They’re Now Admitting They Lie to You but it’s for Your Own Good

I’m sure you’ve all heard, by now, the Atlantic story of Trump supposedly calling soldiers that died in WW1 “losers” and “suckers”. It was another story with ‘anonymous’ sources and so far every person who was actually present during this supposed incident has denied it.

Even the Trump haters.

Most people that have followed President Trump’s support and policy for our military would just laugh it off. However, there are a ton of folks who have no idea of the President’s accomplishments or support for our troops because they don’t see it.

Google, Facebook, & Twitter search results are manipulated to show left wing ‘news’ and the television news shows just don’t have the time for positive news. It doesn’t bring in the money and, let’s face it, they absolute hate Trump.

For a while there, they were still defending themselves and just saying that "Trump supporters just don't care about facts".

Now, they're telling you they lied and it doesn't matter because it 'resonates'.

Dan Rather, the correspondent who was forced to leave CBS after a lie about George W. Bush's military service during the 2004 campaign, was hosting a radio show and asked several callers whether they believed the Atlantic allegations were true. Several said they did even though they could never actually know if it happened.

“Whether he said it or not, it is believable,” Rather said.

Rather is right. All these fake news stories that come out, only to later get retracted or proven wrong, have already done the damage. The compounding of negative information about someone will simply develop a distaste for that person over time. It doesn't matter if they're all false. After a while, most people will eventually assume at least some of them are true. And, if some of them are true, then it's easier to believe these new allegations.

See how that works?

His comments echo those of NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander, who said on Friday that whether the story was true or not, it “resonates.” He also referred to Trump’s comments about McCain, which came in 2015 after the late Senator described Trump’s supporters as “crazies.”

It's no longer about telling you the truth, and it hasn't been for a long time. It's about changing your perception of President Trump.

To them, it's completely justified. You see, you just don't know any better and if they didn't lie to you, you might actually like President Trump. They cannot have that.

So, they're admitting they are lying to you but it's for your own good. The end, here, justifies the means. And, folks, if it didn't work they wouldn't be doing it. It is exceptionally dangerous to a free society.

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49 thoughts on “They’re Now Admitting They Lie to You but it’s for Your Own Good”

  1. DIRT BAGGERS. pure dirt baggers. But they have no shame, and that is why they are dirt baggers, maybe some lies on them would be some good revenge.

  2. The fatal mistake the Biden minions made was to insult the intelligence of voters, especially independent voters. This group of swing voters clearly see the lies and deception. This is why they are flocking towards Trump.

        1. I walked away from the Obonimation
          I voted for Trump because he is Anti-Establishment.
          That includes the corrupt Socialist Democrats and RINOs like the Bush family.

  3. Those who support President Trump can spot the lies of the left in a heart beat. They always are designed to make him look bad which doesn’t stand to reason and go against facts that are immutable. Trump doesn’t try to make things up he at times will be like a fisherman and make a little fish bigger but there is always the fact it happened. When you look at his accomplishments and actions as President the lies of the left clearly come out as nothing but nonsense. The interesting ones are the lies told by Bozo Biden. The guy claims Trump has done nothing and then plagiarizes and claims Trumps actions as his own plan to move forward. Sleepy Joe is awake enough to pick up unfounded trash about the President that has already been discredited and make statements like it is the truth and actually happened. The good of the country lies in finding and calling out left wing lies and shouting to the roof tops the truth that Trump is making America Great.

  4. If i didn;t watch Fox News it would be easy to believe their crap. Trump is the only person who could have survived the lefts nonsense. Our rights as Free Americans is indeed in danger now and this election will tell the story of whether we will remain a free nation or be in bondage to socialism.

    1. You might also try watching Newsmax. In Washington state it is on channel 216. I am learning a lot from both Fox News and Newsmax. And I am starting to like Newsmax more because Fox News has on Chris Wallace and as far as I am concerned Chris Wallace leans left!

  5. The enlightened American public by now should KNOW to follow the wisdom of this old proverb: ‘Believe none of what you hear or read…and only half of what you see.’

