Will President Trump Face a Military Coup Attempt?

The troops seem to love President Trump but there are some top military officials who are not a fan.

The president said as much while he was giving a speech on Labor Day.

I’m not saying the military is in love with me. The soldiers are. The top people in the Pentagon probably aren’t because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else, stay happy..

Then there’s the new Bob Woodward book that apparently covers General Mattis discussing a likely coup with officials while he was working for President Trump.

According to Woodward, Dan Coats and General James Mattis discussed taking action to remove Trump.

“Mattis quietly went to Washington National Cathedral to pray about his concern for the nation’s fate under Trump’s command and, according to Woodward, told Coats, “There may come a time when we have to take collective action” since Trump is “dangerous. He’s unfit.

As a reminder, Dan Coats was the former Director of National Intelligence from 2017-2019.

What would you consider a military official and DNI discussing 'taking action' to remove a sitting president?

There is no doubt the 'military industrial complex' is not happy with President Trump. He has not engaged in any new wars and is pulling troops out of foreign wars and occupations around the world.

The profit of usual war is disappearing without any new wars starting and the decades old wars ending. Kind of like the typical step from congressman or White House official to lobbyist, the private security contractors and defense production companies are the next step for many generals and high-ranking officials.

It seems like it's become a sort of "rite of passage" for well-connected senior military officials. But it seems to be ending and that is sure to make some senior officials uneasy and unhappy.

Take a listen to retired JAG officer Richard Black discuss the Insurrection Act and the discussions of removing a sitting President.

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38 thoughts on “Will President Trump Face a Military Coup Attempt?”

  1. If there really ARE high ranking generals ans admirals thinking about staging a coup, perhaps they should take a couple of hours to watch the motion picture “Seven Days in May.”

  2. These retired/fired Generals certainly show their hatred for our president, Donald J. Trump in these letters. It sounds like sour grapes in their contempt toward our president that has done nothing but good for our U.S.A. He has kept Americans safe in so many areas over four years in spite of all the nastiness that has been thrown at him from the Left. They hate that President Trump is not a “hawk” so has kept us out of any war that these generals wanted.

    You have to consider all of the positive things, both domestic and foreign, that he has done over these four years. So, please don’t allow this Military Coup Attempt to go forward as it is definately unwarranted.

    Thank you.

  3. the demo-communist are already planning, for this, because they will lose and that is their only hope of being in the WHITE HOUSE, if they win it will be only by VOTER FRAUD. And they will find things might end well for them.

  4. Thank You Adam and Inside Scoop Politics for bringing this article forward to the readers of your publication AND Thank Former Jag Officer Richard Black for bringing forth this information to We the People.

    It is my sincere hope and prayer that these traitors to our military and our Country be dealt with Swiftly. We the People of this Great Country have no need for any so called leader standing or retired trying to unseat our President via a military Coup or by any other means. They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law immediately.

  5. We took an oath to obey the lawful orders of our superiors to the best of our ability which includes the commander in chief but there is no need to depose the top guy since he is voted in or out every four years and serves eight at the most according to the convention established in WWII.

    1. I disagree . The Higher Powers want Trump gone by any means and that includes Betrayal or Coup. All of Congress took the Oath to uphold the Constitution but very few actually do . There are no reprocussions . They all cover for each other .

  6. The Secretary of Defense needs to address these Retired has beens and get to the bottom of this. They need to bring them up on charges, based on the UCMJ. These clowns are nothing more than has beens. But they are creating an atmosphere of hatred for the country. They want all these wars. If you look at all the defense contractors, you will find that the leadership in the hierarchy of the companies are RETIRED military. That’s why they don’t want to end these wars. Such a bunch of sore losers, and a bunch whinny bags. One in particular, is none other than Colin Powell. He’s a complete jackass. I think the President has been doing an outstanding job, and needs another 4 years to eradicate all these deep state clowns completely.

    1. I agree completely James and the superiors who don’t see that the proper charges are brought against those who have instigated these instances should be replaced for not doing their job.

  7. I’m fairly certain the Demonrats and RINO’S have been feeding the military “brass” nasty ideas and hoping they will do what the politicians have thus far failed to accomplish.

    If any if these top military keaders are unhappy they should si ply resign, take their fat pensions and call it day. History has NEVER shown favor upon this sort of hatred!!!

    Those of us who support Trump will not keep still or quiet if this childish behavior oj the part of the opposition continues. If Trump is reelected they need only endure four more years . . . While they can remain on both the payroll of Soros and the American taxpayers.


