Would President Hillary Be Blamed for Coronavirus Deaths?

“Trump lied. People died.” This was the hot smear from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer after the first snippets of tape were leaked by Washington Post bigfoot Bob Woodward from his new anti-Trump book, “Rage.” The president told Woodward back in March that he wanted to downplay the coronavirus so people wouldn’t panic, even though he said he’d been told it was an airborne threat.

Predictably echoing Schumer, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough dug into the mud bucket: “Donald Trump says he didn’t want Americans to panic. No, he just wanted to sit by and watch them die.” Insert the MSNBC pandemic slogan: “This is who we are. We are in this together.”

Let’s put aside the nagging question of why Republican presidents grant interviews to this liberal Watergate war horse. Let’s focus instead on the nastiness of blaming hundreds of thousands of deaths on the president. Imagine, for a minute, if Hillary Clinton had been president when the coronavirus arrived from China. Would the press place a single death at the White House door?

That’s a rhetorical question.


Grant the liberals a few points and assume the death toll were only, say, 150,000 at this moment. Consult the coverage of former President Jimmy Carter during the Iran hostage crisis. The reporters would show Clinton valiantly working 16-hour days, endlessly consulting scientists, and they would tenderly feel the pain of her sleepless dedication to saving lives.

Any Republican trying to blame Clinton for a single American death from this persistently infectious disease would face the wrath of "Pants on Fire" and "Four Pinocchios" ratings from the "independent fact-checkers" for stating "without evidence" that the White House failed to combat the pandemic.

Look no further than the Obama-Biden handling of the H1N1 swine flu in 2009. The network news couldn't even say the word "Obama" when Obama bumbled with a vaccine that October. Then-CBS anchor Harry Smith said: "Now to the H1N1 flu. Federal health officials admitted today their projected timetable for producing the vaccine was way off." ABC's Charles Gibson reported, "The government originally predicted 40 million doses of vaccine would be available by the end of October, now says there will only be about 28 million."

When Democrats mess up, "federal health officials" and "the government" get blamed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated there were 12,469 American deaths from H1N1 under Obama. Scarborough and the rest of the media were too bored to say much.

This happened all through the Obama years. In 2014, a scandal erupted when hundreds of veterans died waiting for treatment at Veterans Affairs hospitals. When this socialized-medicine debacle was at its hottest in May, ABC's Jon Karl didn't hold Obama accountable. He told viewers, "President Obama promised accountability after meeting with Shinseki," then the VA secretary. NBC said, "Kristen Welker reports the president considers Secretary Shinseki to be on probation."

In June, NBC anchorman Brian Williams interviewed Obama in France on the 70th anniversary of D-Day ... and never asked about the VA scandal. He did end the interview, however, by pushing an old Obama myth that his grandpa Stanley Dunham "fought in Patton's Third Army."

Two months later came the same song, this time from NBC's Lester Holt: "For his part, President Obama addressed the scandal again today. In a speech to the national convention of the American Legion, he promised a new culture of accountability."

These networks aren't part of a "culture of accountability." They smear Republicans and absolve Democrats. That's how they see their job. A President Hillary would have expected their servility ... and they would have delivered.

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog NewsBusters.org. 

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23 thoughts on “Would President Hillary Be Blamed for Coronavirus Deaths?”

  1. Stop calling Hillary president.. she never was a president and never will be .. and if she was… anything Hillary does would be considered legal ,same as they did with Obama.. they are criminals and are walking free

  2. OH HELL NO, she would blame , everyone but her. She is an embarrassment to the USA and that pos ex potus hubby of hers, these to were nothing more that a BONNIE and CLYDE of the 1990,s to the 2020.

  3. Clint Eastwood had Obozo tabbed exactly right when he referred to him as an empty suit as he had nothing to hang his hat on except being partly black. What’s worse is Biden has even less than nothing to hang his hat on as his whole campaign is about COVID-19. What would the dems be campaigning on if the virus had not come along when it did?

  4. We shouldn’t blame Donald Trump for what Americans chose to do to themselves. I think Hillary Clinton would have done about the same thing or lighten the load on Americans. The reason for our present situation concerning coronavirus is the American people. Freedom has given us the power to do as we please and that is exactly what is happening. The Peoples Republic of China or communist China is fairing much better controlling the spread of this virus probably because they are an authoritarian nation and their people do what they are ordered to do. America will lose more people because once again the price of freedom is high. Don’t blame anyone else.

