Kaepernick Nominated for NFL Hall of Fame and Has Media Support


The guy led the 49ers to a 1-10 season in games he started during the 2016 season. He then quit and started claiming racial oppression.

He had a good year and a half with a darn good team.

But he’s one of the greats, says USA Today columnist Nancy Armour.

Kaepernick started kneeling for the national anthem in 2016, saying he couldn’t stand in support of a flag that represents a country so oppressive to black people.

Kaepernick was nominated as a Contributor by Bob Birkett of Vermont, who was upset that he couldn't get Kaepernick a starting qb spot but figured out he could nominate him to the Hall of Fame.

Birkett’s letter said that fits Kaepernick perfectly. “Mr. Kaepernick has shown exceptional courage in highlighting the damaging effects of racial injustice on black people and on our society as a whole. His respectful kneeling posture has created a powerful symbol for those who are oppressed by our society,” he said.

Armour backed that view, writing, “It’s hard to argue that Kaepernick, who sacrificed his career because he wanted to make his country better, doesn’t at least deserve a debate.”

It's hard to argue that Kaepernick didn't make waves in the NFL. Many fans have left the sport since the social justice warriors and virtue signaling took over. But did he do anything positive for the sport?

Kaepernick’s on-field performance would not draw any consideration from Hall of Fame voters. His career touchdown passes (72) and passing yards (12,271) rank 174th and 167th, respectively, in league history. His record as a starter was a subpar 28-30.

Yet you will find people in the media who claim he's one of the greats and he sacrificed so much for this movement of people who constantly tear down this country.

The NFL Hall of Fame will soon be as meaningless as the nominations for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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107 thoughts on “Kaepernick Nominated for NFL Hall of Fame and Has Media Support”

  1. What a joke! It is an insult to the many good players to nominate him. I guess the HOF doesn’t have any standards. It renders the honor meaningless

  2. This is a crock! This creep has upset the whole nation with his antics and accusations. Maybe mediocre might describe his play but certainly not Hall of Fame . That is a slam to the deserving athletes that have been inducted into that honor. I’m not sure what media is inferring this bozo to the consideration but they don’t know football, have no ethics, and should not be expecting another paycheck!

  3. Seriously? This jerk is an ASS! He’s systematically destroyed football, and drove fans away!! He doesn’t deserve to be honored with ANYTHING! No team wants him! He’s had his 15 minutes of fame. Go back to the hole you slithered out of.

  4. NFL Hall of Fame just loss any reputation it ever had for being good Athletes. Now it will be known just for being ‘woke’ people, since they are nominating this barely competent player. The only thing he’s famous for is disrespecting the country and people who made it possible for him to have a chance.

  5. Absolutely shameful! This guy has been a blight on the NFL from day one and should have been left on the sidelines permanently after his 2016 season with the 49ers. The Hall of Fame is for great football players, not high-profile whiners!

    If the NFL continues down this path, they will soon find themselves in the same boat as the NBA: looking for some other country to play in that will put up with this $hit!

    1. Kaepernick being nominated for Hall of Fame is a genuine as Obama Getting the Nobel prize for winning the electron. Both, jokes in the making. The Nobel lost it’s luster after that. To what level will the Hall of Fame sink.

    1. Not saying you do, but so many Americans say they won’t be watching but they go ahead and turn it on!!! I said it and stick to it. I wish everyone who says it would stick to their word. This just makes me sick. That traitor should be sent packin to a country that he respects their flag and it’s people. Get him the he\\ out of here.

    2. The NFL lost me when they first started to allow this political crap. I grew up a Packer fan and Vince Lombardi didn’t have a racist bone in his body, but when you stepped on the field you had a job to do and he wanted 110%. Your mind had better be on football.
      Don’t get me wrong, he would help any of his guys but you are there to do one thing and one thing only!

  6. You have got to be kidding !
    THE NFL HALL OF FAME. For what ,
    disgracing our great sport of football and showing disrespect for our flag and our country.
    Kaepernick is scum, no two ways about it. This will be a Definitely offensive to the whole sport

  7. if this spoiled piece of crap is even considered, I WILL NEVER WATCH ANOTHER NFL GAME and it is an insult to all the great players and people who are currently enshrined. the mere thought is totally stupid.

  8. The Hall of Fame is obviously no longer about playing football. If it was, this guy would be laughed out of it. Shameful. But that word – shameful – describes the whole sport now.