  8. The Left will do ANYTHING to win this election … Trump is getting way to close for them and like a cornered animal they have turned rabid

  9. Sick of wars and the Top military brass wanting to fight all over the world. We should protect our interests , and help our friends , but not go out of our way to start a conflict. Protect Trump at all costs and respect the office. We elected him and we expect your loyalty in protecting him and NOT attempting a coup !

    1. John Podesta and others are formulating a plan to overthrow the government should the president be re-elected. They believe that the Military will back them. It is impossible to imagine what the D- RATS will do. May GOD protect us from these minions of SATAN!!!!

  10. Mattis should be in a cell. His action show him unfit for Military service. He needs to be stripped of all rank and jailed for treason.

  11. These corrupt traitors DO REMEMBER, that The President, has 10’s of Millions, of Patriots behind him, in every sense of the word! Do they really think, they would continue to have support of the everyday solder, after they try this? Or are they not smart enough to think, that AMERICA, would not stand up against them?
    You might state they have the might of all military against the Patriots, BUT, the deep state also knows that a small force of highly trained individuals, (many of which are totally supported after their service by President Trump), can take out almost anything.
    WE THE PEOPLE, are now awake, and more are seeing truth, every day. DO THEY REALLY WANT TO START THIS? All in the guise of, ” we were worried about the democracy?”

    1. There is a reason our Founders wrote the 2nd Amendment allowing citizens to bear arms. The loony Leftists, Antifa, and BLM leaders are reminding all of us why. It sure is hard to find more ammo to buy today–isn’t it.

  12. I mean really… These men complaining that our President doesn’t “want to even start a new war” shows that they are INSANE!! 😠 NOT going to WAR is NOT a sign of WEAKNESS!! Sometime’s, just sometime’s, it’s OK to get along at face value BUT they all still KNOW… One wrong move and we’ll be all over their ASSES in a split second! The OTHER COUNTRIES will be there as well to help DEFEND the rest of the world! No need to stay in war at all times!! We just have to stay READY ARMED AIMED LOCKED AND LOADED AT ALL TIMES!

  13. Let me explain to you the Doctor did not want to go overseas until Obama showed his Birth Certificate and Obama did not show it because he did not have one! the Doctor lost his rank and Retirement too and was discharged too and Trump is in same Posistion as Obama top person and Cammander too

    1. No more. Selections to Flag rank were extremely political during the Obama years, as well as other promotion boards. In addition, our military officers are educated in the same liberal colleges as everyone else. It even affects the service academies. Witness the graduate of West Point wearing a Che t-shirt under his uniform. ON GRADUATION DAY.

  14. Desperate democrats committing desperate crimes and staging unbelievable lies !
    They have lost the battle and their gay war
    Hollywood is over more support for worthless has been communist actors
    Sports are over no more high paying jobs for worthless black men
    The media has always been over for opinions and anti America narratives are treason not news
    Democrats are over because their morons
    The narratives they are spreading are believed by a few in America I have talked to some of them if you call it a conversation!
    I have owned 3 very bright dogs in my life and anyone of them was far smarter then the brightest democrats I have had the misfortune to converse with!
    One of the reasons democrats want vote by mail so bad is I have not met a democrat so far this year smart enough to find their polling location much less fill out a ballot!
    A coup by our generals is a giant stretch for the democrats who have lied so much the English language is running out of new lies they can spread for one can only manipulate false accusations in a limited number of ways before one starts sounding like a moron even to themselves!
    A civil war may come for it will be the most merciful way to eliminate the stupid and unfit from America and by now all true Americans know who the stupid and unfit are!

  15. That is scary, if you think you have a problem now with the BLM movement I would hate to see what happens to this country if you enforce a military coop to remove the president. You would have to put the entire country in a police state. My only advice is to look to God, look to your families and look to this country and make the right decision. If you don’t like him, that is OK, I respect your opinion, I like him and I hope you respect mine.

  16. NO! These retired traitors will not get anywhere. The majority of our men and women in the Armed Forces are with the President not with these treacherous has-beens. They all need to be lines up against the wall and executed for treason.

  17. Americans have a long history of making sure civilians are in charge of our government instead of the military. A military coup would be illegal, and the rank and file soldiers will not obey those orders. The Leftists are dreaming up every scenario they can think of that will avoid their upcoming massive loss at the 2020 polls. Take 5 new GOP voters with you and bury them in the truth.

