Democrats Quick To Defend Gun Purchases – For Illegals.

No, this is not The Onion. This is actually happening in the United States of America, right now. A new day, a new  Democrat stance in favor of open borders and crime high-fives. Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz went off on dems last week:

More below:

Democrats are quick to attack legal US gun owners but are doing everything they can to protect illegal purchases of firearms. In what world does this make sense for the American people? This is madness!

Last year a record number of illegal aliens, millions of them, tried to purchase firearms in the United States. Not only is it illegal to enter the United States without permission, it's also illegal to purchase or possess a gun.

One thing seems for sure. Democrats are positioning themselves against Americans leading up to the 2020 elections. One last push for socialism? It's not happening here. The citizens have awoken to the dirty tricks of the hard left.


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56 thoughts on “Democrats Quick To Defend Gun Purchases – For Illegals.”

  1. How on earth can the democrats support allowing illegal to get guns and then campaign to take away US citizens guns that were purchased legally and within the guidelines of established laws. This sounds like a treasonous act to overthrow the country. What else can it be?

    1. For me this is an ACT to remove the American citizen from our country. Let alone kill our police officers and military men. This is insanity of the worst kind. It would bring about civil war. Or unless this is what the dems want.

      1. If the damnocrats want a civil war, bring it on. We conservatives and republicans have most of the guns not controlled by the military or police. To put it simply, they will be out-gunned!

        1. the democratic party is only a brand in name only. it is no longer a party of center left or liberal political ideology. indeed, there are no liberals. instead it is an ugly hate mongering anti america anti semitic corrupt organization. and now enemies of the state have been insinuated into the body politic like a flesh eating disease.

        2. You sound like a babbling idiot. It is one of the major reasons that the USA will NOT get a positive US Gun Control Law that will allow only Law Abiding Citizens in good standing, that would be good in all 50 states. However, the Democrats it seem to be doing all it can to NOT win the election in 2010, with support for open borders, getting rid of ICE, guns for illegals, numerous benefits for Illegal Immigrants, supporting the LGBQT sinful behavior over Christians. and allowing hateful Muslims in our government at all levels.

    2. Exactly my questions. What they are for is so totally illogical. I sure hope the good people in this country wake up before it’s too late.

    3. Just remember this, anybody that wants to keep information out of the hands of Law Enforcement Agencies whether they are Illegals or not, are criminal minded. Wanting to have Illegal aliens to come into the country to vote should be an act of treason against WE The People.

    4. I sometime wonder if there is a Dem that has one ounce of common sense. But this settles it for me, NO, NOT ONE. However the Illegals cannot know who is a Dem or Repub.

    5. These Dems have gone absolutely anti-USA.
      It really is that simple.
      Why?I have no idea, but I do know it is now dangerous.
      The Democrat Party is no different than an Anti USA HATE GROUP.
      And I think the Democrat Party should be classified as such and the law should treat them accordingly, at least the Party Leaders should be held to account for what members of the Party say and do organize against the USA.
      They are actively devoted to the overthrow of the USA.

    6. It’s simple, the demo-commies “HATE” the USofA and all of us who stand for the basic principles of this nation. That’s the only reason they seem to exist today. More illegals, give them more power. At least the left seems to think it will. Although I can’t for the love of life, imagine how roaming groups of armed illegals could help them. Just another way of poking the valid laws of this country in the eye. We have to convince more people of the dangers of the left. That is how we will stop them.

  2. What is this world coming to. the hard left demo’s need to get their shit together, or go to another world.

  3. People who think they would like to live under socialism should visit a socialistic country like Venezuela. Those who like it can stay there. Americans are not likely to miss them or to fear a mass exodus. There is a good reason why so many people risk their lives to come to the USA even illegally. If we were such an undesirable place to live, thousands would not be coming here regularly. We are not capturing them and bringing them here against their will.

      1. FYI, A Republican control House and Senate have kept funding the Planned Parenthood organization (PP). Read about the objectives of PP and because more educated.

  4. These dizzy Dems have completely lost their minds…it is time the American voters make it clear to these idiots that we have had enough of their craziness…VOTE THE DEMS OUT !!! GET RID OF THESE NUT JOBS , ONCE AND FOR ALL !!!

    1. Those nut jobs where elected by their on people that lives where they live like OAC she represents brok;yn ny I think or a part of nyc so if you think she is a nut job then what are the people that wants her to represent them can they all be nut jobs? What get to me is that when they get to Washington dc they act like they represent the whole country and all the people all over the united states their always saying that what they do is for the people well I want them to know that they don’t re[present me and i’m not all the people i’m only one person that would never be a part of any organization that wants socialism you would have to be totally nuts to think your going to get something for nothing you might not be expected to pony up money but your going to pony up something maybe yourself in ways you don’t really want !

