Just Stop – No More Getting Run Over by the Left

Conservatives have a semi-recent history succumbing to shame by the mob. The liberal media mob, that is.

If you didn’t support Barrack Obama’s policies- it was because you were racist. If you didn’t support Hillary Clinton, it was because you were sexist. If you celebrated the first meeting between a U.S. President and the North Korean leader in an effort toward peace, it was because you like dictators. If you weren’t horrified by the U.S. killing of the world’s top terrorist, Quasem Soleimani, then it’s because you love killers. If you thought small businesses should not have been shut down for COVID-19 it was because you didn’t care about millions of people dying. If you don’t support abortion, it’s because you hate women’s rights.

Now, if you support the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice you’re a hypocrite. You’ve failed the moral standard set by the liberal media.

But just like all the liberal ‘hot takes’ on civil war heroes, the times are different and the situation is different.

It’s not at all the same so don’t fall for it.

The Garland nomination really was different. It was before they spied on a Presidential campaign and a sitting President. It was before they attempted a coup on a sitting President.

The Democrats did not control the Senate. The Republicans did, and now do.

Even so, democrats were loudly proclaiming that a President has a right to nominate a Supreme Court Justice if they are still President. Justice Ginsburg, the left's idol right now, agreed that there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents a President from nominating to fill a Supreme Court seat.

Biden said the same thing.

That doesn't mean the Senate must confirm the pick. That's up to the Senate.

But even without their double standard on the issue, do you really think you need to defend a moral high ground with the left?

They have encouraged "protests" to continue, bailed out violent rioters so they can go back to destroying cities and assaulting people, and now they are threatening once again to "burn it all down" if the Republicans work within their Constitutional authority to even try to confirm a replacement for Ginsburg.

They have supported Antifa (even Snopes admits this) and BLM while those two groups have destroyed lives and cities.

They're threatening to pack the court in 2021 with liberals if Trump gets nominee confirmed.

Do you really think they won't do that anyway? Look at what they are doing right now to the election process. There is no honor.

You have zero obligation to answer to them.


That's why everyone who cares about the future and survival of the United States of America should be considering the advice that Rush Limbaugh just gave.

Skip the hearings and go straight to a floor vote. No more games. No more theater. No more destroying good people over politics. No more bowing to the liberal mob.

Take the vote.


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11 thoughts on “Just Stop – No More Getting Run Over by the Left”

  1. I think that I know what ‘their’ next PsyOp is! ‘They’ are going to have a pasty (either under mind control, or just a LOW IQ MORON); then CLAIM it to be a ‘right-wing extremist’ (there is NO SUCH THING, by the way!) and Biden, and maybe Harris, will be assassinated right before the election. Then John Kerry will ‘step in’. How’s THAT for MORE CHAOS for an election?!?! Lets face it…..Biden is totally USELESS to the Globalists, as is Harris. Harris would be ineffective; has zero political clout! And at this point in time, neither of them can just ‘drop out’. So, then……HOW does one replace them AND cause the most damage/chaos doing it??? There really is only ONE way! Bump off Biden (and maybe Harris), IN PUBLIC, and blame it on a ‘Trump supporter’!! Might THAT be ‘their’ October Surprise’???

    1. I have had very similar thought’s. Only with replacements like Michael Obama. I have been really wondering what the globalists are planning to use as the fuse to to complete their plan . Induce total Kayos .They have not yet completed their mission to start civil war, destabilize our election and our government. All though they are well along the road .They still need that one final destabilizing event . It is scary to think this way. But foolish not to.

  2. Donald Trump gets to pick the replacement for this Supreme Court opening….Period!
    The Left needs to stand down and shut up.
    The American public is sick of the Left and their agenda.
    They have done nothing for the American people since 2016.

    1. They have done nothing good for the America People since their Party started.
      The Kennedy’s were assassinated because they wanted to be “Public Servants”.
      Now that the worst of the corrupt Establishment Elite have risen to the top and made a sharp LEFT turn the choice is Freedom and Prosperity or Socialism.

  3. Remember the old comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes?” One of the running gags was “Calvinball,” a game in which the rules were made up as they went along. Calvin was always changing the rules so Hobbes couldn’t win. That seems to be the donks’ whole strategy.

  4. Pelosi really has no idea how much damage she is doing and has done to America . Or maybe she does . I think she knows and she is a vile , vindictive Person and should not be in the position of power she holds . The really sad part is most of her Fellow Represenatives are of the same mindset . The President has the Power here and now and must use it to stop further destruction.

  5. I can think of nothing more vial than a treasonous democrat
    Democrats the most vial adjective in English history!
    My last dump should have more rights than any democrat!
    Sorry I just compared my poop to a democrat and am positive I just offended my poop!
    Poop I apologize
    The above statements are based on actual scum
    Even a blind mutes agree!
    If you approve of Trump /Pence drive with your headlights on during the day!
    If you approve of Biden/Harris drive with your lights off at night!

  6. When you look into the eyes of Dems/BLM/Antifa you’re looking into the eyes of the enemy. This enemy is not a living thing. It has no heartbeat, it does not breath or feel, it has no soul. Removing this wretched thing is tantamount to sweeping the walkway clear of debris after a summer rain. The only concern should be as to what kind of broom to use to accomplish the filthy job with as much finality as possible. The burning of the collected trash should be cause for frivolity. Spirits should be consumed with music and dancing as flames reduce the muck to a fine white ash. We are at war, and there is no nice way to fight a war. Let us put away our humanity for a better day, lock shields, draw swords and march forward with such fervor that treasonous insurrection will never again threaten our nation. We have nothing to lose but our lives, which would be meaningless in defeat.

  7. We need a strict constitutionalist conservative to replace the previous to make the court sane again. Hopefully this woman Trump picked is that. Oh and incidentally Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong..