Democrats Threaten to Burn Down the Republic to Stack the Supreme Court

Last week, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at the age of 87. Her death immediately initiated a political firestorm in Washington, D.C. — one that threatens the very integrity of the republic. That’s not because, as the media and Democrats would claim, some sort of institutional norm has been violated by a Republican president selecting a replacement for Ginsburg to be voted on by a Republican Senate. It’s because Democrats have declared that so long as they are unable to replace Ginsburg with an activist left-wing judge willing to use the Constitution to cram down liberal policy prescriptions, they will tear down every barrier to majoritarian tyranny.

The Constitution was specifically constructed to promote gridlock. That’s because the Founding Fathers greatly feared majoritarian tyranny — legalized mob rule by which simple majorities could cram down violations of rights on minorities.

To that end, they balanced the House of Representatives, which was popularly elected, and the Senate, which was represented by state and selected by state legislatures. They balanced the legislative branch with the executive and judicial branches. They balanced power between a federal structure and state governments. The founders believed that the greatest protection for individual rights lay in ambition checking ambition at every level.

Progressives have, since the beginning of the 20th century, objected to this philosophy of government. Instead, they have seen institutional gridlock as a danger to "getting things done." Former President Woodrow Wilson infamously explained that "Men as communities are supreme over men as individuals," and that, therefore, there ought to be no institutional checks against governmental necessity. Democrats have faithfully carried forward that vision, checked only by political reality -- Wilson unconstitutionally expanded the executive branch; Franklin Roosevelt infamously sought to pack the Supreme Court; Lyndon Johnson radically expanded the size and scope of the federal government; Barack Obama declared that the government itself "is us."

That meant that for the political left, all institutions of government had to be converted into instruments of power or destroyed. The left has done just that with the Supreme Court for generations, viewing it as a repository for transformational change rather than a legal body with a mandate to only interpret honestly the words of the law. With that view of the court threatened by a Republican-appointed majority, Democrats are now panicking.

And they are responding with radical threats to break every check and balance. This week, Democrats openly threatened to destroy the Senate filibuster, a traditional mechanism for restraining bare majorities, most recently used by Democrats themselves to stymie COVID-19 relief funding. They also threatened to add new states to the union, specifically citing federal territories they believe will elect Democrats; and to pack the Supreme Court, reestablishing a Democratic-appointed majority by adding new seats.

These actions aren't merely violative of constitutional principles and the founding philosophy. They are dangerous. Imagine a 55-vote Democratic majority in a 104-seat body, cramming through a gun confiscation measure, greenlit by a 13-member court packed by Democrats. Will red states simply acquiesce to this overt seizure of power, to this absurd rewriting of the constitutional bargain?

Why should they?

All of which means that the 2020 presidential race has now become a referendum on the Democrats, not President Donald Trump. Democratic candidate Joe Biden's inherent campaign pledge was a return to stability, not a leap into revolution. But by threatening the institutional architecture, Biden's campaign has become just that. Now Americans will be forced to choose between the vulgarity of Donald Trump -- a vulgarity and boorishness, however off-putting, that has not threatened constitutional rights -- and a vengeful Democratic Party threatening to remold the country from the top down.

Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller "The Right Side of History." He lives with his wife and three children in Los Angeles. 

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17 thoughts on “Democrats Threaten to Burn Down the Republic to Stack the Supreme Court”

  1. “Vulgarity and boorishness” ? Hey, common man!! I would like to take him out behind the schoolhouse and beat him up! Want to challenge me to push-ups? I know how to handle bullys! If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black! Ten women charges-10! We should worry about our kids being subjected to jungles! Swimming naked-no big deal. All of these Biden subjects and he is the refined person?!

  2. Democrats think its there way or no way, you vote majority wins you go on about your business, now they think it’s there way or no way, all I can say is do it the wrong way you’re going to find out what’s what when the sleeper cells come out that you are the minority and when it’s all over your going to be even smaller minority, better take a good look.

  3. Tell this BITCH if she was my daughter I turn her big radical ass over my knee and spank her. As for Biden, once a puppet always a puppet. I really feel sorry for him. His party has sold him out! He is so far gone he doesn’t realize it.You could use so many adjectives to describe him. God help us. I’m 74 and understand how a persons cognitive reasoning starts to diminish.

  4. The Democrats must be defeated in November to allow the regaining of law and order to our society. They must also be defeated to hopefully silence the progressives!

  5. Well Ben Shapiro, at age 36 and well-educated at exclusive universities, you certainly have a lot to learn about being extremely biased, partisan, what a democracy is all about, and what those who penned the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States were thinking. They were written to keep autocrats and a minority group from governing/controlling we-the-people. However, a wanna-be king, narcissist billionaire by the name of Donald Trump, was nominated and elected by the Republican Party via gerrymandering, not we the people. A very slight majority of the Senate is Republican, our house for we the people is slightly Democratic, and Republicans will control the Supreme Court. My point, a party representing a minority of the people now controls our government with a dictatorial President who is out of control. The Republican Party only represents 25% of the people. The weakest point of the Constitution is it did not and does not provide any separation of power to control the wealthy few and a political party.