    1. The ones who vote them in are ignorant and/or illiterate… They have no common sense and will vote for the FREE STUFF all day long. Look at this AOC horror. Destruction is her game, as she partners with the muslim cells that have been allowed to be in our country and now have positions in the govt. Pretty scary…

  5. There are only two way to get the Liberal/Socialist/Progressives OUT… An all out ‘civil war’ or the 2nd coming of Christ………. They became ‘entrenched’ in our schools and Institutions years ago and MY generation of a-hole ‘partying’ ( Baby Boomers ) didn’t give a damn!

  6. Oh, so it’s O.K. for ILLEGALS to have guns, but NATURAL BORN, LAW ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS can’t be trusted with them according to DEMOCRAT “LOGIC” ? Where’s Rod Serling when you need him ???

  7. Leftist demented Socialist-Democrats want to remove 2nd amendment guarantees for law abiding American citizens but want guns for illegal invaders? That is like they want to kill babies in the womb, being born, and after birth but protest and oppose the death penalty for illegal invading rapists-murderers. They want to save a tadpole in California but want to kill babies that can survive outside the womb. This is insanity.

  8. So LEGAL U. S. Citizens are to be disarmed, but CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS are ENCOURAGED to get guns ILLEGALLY?!?!?!?!

    Did I get that right?!?!?!

    What am I missing here?!?!?!?!

    1. If the Illegal FAILS a background check, which I don’t see how they can pass it. (They are here “ illegally “
      Since they did follow proper protocol to enter the United States. )
      Then the Democrats will NOT hold it against them when it comes to purchasing a gun.
      In other words. Americans will have a harder time obtaining a gun and an illegal will have an easier time.
      Again foreigners are MORE important than a United States CITIZEN.

      More important than OUR VETERANS , more important than Mothers ,Fathers, Our CHILDREN which the Dems claim to Love. More important than ANYBODY in Government!

  9. The freaking Democraps have lost it, giving guns to illegal’s, KILLING BABIES,STEALING from the American people, supporting issi and islam the biggest CULT in the world . after 2020 will there still be a Democrat Party? I don’t think so they really shot them self’s the foot this time, by,by dem dems or should it be dum dums ?

  10. As it continues, in the state of Washington we have a majority Democrat/liberal base, facts will not cloud their thoughts or opinions nor are they willing to engage in debate for the simple fear the liberal/socialist, goverment that controls all, with their following, non thinking, robbing money from the working middle class elite Democrats might come to their senses. We have what they consider a gun crisis that seems to allow the bypassing of our constitution. Juveniles and illegals apprehended with guns are mostly caught and released, yet if the gun was acquired during a home break in the victim, usually a hard working homeowner, with a newly passed initiative, may be severely prosecuted, including fines and potential prison time, if the court determined the guns were not, in their opinion properly locked and stored. This is the liberal, Democrat mindset. All new programs such as this also create very high paying positions for their buddies and cronies. And now while fighting securing the border including a much needed wall, the Democrats in this state are allowing open drug use including sales and are creating “safe injection sites” that will not only discourage addicts from changing their lifestyles but will undoubtedly cause an increase in drug use. Most fentanyl is reported to enter our country through the southern border yet while handcuffing Doctors to prescribe reasonable quality of life painkillers for chronic pain sufferers they encourage deadly, illegal use of street drugs. Liberalism certainly must be a “mental disorder”.

    1. That’s a part of the purpose in allowing illegals continued unchecked entry into our southern border. As David Letterman said several years ago, (to paraphrase), they’re not fooling anyone when they call them undocumented immigrants, they really are undocumented voters”. A very strong yet factual statement. In Washington state illegals are awarded a driver’s license simply by producing a utility bill or a similar document such as a student ID card. Once you have a driver’s license you then are allowed to register to vote, no checks or balances. Our right to vote is absolutely corrupted by these self serving political hacks and our AG will not do his job by upholding the State and US Constitution unless it supports some liberal cause. They have to go!

  11. I was shocked to learn that 7,836,600 illegal aliens have been identified by the FBI using the National Instant Criminal Check System (NICS) and that 3,300 of them were found in 2017. I realize that the FBI is real busy with Mueller’s errands and sending 30 SWAT Agents to arrest nefarious hoodlums like Mr. & Mrs. Roger Stone. But in view of the fact that illegal aliens commit 5,639 murders in the U.S. every year, most of us would think the FBI would spare one or two agents to notify ICE of failed alien attempts to arm themselves.

  12. I came to the US in 1976 from England. Took my citizenship in 1983. I was very young when I emigrated here and didn’t plan on staying….43 years later it is my home and I love the US. I am a local government official nearing retirement. I am shocked at what is happening in America today. Socialism hasn’t worked in any country; the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Can’t believe what the Dems are promoting, are they insane? I hope the Republicans beat the Dems in the 2020 General Election.