  6. The female talking head on Morning Joe (sorry, don’t remember her name), actually had one soldiers Mom on, and she had to defend her son against what she was led to believe Trump said. If that show doesn’t have her back to apologize, Morning Joe should be re-titled , Pundit Fabricators, or flat out Liars. How can people like that sleep at night?

    1. “Morning Joe”? More like “Morning Joke”. I never liked Joe’s paramour (now wife) Mika – she’s a female Ed McMahon. Just a side kick/ “yes man”/ sycophant to Joe.

  7. McCain was a traitorous snitch in captivity in N. Vietnam, and a paid off NWO stooge afterwards. His admiral rich bitch daddy enabled him and covered for his deeds, including hot dogging his aircraft, which resulted in multiple fatalities for which he never was held to account. Him and traitor bitch Jane Fonda were soulmates.

    1. You are so right about McCain. He caused the deaths of over 134 sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal. He was also well known by his prison mates in the Hanoi Hilton as “Song bird”. Self explanatory?

  8. The Radical Left love’s to LIE…, They are on a , ” SEEK & DESTROY MISSION of AMERICA “… TRUMP 2020 , or this Country is DOOMED. It’s Plain & Simple… GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP , & GOD BLESS & KEEP US(A) SAFE .

  9. Take the blue pill and stay blissfully ignorant. Take the red pill and be awakened to the reality of the insipid deception spewed forth by the leftists.

  10. The more this kind of hate for President Trump occers, the more I wonder why these people fear a second term. Could it be that they have done something illegal that they fear the President will expose if reelected?

  11. The media is Treason in billionaires clothing!
    Whether we take the house, senate and elect Trump on November 3rd America to survive will need to eliminate the billionaires behind this coup upon America!
    It’s not only a civil war but a global war the elites are imposing upon America and for what ?
    Greed and power!
    Kings and us is their goal for they already have all the money the only thing left is to inslave us all to take our homes assets and dreams with communism a proven failed ideology straight out of the devils handbook
    America must destroy these billionaires and their media or parish!
    They must be marked and pursued as terrorist their assets seized and their treasonous coup ended!
    They have seized our country with repeated lies
    The civil and global war is here
    Our enemies must be eliminated at any cost
    From Hollywood to congress
    The media to rioters
    Trump was sent to America by God!
    To save America from morons without morals
    It’s time for Trump to unleash the military upon Our enemies as if they were Muslim Terrorists
    And kill every last traitor on earth
    If they are not eliminated to dust there will never be America or peace in our future

  12. “Google, Facebook, & Twitter search results are manipulated to show left wing ‘news’ and the television news shows just don’t have the time for positive news. It doesn’t bring in the money and, let’s face it, they absolute hate Trump.”
    “So, they’re admitting they are lying to you but it’s for your own good. The end, here, justifies the means. And, folks, if it didn’t work they wouldn’t be doing it”

    The Obomination got elected by telling us “all the lies we wanted to hear” and then delivered on only one promise: “Fundamentally change America” for the worst.

  13. When news item come from NYT, WP, CNN, MSCBN, it a given that it will be a negative for the President. It’s consistent. It makes me sad, these guys can’t even paint a slight positive sign to the President inspite of all Gus hard work & accomplishments for the Country. I really can’t sum it up!

    1. Isn’t it about time to make the MSM accountable for their lies?
      Why are the corrupt Establishment Elite “Above the Law”?
      Elect a Majority of MAGA supporters and maybe we can make progress toward Law & Order and Justice for all.

  14. Sick of all the BS we are being fed (if we listened or read). Wouldn’t it be wonderful to turn on the news or read a paper and get truth? We are owed that and we need to start demanding it. The National Enquirer does a better job the MSM as checking facts. Sad state of affairs.

  15. This is why those who constantly lie are considered an enemy, whoever constantly lies to you is your enemy, and that is why most honest and intelligent people know that the liberal biased mainstream media is the enemy of the people they report their constant lies to.

