Mueller’s Team Was as Corrupt as They Could be

Newly released documents show that the phones of multiple people on Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation were wiped before the Office of Inspector General could review them.

Dozens of phones belonging to some of the top members of the Special Counsel were wiped due to ‘forgotten passcodes’, intentional deletion, and other issues.

Judicial Watch says they asked for this information over 2 years ago and sued for it 1 year ago, but it's now just getting released.

Federal records show that Mueller deputy Andrew Weismann claims to have "accidentally" wiped, via wrong passwords at least 2 phones detailing his activity during the anti-Trump probe. James Quarles' phone "wiped itself." Greg Andre also made the same wrong password claim...

These guys are running the supposed "most sophisticated investigation of our time" and they keep forgetting their passwords so many times that their phones completely reset.

At least 15 of these phones were 'accidentally' wiped AFTER they were requested by the DOJ OIG.

This brings me back to when Hillary's phones were smashed with a hammer.

Sean Davis isn't buying it, and I can't believe anybody other than the leftist media would.

What are the actual probabilities of more than a dozen top Mueller officials all "accidentally" nuking their phones or accidentally putting them in airplane mode, locking them, and "forgetting" their passwords so the DOJ OIG couldn't access and examine them? Negative 100,000%?

The corruption, that the establishment has engaged in over the last 4 years, is at a level unseen before.  This is making Watergate look like a stolen candy bar.

America was a nation built on laws and that's the only way it can remain a free nation.

The question still remains: Will these people face justice or is America already gone?



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38 thoughts on “Mueller’s Team Was as Corrupt as They Could be”

  1. We did not need to be told it was corrupt, we knew this was a corrupt witch hunt from the onset. Look at the murky steps taken to initiate it and the “team” Mueller assembled (yeah, right…he assembled it like the Tooth Fairy did)…all DEMONRATS. Makes me ill the Repubs hadn’t and haven’t the backbone to do anything, just let it go on and on and on. Thank God, we have PRESIDENT Trump who fights for law and order, who fights for the USA, who fights for our Constitution and who fights for us.

    1. And we need to keep Trump in office because Biden and Harris will bring us communist utopia – hee hee – reeducation camps just like China

  2. No one from this whole corrupt administration, proven guilty of numerous crimes , has yet to spend 1 nite in jail. Until I see that, It’s all bull###t. Just another political sideshow costing a lot of money. This country has gone to hell in a handbasket, thanks to the so called “Democrat” party and its Republican enablers. Laws are for people like me, just dumb taxpayers, while the crooks run for office, steal with both hands and sell books about how great they are. Washington has become an embarrassing, filthy mess.

    1. What did Senator Grassley’s comment to this Mueller relevation They needed to check if they did it deliberately. God help me I am not kidding. No I always take a hammer and bleach bit before I turn my phone in.


  3. You wrote, “The question still remains: Will these people face justice or is America already gone?”

    You’re kidding right? No way any music gets faced by any of them. Mueller has left a trail of slime throughout his “career” Weissman has been caught red handed numerous times.


  4. ACCIDENTALLY !! ?? “yeah” and I have a bridge for sale in brooklyn ..!! WHAT,no takers!?? Hmmm…NONE of those criminals will EVER do one second of time for their crimes against this Nation ! I am (sadly) beginning to think the “B” in atty gen. Barr’s name means bull sh-t !! Could be one of them !

    1. could be – they only gave us one to appease us deplorables – you know we are the stupid ones that keep electing democrat/commies and Rino’s that have a hard time standing for anything. They live in their own little bubble in DC.

    2. I think Barr is ready and armed with evidence to drain the swamp, and the left knows it. That’s why they’re in panic mode to get Trump out of office ! If Barr had done before the election, the left and its advertising agency: the main stream media, would have screamed relentlessly that it was a strategic plan to win the election ! In an honest election, Trump wins! Biggest challenge now is catching and preventing their voter fraud!

  5. Since the Marvelous, Magical mister durham has yet to FILE CHARGES AGAINST ANY MAJOR PLAYERS TO THE TREASON THAT WAS THE IMPEACHMENT….

    I have few doubts that NOBODY WILL EVER BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

  6. For every member that wiped their phones and delayed to turn them in should be put in jail until they are prosecuted. If found guilty then they should go to jail for as long as they took to turn their phones in.

  7. I say we want our tax money back in full… 30-40 million and when you return the cell devices in tack you will get the money back…..,

  8. Mueller and his band of crooks knew there was no there there, but continue to put America, our president and everyone through hell for three years. These evil, vile, disgusting excuses for human should be sent to prison for life for the millions they harmed.

  9. Who would have the audacity to say that so many of all these lawyers’ phones were “ACCIDENTLY” wiped clean, like these attorneys don’t know how to operate a cell phone. or never used a cell phone before? The gall, insolence, and impertinence of these people, knowing nobody would believe that most all who had cell phones, accidently wiped them clean, even those with more than one cell phone, shows that they aren’t even trying to hide the fact that all those phones were wiped clean on purpose, but they couldn’t give a damn about how many people would come to that conclusion that is so apparent and shows that they are lying.