  18. It is ashame that these retired generals are trying to destory our president when he under attack from the far left! And we need to inform the American people what these so call generals trying to under cut and cheat duely elected president! These formal generals need to be charged for committing a crime! I support our military but i beginning to wonder why these morons resigned! May God protect us from this evil corruption that has plagued our country!

  19. You so called generals, someone steps on your toes, you start crying, you are setting a great example for your troops.
    You guys are worst than the China regime. You guys need to be tried for treason, I hope the bring all of you to trial. Take away your pensions and any medical benefits.

  20. Two yrs. ago at least, I read quote after quote from Nancy Pelosi saying these words.. “I hope when Trumps time comes to leave the WH, he doesn’t have to be physically removed”. I told everyone back then they were planning a coup; but no one believed me. I’m not at all surprised. Hopefully the army will come in to defend their commander in chief and go against the evil warlords in the pentagon and elsewhere, who want him out. This is going to be some election. If they do that.. then they’ll get a war alright.. but not one that makes money.. one right here at home and I hope they’re the first victims. This is an unbelievable disgrace!!!!

  21. How do you fabricate this creative misinterpretation of events for your political con job. An official thinking thru his thoughts is not an act against the country. He may just be doing his job, if he thinks something is “painfully” wrong and he is considering the options, which may be the more important act for the future of the country.

  22. Before they become military officers they must survive the operation. The operation removes the top of their heads pulls out their spine and cuts of their testicles. Fortunately it is senior enlisted that really run the military.

  23. OUR COUNTRY is “unfit”. Not President Trump. America is unfit for any sane moral normal person to live in. That is the problem. That is why God gave emergency leadership to someone so radical and realistic like Mr Trump. That’s probably why President Trump wanted everyone who had been in charge of the sinking ship to be fired. The generals should have disembarked more humbly. Given the manuals and the history to him, said earnest prayers, looked around with President Trump and seen all the sharks.

    Maybe the military leaders are watching too many Hollywood movies and too much TV. They need to travel the nation and see what kind of country America has become. Its falling apart. Families are falling apart. Young people are falling apart. Institutions are falling apart. Values and integrity are falling apart. Schools are drowning kids in socialist propaganda, condemning good, promoting lazy man policies. Millions and millions of young people are being brainwashed by the stupid arrogant education system of America. They need to go out and count all the human trafficking places in our mini malls. They need to make note of all the servants and credit cards and medicines Americans are addicted to. America is a weak and immoral nation. Those kind of nations always crumble. Maybe God didnt want America to end yet.

    Asians laugh at America. Europeans laugh at America. Indians laugh at America. Muslim countries laugh at America. The bet for America to be destroyed from within is stronger because of our education system and our media. Our family system is rotting, media creates gross demented lifestyles in every community, the power and position of churches is desecrated, the Founding Father’s intention for America is erased every day.

    Americans are being taught the only important thing to fight for is FREEDOM and DIVERSITY. “Diversity” is being taught in American schools and Hollywood as the great morality. Diversity doesnt bring strength to a nation. Freedom for everyone and everything doesnt either. Our brilliant Founding Father didnt create America to be a place of freedom for all people. They didnt believe diversity of races and genders and religions and etc was the great moral foundation that America needed to be great. Freedom for everyone and diversity of everything is nice and friendly, but it doesnt bring strength to a nation. That wasnt their motto. That wasnt coming out of their soul. That wasnt what they thought God envisioned for America. And they all thought God founded America for a purpose.

    America was created to be a refuge for those who respect and treasure truth, and Biblical morality, and a sanctuary for law abiding Christian families, a place of prosperity, safety, equality, peace, freedom from immoral insane hoar mongers and slave traders and atheists, a place where Judaeo Christian values of peace and stability and discipline would be defended in all of our institutions. What does the Constitution say? Who is reading what the Founding Fathers of America really wrote and said? Who reads their soul and their minds and their actions? They created a great nation. America didnt happen by accident. It was carefully designed.

    Too many American businesses and entertainment moguls and political leaders are sinking our nation with lies. Our college educated and TV educated masses are being forced to believe the greatest thing in America is defending”freedom and diversity”, not Biblicaly based policies anymore. Maybe I think that because I live in California surrounded by anarchists, perverted human traffickers and dangerous foreign spies who have more freedom and respect than an bashed 10th generation American preacher.

