Chief Justice Roberts Likely to Decide the 2020 Election

In an interview with John Catsimatidis, former Clinton Adviser Dick Morris said that he thinks the entire election will be in the hands of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

“The blue state governors are mailing out tens of millions of ballots, and they’re going to be returned with a vote on them, probably for Biden,” Morris told host John Catsimatidis. “And those people will not go to the polls to vote on Election Day. So what you’re probably looking at is that you’re going to have on election night a report that Trump carried … all of the potential swing states. And they’ll say that Trump has 330-350 electoral votes and won a landslide. And then, day after day, week after week, you’re going to find another million ballots counted here, another half-million there, another quarter of a million in another place. And gradually, these Democratic liberal secretaries of state who are in charge of the election in most of these blue states will say, ‘Oh, well, we’re sorry. It turns out Biden carried Wisconsin, not Trump.’”

If you’re a conservative, this isn’t good news.

Chief Justice Roberts has been anything but a reliable conservative vote during the Trump presidency and he's made his bias known.

Morris said the Trump folks will sue but those suits will be handled at the state level, which is largely run by Democrats, and he expects the states will uphold the late tally of votes.

Democrats and big tech are already setting the stage by preparing people for a long, drawn out election process.

When asked about whether this could lead us into a civil war, Morris didn't take the question lightly.

“Well, there certainly will be major conflict. I hope there won’t be civil war and it’s serious enough that I don’t take your question metaphorically.”



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10 thoughts on “Chief Justice Roberts Likely to Decide the 2020 Election”

  1. Chief Justice Roberts has been anything but a reliable conservative vote during the Trump presidency and he’s made his bias known. I think he has misrepresented himself and should step down.

    1. What are the chances of that. Roberts knows he has made bad decisions, but it doesn’t seem to bother him… what is anotheer blunder by Roberts!!!!!

  2. Civil War is not the correct term for what’s going to happen when the democrats try and steal the election!
    After four years of Trump Hunting with no congressional action by the house but a coup to overthrow America to communism
    5 years of democrats lies and corruption exposed
    America didn’t have to look for democrats corruption the democrats openly committing crimes in front of our faces’
    Pointed out their past corruption by blaming it on Trump
    Democrats promoting fags over core families
    Democrats promoting Islam over Christianity
    Democrats promoting communism over them supporting themselves
    Democrats burning cities for black criminals who resisted arrest
    Democrats promoting Child sex trafficking
    Democrats promoting illegal aliens over Americans
    Democrats promoting free health and social security for illegal aliens
    Democrats hiring Antifa to destroy America
    Democrats promoting only hate and no solution
    Democrat owned media promoting treason with only lies
    Democrats Hollywood’s fagots all of them without purpose of existence
    Democrats tech media the hammer and Sickle of speech suppression and propaganda mongering

    No there won’t be a civil war there will be a mass movement of extinction pointed at the democrats
    Their vial worthless existence and narratives demand their complete elimination from America!

    Americans will eliminate the known actors with extreme prejudice, those suspected will be ostracized from the human race and left to starve in the streets

    Their will be know equality for known democrats, fags , athletes, Hollywood, blm, the tech companies and their personnel!

    Should democrats even attempt to cheat in the election which they have and will
    America will kill every last mother f*****g one of them!

    Get ready for it Demscum America knows who you are and you deserve what’s coming to you!
    You no longer belong or enjoy the right to be here!
    And America is going to stamp your worthless existence out
    America will erect Statues of you being killed and buried in mass graves at our land fills!
    Nothing is to good for traitors!
    Justice is coming and I assure you Demcrazies that you will not like your future although so very limited here in America!
    If you want to save yourselves I recommend openly chastising the democrat party and voting Trump and a republican congress in free of rhinos for it is the only way you will save your worthless spineless ass!

    Civil War is the wrong term
    Think Little Big Horn
    And your name a George Custer

  3. well look at this the corrupt people are going to tell us the election is fine!! Were adults and we know when there’s something wrong in our elections!! Don’t TRUST THIS DEMOCRATIC PARTY PEROID!!

  4. If this happens the silent Majority will rise up and exterminate the Communist Democrat Party! Communism is evil and will not be tolerated by We The People!
    Wake up Libtards, you will have hell to pay if you win by fraud!

    Make sure your affairs are in order.

  5. Chief Justice Roberts has been in the pockets of Barack Hussein Obama since he let him know how he expected him to vote on ObamaCare. Roberts takes his orders from Obama so Biden will be the chosen one. Roberts – not Obama – will be the one history will write about that it was he who sold-out America to Communism. Biden’s time in the White House will be numbered in days. Kamala Harris – when she takes over as President, is reported to have said on June 18, 2020 in warning all Trump supporters, “And once Trump’s gone and we have regained our rightful place in the White House, look out if you supported him and endorsed his actions, because we’ll be coming for you next. You will feel the vengeance of a nation. No stone will be left unturned as we seek you out in every corner of this great nation. For it is you who have betrayed us.” Kamala Harris. These are the words of a Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Marx, Lenin and all past tyrants who caused the suffering and deaths of multi-millions of people who dared to revolt against these vicious dictators. America, be very careful who you vote for November 3, your life depends on it.

    1. Bring it on, Kamala! You’ll soon find out we free born Americans are not only willing to fight to defend freedom, but we’re better at it and more prepared for it than you Commie traitors are. Communism is TREASON, and there’s ONLY ONE penalty for that!
      God WILL bless the United States, because we committed this land to HIM right from the beginning. And all these Commies will be gone, just like a powerful instantaneous miracle.
      But if HE makes it necessary to defend it, WE’RE READY!!!

  6. WHY??? Would one single justice decide the election. And wouldn’t it be determined the same way all of our previous elections have been decided. They are setting a stage – stirring the pot- looking to get everyone angered.

  7. Is little dickie morris still around? Why? He has gotten everything wrong he has ever predicted, and the only prediction he ever got right is: If the demoncrats try to cheat Donald J. Trump out of a fairly won election in 2020, there will be war. Not civil war, because there is nothing civil about a damn war. It will be house to house and ambush and IEDs that will make Iraq and Azzcrakistan look like a Sunday School picnic. These wimps rioting and burning in Portland and the other centers of liberalism have no idea the amount of shit that will rain down on demoncrats in every corner of the US of A if they cheat enough to get creepy joe biden elected.