CDC: Guideline Saying Coronavirus Spread Through Air Was Posted in Error, Removed

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention removed a guideline, posted on their website, that said the coronavirus could spread through the air and said it was posted in error.

A draft version of proposed changes to these recommendations was posted in error to the agency’s official website. CDC is currently updating its recommendations regarding airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Once this process has been completed, the update language will be posted.

This CDC error came only days after it reversed another recommendation on testing guidelines. The CDC had been stating that people without symptoms did not need a test. The new recommendation that came on Friday, September 18, said those same people do need a test.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb said the litany of errors are very concerning and could ruin the reputation of the agency. He also had some questions about how this keeps happening.

“It’s really hard to believe that this was an accidental posting of draft guidance that they had to subsequently pull down 48 hours later that they didn’t realize they had put it up over the course of the weekend,”

There is no doubt that the numerous reversals and errors given have cast doubt on the recommendations of the CDC as well as the World Health Organization.

Testing numbers that contained antibody as well as viral tests have also produced multiple concerns about the validity of the data coming out of the CDC. Those paying attention to these mistakes have also questioned the timing of many of these errors.

Back in May, several states were combining the results of the two separate tests into one report on positive tests.

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35 thoughts on “CDC: Guideline Saying Coronavirus Spread Through Air Was Posted in Error, Removed”

  1. Cast doubts on the CDC? I have had PLENTY of doubts about this agency from day one! These people would screw up a one-car funeral! Their “stories” and “information” has been faulty at best, untruthful and full of speculation at worst. Fauci has never been anything but a liar and a political hack, especially in regards to his “research” on viruses like H1N1, Ebola and HIV….almost everything this man has said regarding any of the above, including Covid has been more than questionable…it’s been full of downright misleading statements and full of the Democrat’s fear tactics. I stopped listening to or respecting WHO or the CDC a LONG TIME AGO!

    1. I agree with you 100%. As soon as I saw the name Fauci I knew we were in trouble. I told my husband I recognized his name from the book on the Aids epidemic “and the Band Played On”. He did such a great job there, and we still don’t have a vaccine on that. He had an ego the size of the Grand Canyon back then too. The numbers are off so bad. I work with numbers all day long, and I can tell you the numbers didn’t make sense when this started and now they are worse then ever to keep us imprisoned indefinitely.

      1. Fauci & his dem cronies have all the suspion of creating this illegal germ warfare in china with bo, biden and democrat assistance ! Now to drag the time schedule to the post election appears to be their new deceitful goal ! Every twisted slander, treasonous scheme by dem leaders has been a proven dem liars coup to degrade POTUS Trump while dem leaders create their wannabe dictator regime of terror in a NWO with all totalitarian dictators !

  2. One could go insane following the twists and turns and about face guidelines of the CDC. I know of no one who had covid, much less anyone who died from it. I have an 90 yr-old aunt and 98 yr-old uncle whom I visit weekly with no one wearing a mask or social distancing. Viruses come and go; stop living in fear because the so-called experts told you to.

    1. Exactly !! There’s no one we know either . I get dirty looks for not wearing a mask and I take it as a badge of honor !! I will Not be intimidated by these morons who Trust Fauci or any other political hack !!

    2. Sorry to advise you, it is real. My high school friend died from it recently
      and my 80 yo friend was in hospital with it. I am a medical professional
      , paramedic, of 28 years.

        1. So sorry about your friend. So if the CDC is real why don’t we all just lock down and go home and live like a
          hermit. I have enough food for several months and then I could steal from my next door neighbor. My Travel
          business is shot anyway. When you lose a $100,000 per year because of nothing to sell I might as well quit and
          go home anyway. Why the CDC will not talk with the cruise lines is beyond me.

  3. CDC aka the democrats communist misinformation support group!
    The cdc has been nothing more than the fascist military arm of the democrats to destroy the economy prior to the election
    all democrat criminal Activities lead back to the money George Soros ,Hillary Clinton , Osama Obama And their deep state benefactors
    The importance to the Democrats is being able to win the election so they can hide their treasonous acts and avoid the gallows!
    Putin says he doesn’t need to invade America the Democrats are already there and they’re doing a very nice job of destroying America he also added he could not have done
    a better job himself, For he would use the same villains to do the job anyway ! After all the best assassins he could think of were George Soros and killer Hillary , with those two you have both of the devils testicles On the job
    Add in the CDC the corrupt media Hollywood I’m a liberal colleges and you’ve just invented a virus that will kill any country


    The number of deaths due to COVID are way skewed. Here’s a real life example. My sister had an appointment for an operation in Aug. On the way to the clinic she got stuck in traffic and when it drew time for her COVID test appointment, she called an told them she was going to need to reschedule. So, they moved her operation to the following week and rescheduled her COVID test. Three (3) days later she received confirmation that she was COVID free. She was never tested. She called the clinic and told them about their letter. They apologized and thanked her for calling. The following Tuesday she got a second letter from the clinic telling her she had tested positive and that her surgery was on hold and she was required to be retested in 14 days…… she has NEVER been tested.

