (for now) USA republic forever. Keep up the good fight and DO NOT LET THEM WIN!! Thank you. I am boycotting Fox News and as many of its advertisers as I can. I also called them and let them know how HORRIBLE OF A JOB Chis Wallace did! Call Fox News and complain at (212) 301-3000.

  33. Yeah, right…that’s why we all groaned when it was announced Wallace was to be moderator. He’s an anti Trumper from way back, a liberal, left-wing loon who trades on his father’s name. He all but answered and in some instances I think he did answer for Biden. What a total disgrace. I wish we would have had a mute button on Wallace!!!

  34. Chris Wallace is going to break his arm patting himself on the back so much. Highly biased liberals don’t know how to take a moderate stance. Fox News officers are trying to sink their own boat!!

  35. Chris Wallace showed his biases, perhaps inadvertently, when he clearly interrogated President Trump, with questions that were asked and answered of Trump, by Wallace in the 2016 Presidential Debates. On the other hand, he let Biden slide, when he didn’t press him on whether he (Biden) supported Antifa, or if he would stack the Supreme Court?

  36. The problem was two fold for Chrissy. First he’s a committed Democrat which compromises everything before the so called debate begins. His bias is was obvious. The second is the format that does not allow for an actual debate. The interruptions began with Lyin’ Bydin and then Chrissy interrupted Trump which triggered his actions. This was a train wreck from the beginning and Wallace was the inept conductor.

  37. Chris Wallace is an out and out Democrat and his slanted viewpoint showed as he was biased against the President from the beginning and should never have been moderator in the first place. Bret Bair would have done a more professional job.
    Wallace called President Trump down several times for interrupting when if you look, you will see that it was Biden who started the interrupting from the beginning. Also Biden called the President names many times such as liar, told him to ‘shut up’ and the so called moderator (Wallace) never once called him down and actually when Biden was struggling to answer questions, Wallace said “let’s move on” freeing him from giving an answer that would hurt his election chances.
    Wallace is a sickening moderator, newsman (supposedly giving the news impartially) and I always turn off Fox News whenever he is on either a show he headlines or when he is a guest on another show. Fox and all of the news world should be ashamed of him. He makes Rachel Maddow (who finds a conspiracy behind every rock or word spoken) seem like a conservative.

  38. Glad Wallace was the moderator, his performance clearly showed what a big COCKROACH he is. We never liked or trusted him in everyway. His bios against our president was sickening. A true moderator should put his personal feelings aside and demonstrate fairness on both side. Therefore, Wallace should be fired. We’ll never watch his show again.

  39. Give me a freaking break! View the interview that Wallace did on Fox News Sunday with Hillary Clinton. That is when I stopped watching.

    Wallace is a first class jerk.

  40. I say C wallace caused problems on debate. He cut Pesident Trump off and
    added time to biden. He is a back stabber with Trump. He has joined the left.

  41. Sorry… Wallace is as absurd as Biden. He’s horribly bias, always has been and everyone knows it. Anyone that claims otherwise is certainly the Liar as well as a Clown and just need themselves to Shut The Hell Up! Trump • Pence 2020!

  42. I do not know what you were viewing but it couldn’t possibly have been what I was viewing. Wallace had almost zero control over the debaters and was obviously extremely biased against President Trump.

  43. The debate was two against one. I tried to email Fox but they make it impossible to get through.
    Chris Wallace may be paid by Fox but he is one of the Democrats the6 employ.

  44. I thought Wallace was terrible and proved he is a never Trump spokesman for Biden and the Democrats. He purposely set Trump up with gotcha questions that he relentlessly pursued and let Biden off the hook every time he wouldn’t answer a question. Trump had to interrupt and defend himself. Wallace was a disgrace! And Fox continues to add more and more liberal bias and spin to it’s programming.

  45. Watching the debate every time Biden lied I could not believe and still can not why he was not challenged by lefty Wallace on his responses. One of his lies was concerning the raising of taxes on big business and not on individuals whose incomes are less than $400,000. Anyone with half a brain would realize that one of two things could happen or both could happen at the same time.. One is that the increase in the corporate tax would be passed on to the consumer or the businesses would move out of USA to seeks a better tax haven were the rates are lower. Loss of jobs and dependence on another country for needs, CHINA. We experienced this movement during the dreadful years under Obama. The audacity of claiming a better business climate under him and Obama is absurd. Another question that was not raised by lefty was how did Biden’s family gain so much wealth during his 47 years of doing nothing productive in the senate? When the President raised the question concerning the $3,500,000 payout to his son HUNTER the energy guru, Biden’s response was the claim was discredited. Why was he not challenged by lefty to verify his contention. Basically lefty told the Pres not to go there. The only programs that are truthful at Fox are Tuckers, Sean and Laura. I stopped watching the Five because of one individual Juan! As soon as he started his commentary which would be anything but truthful, typical democrat I would press the mute button on my remote. I can not stand to listen to him. What an ignoramus!!! We must thank Bill O’ Reilly for his annoying presence.

  46. Chris believes his own press apparently. And he did do a good job moderating back in 2016 but since that time his bias has become more and more evident. When the President asked him why he did not chide Biden for interrupting, Chris told him he was interrupting more. So if one person steals one soda and another steals two, the person taking one can gets off the hook? Fox advertises “fair and balanced” but there is nothing balanced about the lefties they have on and there was nothing fair about Chris’s handling of the debate. I watch Newsmax more as well. I won’t give up Tucker and The Five but I fast forward over Juan.

