Why DC Statehood Is a Suicidal Gamble

When U.S. cities erupted after the death of George Floyd, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was in the vanguard of the protests, renaming a section of downtown Black Lives Matter Plaza, and painting the name in letters on the street so huge they could be seen from space.

Thursday, however, Bowser awoke to those same BLM protesters yelling outside her home, denouncing a “D.C. police murder of a Black Man,” and demanding the mayor fire Police Chief Peter Newsham.

18-year-old Deon Kay had been shot and killed Wednesday afternoon in an encounter with cops. While this was the fifth shooting by D.C. cops this year, it was the first fatality.

There have been 130 other homicides in D.C. in 2020, mostly of Black folks that involved other Black folks, and not the cops.

“We believe the suspect had a gun at the time,” Newsham told reporters.

Witnesses challenged the chief’s claim.

But this is only the latest problem bedeviling Bowser.


While she has been blaming "outside agitators" for the mayhem in the city, the Washington Times reports that 82% of the 541 people arrested for riot-related crimes were residents of D.C., Maryland or Virginia.

On Tuesday, the mayor's office made national news by releasing a list of monuments and memorials in Washington that should be "removed, replaced or contextualized." Among them are the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and Columbus' statue at Union Station.

The name of Alexander Graham Bell should be erased from Bell Multicultural High School, Bowser's working group said. Like Winston Churchill and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, the inventor of the telephone believed in eugenics.

Presidents James Madison, author of the Constitution, John Tyler, who annexed Texas, and Zachary Taylor, who led the U.S. army to victory in the Mexican-American War, are also candidates for having their memorials and monuments "replaced, removed or contextualized."

Woodrow Wilson's name should be removed from Wilson high, and the names of Founding Father Ben Franklin and author of the national anthem Francis Scott Key should be erased from buildings named in their honor.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, the D.C. nonvoting representative in Congress, explained that the working group formed by Bowers to look into monuments and memorials did not mean the statues were to be pulled down but that plaques should be added informing visitors that these sites are dedicated to men who had a perverted view of human rights.

Norton wants the Emancipation Proclamation statue featuring Abe Lincoln and an unshackled slave, unveiled at an 1876 ceremony attended by President Grant, at which Frederick Douglass spoke, removed. She also wants the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square removed.

Yet, it was General Jackson who saved the Union from being torn apart at the 1815 Battle of New Orleans, while the defenders of Washington and the White House fled from the attacking British, letting the nation's capital be burned in August of 1814.

D.C. officials are today running away from the plans of the mayor's working group, but those plans testify powerfully to what an act of folly and a capitulation to political correctness it would be for the Congress to vote statehood for D.C., as Nancy Pelosi's House did this year.

D.C. is unrepresentative of America and undeserving in any way to be raised to statehood. Since given the franchise 60 years ago, it has never voted Republican for president. Its three electoral votes have gone to the Democrats in every election since LBJ in '64. Republican nominee Donald Trump got 4% of the D.C. vote. Hillary Clinton got 90%, a margin of 22-1.

Moreover, D.C. has a smaller population than 19 other American cities and is smaller in geographic size than 150 other U.S. cities. Rhode Island, our smallest state, is geographically 20 times the size of D.C.

The D.C. government has been in the headlines countless times for personal scandals and financial crises. One four-term mayor, Marion Barry, was sent to prison and returned to be reelected to office.

As for D.C. public schools, the problem is not that they are named for presidents but that they produce some of the lowest test scores in the nation.

More significant, as the protests, attended by riots since May, have shown, the D.C. government, a hostile province when a Republican is in the White House, is the domicile of a permanent regime of leftist and radical media, tens of thousands of federal and city bureaucrats, lawyers and lobbyists, all yoked to big government.

As the "peaceful protests" of June and July showed, with Georgetown sacked and statues demolished, D.C.'s government is an incompetent custodian of the nation's historic monuments and memorials, and incapable of protecting the White House.

What does Joe Biden, who approved of the removal of statues of Confederate soldiers, generals and statesmen, think of D.C.'s scheme to "remove, replace or contextualize" the statues of so many men who held the office he now seeks?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of "Nixon's White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever."

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12 thoughts on “Why DC Statehood Is a Suicidal Gamble”

  1. DC is special because it is not a state, was never intended to be a state and never should be a state. States are self serving entities often in competition with the other states. The DC is independent of that and designed to represent all the states best overalls interests. That would change if it were declared a State.

  2. Instead of being named a State the Mayor and city council should be appointed by the sitting president as it has proved elected Mayors and councils have proven not up to the responsibility of keeping the nations capital in the condition it should be kept in.

  3. Dc and democrats
    Evil and treason
    Monuments and destruction
    Media and Satan
    Hollywood and fags
    Women and no penis
    Athletes and black agenda
    Tech companies and globalists
    Blm and no safety
    Schools and no education
    Our kids and no brain
    Anyone under 50 are idiots
    They have no education , skills or ability to perform abstract thought!
    Democrats took over control of are media and schools
    That’s the equivalent of a blind deaf moron teaching physics to a dog aka our mindless children raised with trophies for all and no. Consequences for their actions!
    If I were not against abortion I would promote after birth abortion on everyone under 50
    The damage and corruption spewed upon America by democrats is nothing short of treason with a large portion of devil worshiping as icing on the cake
    Amplify their idiocy by issuing them a brain from OZ aka the tech companies via a so called smart phone and you just baked a cake that poisons America and everything it stands for, then you erase history so they don’t know what they have lost!
    It’s diabolical!
    Power and greed for the few rich and slavery returns to all races black, green and white to serve the trash in a North Korean janitor suit we now call Hillary!
    She is powerful all pure evil is !
    For America to survive we must do what our forefathers have done! FIGHT
    Like there is no tomorrow
    For there won’t be if we do not destroy the democrats!
    They are and always have been pure evil , the sweat dripping from the devils balls!
    They only destroy
    And burn
    For that is their definition!
    They have no other purpose

    1. I agree. No addirional state and no additional senators. Representation of the District by populations within Maryland and Virginia. Even this compromise might require an amendment to the Constitution, though. Certainly, the original Constituion wisely did not want the Capitol to be a separate state.

  4. Why is it so important to tear down all the statues in the United States of America. Who is responsible for making these dumb decisions? All these statues are history. That doesn’t mean every personal statue that was erected depicts complete perfection. It just shows who were the leaders during their times in history. History is history and it shows who was responsible for what happened. Not everyone agrees on everything. That’s why we have elections. This is not America or the United States if we have people in Congress supporting this removal and destruction of every statue in the United States. Belief in what takes place in wars are different with many people and parties views. Who is agreeing to this in Congress. They need to be replaced. There are many of people who died on both sides fighting for what they believed in at that time. Who makes the decision to take down all our statues? Somebody whose paid to tear them down? Somebody who believes in Communism? Why is Congress letting this happen? Do your job and protect the United States of America. That’s why your in Congress and paid. Not to kiss someone’s butt because they don’t agree with something. I haven’t seen all the statues in the United States since I was born. The ones I have seen are very interesting. So why let some idiot tear them down? Pull your head out Congress and make some good decisions for a change. That is exactly why we are having problems in the United States of America. To many milk toasts in Congress. Just there for the money, prestige, power, and authority to look important. Do your job or get the hell out.

  5. Since when does how a populous vote been the litmus test for statehood? You know, I think states like Mississippi and Wyoming have voted republican for decades. Maybe they need to have statehood revoked. Come on.The fact is that people who live in DC are citizens just like everyone else and deserve the same level of representation in congress.

  6. The police cameras show the Black man with a gun in his hand as he was shot. Skin color does not give anyone the right to threaten police arresting them, or to run away. As a White boy, my parents taught me in the 1950’s to always do what the police tell you too, and keep my sassy mouth shut. This still works today for everyone today.

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