    But some people like to be lied to, if those lies are what they want to be true, whether they are true or not. These are radicals that can’t win an argument with facts, because the facts always seems to be against the reality that they desire, so they use and accept lies without any doubt, even though they know the impossibility of their desires, they are so use of liberal indoctrination that they will accept anything that is even close to what they desire, even subconsciously knowing that it isn’t true.

    And that is why I could never be a Democrat, for I know that all our laws are based on the fact that our Rights are unalienably endowed by our Creator (GOD), which consists of Life. Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, and every doctor and scientist will attest to the unquestionable fact that Life begins at conception. Yet Democrats proclaim that women have the right to take a Life if it is in their womb at the time, and now the Democrats claim they can do the same right after the baby leaves the womb, if the mother doesn’t want the child (Where will the Democrats lust for killing end, maybe at adulthood?).

    But are laws are based on that Life was unalienably endowed to the soul that was assigned to it by GOD, and if it can be taken away by the decision of the mother, then any of our laws, rights, and freedoms can be taken away by anyone the government claims has the right to take them. In other words, we have no Life, Liberty, pursuit of Happiness, rights, or freedoms, if the government decides someone can take them from you, like they say mothers can take the Life of their unborn children in their wombs, and now right after birth.

    I believe it was said by President Lincoln that the USA could never be defeated from without, but only from within, as we are now destroying the heritage our “Founding Fathers” gave us, that our Rights are unalienably endowed by GOD, and that no human, organization, or government can take them form us, but apparently we can freely give them up through complacency from within by the false indoctrination of the Democrats, as the Democrats are setting, or have set, that precedent through falsely claiming that abortion is a right, and that soul GOD gave that life to has no right to live.

  16. Anyone educated beyond the sixth grade level knows the news media lies about the President. They take a word, a phrase, a statement President Trump makes and then weave it into some kind of conspiracy theory. The problem is their narrative rarely ever comes close to matching what was actually said. But, their theory is why not lie because we will not be held accountable. It is the old ‘run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it’ gimmick. Before we enter the voting booth we all need to review what we know the President has accomplished and how much better off we are because of him than we would have been if sleazy Hillary had been elected. Our country would have been a disaster area. We can make our lives even better by re-electing President Trump and a Republican majority in both houses of Congress.

  17. Indoctrination (in the schools), propaganda (by MSM), Burning Looting Murdering by the mob (similar to Kristallnact). QUESTION IS: Does the silent majority have the desire and ability to keep the ideals and values of our constitutional republic alive in order to thrive.

  18. They say they lie ?! This is the arrogant elitist and narrow vision of theirs that makes them think they know it all and they want to hog all they can at the expense of the dwindling middle class they have abandoned. What “Resonates” to them is what the average man flushes down the tubes every day. They may have won the day with kept ignorant suburbanites but reducing us to vassals will never pay them on their throne and has done us no good for forty years or more. Vote for the only one who is for the American Free Man namely Donald Trump!

  19. It is common knowledge that the Left and their complicit media rely HEAVILY on the ignorance of their voter base. Their previous candidate Hillary Clinton has said as much! They count on them to believe whatever they are told, and do so without question.

    They do this because, a.) see above, and b.) too few people call them out on it. But the problem for Democrats now is that their hubris and pretentiousness leads them to believe that ALL Americans are ingesting what the media tries to spoon-feed, and that ALL Americans are buying the garbage they are trying to sell.

    It will especially bite them in the rear when (I predict) anywhere from 10-million to as many as 20-million registered Democrats will vote for Trump, but swear on their Mother’s grave to all friends and family that they voted for Biden, just to avoid the immaturity, violence, and bigotry we’ve seen from the Left since the 2016 election.

    Remember, Trump’s election exposed – not caused – the Left’s racism, sexism, bigotry, intolerance, and their criminality. Throw in that the Left’s current Platform includes a guarantee – not a promise – of higher taxes, open borders, and assaults on several items in the Bill of Rights, and it’s difficult to comprehend why any adult with a functional brain would want these crooks running the Country.

    There is no greater indicator of a person’s lack of intelligence than to witness them willingly and voluntarily vote against their own best interests.

