Where is the FBI?

Aren’t interstate movements of guns, drugs, cash, and violence kinda what the FBI exists for? According to the FBI, this is their primary investigative function.

They are to protect the U.S.A. from domestic and international terrorism, public corruption, organized crime, and violent crime, according to their website.

What, exactly, does the FBI think is going on right now across Democrat run cities in the U.S.? Do they not think it’s organized, funded, and violent? Has anyone heard a peep from FBI Director Wray about this?

I wonder if this sort of action is classified as violent, according to the FBI.

Why is it that the FBI could run a spy operation on a sitting President, using foreign spies as intel, but they apparently cannot spy or gather intel on a bunch of drug addicts and anarchists who are flying across the country, wearing the same uniforms?

These Antifa and BLM idiots are using U-Haul trucks and unloading them out in the open, yet the FBI seems confused about where to start.

Two more police officers were shot last night in Louisville and, over a lie once again, streets were set ablaze. A police station in Missouri was set on fire as well.

It's always in urban areas run by Democrats. Yet, with all these lead pieces of evidence the FBI remains stagnant and quiet and impotent on the issue.

There are two reasons that I can think of why this hasn't been handled. Either the FBI is incapable or it's complicit. Not too long ago, in 2016 and 2017, they were capable and complicit. Has anything changed?

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37 thoughts on “Where is the FBI?”

    1. You should go check out the American Thinker. Look for the article “lefties at the nation discover”

      You’ll find out what Barr has been doing. I’m going to start laughing now because after you read that you wont be joking about Barr!

    2. You took the words right out of my mouth I just got through writing almost the same thing only way worse then what you wrote !

  1. BOTH FBI & CIA are running the ‘shows’!!! They ARE COMPLICIT! BOTH are Criminal Orgs who need to be shut down!

  2. Maybe a more important question we should be asking is: What can we do about their incapability of handling, or their being complicit in these acts of terror?

    1. It’s not the FBI, it’s the leadership ofthe FBI. They all need to b replaced, starting with Wray. Can’t figure why Trump hasn’t fired him, unless Wray may have something to blackmail him.

  3. lol Mr. Wray has lost his way, and Mr. Muller framed his peep; the agents all smashed their phones! The NSA went on a spree of data-stream sell; and Mr. “lover” was sending texts to his lawyer, all tucked nicely within the “G”! Mr. Nadler piddled in a dither, while Nancy Doo ate ice-cream; and the media danced to the tune of “lame stream”! Oh, how the islamist blew up peace, while the warriors of sjw screamed; antifa skated to the loot and burn party the oligh’s brayed! a bartender did Green, a ” somebody did something, ” did her American dream!

  4. The CIA and the FBI are the 2 biggest Drug Cartels in North America not to mention their other Criminal activities. Forget the Justice Dept. too . All corrupt as a South American Police Chief . NO wonder they all want Trump gone . He remembers when America was Great . It ended with the Murder of JFK . By the > C-A which was ran by Old man Bush at the time , another Crime Cartel . Trump 2020 or suffer the consequinces .

  5. Christopher Wray is another low energy. He will end up as Mr. Good for Nothing! Reminds me of Jeff Sessions. He lets the left mob manipulate him giving them all the powers and the trust that our President invested in him. What is he afraid of? Losing his juicy salary? Well he doesn’t deserve it. My evaluation for this inept is F+.

  6. Well has the FBI remained on the up and up after all? They are said to be corrupt- as is the CIA, and others! Folks we have a corrupt bunch in DC and if not mopped up- this nation has not got a prayer to survive what is happening …corruption seems to be the way of it all?! Sickening!

  7. Maybe we should be defunding the FBI because of the small, small amount of work they do. The police are on the front line of all this rioting and looting, and subject to getting seriously injured. The FBI? Well the FBI is snug and tucked away in their office or elsewhere. They seem to look the other way when offenses occur that they should be tackling. And Christopher Wray, well he is sitting behind a desk, looking perplexed as ever……….

  8. Its time to abolish the FBI and establish two separate agencies, one for criminal activity, and one for counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism. Fire all the current employees, and allow them to apply at one of the new agencies, subject to verification they were not part of the swamp. Two separate agencies are needed because bank robber catchers seldom make good counterspies, and vice versa.


  10. Unfortunately this guy Wray is no better than the other dirty cop Comey. That’s why all the crooks are not being held accountable for their crimes. Definitely not Efrem Zimbalist’s FBI.

  11. No public evidence that the FBI is going after the organized violent rioters who intimidate the public on private and public property. One time they will pick on the wrong group and the table will turn in kind. Stop this escalation now.

  12. How much longer before the FBI Wray is FIRED? Along eith the DHS acting Director who thinks “white supremacists” are the leading terrorist threats, ignoring BLM and Antifa? Two more deep state activists have now
    been identified!

  13. All Americans who love this country are asking the same questions about the FBI. These people should be protecting us, not turning their backs on crimes taking place against our country. Worse, it is becoming more apparent that they support the terrorists, anarcists and others whose main motive is to destroy America. My God, why do they hate the U.S. so much?

    We must get rid of the deep state, the FBI and others who are the enemies of freedom. Vote Trump. He is the only person who can take them on and win.

  14. At this point the FBI is useless and it will remain that way as long as Wray is at the helm . He is a deep state political operative and a swamp creature and is a coward. He thinks he can hide in his office and not only does he not do his job. he obstructs justice when he refuses to turn over information that is requested. He is no better than Comey. He was a very poor choice by the president with recommendation by Rosenstein. That right there should have alerted the president that Wray was going to be Comey in another suit. BTW what happened to Bill Barr. What has he been doing? another useless coward. All he talks about is this so called Durham report. Yeah like thats gonna happen.

  15. That’s because the FBI is part of the problem! There are many traitors in the highest ranks of the FBI,this organization should be purged from the bottom up,especially at the top. They should all be rounded-up,tried,then executed!! Make it a national event for these low life scumbag’s!!

  16. Where is the AG ? he has all the evidence he needs to lock up the whole Democrat Party and yet he sits on his ass and does nothing ! The FBI (F-ing Bunch of IDIOTS) also either they don’t realize what’s going on around them while this country turns into a Communist Dictatorship or they just don’t give a damn or they are Communists standing behind what’s happening or George Soros’s money is behind what they do ! In any case they need to be brought to justice also.

  17. I and virtually everyone I know are extremely disappointed AND distrustful of the FBI. Everyone at the top must be fired – and quickly.

  18. I believe Obama hold overs are in the FBI still and or in combination with the fact that we now have adults ages 45 and under that were not taught about our country in a good light and believe it needs to be changed. They have had a steady feeding of left wing propaganda for years both in higher education and even K-12 many I fear believe in the lies that Americans are systemically Racist or they are terrified if they fight back against the propoganda they will be called a Racist or canclled by the cancel culture thugs and Anti-Americans of the Left and progressives.

    Many were brought on when Obama was in office working to undermine our history, culture and rights when he was in office. He was brought up and influenced by Communists and he supports some of the ideology. It is tragic and we who believe in freedom and the greatness of our country must try to bring people together, dispel the lies and hold our media, FBI, CIA and elected officials accountable or we will not have a country much longer.

  19. because the FBI political bias it have rinder them incopetent. It is time for Trump to fire the director and start cleaning house before the situation get any worse.

  20. Arrest the cops in the Brianna Taylor shooting, and then let them out the next day. Isn’t that the way we are doing things now?

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