  13. Naturally the Demorats want the illegals, gangs, drug dealers (remember their Sec’y of Defense sold assault weapons to the Drug Cartel under Obama). They need all these people when the Civil war starts. That’s why tey also want open borders. WAKE UP AMERICA CITIZENS.

  14. I live in a sanctuary city, Dallas, in an area where the City Hall has allocated illegal immigrants over 100 acres of land to be used for military training. In the last 3 years, thousands of illegal people have been trained in the use of weapons, from gun to automatic assault weapons , all under the protective eye of the police !That’s what our democrats do all over the country.

    1. I also live in Dallas. When did Dallas become a sanctuary city???? What area are you talking about. That is insane!!

  15. All of this craziness started when Hillary lost the election. Many “Americans’ could not accept their new president and have been whining and crying ever since. Simply put, they are sore losers who, after 2 years still can’t believe that they didn’t get their way. Their efforts to disparage our president are becoming more and more desperate. I think that one day they’ll wake up and see all that President Trump has already done. He has been, or soon will be, honored with the Nobel Prize. When that day comes, they will hide so that no-one can see their embarrrased red faces. God Bless America.

  16. If it comes down to a civil war I think there will be no limit on Dems, liberals and snowflakes. They are most all anti-gun — the rest of us not so much so. It’ll be a very short war indeed. As for me I’m
    locked and loaded with a good supply of beans and bullets… so bring it on….

  17. want to cut down on gun violence , ban blacks from buying them or carrying them ,blacks commit most of the gun violence , and most of it acure in the big cities , like chicgo , philly , baltimore

  18. So as Iunderstand this bill if an illegal comes anywhere near me or my family and threaten any of us it will be ok for me to use my guns to shoot them since the demoasses are making it legal for them to purchase a weapon. If it is alright for illegAls not to be reported trying to buy a weapon then Americans should not have to submit to any clearance either. Demoasses you just opened up every illegal to be shot at because hey, we don’t know until they show that they have a gun, if we are in danger. And we do have the right to protect ourselves. Illegals you need to blame the demoasses for any attacks you may receive from Americans just trying to protect themselves.

  19. I don’t know exactly how low your I.Q. has to be to be a liberal dimocrat, obviously pretty low. The outright stupidity practiced by these so called officials is beyond kindergarden, the average child could tell you most of these ideas will not work, are unfair, pretty much stupid, and nothing but an insult to honest tax payers while rewarding criminal behavior. It’s a scary world we live in when these people are supposedly in charge.

  20. I am all for an armed rebellion against our government! We just can’t keep on allowing corrupt politicians to undermine the safety and security of American Citizens, while they line their pockets with monies from the Mexican Drug Cartels. That’s exactly what I think is happening! If they continue unhampered, it won’t be long before we won’t have a Republic to protect!

    The way that I see it, Obama set the stage for the invasions from the South so that, we were so pre-occupied with dealing with the “Illegals”, we wouldn’t notice that the Muslims were trying to destroy our government from within. I can’t prove my thoughts but, I really believe that’s exactly what Obama was planning! I guess that it’s obvious that I don’t trust the Democrats as far as I could throw them!

  21. this is so unbelievable I almost laugh at it if it weren’t so evil. They try to take away legal citizens rights to own guns but help illegal immigrants buy them. What a bunch of sick people the Democrats have become.

  22. The USA is becoming like the book “Animal House” where some animals get more rights than others because they are “special”. It seems the Demoncrats believe illegal aliens are a special class of people that should be given financial did, free medical care, free education, free legal representation, etc. etc.

  23. The Democrat party has been taken over by those that are against Trump and this country. Such as to it being OK for a illegal to buy a gun. They want to take our guns away but back crap as that. I know there are Democrat’s out there that have sense and hope they make sure the far left don’t get all they want.

  24. Then the time to take up arms is fast approaching. These Democrats are liars, perverts, criminally deranged traitors.

  25. they sure know how to protect illegal aliens & not the American citizens they are sworn to protect !!! just another sign displayed by the democratic party that they want OPEN BORDERS!!!

  26. There is no other way to explain this, the Democrat party has been infiltrated by satanic influence.
    Not saying they are possessed by the devil, but Satan definitely has a very strong hold of them. Look at Everything they stand for, it is only to destroy our Judaeo Christian values. And ultimately to destroy our once great nation. Simply, they are anti american. They are supposed to represent Americans. What do they do,? They represent everyone but Americans.

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  28. The sooner we get rid of dems the better. Luckily most of those terrorists are old and decrepit so they will die soon. Then we can heal our country.

  29. WAKE UP!! They can help the Socialist/Left with winning the revolt/Revolution against us legal/real Americans.

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