  9. Lowering the standards once again, I’m done with these PRO leagues. This man is a failure at every level and you nominate hin for The Hall Of Fame? Many who have played the game…when it was a game…should have serious anger towards this move. Terrible just terrible. A new football league needs to be formed!

    1. New league, new Congress, new everything to restore our great Country!! Those that don’t accept the American ways and our radical can leave USA

  10. Awards being given of late to those who have no legitimate
    Achievements !!!! Makes the honor useless to those of credible history
    This NFL award is misplaced & only for political bias

  11. This is Bull Shit!! Kapernick is a race baiting spoiled jerk. I am glad they had the good sense not to hire this over rated piece of crap. Nothing special about this pain in the tush idiot.

  12. He should be banned from American football forever. He does not like the U.S.A., so let him go to whatever country he wants and let him see what happens when he tries to pull his BS there. This nomination is as stupid as Obama being nominated for the Nobel Prize.

  13. The nfl wonder why there ratings keep heading south. When he started kneeling they lost my support. There are other things to do on Sunday and it doesn’t involve the nfl

  14. Bob Birkett …. are you another guilt ridden white liberal idiot????????
    Why don’t you do something to prove your guilt that is eating you up….
    How about committing to donating 50% of your earnings, 50% of your pension and social security earnings FOR LIFE to reparations to kaepernick???????

  15. I thought you got nominated to the Hall of Fame because you were an outstanding sportsman, not a protestor who stunk up the field after a few good games. What’s this goofy woman(writer of the article) smoking with her cigarettes?

  16. Just look what BLACK PRIVILEGE BLM got him.. For starting a movement that is tearing America apart! This makes me so ANGRY I AM LITERATELY SHAKING AS I AM WRITING THIS. WHAT A FARCE THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Colon Klaperdick is a plague, starts off slowly then expands like.the plague. He’s not a quarterback and he’s a very lousy shoe salesman. But, to put a turd in the Football HOF is a travesty kinda like an elevator in a outhouse, just doesn’t fit.

  18. Good for you, for saying this so gracefully. Because of today’s racial hysteria we need to get back to meaningful dialog and instead of trying to be Politically Correct.

  19. You got to b e kidding. This (What ever he is I know he is not a man) Is nominated for the NFL hall of fame. Was a mistake made and it should be the Hall of SHAME.
    You are really tearing the qualifications to gt in the NFL Hall of Fame.
    I thought it was for outstanding players not those that chose to insult all of our Veterans who have gave all for America.
    The insult keeps on going. The so called Patriotic Americans who play in the NFL all should be extre3amly ashamed. How many of them has lost a loved one defending our free dons ??
    The last time I watched it seemed that most standing were hyphenated individuals.

  20. he didn’t play long enough to be one of the greats. he’s a protester, not a football player. if he’s admitted to the hall of fame, this denigrates all others who played for years, showing amazing skills, who are already in the hall of fame. he’s nobody i’d want my kids to model themselves after.

  21. This is a joke, might as well just do away with the Hall of Fame. The great ones were players of football not political activates. You might as well flush down what it means to be in the Hall Fame. Get the political ideology out of this, let football be football.

  22. How does this loser get nominated over players that actually earned a nomination. Cheerleaders deserve being nominated more than ck

  23. I will not watch any sport where the spoiled brat participants do not stand for the US flag and national anthem!!
    Keep the politics off the field!!

  24. What a joke ! It is a stupid move to honor him for any thingWhy should he be honored this way? He has no love for America or her people!

  25. what the hell !!! He never did anything for football. I have four sons one son in law that are just as mad and we will never watch another football game. Tell him to kiss my ass.

  26. I think Kaepernick’s being in the NFL Hall of Fame takes away ANY relationship to athletic superiority and
    an insult to all of those already in the house!




  29. Totally agree with the meaningless of major awards. Obama won his Nobel on the come-on. Did he earn the award ? Nope. Sort of like Little League ball players who all receive a trophy so no one will feel left out. Kaepernick offended thousands of Americans, but the misguided NFL will now induct him into a league of elite players. He is NOT an elite player.

  30. We are truly in Bizzaro world. Especially when you get a complete has been and an America hating jerk that has not now or ever had any talent in football to be named as a Hall of Famer. I think I just threw up in my throat!

  31. Hall of Fame or Hall of Shame? He is an insult
    to Professional Sports and this HAS to be a
    joke! Pete Rose is a good American, was
    unquestionably qualified as his playing records
    indicate, but made a poor judgement in his
    personal conduct, but NEVER disrespected
    the American Flag and country. He made
    more of a contribution to his sport, than this
    second stringer ever made!

  32. The league caught up to the guy in very short order. He had NO staying power. When it became clear that he was done as a player, he created a political fiasco that has severely damaged the NFL! He is a communist moron that does NOT belong in any Hall of Fame except the one for dopes! The so-called sports writer belongs there with him!

  33. He was paid a nice salary and agreed to perform his job. Instead, he turned his nose up to his employers and decided to protest oppression. Most people who fail to perform the agreed upon duties, get fired.

    How does this qualify for Hall of Fame status for a mediocre quarterback? I have no words to express my utter disgust at the possibility of his being selected, while many others who have so much more for this honor are left out.

  34. Everything eventually becomes irrelevant usually due to its own arrogance. The NBA is leading the race to the bottom but the NFL seems to be doing everything in its power to catch up. Soon we’ll be looking at both sports like we do the WWF . . . a joke.

  35. NO! NO! NO! No way does Kaepernick even closely deserved being in the Hall Of Fame! Maybe the Hall Of Shame! Face it, the man just wasn’t a good quarterback. Yeah, he had a good season or so, until the Teams figured him out. then that was it! He can’t throw well enough to get him through as a good quarterback, OR he would be in the league somewhere. Hall of Fame, give us a break!

  36. Well, I guess we now know just what all the idiots in the NFL offices do with their time. Are these people for real?Kaepernick was a mediocre quarterback at best. The NFL, along with the so-called media have become some of the most pathetic organizations in the country. They have shown there is no accounting for taste or class if they have stooped to include Colin “Cry Baby” Kaepernick in the Hall of Fame. Kaepernick would fare better if some of us sent him a blankie and a pacifier!

  37. This jacka^^ should be sent off the the failure farm and forgotten. There are losers and there are losers.
    But ‘K’ man is in a bracket by himself. Never did anything worth mentioning and his only success is being a total looser!!!🤐 and he should learn to shut is mouth before somebody helps him do it!

  38. Who is this f##k, and what is his football acumen. He has no credentials to nominate spidery man to HOF. Don’t pollute the hallowed hall with fecal matter.

  39. Kapernick is a traitor. The NFL has already died. No fans to watch. If you don’t stand for the National Anthem, you need to leave this great country and go to a Communist country where you belong.

  40. This is truly sad . Kapernick is a communist and a mediocre football player at best. Communism hurts every one destroys countries and people are murdered. 6 million murdered with communist take over in Russia and more in China. Wake up and realized BLM is a Marxist group run by real marxists and does not help blacks

  41. Not one of the greatest players for sure, and I doubt he’ll make it on his kneeling…..sorry, you need to make it on playing ability, not politics.

  42. Very typical in today’s society……rewarding regardless of performance and/or qualification. Removing incentive is certainly no way to advance society but a great way to regress the society. I must say I’ve never seen a conservative burn, stomp on, or crap on the flag of our country. The symbol of unity, individual liberty, and freedom. Our flag is not just some piece of cloth. It drapes the caskets of our fallen service men and women for a reason. Anyone who thinks otherwise does NOT truly care for the “collective good” of the country but their own selfish motives!

  43. Hall of Fame induction for ANY player should be judged on their performance and contributions on the field during the game, not political stances before the game starts. A 1-10 season is enough proof that he should not be considered for the Hall of Fame. If he gets induced,it is an insult to ALL of the players that have come before him.It would also give more people a reason to stop watching NFL games.

  44. Liberal privilege. Black guy raised in a white privilege family who Has not earned the right to be in the HOF unless like everything else the color of his skin determines his eligibility. His only stat will be how many times he took a knee to disrespect our American flag. He will be remembered for nothing else.

  45. The NFL Hall of Fame should be renamed the Hall of Shame. I say this because of the number of wannabes that have been selected to a once prestigious group of athletes. If you take the time to actually peruse those enshrined in the Hall, you would come away scratching your head at the number of enshrined players and coaches that have done, well, not much in career achievement and have stats that make you wonder WTF.
    Now the Hall is about to create a new category of enshrinee. Possibly it could be called, “Absolutely worthless players who pimped themselves in the name of something that has nothing to do with football”. So I say, go ahead NFL, go ahead media, endorse this plan such as it is, so that We the Fans can spend our times on a more entertaining show, specifically, ” The Hilarious Demise of the NFL”. Once this show reaches it’s final season, the NFL will be nothing but a memory. No more Super Bowl. No more seat licenses. No more NFL approved stuff. And most of all, no more TV contracts and sponsors. One can only dream.