    1. Are you some kind of idiot or is your head so far up your anus you can’t help spouting the crap you write give us a break man and open you eyes and ears and learn the real truth about the demon-rats they are nothing but pure evil and need to be put down like rabid dogs.

    2. Shame on me,I actually started to read this as the Godfather warned “keep your enemies closer”.
      I was curious to see how much nonsensical verbiage would spew from your mouth before you assaulted President Trump.
      Liberals like yourself never respond to policy ,it’s always your internal jealousy for all that is American about a merit made man…oh sorry,geese, I can’t specify gender because as Joe say’s,”it’s facts over truth”,huh?
      My advice to you ,review your fourth grade Founding Fathers class.

  6. It’s likely, even with all of the democrat’s vote-cheating apparatus in play, that they will still lose. Not a given, but a strong liklihood.
    Defeating them electorally and politically WILL NOT STOP the violence and wanton destruction. It will merely ENRAGE AND EMBOLDEN them.
    We’ve witnessed, rioting, looting, arson and murder continue unabated since late May. With that, one thing is made crystal clear….
    Bottom line? Govt cannot remedy this. Like it or not, any way you slice it, it is GOING TO REQUIRE citizen force to rectify. It’s no longer avoidable.
    We as conservatives and constitutionalists? Are AGING!! The left have OPENLY STATED that they will wait us out! Wait for us to die off, let nature take it’s course. And they WILL WIN THIS in twenty years if we continue to wait for someone else to clean this up.
    We either act, and soon? Or nature will end the conflict FOR us.
    No sane person would covet civil conflict. I have looked, searched for EVERY REASON POSSIBLE TO DEFER ONE, but as of September of 2020? There are no valid reasons remaining to defer one.
    Our failure to act? WIL be our demise….

    1. Amen…will wait for Christ….ha ha ha ha….scriptures says society will be distroyed….in due time (collapse)…..we the aged are passing…but we have our youth….those educated for rightness….but liberalism….socialism, marxism is taking its toll…….our demise, I suppose…but, be on the “right”…….you will be counted…….SEE YOU IN THE “HERE AFTER”

  7. Way back in BT ( Before Trump ) the adjectives that described Democrats were donkey, liberal, manipulative, and socialist. Now you can add threatening, condescending, Bolshevist, Marxist, and ass!

  8. The left is pro abortion!
    So let’s abort the treasonous communist scum
    The notion being politically correct concerning the trash in America called democrats is a narrative by their communist regime controlled media to hide their trespasses upon America with their fascist Nazi cancer oozing from their brainless existence!
    There can be no forgiveness or tolerance concerning the lefts actions from their obstruction in congress to their murderous acts upon America and all Americans!
    Treason is a capital punishment crime
    We must indict find them all guilty seize their assets , hang them and place them in our landfills which will certainly be a disgrace to our landfills!
    The reason Californicate is burning is because the trash living their and upon the entire west coast deserve annihilation , America deserves it to be cleansed by fire, by Gods Hands!
    New York well that slime their speaks volumes , to have intentionally placed covid within our retirement homes is the most vial acts of murder I have ever witnessed!
    Muslims in America? They are All less then dogs and have been humanities enemies throughout time! Obama America’s only Nigger placed them in the rust belt an appropriately named region solely to promote unrest and the decay of Christianity!
    America should have never let the only Nigger in Our Great Country become President!!!!
    Democrats are cheaters liars and murderers I have no doubt they cheated in the elections Obama supposedly won!
    Democrats and their child abuse within our schools and learning institutions may even be their worst crime with they’re murdering burning rampage upon America these days! Our children have far to little to loose within their brains from lack of Competent teachers, Add in the teaching of liberal fascism and you have the dumbest group of children ever Spawned in America! All do to the liberals being in control of our learning institutions!
    There is no punishment vial enough for the actions of the Democrats These past 12 years! perhaps the Covid developed by the Democrats to destroy America will morph as viruses do and turn on the Democrats only infecting and killing the stupid in our society!

  9. The Democrats need to be BURNED at the STAKE for these ATROCITIES . . . they are TREASONISTIC TRAITORS ONLY worthy of FEDERAL PRISON. One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


  11. DEMOCRAT’s do not give a fig about you just buying your vote with pay and incentives . Where do you think they expect to get the money for all their free items, someone has to pay. Watch your back with the Socialist movement the young have never been under socialism but believe their professors that leads to COMMUNISM get smart and check it out. Not for this nation !

  12. Ben Shapiro is one of the smartest men I have enjoyed listening to. I am 77 and seen turmoil in my lifetime, but NEVER like the degradation of our society that is going on now. For all of you NON-Trumpers, why don’t you just move to Russia or Venezuela? You’ll enjoy it there. If the Democrats win the election, that is what our country will become. So instead of ruining our country, why not just move to one of the other communistic countries and leave the USA alone!!
    Look what all of the Democratic Governors and mayors have done to their states and cities. Living in Chicago for over 30 years, the only good Democratic Mayor, was the original Mayor Daley. When riots began, he called in 12,000 cops to work 12 hour shifts, recruited 5,000 National Guards and called in 6,000 Combat Ready Army Troops. So why is it now are all the Democratic Officials are letting their cities and our country be taken over by these revolutionary socialists? Maybe you don’t think it can happen in your city or town. Well guess again !!!!!!!

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