  5. All this nonsense over statistical minutia, yet where is the main argument about nutrition and why so many of these patients have been severely Vitamin-D deficient?

    Of course if the narrative stays focused on “FINDING A CURE”, few people will be looking for the simple answers. The same thing happened with Lyme’s Disease. For decades, people had been complaining about symptoms and lazy eggheaded MDs kept brushing off their complaints. As it happened, the symptomology had already been extensively written about almost 40 years earlier in a book on ………… syphilis; the critter was a spirochete.

    The problem was with the arrogance of the medical profession, that all these clowns were too busy trying to find the cure for the “mysterious disease” and the last thing they would want to do was have to refer to someone else’s previous work. Where was the money in that?

    Covid is a test of compliance; a test to see how many Kool-Aid drinkers can be led around with a ring in their nose and never once question the bigger picture.

  6. I have lost all interest and faith in the CDC and intend to live my live as always. I will not get a vaccine, I wear a mask only when FORCED if I absolutely must go into an establishment and I depend on my healthy lifestyle and good genes for immunity.

    You and Fauci and the WHO are full of misleading and false information along with, I suppose, some correct facts. I will rely on myself not you to remain as healthy as possible.

    You have NO redeeming qualities as an institution.

  7. Science is hard. The CDC should stick to what they have become best known for—characterizing the right of the people to keep and bear arms as a “public health crisis.”

  8. The CDC has been complicit in mishandling this “flu” virus from day one. They have given misinformation and should be held accountable for the millions of dollars that have been lost over their “controlling” guidelines. They are part of a conspiracy to shut down the entire planet. The reasons are quite obvious. The CDC, FDA, WHO, Bill Gates, Drs. Fauci and Birx, George Soros, and other liberal democrats concocted a plan to bankrupt countries all over the world with a virus they created and enabled the spread, and were probably amazed at how easy it was.

    Now, they are starting to reel in the results. All of these people and groups have used fear tactics and false information to turn populations into frightened sheep who will go along with anything the CDC recommends. The numbers of deaths and recoveries have been wrong and false reporting keeps the masses under control. The people are scared and believing everything these sinister people and groups are saying, thus a majority of the population on this planet are like pits (puppies in training) with masks (pee pads) and kennels (social distancing).
    There are, however, many out there who not falling for the false narratives, most of whom believe in a higher power, and will not cower or go along with fake recommendations. Since the dawn of man, viruses, diseases, flus, have existed on this planet and still do. All of these drastic guidelines and shut downs were never supposed to eliminate the virus. These guidelines were put in place to “CONTROL THE MASSES”, and thus turn our planet into a mindless group of people who follow every commandment that these groups of tyrannical, sinister, evil masterminds dictate. We must not fall for their plan. We must think for ourselves. “We the people” have to be in CONTROL of our own lives. “In God we trust”, not evil dictators whose intents are to destroy our world.

    1. This has been satan’s strategy from the getgo; “I know I can’t destroy God, but I can besmirch His Creation by whatever evil I can imagine!”

  9. All of these Covid 19 scare tactics will stop after the election. This has been a democrat controlled tactic designed to keep the electorate in fear. After the election, the democrats will start with their latest rounds of impeachment of President Trump. That is unless Pelosi is replaced by a republican speaker of the house.

  10. All the hype, misinformation and the fear mongering needs to stop regarding COVID 19. The virus exists and has been around for a long time–this strain has been manipulated by man–China. It causes death, the majority >40% have been nursing homes. The government has incentivized the treatment of the virus paying more for those who have the diagnosis of COVID19, all patients should be treated and care should be paid at the same rate for each patient. Patients who enter the hospital with a heart attack then die are given the diagnosis of COVID19 to get more money. Nursing home has the same incentive, this is wrong the numbers are scued. Looking at the number of death world wide, in the US and generally speaking in each state is less than 0.05%, were the numbers close to 1919 of 23 million deaths it would be more concerning. The fearing mongering is causing all kinds of problems, increased divorce rate, teen suicide rates are up about 25%, depression, anxiety is up all because of the misinformation. The government’s closure of the country, business and churches is unconstitutional. They should have give guidelines–most of which should have been in place–and allowed all American’s to choose how they would respond. Those with pre-existing health issues that increase their risk should be more cautious. The governors who impose harsh restriction are over stepping their authority. This madness need to end now. .

