PBS: Propaganda for Biden Service

Here’s Exhibit A for how shameless PBS looks during the fall presidential election campaign. On Sept. 22, PBS “Frontline” aired a two-hour documentary on the presidential election called “The Choice,” as it does every four years.

The quick review: Donald Trump is a vicious “killer” and bully. Joe Biden is “Obama’s trusted partner.”

It began with President Trump’s hostile experts such as biographer Gwenda Blair, who said: “Donald’s father’s overall message to his children was … compete; win; be a killer. Do what you have to to win.” Narrator Will Lyman added Trump “was determined to live up to his father’s ideal: Be a ‘killer.'”

Young Donald was sent to military school, where it was a “five-year lesson in how to be a bully.” Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher set the scene: “Donald Trump yelled at his classmates. He pushed them around. He even used a broomstick as a weapon against classmates who didn’t listen to him when he told them what to do. … He became one of the student leaders who had a number of kids under him in the dormitories, and he ruled the dormitory life with an iron fist.”

The narrator summed up: “Inside that brutal world, Donald had found his place. … With his father and mother by his side, Donald graduated. He’d become a killer, learned the power of bullying to get ahead, a method he’d carry into the future.”


Then the documentary turned to Biden, and the tone changed entirely. "Joey Biden's crisis was stuttering," narrated Lyman. The viewer was told a cruel nun at his Catholic school mocked his stuttering. His sister, Valerie Biden Owens, touted how their mother went to the nun and said, "if you ever, ever, ever do that again, I'm going to come back, and I'm going to knock your bonnet right off your head. Do we understand each other?"

The narrator intoned: "Bullied, harassed, ridiculed: He was hell-bent on beating the stutter. ... He kept pushing -- against the stutter, the bullies -- and it paid off."

All this overt pro-Democratic messaging was just in the first 15 minutes of the film. It did not improve.

Fast-forward through the biographies. After tugging heartstrings by covering all the tragic deaths in Biden's family -- the loss of his wife and daughter to a car accident in 1972, and his son Beau Biden to cancer in 2015 -- the documentary taunted Trump by playing the "Access Hollywood" tape and talking about how deeply racist his family is.

Biden got a free pass on anything he has ever done that would upset minorities, from opposition to school busing in the 1970s to the 1994 crime bill. Democrat Bakari Sellers said: "Joe Biden has the Obama halo; everybody knows that. That is the cleansing of Joe Biden and everything that may have happened."

Former Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery added: "Even if they don't agree with him, they think he's a good faith actor. That means a lot. To a community of people who have been betrayed and oppressed and tricked and lied to, someone who you can trust at their word, that goes a very long way."

The concluding sermon came from another Washington Post reporter, Dan Balz: "Policy is not the choice that's on the ballot this year. It is a choice of character. It is a choice of temperament. It is a choice of persona and personality. That's always a factor in our presidential campaigns, but I don't think it's ever been as big a factor as it will be in November."

Policy is not on the ballot?! Forget defunding the police, "Medicare for All," the "Green New Deal" or gun control. Don't vote for the "killer." Vote for the man with the "Obama halo." This hustle is not subtle.

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog NewsBusters.org. 

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33 thoughts on “PBS: Propaganda for Biden Service”

  1. DeFund this bunch of socialist. There is no reason to have a public broadcasting system. There are plenty of free public sources of news

  2. Pbs now stands for public bullshit station
    It is a left wing public financed communist regime propaganda tool!
    Just another part of the media crimewave here in America!
    The news hour narrated by nothing short of a demcrazy whore and their coverage of the President is nothing short of treason! All controlled by the democrats and funded by tax payers money!
    Democrats are the dying political party here in America by their own actions, scandals, murders, arson and corruption!
    The only thing true democrats represent is treason and lies!
    After the election the truth will be shown to all of Americans from Obama’s treason, Hillary’s crimes , their politicians corruption and their vial coverups !!!
    America will even learn covid was fabricated by Obama and Fauci to destroy America’s economy!
    After all our economy was booming because of Trump and his policies and democrats had No chance of beating him without destroying our economy!
    In a nut shell democrats are all guilty of murder, treason and a coup! Anyone supporting democrats is a vial treasonous inhuman scum whims origin comes from the sweat that drips from the cancerous Testicle’s of the devil himself!
    Democrats only lie cheat and steal!
    And anyone who disagrees with me is a lying murdering treasonous slime ball!

  3. 20/20 did the same thing. Mentioned Trump a few times but never said Epstein was given a slap on the hand for trafficking young girls , they only gave the years of the administration that was the guilty party. It was Obama, dear friend of Hillary and Bill and Soros! PBS has been ultra liberal, for years.

  4. Joe Biden is nothing but a liar. He and nazi regime will destroy America. He cares only about power and the party. He is so corrupt. His whole family is evil. He will give social security to illegals and destroy the American middle class and jobs. He has deals with China. Our enemy he praises China. Should be arrested for treason. But too many stupid people will vote for creepy uncle joe.

  5. “Frontline” has long been the best that PBS could offer. It’s normally been circumspect, seemingly fair, reserved and factual. I watched most of this program. It blew away decades of reputation-building. There were non-stop distortions and cover-ups. If it touched on any missteps by Biden, it tried to justify them. Trump was portrayed as the devil.

  6. I always believed PBS was a vital part for young children and those special programs for adults. I recently found out that they are under the umbrella of networks that are run by liberal networks

    This doesn’t surprise me, but they are not a very patriotic/honest/bipartisan venue. Please think twice before contributing to this network!

  7. I agree PBS is very bias and I refuse to listen to them anymore. They only interview people who agree with the crooked democrats. Never interview anyone for our great President.

  8. Someone should tell PBS that during the Obama-Biden administration they treated our injured veterans HORRIBLE! Men and women who had been deployed 3 and 4 times (because Obama was downsizing and underfunding our military) our vets who were returning with serious PTSD and other bodily injuries, got PUT ON A “DOUBLE WAITING LIST TO GET TREATMENT” which, by the way, was a big fat terrible doing so the administration could make it APPEAR that our veterans were all getting care. But, in fact, those stuck on waiting lists, WAITED AND WAITED AND WAITED and the suicide rate for vets who needed PTSD CARE, was like 20 a day for a very long time. Shame on Obama and Biden. Biden must have been very busy making money deals for Hunter while he was turning his back on our veterans. When President Trump took office he INCREASED the military funding and helped get facilities built and even staffed with trained care dogs, and made sure vets could also get treatment at regular hospitals, they didn’t have to wait wait wait on long waiting lists. Shame on every lame stream media who report fake ugly untrue news! People in this country support our military men and women and the veterans who have returned from bad places, and we support our police departments and all police officers for the great job they do to keep law and order. It is shameful that the Democrat Governors and mayors of various states have allowed vandalism, destruction, fire bombing, looting, and killing of people’s businesses, and lives, in this country. The very ugliest thing on those lame stream media stations …… the deaths of so many young children caught by terrorist El Tiffa bullets. I know God has all the victims with him. Shame on EVERY LAME STREAM MEDIA ANNOUNCER WHO HAS SHUT HIS/HER EYES TO THE DEATH COUNT AND DESTRUCTION OF INNOCENT PEOPLE’S LIVES! YOU ARE EVIL PEOPLE!

    1. What you say is true. My brother-in-law went through years (nearly 2 decades) of paperwork before finally being categorized as completely disabled.

  9. I happened to turn this on one evening and saw the segment you describe. I picked up on the slant immediately…I moved on to more entertaining TV. We should take to the streets and demand the defunding and abolishment of PBS!

  10. NPR & PBS – I believe they received about $ 120,000,000.00 from the stimulus thanks to the democrats.
    NPR is constantly running ads and requests for money. Does the New York Times have a principle part of their broadcast opinion ?

  11. Surprise, surprise! PBS was, is and will continue to be a liberal tool paid for by taxpayers many of whom don’t share PBS’ views.

  12. When selecting a leader for a nation comes down to lies covering character flaws and TERRIBLE policies, because he has a “nicer personality”, or the 1 painted as a “bully and killer, by more lies, that nation is in very deep trouble! America is that nation. The real choice here is a man, who for half a century, has done nothing but harm to our nation, or 1 who has in a bit less than 4yrs done a great deal to pull her back to her Constitutional moorings, for the good of ALL her citizens.

  13. I always knew PBS was alien to the American ideals; and so supports the socialist Joseph R. Biden, Jr. the idiot to tear down the United States, its Constitution and the principles of our nation’s Founding Fathers.

    USAF (RET)

  14. I happen to see this program and could not believe what I was hearing. I had always thought with public money their reporting would or should be fair and honest. This program depicted our president as a dishonest and untrustworthy person, while showing his opponent as Mr. wonderful.
    The is reporting was so far from honest and impartial. I was ashamed for watching as long as I did
    Never again and I will speak In favor of providing donations to fund this terrible type of programming.

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