U.N. Appoints ‘Child Sex Autonomy’ Advocate to Top Health Spot

The United Nations appointed South African doctor Tlaleng Mofokeng, a/k/a Dr. T, was recently named Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health.

According to the U.N. Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur is responsible for the following:

  • He/She communicates with States and other concerned parties with regard to alleged cases of violations of the right to health (See Individual complaints) and other issues related to his/her mandate;
  • He/She promotes the full realization of the right to health through dialogue with relevant actors by participating in seminars, conferences, expert meetings.

Those are a few of the responsibilities listed under the job description. They don’t sound unreasonable, until you learn a bit more about Mofokeng.


Mofokeng is an advocate for sex work (i.e. prostitution) in her writings.

I believe sex work and sex worker rights are women's rights, health rights, labor rights and the litmus test for intersectional feminism. The idea of purchasing intimacy and paying for the services can be affirming for many people who need human connection, friendship and emotional support. Some people may have fantasies and kink preferences that they are able to fulfill with the services of a sex worker. The clients who seek sex workers vary, and they're not just men.

Stefano Gennarini, J.D., vice president for the Center for Legal Studies at the Center for Family and Human Rights says Mofokeng's appointment is much more nefarious.

Mofokeng is "a doctor groomed by the international sexual and reproductive health establishment to advocate for unfettered sexual autonomy, including legal prostitution, homosexuality, abortion and children's sexual autonomy," Gennarini said.

"Children's sexual autonomy".

Gennarini says Mofokeng has no real accomplishments in the medical field other than running an abortion clinic and hosting a 'Sex Talk' TV show.

Yet she receives a valued worldwide appointment from the U.N.

Mofokeng wrote an article in Teen Vogue about sex work where she claimed sex workers are unfairly discriminated against and advocates for the worldwide decriminalization of prostitution and sex work.

Still, continued criminalization of sex work and sex workers is a form of violence by governments and contributes to the high level of stigma and discrimination. A systematic review and meta-analysis led by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), for instance, has found that sex workers who have experienced "repressive policing" (including arrest, extortion, and violence from police) are three times more likely to experience sexual or physical violence.

She applauds the World Health Organization's funding of public campaigns to reverse the stigma on sex work and says morality should have no place in guiding legal reforms regarding prostitution and sex work.

There has been a wave of recent attempts by leftist movements in the U.S. to lighten the stigma of, and even legalize, pedophilia.

If there is an argument to be made it's apparent that a lack of morality has not done us any good.


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16 thoughts on “U.N. Appoints ‘Child Sex Autonomy’ Advocate to Top Health Spot”

  1. Without morality we only have anarchy and chaos, and mayhem. Moral values are what separates humanity from animals.

  2. This is a classic example as to why the world is in turmoil. An open attempt by the UN to exploit something so personal is appalling to say the least. Shame on the UN!

  3. I agree. and serial killers are discriminated against as well. Some people feel the need to mutilate and maim others because of an expression of their sexual and behavioral freedom.The United Nations should appoint someone to that position also.

  4. I am hard pressed to think of anything of value coming out of the UN in recent years. But, I can think of several pronouncements that have been horrific. Chalk up one more despicable move….!!!! I think it has passed its day.

  5. Where in the name of God was American Ambassador when this madness took over the U.N.????? Mr.President….REMOVE THE U.S.FROM THE UN AND KICK THE REMAINING DELEGATES OUT OF THE COUNTRY!!

  6. This is so rediculous! Defunding the UN makes sense. It seems as if they have an anti-christ adgenda and need to be shown there are still people in this world that deserve to have moral protection… Most prostitution is not by choice and children should be allowed to be children. I won’t even get started on pimps, rapist and pedophiles… Till my dying day I will fight for the ones who are unable to protect themselves. It starts with prayers and God’s guidance, and if that is politically incorrect to believe and feel that way, oh well… It is MORALLY CORRECT!

  7. This is horrible. Children are being hurt – all over the globe – why would the UN appoint a “DOCTOR” who believes prostitution is a reasonable thing! Has the UN lost all moral compass on right and wrong? Do NOT appoint this Doctor to this important position.

  8. The U.N is widely thought of as the most corrupt international organization in the world, Here is simply one more example. The U.N.’s “health” activity is the W.H.O., Bill Gates’ pet U.N. agency.

  9. It is shocking that anyone, anywhere, of any culture, would see any trace of rightness in this point of view, unless they were insane and hoping for a “normalization” of perversion, physical abuse of children, and degradation to support their own warped practices. There needs to be an investigation and exposure of the crimes committed by any UN member who supports this action. There are crimes to be found. Guaranteed.

  10. Matthew 24:12 In the end lawlessness will abound, the UN is fulfilling a Bible prophecy. People like Mofokeng advocating such immorality will have no respite. God’s judgment is coming soon, Isaiah 26:9 when Your judgements are on the earth the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness. But wicked will continue to do wickedly.
    Fear God and repent when there’s still time for hell is a real place and eternity cannot be spent.

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