  11. Justice Ginsburg may she rest in piece for the hard work & commitment she devoted to her cause.
    she broke ground & accomplished some amazing things.
    she was l lousy Jew. she was a public critic of Donald Trump from the day he was elected a man that has a mixed religious family thru marriage which included Jewish. a President that finally built an embassy in Israel. Justice Ginsberg is like many Jews in this country with no real loyalty to Israel but with complete & total loyalty to a pollical . after President Trump made a total pledge of support did not ease her attitude toward him including from her death bed.

  12. I have thought for a long time that this virus is just another form of the flu without ever finding a cure. Granted there have been many who died, however we as the public have not been told the truth about the deaths, most who died of corona 19 in the reports, have died from underling problems with other health issues. I stand firm that we should get away from the CDC, have already gotten out from the WHO. We as the public should be asking for corrected results on the deaths of those who died. We should not be requesting more testing without being able to get answers within a reasonable time frame.

  13. Everything out there is posted in error.I go to 10 Drs and get ten different opinions about what’s going on and there all right and the others are all wrong so I tell people who state facts that your wrong and I don’t believe you.

  14. This is a major part of the problem trying to get people to go by some guidelines. Since the beginnig the CDC has sent out various guidelines that have confused the people and quite frankly made some of us not trust what they were stating. Including a statement that the virus could not spread by person to person. I realize those in the CDC did not have much to go on, (neither did Trump) but all they needed to say was “we do not know all the answers as yet, but we recommend, XY and Z.

    Hmmmm, Pelosi seemed to make up her own guidelines based on her various committee caucuses. And to add that pelosi keeps saying we should do what our “Medical Experts” give us as guidelines while face masks were not available because Oblaimers administration did not stockpile any while giving all the medical production to China.

  15. The CDC as is the FBI, CIA , and other departments , have become “INFECTED with a VIRUS” caused by democrats.
    It is deliberate and is for the TOTAL destruction of the U. S. as we know it. Pelosi , The Obama’s , The Clintons , the Schiff , Schumer the Biden’s and outside forces are at work. Outside forces are Soros , Gates and “his foundation” , M. Moore, television night time shows “Late Night with Whomever” are all in this together. Then you have democrat Mayors,Governors , city managers ,”Antifa” “BLM” , homosexuals, lesbians and the “I don’t have a clue what sex I am but I got science behind me” .
    Ignorant muslims , in and out of congress, ignorant fools who got elected such as AOC, Warren ,Butilieg , Beto , Waters and so many more. Let us not forget the “Supreme Court” and the inept fools appointed by Obama, and the 9th Court of Criminals

  16. The CDC as well as WHO has been taken over as well as every other countries health beauracracy Covid is a bad engineered FLU a real Pandemic would have dead people littering the streets major population centers where the information getting to the citizens is tightly controlled is agenda based and is terrorizing the uninformed these people will stop at nothing to Destroy the global economy then when people are literally starving which many are they will ride in and save the day make no mistake the Globalists know if they fail to take control with their Crimes against the worlds people that chance will never present itself again.STEP UP STAND OUT NO MORE COWERING IN A CORNER WITH A MASK EXPOSE THE LIES THE CONSTITUTION IS STILL THE LAW OF THE LAND the SCOTUS RULING HELD NO WEIGHT OF LAW IT ONLY GAVE CORRUPT POLITICIANS COVER TO CONTINUE TO DISMANTLE THE GREATEST COUNTRY GOD EVER GAVE MAN. Duda

  17. Thank you, Adam, for an article with no pandering to the CDC and no side-stepping the obvious error-ridden history of the CDC. The information you bring to the table confirms my thoughts from March 2020 that an intricately organized plan to secure self-promotion of a few and to throw the November election has done much harm to our country. The replies to this article are intellectually stimulating. I would add that the AMA strategically used the NJM and The Lancet to successfully bind and gag the FDA and pharmacists to ensure the greatest numbers of COVID deaths or, at the least, to maximize the numbers of critically ill hospitalized patients due to the delay of effective treatment. My healthy daughter became sick with every symptom associated with the COVID virus and tested positive after working in close proximity with some elementary school teachers in early September. She was denied a Dr. visit and only granted a telehealth consultation where the NP stated, “Drs. are not seeing COVID patients.” The next question my daughter asked was, “How do I get the forbidden medication to treat my illness?” The NP stated, “That requires hospitalization because of the serious side effects. When you get to where you can’t breathe, call the ambulance.” She received the “forbidden” medication by mail from someone with connections to a real Dr., and she recovered within two weeks with no problems. Scientists cannot study people who receive HCQ and recover; they need hospitalized patients’ data. The scientists have become unethical in their quest for recognition. Science has failed us.

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