    Its easy for historians to analyze why a nation falls, after it falls. Its always the same scenario– moral decay and a people who started to mock their Creator. Then the demons descend and devour. Why cant we make that analysis now? Before the ship sinks. President Trump saw an emergency situation. He acts like its an emergency. Thats why I think so many people like him.

    How did the curses of our enemies get here- the communists and socialists and atheists and hoar mongers and aanarchists and the voodoo players and crazy foreign religious cults? I think our great generals would have been honorable to have gone down with the ship. But we needed Mr Trump’s attitude–dont think about the ship going down. Focus on saving the ship. Save the young people. God wants us to act like its an emergency because it is an emergency. I think thats what General MacArthur and his advisors did, they quickly tried to rebuild nations, they tried to get the young people away from a demented education system and media that had brainwashed an entire generation. I think they should have been stricter on the countries they rebuilt. America needs leaders that are strict and decisive and know how to get rid of the cancer in America. Leaders who think and work as if America is in a state of emergency.

    President Trump is fighting a war. The most serious war we have to fight now is inside our country. Wars are always messy. Leaders engaged in wars where their own countries and their own families are sinking, those kind of leaders are not always civil or polite. I think God chose President Trump because he was radical and driven and faithful enough to fight a scary war going on in America. I think God will help him win the war for America because he fights like a radical general.

  24. Everyone should be thankful for and defend the Judeao Christian traditions we have in America. Most other countries in the world dont have these beautiful traditions, laws and ways of life. When a nation has a strong Judaeo Christian culture, LESS law enforcement, surveillance and prison sentences are needed.

    These are some things that every person, no matter what race or religion or gender or creed, enjoys in a Judaeo Christian country.

    Our court system, our ideas of justice,punishment and restoration– based on Judaeo Christian values and traditions.
    The way our Congress behaves and makes laws and promotes policies-this is based on Judaeo Christian values and traditions.
    Our prison system–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Respect for all human life—this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    The work of rescue missions and rehab/ recovery institutions and non profits –this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    The belief and practice of “redemption” not “karma”–this is a Judaeo Christian principle.
    Suing people instead of having the mafia kill them or trash their business–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Respect for the family –this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Education for everyone no matter their economic status–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Keeping the marriage institution pure and sacred –this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Abolishing slavery–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.-
    Respecting sacred days–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Respect for God–These are some things that every person, no matter what race or religion or gender or creed, enjoys in a Judaeo Christian country.
    Not promoting ideas that humans are just masses of consuming animal blobs–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Preserving every human life because we’re made in God’s image-this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Not allowing a cast system in society –this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Love and kindness for the poor and destitute, not curses–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Good roads, sewage that works, healthcare for everyone, clean water and civilized traffic–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    The grandma who tells the clerk at the store she was undercharged -this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Not overcharging people–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    The immigrant who works hard and has the freedom to become a math/science genius or a millionaire-this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    The preacher who pickets the bars and drug dealer shops and tells them to stop ruining people’s lives-this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Medical institutions that promise to try and heal and restore everyone that enters their doors–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Gambling casinos that are located in a dark deserted alley on the bad side of town_-this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Strict punishments for stealing, killing and cheating–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Moms and Dads who work hard, feed their own kids and pay their taxes fairly–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Women treated with respect and love, not as disposable chattel–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Safely leaving your handbag in an unlocked car all day–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Remembering to give thanks to God and homage and worship-this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.-
    People who make an honest living and shun greediness–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    People who strive to live in peace with their neighbors–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Feeding the poor instead of dumping them in the ocean–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Releasing children working in hoar houses–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Not cheating a customer not matter who they are or what they look like–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Common sense life giving morality–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Abstinence outside of marriage and not killing the unborn in the womb-this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.-
    Women treated with respect and love, not as disposable chattel–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.-
    Ideas of mercy, justice and grace for the abused, the loser, or the repentant–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Disciplined living–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.-
    Respect for leaders –this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.-
    Respect for elderly adn vulnerable–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Respect for sacred things–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Respect for science –this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Belief in prayer and miracles–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Communities that promote good works and faith over wealth and power–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Showing respect for preachers and church buildings–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Leaders that have deeply held religious faith–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Believing and practice that science and everything the world is divinely ordered by God.
    The belief that chaos and death should be overcome and reversed not ignored–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.
    Having leaders who work against evil, chaos,death and destruction–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.-
    The belief and search for absolute truth–this is based on Judaeo Christian principles.