  46. If Kaepernick gets in the NFL Hall of Fame then we will know that the NFL has lost it’s integrity and the history where only the great players have been inducted. Putting Kaepernick in as a token for his anti-American and his contempt is nothing short of a crime.
    Kaepernick is not a NFL hall of Fame quality player or person. The NFL Hall of Fame Committee should make sure that they get fan influx before they make such a wrong decision.
    If Kaepernick ever gets in the Hall of Fame it won’t be from being a great football player, but instead an anti-American who was used by the leftist liberals in America to further their cause of destroying our country.

  47. A lifetime QB rating of 60? and they want him in the HOF. I thought the criteria
    was for ON THE FIELD performance, which most assuredly lacks. He was the winning
    QB in a Super Bowl DESPITE a pretty pedestrian performance. But then again if
    the Rock and Roll HOF can put Madonna and Rap artists in their Hall I guess
    this would be the equivalent.

  48. Remember when the soldiers raised the flag at Iwo Jima. Many soldiers severely suffered and died to make that happen. What about the civil war soldiers who fought for the black race in order to stop slavery. We must appreciate our flag. We are not a perfect country but I believe we are always striving to do better for everyone. When Colin took a knee during the national anthem he made it look as though those soldiers died in vain. My question is: How will Colin know when it is time for him to stand for the national anthem? What indicator is he looking for?

  49. This man did nothing to be nominated. He was a dud as a player and putting him in the HOF with what is truly the best is demeaning them. He is only famous for his support of what is a Marxist organization that is trying it’s best to overthrow the government of our country.

  50. Huhe surprise. No. The media is in bed with the Socialist Democratic Party. Going forward it will be our next challenge on how to clean up corruptness in journalism.

  51. It is sad That this nation doesn’t know what a real hero is anymore. I’m totally against racism and oppression. There is a time and a place for expressing oneself. It is not while you are doing your job on the football field. Taking a knee to our flag,national anthem and what our country stands should taken place on his own time.

  52. WTF is this world coming to??? As a life long niner fan he was HORRIBLE Dumb as a stump when reading defenses. Couldnt find a second receiver even if the defens fell down and had the happiest feet in all of the NFL I repeat . . . OMFG. If I were a living member of the hall of Fame I would request that all my memorabilia be pulled from display. Whos gonna present the award? The BLM leaders or the african american Howdy Doody that somehow the D.A. liberal yahoos elected despite his actually creating more racial issues than ANY past president

  53. if you support this then God help us all !

    If a player kneels for our flag at sporting events then he should be deported to a foreign country ??

    What a dingy that started this out to be sent overseas also ??

  54. Giving him the Hall of Fame award is like giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Both awards lose their value when given without merit.

  55. I think Kaepetdick is a complete failure in his screwed up life… we all are totally sick of this puke… and you idiots think he should be in the HOF? I have a better idea… Kaeperdick and his followers all should take a long walk on a shirt pier… none of you will be missed either… good riddance to titsoon morons..

  56. He should be in The Hall of Shame along with all the other losers who kneel when our anthem is played and our flag if waving for our real heroes

  57. Absolutely Not. He is there to play and be paid football. And to be a hero and an American before all those young minds and smaller hero’s to look up to. This is far from an American Hero.

  58. Pure garbage, there are many who are 150% more qualified for the HOF, sometime they don’t even get a sniff at a HOF spot. This guy has been a major pain in the NFL, I believe he will one of the
    major things with will sink the NFL as we know it. CHECK THE RATINGS FOR THE FIRST GAME, KC-HOUSTON.

  59. the man should thank god for his achievements and the historians write the history books.. please stand for the national anthem to honor our AMERICAN flag. It doesn’t hurt .

  60. Pete Rose should have been in the Hall Of Fame many years ago. At least he didn’t commit Treason on his country., A country that did so much for him. I will never watch Football again. I used to look forward to going home on Sunday, after church, and watch Football the rest of the day. Some people don’ t want equality…they want Superiority. Yes, black lives matter and so do ALL lives. Kaepernick Disgraced our Flag and Country.