  20. Top nazi Joseph Goebbels – “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Yet somehow its conservatives who are the nazis.

  21. Lying should be considered “fraudulent “misuse of the truth and there should be a civil punishment.

    The wealthy publishers of newspapers and T.V. who encourage and permit the pilfering of truth
    need to be held responsible. God is watching and listening and will mete out punishment in due time
    for the breaking of His 8th Commandment. Meanwhile, question everything you see and read and
    use common sense.

  22. Here’s the Republican Task Force heading: “They’re Now Admitting They Lie to You but it’s for Your Own Good.” Of course, they were referring to lies from Biden and/or the Democratic party. To be clear, I am a member of the Republican party for decades but am simply unable to support Trump because of his heavy-handed hyperbole. I am amazed at the comments below of all the people who are unable to see the any of the thousands of lies Trump has stated during these last 3 years. However what is big news today is that yesterday Trump admitted he lied about the Corona virus but it was for our own good. GIVE ME A BREAK! It turns out he’s always known how evil and terrible Covid 19 is but didn’t want to share that with all of us Americans because he didn’t want to alarm anyone back from February thru July. That means your hero thought all of you plus all the rest of the American public were all too stupid and ignorant to be able to deal with the virus. So, instead of being honest, which is already difficult for this experienced showman, he keeps it to himself and and all of us in the dark. Had Trump’s supporters known sooner that the virus was dangerous and deadly and that people wearing masks were not stupid and did NOT deserve to be ridiculed or chided by Mr. Trump himself, perhaps the majority of Trump supporters who follow him and listen to him as if he was a god might have taken more cautions and very likely the spread of the virus in America would not have made us the laughing stock of the entire world with our record of more deaths and more cases than any other country on the planet. Instead, he pooh-poohs Covid-19, tries to tell everyone in Spring that it will go away soon, probably in the Summer, and little children are not really susceptible to the virus and perhaps if we drink bleach, along with all the other b.s. he came up with for 6 months, a vast majority of his followers, who at times act more like ”stooges’ than fans, adopted his care-free attitude with the result that our country now is in chaos, tens of thousands are dead, another tens of thousands who didn’t die are physically brutalized for months or years to come, millions are out of work with many former jobs lost forever and until he is out of the presidency, we have an economy that is great for the rich but from which many millions of average joes will have a terrible time trying to recover financially.
    Rather than being forewarned so we could all act accordingly, our leader kept us all in the dark which means we all remained ignorant of the facts and all of you followers believed that the virus was just a political hoax. Tell me folks, how do you feel now knowing that your supreme leader thought all of you to be stupid, ignorant clods that would run around like chickens with their heads cut off, if you had known before how serious the virus really was.
    And every time at his rallies or other political events, he would tell you the virus was going to be short-lived, wouldn’t survive the Summer or whatever nonsense came out of his mouth, you would applaud his glorious highness as if this showman knew the future and knew more than the professional medical community. I hope for your health, you have now woken up to the fact that the man’s leadership qualifications leave a lot to be desired and that is why I, a devout Republican, Trump wil not get my vote.

      1. He’s probably been listening to the lying media. I don’t understand how anyone can vote Democrat this year. I don’t understand how they can want to be a socialist country, which will ruin our country. Even if I didn’t like Trump I could never vote for socialism. It’ll mean less jobs, higher taxes (which Bidens team don’t want him to talk about), no longer freedom, but more government. It’s going to be hell.

  23. We can’t watch National News anymore . They all have an Anti-America , Anti-trump bias and they seem to not care that they are losing any of what little credibility they had .

    1. our small town paper is that way. One of the subscribers said she would quit taking the paper unless they were more honest and presented both sides. Shes probably quit taking it by now. They might have a token cartoon or very rarely a journalist that goes for the GOP but not enough. I’ve thought about quitting because they have cut two days out and what we do get is very little. I’ve paid for the year and it won’t be up until March. They’re not going to reimburse us for what we paid for the whole year even though we’re not getting much. There’s a good chance we’ll be giving it up after the year’s up.