  10. If it smells like BS and looks like BS then it must be BS. It is time to put people in jail. This whole bunch is not above the law. For what they did constitutes treason and a mandatory term in prison of no less that 20 years and all pensions lost.

  11. The Deep State is in cahoots with the Socialist Party and it starts at the very top with the Witch from the West (Pelosi); Adam Schitt, clueless Nadler and Chunky Schumer. They scream “no one is above the law (except for Pelosi of course). These people are guilty of Sedition and do not deserve the exalted posts they hold. Their continued re-elections are true testaments to the stupidity of their constituents and are willful participants in the internal destruction of our country.

  12. America is too far gone. We have watched for 4 years the lies and accusations against our president. Against Supreme Court Judge Cavanaugh. Nothing has been done. The left gets away with every single crime they commit. They have judges in the right places. Look at what Gen Flynn is going through and no one steps in. That judge should be removed. I ran out of patience. The Durham report you say. Don’t make me laugh.

  13. The phones need to be sent to an independent digital forensics lab and cracked. Then the coso added to the fines of those responsible. This appears to be a clear case of obstruction of justice. A grand jury needs to be formed to investigat it.

  14. And what is the AG doing? Why doesn’t he ignore the phony reasons the FBI is using to block release of un-redacted documents associated with the FISA action, and release them NO for the public to see first hand?.

  15. Let’s examine how corrupt, just on the phones alone.
    – We’re talking AT LEAST 15 phones
    – None were reported wipes at the time. If they had the data was recoverable, which obviously is why they didn’t.
    – It’s standard practice to backup all phone data. In fact, federal laws require they do so. So, where are the backups?
    – All of the explanations were laughable. iPhone and Android phone experts say it’s impossible to ‘accidently’ wipe the data off these phones. It’s purposely a multi step deliberate process. A broken screen does nothing to cause a loss of data and for that reason you aren’t allowed to chuck a federal government owned phone with confidential data in the trash. So, where is the phone?
    – These phones were evidence in an ongoing investigation. Each person who claimed their data was wiped should have immediately been questioned and their explanations would immediately have fallen apart showing their corruption and criminal conduct. So, why haven’t we at least been told this suspicious activity was already being investigated?
    – Even more suspicious is the 3 years it took to get the email that showed these 15 plus phones data was wiped or withheld from investigators?

  16. Mueller and company need to be arrested for evidence tampering, straight out lying to the D.O.J. and placed on trial for their next to worthless lives. Not to mention intimidating witnesses by entrapment, which also goes back to the charge of tampering with statements as well. If they want to cut a deal, they must give the names of those behind the scenes who urged them to act in such an unprofessional manner.
    The lightest sentence for them would be 25 years before they were eligible for any chance of parole, other wise they can be facing “Judge Rope” on the charges of treason, aiding and abetting in criminal behavior.

  17. I doubt seriously if Mueller was even involved in the investigation, Crooked Weissman ran the show and kept it alive a year longer than needed. Democrats got rich and taxpayers lost. Seems that whenever Democrats are in charge that happens.

  18. Well, the issue at this time is no longer IF there was a conspiracy, but that we have not made arrest for conspiracy.
    The MOMENT the DOJ demanded the information in the phones any loss by definition is WILLFUL SPOLIATION.

    Legally in every court there can be (and is at all times) the assumption of guilt to the point of “BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT” where any inference or evidence can even suggest illegal activity and there was spoliation.

    I say that DOJ needs to arrest all of those that had the phones. I GUARRANTY that each person was NOTIFIED by someone and ORDERED to wipe them. Arrest them all. Prosecute for conspiracy to overthrow the United States President and subvert the government. Keep them separate. The first one to tell WHO made the order and WHO was in control and to give any supporting evidence (yes they all kept evidence to protect themselves) gets to LIVE. The rest get hanged. Done deal.

    1. YES, I agree with most of the comments here, however they state the obvious and show the disgust most of us are feeling about these folks who should be classified as Criminals. The question I posed for a long time is “why don’t we have some of our legal eagles step forward and prepare indictments so we actually can take these rats out of circulation”. They have no right to be part of this country, they only insult and defile anything decent this country is supposed to stand for. BTW, I would be happy to start and contribute to a fund to finance any legal action to help President Trump and us fools to drain the swamp which extends far beyond Washington.


  19. If Hillary gets our people killed in Benghazi which could have been prevented, has an illegal serving giving access to classified material, deletes 33K emails, destroys phones and hard drives, and gets away with paying for a fake dossier, rips Haiti funds off, Whitewater, associates dying every time you turn around, you know it’s all a dead issue and not one person will be held accountable.

    1. The Clintons had a quick & efficient way to deal with these kinds of things: people committed suicide or died in some other way. Attacks and allegations against them were never allowed to fester! Putin and Kim Jung Un also destroy their detractors. God knows what really happened and there is a Judgement Day coming!!

  20. 15 accidental erasures of data is not believable, with that many erasures of data it had to be deliberate, and should be dealt with as any other interference with an investigation, with criminal charges and punishments.

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