  47. This is like the family members cheering a bad answer on Family Feud, He was terrible, His lack of structure resulted in nothing being accomplished but frustration of the voters. Debates in the past have had two hosts, which gives some “centering pressure” that prevents bad ideas being adopted.

  48. Chris Wallace did a very unprofessional and unethical job in many ways. First, near the end of the debate, Biden made THE BIGGEST AND MOST DANGEROUS LIE OF THE EVENING when he stated, “Antifa is not a group, it’s a philosophy.” Wow!! Really, Biden and Chris (sine they are both on the violent LEFTIST team)?! Tell that that to all the people the TERRORIST GROUP, ANTIFA, has hurt or killed in many nations through the years, including illegally assaulting journalist, Andy Ngo, three off-duty police officers, and four others in late June 2019 in Portland, OR. Antifa has also provably committed criminal activity in L.A., Seattle, Chicago, Milwaukee, and NYC, to name just a few. JOE BIDEN IS COVERING FOR THE TERRORIST GROUP, ANTIFA, BECAUSE ANTIFA IS PART OF HIS BASE. Chris Wallace and Fox News’ CEO ought to be fired immediately. Second, Wallace is a registered Democrat, was likely to be LEFTIST-biased, and he clearly was. He should have recused himself from consideration. Third, he constantly let Biden interrupt Trump, but got on Trump each time Trump interrupted. Fourth, I was timing, and he ran a slow clock for Biden, and did not let Trump have all his time. Chris Wallace has proven he’s a dishonest, unethical, immoral, and unprofessional “journalist.” FIRE HIM NOW!

  49. To see how LEFTIST-biased-and-warped the entire mainstream media (MSM) truly is, see Anup Shah’s excellent research journal article, “Media Conglomerates, Mergers, Concentration of Ownership,” from January 2009 (see http://www.globalissues.org). I was hoping that News Corporation, owner of Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, would be at least one last moderate media company among this near-monopoly of 7-8 giant LEFTIST-dominated media companies, but sadly, it looks like Fox News has now joined the evil, horrible forces of the LEFT in trying to destroy our free (for now) USA republic forever. That is why the LEFTIST MSM never reports that the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) actually started this CCP Virus in its CCP lab in Wuhan and truly owes the world trillions of U.S. dollars in damages, how Joe Biden assaulted Tara Reade in the early 90’s, the tremendous job ICE and U.S. Border Patrol do in stopping illegal immigrants (invaders), drugs, weapons, sex slaves (including children), etc., from entering our nation, the huge increase in crimes, violence, and rapes in “sanctuary cities,” etc. – because this TRUE NEWS does not fit the LEFTIST MSM’s fake and evil political narrative, which they centrally consolidate into one LYING, LEFTIST script through Media Matters. The despicable “leaders” of Disney, Google, Yahoo!, GE, Microsoft, and the rest of the LYING, LEFTIST MSM truly ought to be prosecuted and imprisoned for the traitors they are to the U.S., its institutions, our individual liberties, and our U.S. Constitution. These people are despicable!!

  50. FIRE WALLACE!!! He did not require Biden to answer questions. He ask Trump if he would denounce White Supremacy Groups. He has done so for years. But, he did not require Biden to denounce BLM or Antifa —-sooo
    one -sided

  51. I only watch Fox News because of Hannity and Tucker. When they go, I go. Never have liked Chris I should have known he would be bias against Trump.

  52. Every time Chris Wallace or Juan Williams come on, I turn the TV off or go to another channel!

  53. Antifa and BLM did all the damage on the streets, not white supremacy so don’t bring it up. Just as bad as fake news.
    How about Biden’s secret hearing device. He gets all the answers.

  54. Wallace has always been a never Trumper and his bias shined brightly as moderator. Almost every question was designed to trip up Trump and once again Biden was given a free ride. With so many really important issues being ignored by the msm it’s unfortunate that Wallace continues to let us down. Shame on Wallace and Shame on Fox you have once again taken advantage of your viewership, those who made you #1 . As one who has Fox on 8 hours daily I will be looking elsewhere for a reliable fair and balanced alternative. Enough is Enough!

  55. If one is a Democrat,Marxist, Socialist,Communist or a member of the “Democrat hidden armies. Antifa, BLM, then they are estatic with Commisar Wallace handled his attack on president Trump wigh the assistance of “Doofus Biden” as the stooge. WE ARE IN TG THE PROCESS OF SELECTING A LEADER FOR OUR NATION, NOT A JESTER ! …PRES. tRUMP ALREADY HAS A REMARKABLE UNIMPOVABLE RECORD FOR DOING IN LESS THAB 4 YEARS THAT ANY OTHER PRESIDENT SINCE EISENHOWER HAS DONE IN 2 TERMS. “BIDEN AIN’T IT”

  56. REALLY! His bias is disgusting, it is obvious he hates Trump and favors Biden. He should move to CNN where they would welcome him or maybe join Shep at BS NBC!

  57. Re The debate
    Really,Fox News?!!!
    On the contrary, He couldn’t have been WORSE!! We challenge you to check it out again. Your Left turn is showing Big time! I was one of your most loyal Supporters , From your inception! Shame on you! Chris Wallace is a smug self-righteous liberal. He couldn’t have been more unfair. Do you really think we’re that stupid?! You greatly misjudge and insult us.We Conservatives Made you and you betrayed us! I am very saddened. I used to love Fox News.

  58. Chris Wallace has finally come out of closet and showed the world the true liberal he is just like his father

  59. All are being too hard on Wallace.
    He showed up.
    He looked the part.

    He earned a D- (better than F-)

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