    1. What would the answers be if the opposition party controlled the WH?

      Would it be the President’s fault people are over weight?

      Would it be the President’s fault people have a vitamin D deficiency?

      Would it be the President’s fault the CPC lied, and the WHO and CDC believed them?

      Would it be the President’s fault social media censored information on treatment options?

      Would it be the President’s fault the previous President failed to replenish the required reserve of masks?

      Would it be the President’s fault a screw up by the CDC delayed testing and he had to over rule them?

      Would it be the President’s fault so much manufacturing had been outsourced to China that we were screwed when they cut off essential medical supplies, after four years of obstruction by the opposition party trying to stop him from bringing jobs back home?

      Would it be the President’s fault infected people were entering the country illegally because the opposition party had done everything possible to prevent him from doing his job?

      Would it be the President’s fault a governor ordered nursing homes to take infected patents?

      Would it be the President’s fault, despite vilification by the opposition party, he stopped infected people from entering the country?

      A nation without borders, isn’t a nation. And welcoming immigrants doesn’t mean giving those who come in illegally a pass and free services.

      How media handled the pandemic, damaged them more than the President. The vast majority of ‘reporters’ aren’t journalists, they are leftist propagandists; and the more they rant and rave, the more they expose themselves as the liars and distorters of truth they are.

  5. All political democrats are liers. never believe anything they say. She and her husband never were tried for the murder of their friend? they are an atrocity in the face of GOD-fearing people. but they will have their place in eternity!!!!!

  6. The mainstream media are so one sided, they are biased beyond belief, when Obama was president, all the scandals that went on they never mentioned, Benghazi, IRS, veterans dying because of lack of care etc. never mind the taxpayer money that he and Michelle spent on vacations etc. I would like to know where the Obama’s got all the money they have now on a presidents salary!! Anything good that President Trump does goes unsaid in the media, every small misstep is trumpeted by them for weeks. I think they should be called the democrats media not the mainstream media.

  7. Hillary like Obama would NEVER be blamed for anything negative The media aka The Ministry of Truth 1984, would see to that !.

  8. No they would not be blamed. Obama should get the blame. He was the one who sent millions to China during his administration to work on the virus.

    1. More likely it didn’t want it to react properly! The CCP is ruthless and it would be logical for it’s leaders to want the pandemic to spread. A pandemic is far more damaging to free societies than totalatarian ones. Getting rid of the elderly helps them because their draconian one child policy, enforced by mandantory abortion, has created a situation where the majority of the population will be over 65 by 2050, Lying about the virus’s transmitability guaranteed it would spread, which mitigated and detrimental consequences of the virus to China’s economy relative to the free world’s.

  9. I have lived a long time but have never seen the likes of the campaign waged by the Democrats. Their venom is poisoning our culture, our entire way of life. I am considering leaving the United States if the Democrats, by a stroke of luck or stupidity on the part of the American people, win. A win for them would be a loss the America. They sound “brain dead.” How can one man be blamed for this filthy virus that infected the entire world? Put the fault where it belongs! The Chinese willfully unleashed this plague on the world. Trump’s shutting down the air space saved countless lives. He was not “dancing in the street” in Chinatown. This country must put an end to”career politicians” who have used the U.S. only to line their pockets. Hillary is a liar. Schumer is a “March Hare. Bernie Sanders is a story for another day. I’ll stay away from Biden as my Christian background is inducing me to be kind. America wake up! Stop being spoon fed news bur people who should br reporting only “what, when, where, who, why.” Stop the media from pushing personal opinion down our throats. We can make responsible decisions based on factual data.

    1. Do the math. 98 percent of the country and lower levels of government have NEVER contracted the VIRUS. Those are fantastic odds for not becoming ill. For some reason our news media does not report this number.

  10. Would I blame President Hillary Clinton for COVID-19 deaths is the question. That question cannot be answered now because it would depend on her actions (or lack thereof). I would not blame her for anything based solely upon her party affiliation which is probably the reason President Trump is blamed for COVID-19.

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